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#rockbox log for 2013-01-23

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00:28:29BelzebubRockbox support *.mogg files?
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01:30:31amayerwhere can i get arm-elf-eabi-gcc?
01:33:52funmanamayer: run ./tools/
01:34:19amayerdo i need to be admin?
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01:37:24amayerwhat is the makeinfo?
01:37:26amayersudo apt-get install makeinfo doesnt no package found
01:39:13amayeris there a wiki page to help with this?
01:39:15amayeri cant find anything by searching
01:43:37amayerfunman: thanks.
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02:00:47amayerwhat is the difference between stared and watched in gerrit?
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02:21:29funmanmaybe just starring doesn't send you updates by email?
02:21:49amayerfunman: how to do watch a change then?
02:22:02amayeri found out how to star it but i cant find a "watch" button anywhere
02:24:09funmansorry no idea
02:24:29amayerfunman: thanks anyway
02:46:39amayerif i cherry pick a change for gerrit then rebase will it remove my cherry pick?
02:46:42amayeror will it only remove/replace it once the change is merged?
02:53:45amayeri guess i could just cherry pick to a seperate branch for compiling... *solves own problem*
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03:10:44amayeris there a big difference in performance between using alpha or magic magenta in a theme?
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04:38:59ikeboyhello I have been having problems with my sansa fuze v2 4gb. I installed rockbox on it three days ago, it worked for about a day , and then it shut down . Now it won't respond to anything. Windows won't recognize that I even plugged anything in . can someone help
04:39:33ikeboyif someone can help can they please email me
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05:24:30saratogayou need to stay in IRC for more then 45 seconds if you want help!
05:26:16derfHey, he left an e-mail address!
05:26:23derfThat's better than most drive-bys do.
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05:35:46saratogaBluebrother: would it be possible to have rockbox utility check to see if a user has selected a folder where the paths "windows\system32" or "winnt\system32" exist and suggest to them that they have picked the wrong drive to install rockbox to? a lot of users seem to have trouble with this
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07:30:52[Saint]soap: the reason I stole VLC's setup was that it fitted in with the 60MHz/16KHz range we were already using.
07:30:58[Saint]I'm open to suggestion.
07:31:34[Saint]I was thinking about 32, 64, 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K?
07:31:49[Saint]But 32MHz seemed a bit low to me.
07:32:23[Saint]That, and, I wouldn't know how to convert the presets I stole from VLC into these modified ranges.
07:33:06[Saint](and, you're likely right, 14~16K is tightly much so for me, but I assumed I just had "old" ears)
07:34:20[Saint]VLC purports to know what they're doing wrt sound/video, so I stole from them so I could easily get a nice list of presets tuned to the frequency steps I "borrowed" from them.
07:37:27[Saint]I'll put up a version with the stepping listed above, as googling suggests that is mighty common for a 10 band EQ.
07:38:01[Saint]I just can't promise I'll get the presets right if I try convert them, or that I'll be able to find another nice set of presets to steal from.
07:38:15[Saint]errrr "borrow"
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09:17:13wodzIs there reliable way to test in preprocessor if we target 32 or 64bit system?
09:19:02wodzfor linux and mingw it should be sufficient to test UINTPTR_MAX, how about cygwin?
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09:28:39JdGordonwodz: did you figure out how to do the screen log?
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09:31:04wodzworks pretty good
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10:07:57kugelwodz: UINTPTR_MAX should always be sufficient
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10:09:21kugelwodz: additionally autoconf defines ARCH=ARCH_AMD64 or ARCH=ARCH_X86 respectively for you
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10:19:30wodzkugel: this doesn't cover PPC64 for example
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10:22:39kugelcygwin runs on PPC64?
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10:56:00pixelmaprobably not cygwin but OSX
11:03:43kugelwhat's wrong with PPC64 in this regard anyway?
11:05:45BelzebubRockbox support *.mogg files?
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11:11:45ZagorBelzebub: no. this is the first I've even heard of it
11:12:45Zagorogg can already support 255 channels, so I don't quite see what mogg adds
11:14:18funmanwodz: using predefined compiler defines is the most reliable i guess
11:15:33wodzfunman: for example which? I can't find compiler define telling what ptr size is (aka 32/64bits arch)
11:15:43kugelwodz: UINTPTR_MAX
11:16:23wodzthats from stdint.h AFAIK
11:16:44kugelis that a problem?
11:17:06funmanwodz: i mean __i386__, __x86_64__ etc ..
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11:18:35wodzkugel: I don't know, I implemented check just as UINTPTR_MAX range check but I ask if there is some better way
11:18:54BelzebubZagor: *.mogg is multistream files
11:19:00kugelthat check is totally fine
11:19:08ZagorBelzebub: so is ogg
11:19:14Zagorwhat's the difference?
11:19:34kugelperhaps just the extension :p
11:20:11Zagorkugel: no, mogg is a container with several ogg files in it.
11:20:18ZagorI just don't understand why
11:20:21kugelwodz: my cpp defines __SIZEOF_POINTER__=8 if that's I don't think there is any guaratee that it's defined unlike UINTPTR_MAX
11:20:36BelzebubZagor: this is a difference
11:20:39kugelif that's any help but*
11:21:00kugelI would leave it
11:21:58ZagorBelzebub: I understand they are different formats. what I'm asking is "why are people making unstandard mogg files that require custom code instead of making standard multichannel ogg files?"
11:22:43BelzebubZagor: for dj's and people who want play the instuments
11:23:00ZagorBelzebub: but ogg already supports that
11:23:16BelzebubZagor: lossless?
11:23:19Zagorogg *is* multichannel. mogg doesn't add any new feature, only new complexity.
11:23:46Zagorlossless is a codec issue, not a container issue
11:26:38Zagorso yes, you can have multichannel lossless (such as flac or oggpcm) in standard ogg files
11:27:28gevaertsWe don't support those combinations though, IIRC :)
11:29:35*Zagor grabs some files to investigate
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11:40:15ZagorBelzebub: are there any files not ripped from Guitar Hero?
11:42:15 Quit mt_ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
11:43:35BelzebubZagor: nope
11:44:18BelzebubZagor: have a oryginal voice and not premastered track
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11:45:00ZagorBelzebub: What do you mean?
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11:45:33BelzebubZagor: Can U download a package?
11:46:14ZagorBelzebub: I have only found files ripped from games like Guitar Hero or Rockband
11:46:39BelzebubZagor: give a download link
11:48:29BelzebubZagor: this file probably stolen from studio
11:49:38BelzebubZagor: You must have audacity to open mogg file
11:51:49 Join mt_ [0] (~quassel@
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11:56:08ZagorBelzebub: that one is not lossless btw. it averages 183 kbit/s per track.
11:57:19Belzebubbut awesome
11:57:29Zagorand they are in Rock Band, so I'd bet it comes from there:
12:10:03[Saint]I changed g386 around again.
12:10:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #386 at : 10 Band EQ w/Presets adapted from VLC by Hayden Pearce (changes/86/386/4)
12:10:40[Saint]Seems I was having some bad luck botching git amend, but I'm fairly confident I fixed it up :)
12:49:34[Saint]The new frequency stepping seems quite nice.
12:50:09[Saint]I'm still open to suggestions for better preset configuratons.
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13:11:30pamauryout of curiousity, does someone know how the zenutils algorithm were obtained ? And how the keyw were found ?
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14:52:10redhotHOwdy everyone!
14:52:33redhotCan anyone tell me about CPU and batery usage of RockBox?!
14:52:53pamauryit depends on the target
14:52:57redhotRockbox 3.12 on SanDisk Sansa Clip + 4GB
14:53:15redhotWHat files uses more CPU and battery: MP3 or FLAC?
14:53:52redhotOf course I can measure it but it'll take too much time :)
14:54:05redhotSo I ask you gurus of code!
14:54:23pamauryfunman might know the answer for the first one
14:54:36pamaurysaratoga knows about codecs, I think flac is more extensive
14:55:00redhotpamaury: I think opposite :)
14:55:09redhotSo we need kewl expert!
14:56:05pamauryI'm not a codec expert, I mostly know about drivers, and I don't know much about the clip+ but I think the battery life is pretty good compared to the sandisk software
14:56:53redhotpamaury: exactly, it is quite the same ~15 hrs (with low-power headphones, of course)
14:57:19redhotBut I think difference MP3-FLAC may be significant...
14:57:27redhotJust a stupid question
14:57:28pamauryyou can also find more information here:
14:58:00redhotpamaury: Yay! Kewl links! Thanks, man!
14:58:39pamauryand here
14:58:40gevaertsBoth flac and mp3 are relatively low. On single-core, flac uses less CPU, but keep in mind that it will need more flash access, so that CPU gain might not translate to better battery life
14:59:16redhotgevaerts: I see you suggest me to perfrom benchamrks, right? :)
14:59:35pamauryit depends on the file, mostly the data rate
14:59:42gevaertsIf you want meaniingful data for your own use case, yes, you need to do the work :)
14:59:59redhotas always!)))
15:00:07pamauryin any case, both mp3 and flac have low cpu usage, compared to other codecs
15:00:22redhotthat sounds good, thanks
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15:22:25funmanredhot: clip+ battery life is around 20 hours iirc
15:23:04redhotfunman: I have used it with Pro headphones so didn't have more than 15 hrs
15:23:37redhot also tells about ~15 hrs
15:24:00funmanthat page is very likely more correct than my thoughts
15:24:24redhotit is ok
15:24:46redhotI have to perfrom my own benchmarks)
15:24:47dfktfunman, i think we got some 18-19h out of the clip+ before it was stable, when some things were still missing... around 14-15h is what i get with current builds as well
15:25:07dfkt(which still is 5h more than with stock firmware :)
15:25:41funmanredhot: if you run battery_bench it would be nice to put the results on the wiki btw
15:26:01funmandfkt: it'd be nice to go back to that performance!
15:26:17redhotfunman: ok, no problem! what should I do for that?
15:26:21redhotJust run those app?
15:26:22dfktfunman, maybe that was even before the clock of the AMS devices got fixed
15:29:09redhotfunman: does it requires full discharge cycle?
15:29:22redhotok, roger that
15:29:40redhotOn weekend I will perfrom testing for flac and mp3 using this plugin
15:33:55redhotfunman: any specific requirements for headphones used?
15:34:08redhotbatterylife very depends on them too
15:34:24funmannope just mention what you feel necessary in the wiki
15:36:26dfkti once tested battery life with some 16 ohm iems, and then with some 300 ohm phones (at the same volume setting)... didn't really give any difference in play time (but of course the volume level for the listener is quite different)
15:38:07 Quit pamaury (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
15:40:56redhotPerfect! Thanks, guys
15:41:35redhotI'll measure this tiny masterpiece-player
15:51:15 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
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16:52:54 Quit redhot (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
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17:27:54copperI remember seeing different frequency response graphs for the Fuze, with the OF and with Rockbox
17:28:23copperCan someone please explain how Rockbox can change the FR of the Fuze's DAC?
17:28:32copperin simple terms, if possible
17:29:09coppers/DAC/output/ (I don't know if it's the DAC that was affected, or something else)
17:34:12 Quit ruskie (Excess Flood)
17:35:09 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
17:38:46pamaurycopper: fuze or fuze+ ? Generally you can tweaks some physical parameters of the amplifier or of the DAC, resulting on different FR
17:39:06coppercan't remember which
17:41:13pamauryin the case of the fuze+, to pick a concrete example, you can tweaks many voltages and biais at different stages of the amplifier and the DAC
17:42:00copperis that common?
17:42:45pamaurythe SoC of the fuze+ (imx233) is much more configurable that many other SoC
17:43:59pamaurybut targets using an external codec like WM* can also be quite configurable
17:44:43copperWM = Wolfson DACs?
17:45:02copperand what's the intended purpose for such configurability?
17:45:41copper(just curious)
17:47:26copperto adapt to different circuit designs I assume
17:47:42 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:48:02pamauryI'm not an expert of this field but I suspect it's mostly for two reasons: 1) you have many things to tweak in such DACs and it's mostly free to let the user tweak them 2) you can adapt many circuit and optimise for the parameter you care most about (consumption, quality)
17:48:47copperso it's not impossible that Rockbox can sound different from the OF in certain cases?
17:49:15copperor at least measure differently
17:49:37pamauryexactly, I know that on some WM* there is a high quality mode which improves the sound quality but result in higher consumption
17:50:09 Join ruskie [0] (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
17:50:38pamauryI don't remember if it was integrated but the impact was quite noticeable
17:50:47*pamaury must leave
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19:50:08 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
19:50:32lorenzo92I have the R1, I already set up a modified firmware and rockbox starts
19:50:33lorenzo92of course nothing works :p
19:51:08 Quit amayer_ (Quit: amayer_)
19:51:08lorenzo92this player is originally designed to be used in landscape, thus I think the best approach is to use the same policy to rockbox, do you agree?
19:52:14 Quit lorenzo92 (Remote host closed the connection)
19:53:21 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
19:55:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:57:02pamaurylorenzo92: depends on how you feel it :) the ZEN X-Fi 2 is landscape in the OF but I feel it's better in portrait, better use of the screen
19:58:07lorenzo92pamaury: okay, I just wanted to see if there was a kind of rule :) Yeah I'm thinking about doing it in portrait too hum doesn't matter for the moment I'll simply start implementing basic things like hardware buttons and touchscreen hehe
19:58:34pamauryanyway that's simply a matter of exchanging width and height at this point
19:58:40pamauryI don't think there is a rule
19:59:52lorenzo92I don't know if starting now to do a new target or starting now implementing something on top of R0 and then port it to a new target hum
20:00:02lorenzo92I think I'll need to do things right :D
20:01:10lorenzo92I will reuse some code of R0 tough, so I will simply use the files in R0 directory without copying them if not necessary, later moving them could be done if necessary for style
20:06:34 Join Cinos [0] (
20:21:12 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
20:24:13 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
20:27:05 Quit bebna (Quit: Leaving.)
20:30:21 Join amayer_ [0] (
20:31:12 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:34:01 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection timed out)
20:35:26 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:37:31 Join Prodicus [0] (
20:41:27 Join Edsansaclipplus [0] (
20:42:15EdsansaclipplusMy rockbox doesn't start up anymore and it just boots the original firmware, any advice?
20:44:00 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:45:45AlexPwhat device?
20:48:14EdsansaclipplusSansaclip +
20:53:11AlexPDid you upgrade the Sansa firmware?
20:55:15 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
20:55:33EdsansaclipplusI didn't, should I?
20:56:11AlexPNo, but if you had that would have removed the Rockbox bootloader
20:56:27EdsansaclipplusLet's say somehow the bootloader got removed, how do I get it back?
20:56:48AlexPReinstall it
20:56:48AlexPUsing the utility
20:56:48AlexPas before
20:57:52EdsansaclipplusUtility doesn't work on mine, how do I put the bootloader on manually?
20:58:05AlexPHow did you install it in the first place?
20:58:41EdsansaclipplusExctracted the files to the main dir on the device, I just re-did that and it didn't do anything.
20:59:15AlexPThen you didn't install the bootloader
20:59:20AlexPSo it will have never worked
20:59:39AlexPAnd I'm pretty sure Rockbox Utility does work with the clip+
21:00:05AlexPThe bootloader install involves giving the utility an original sansa firmware file for it to patch
21:00:55EdsansaclipplusSo you're telling me you don't how to do it manually? Thanks anyway.
21:01:07AlexPI do, but the utility is much easier
21:01:23jlbiasinihi I cannot build Zen X-Fi3 simulator : any idea?
21:01:29AlexPWhat are the symptoms of it not working for your clip+?
21:01:58AlexPIf you insist on doing it manually, then the manual has the instructions
21:02:41EdsansaclipplusSays config path is invalid, and then won't give me the option of selecting it. I have installed it before manually, and one day it started booting into the std firmware.
21:03:04AlexPSo you patched the original firmware using mkamsboot?
21:03:17 Join Horscht [0] (
21:03:17 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
21:03:17 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
21:03:29pamauryjlbiasini: perhaps ask kugel, it seems related to threading
21:03:29EdsansaclipplusIf that's what it took to install it orignally, then yeah, that's what I did.
21:03:43AlexPThen do that again, as I said the instructions are in the manual
21:04:52pamauryjlbiasini: are you building under linux ?
21:04:56jlbiasinikugel: any idea on why I get this error?
21:05:12jlbiasiniyes, I unstalled libsdl 1.3 dev
21:05:26jlbiasiniI just tried with version 1.2
21:06:19jlbiasini... and get another error :
21:06:56EdsansaclipplusBootloader webaddress isn't found.
21:07:10AlexPWhich one?
21:07:14AlexPThe Sansa one?
21:07:34pamauryjlbiasini: I'm not sure it's sdl related, it's something about signals
21:07:47Edsansaclipplus bootloader-clipplus.sansa
21:07:51 Quit esperegu (Remote host closed the connection)
21:07:55AlexPyou have a space in there
21:07:58AlexPremove it
21:08:11AlexPThe link as shown in the online manual works
21:08:18EdsansaclipplusYeah just noticed, that's the one FROM the manual.
21:08:27jlbiasinilet's try Zen X-Fi2 then!
21:08:27AlexPor online?
21:08:53AlexPone mo
21:09:09EdsansaclipplusThere is a space in both the links mkams boot and the one I put.
21:09:39AlexPIt works fine here
21:09:47EdsansaclipplusOr could just be newline character being dodgey.
21:09:52AlexPYour reader is inserting a space where it crosses the line I guess
21:12:36lorenzo92pamaury, kugel: I have BUTTON_LEFT missing in action.c. Do I need to simply mock it defining a button that won't never be used in the button-target.h?
21:13:39lorenzo92okay the trick worked of course, but it's not so nice :D
21:14:10pamaurylorenzo92: rockbox expects that one of your button be BUTTON_LEFT, preferably a working one
21:14:54lorenzo92pamaury: hum R1 has only 3 butttons, and a touchscreen, okay I can eventually bind vol up/down to left right if it makes sense...
21:15:10pamaurylorenzo92: it can be a touchscreen button
21:15:26EdsansaclipplusAlexP, some reason I'm not getting any oput file from running the exe :/
21:15:41pamauryI think it get automatically defined if you use the standard touchscreen code
21:15:41AlexPyou are running it a command prompt?
21:15:47AlexPNot just double clicking it?
21:15:50lorenzo92pamaury: ahhh okay, so for the moment I did not "touch" this part ^^ so i'll mock it for the moment
21:16:00EdsansaclipplusRunning it with windows 7's "run"
21:16:08AlexPrun it from a command prompt
21:16:15AlexPit is a console application, not gui
21:17:05 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:17:57 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
21:18:23bluebrotherwhy on earth use mkamsboot directly?
21:18:45 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:18:52AlexPbluebrother: See earlier, I couldn't be bothered to continue pushing rbutil :)
21:19:09bluebrotherand what exactly does "doesn't work on mine" mean?
21:19:16AlexPbluebrother: see a bit later
21:19:34bluebrother*if* there is a bug it can only get fixed if people tell about it. "doesn't work" is pretty useless.
21:20:04bluebrotherAlexP: I haven't found an explanation of the "doesn't work" thing :o
21:20:10*bluebrother reads again
21:20:24AlexPbluebrother: [20:02:42] <Edsansaclipplus> Says config path is invalid, and then won't give me the option of selecting it. I have installed it before manually, and one day it started booting into the std firmware.
21:20:46bluebrothermissed that before
21:20:55bluebrotherwell, in that case the path selestion is likely to be invalid
21:21:03*bluebrother needs more details
21:23:19EdsansaclipplusRight, so I click utility (btw thanks Alex, it works again now, somehow the thing must've deleted the patched OF file) and it says something about configuration file being invalid, so it takes me to another window where I can select my model, or click auto-detect, autodetect causes the program to pull ".exe is not responding" and it selecting the path manually doesn't give me the actual option of selecting the J directory, only C and K (sometimes)
21:23:28AlexPEdsansaclipplus: no worries
21:23:56bluebrotherok, so select something in the dialog, then close it with Ok
21:24:04bluebrotherthen go to Help / Troubleshooting / System Trace
21:24:15bluebrotherpost the trace to (or something similar)
21:24:29AlexPby the way, once the patched bootloader is installed, that file is gone - the only way to get rid of it is to install an unpatched OF firmware
21:24:52jlbiasinipamaury: kugel: Zen X-Fi2 sim doesn't build either!
21:24:56AlexP"the get rid of it" being the Rockbox bootloader
21:25:44EdsansaclipplusBluebrother, what am I selecting and where?
21:25:55pamauryjlbiasini: works with the build bots !
21:26:36bluebrotherEdsansaclipplus: select some for the "select your device in the file system" select some drive letter
21:26:41bluebrotherthen select some player.
21:26:47bluebrotherthen click Ok in the dialog
21:26:54jlbiasinipamaury: what is that?
21:26:57gevaertsIdeally, select the correct drive letter and player :)
21:27:14EdsansaclipplusIs this what you want?
21:27:36*bluebrother looks
21:27:49EdsansaclipplusOnly gives me the option of selecting C.
21:27:50pamauryjlbiasini: we have bots building different version of rockbox on each commit
21:28:28bluebrotherif you go to Help / Troubleshooting / System Info, does it show all your drives?
21:28:28jlbiasiniso you mean I have a problem on my building environment?
21:28:51pamauryjlbiasini: yes, are you on linux ?
21:28:54EdsansaclipplusSort of, it doesn't show them with anything in.
21:29:08bluebrotherwhat does this mean?
21:29:22jlbiasiniyes debian squeeze 64 bit
21:29:31bluebrotheryou should see a list
21:29:33jlbiasinioups Wheezy!
21:29:37jlbiasini= testing
21:29:55bluebrotherwhich shows drive letter, drive name (aka label) and free and total space
21:30:09EdsansaclipplusYeah, both free and total have 0.
21:30:14bluebrotherthis is weird
21:30:21bluebrotherwhat OS are you using?
21:30:27jlbiasinithat's strange because i was building fuze+ with no problem till now...
21:30:47Edsansaclippluswindows 7 home premium sp 1 64
21:31:24bluebrotherseems your drives are rather small then :)
21:31:27pamauryjlbiasini: that's a different thing
21:31:36*bluebrother goes for the windows machine
21:32:06EdsansaclipplusWell, it works now that I've got rockbox installed.
21:32:16AlexPbluebrother: 64 bit?
21:32:28bluebrotherAlexP: yes. Shouldn't be a problem
21:32:30EdsansaclipplusAlthough I could have been being a complete and utter derp before.
21:32:54EdsansaclipplusI think my OF is a tad dodgey
21:33:30pamauryjlbiasini: can you "grep -R SA_ONSTACK /usr/include" ?
21:35:07bluebrotherworks fine for me on W7 Pro 64bit
21:35:21EdsansaclipplusIs the device plugged in?
21:35:44EdsansaclipplusAnd has it got Rockbox installed?
21:36:17 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
21:36:24EdsansaclipplusBecause, it only gave me this problem when rockbox wasn't installed, but I had other issues with the device as well, when I plugged it in I got a few random errors from windows.
21:36:33EdsansaclipplusRockbox has fixed these though.
21:36:44EdsansaclipplusSo basically I think it's a problem with the sasafirmware update software.
21:38:23EdsansaclipplusThanks for the help, I'm off now.
21:39:05 Quit Edsansaclipplus (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
21:41:17 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
21:52:36amayer_if i find a bug with a patch in gerrit do i post feedback to gerrit or the tracker?
21:53:00gevaertsBoth, I'd say
21:55:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:01:47amayer_gevaerts: to clarify the bug is specific to the patch and doesnt exist without the patch
22:02:12amayer_so just gerrit then?
22:02:15gevaertsIn that case, it shouldn't go near the bug tracker at all
22:02:35amayer_ok. just makeing sure.
22:07:34pamauryjlbiasini: I don't understand, thread-linux.c includes signal.h which should contain SA_ONSTACK...
22:10:48pamauryjlbiasini: can you try to add this in thread-unix.c:
22:10:48pamaury#define SA_ONSTACK0x08000000u
22:16:59jlbiasinipamaury: where is thread-unix.c is it the one in ./firmware/asm/thread-unix.c ?
22:17:12jlbiasiniI had it there and no change!
22:17:30 Quit FOAD (Quit: I'll be back)
22:18:51pamauryso, replace SA_ONSTACK by this value in this file then ?
22:18:52 Join zaphee [0] (
22:18:59pamauryjlbiasini: ^
22:21:34 Join edsansaclipplus [0] (
22:22:13jlbiasinipamaury: no change
22:22:29edsansaclipplusUgh, so I leave the device on (in rockbox mode) and it turns itself off, and I click it on again, and it starts with OF T_T
22:22:31jlbiasiniit would have been confusing anyway :D
22:23:07edsansaclipplusHmm nvm, just restarted it and now it's in RB mode again..
22:23:28jlbiasinipamaury: I thing I will just reinstall and comfigure my git tree from scratch
22:23:28 Quit edsansaclipplus (Client Quit)
22:23:41*lorenzo92 wonders why samsung had to compile a different module (r1gpio vs r0gpio) when the hw is the same...
22:23:48pamauryjlbiasini: I'm not sure that's a problem with your tree
22:24:24jlbiasiniwell if the bots can build how is it possible?
22:25:25pamaurysometimes things don't work for strange reasons, if you are at git HEAD, there is no reason to reconfigure, the best you can do is make reconf && make clean && make
22:25:41pamaurybut replace SA_ONSTACK directly by its value in the file should do it
22:26:23 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:26:46 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@
22:26:47 Quit FOAD (Changing host)
22:26:47 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@unaffiliated/foad)
22:27:19kugellorenzo92: different team working on it
22:27:41pamauryah kugel
22:27:48lorenzo92yep ... so the gpio module is the same, pretty sure from ida, but I don't have the include for R1 this time
22:28:11lorenzo92ioctl base code is different, any hints? I'm sure they changed only the magic (G for R0)
22:28:30pamauryperhaps you can help jlbiasini, he has a problem with SA_ONSTACK being undefined, I think you know the signal trick for threading better than me, perhaps you're seen this before
22:29:44lorenzo92kugel: from a quick n dirty it may be that the have used a M instead of G, no sense, but my intuition (based on code) says so ^^
22:31:19*lorenzo92 intuition is not always a good idea
22:32:26kugeljlbiasini: does /usr/include/signal.h include <asm/signal.h>?
22:33:49 Quit lebellium (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:34:20 Join lebellium [0] (
22:34:44jlbiasinikugel: no
22:35:30kugelthat's probably your problem. if you include <asm/signal.h> in thread-unix.c it should work
22:36:35 Quit pystar89 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:37:12lorenzo92kugel: looking at the binaries, before doing an ioctl there is an operation with a 16 bit number, namely 0xBFF3B900 for R0 with magic G and 0xBFF3B900 for R1 with a probably different magic
22:37:21lorenzo92any clue about it?
22:37:41jlbiasinikugel: still not...
22:37:54lorenzo92kugel: whops is 0xBFF3BF00 for R1
22:38:11jlbiasiniwe are talking about firmware/asm/thread-unix.c rifht?
22:42:02jlbiasinithen it doesn't solve the issue
22:42:29jlbiasinican you compile it on your computer?
22:43:35pamauryjlbiasini: are you sure you are editing the right file ?
22:43:49kugeldoes it recompile anything?
22:44:00kugelafter you make a change
22:44:23jlbiasininot sure because I made make clean first
22:45:27jlbiasinikugel: yeah it recompile some stuff but hang the same way
22:47:04pamauryjlbiasini: can you try to introduce some obvious compile error in that file to check ?!
22:47:35kugeljlbiasini: and the error remains if you replace all occurences of SA_ONSTACK with 0x08000000?
22:48:37jlbiasiniyou mean 0x08000000u isn't it?
22:48:53pamaurykugel: I told him but he says yes, that seems unlikely
22:48:53pamauryjlbiasini: same thing (here)
22:49:17jlbiasinino but I tried also and yes it remains...
22:52:05jlbiasiniOk I just #include "ta mère en slip" and get an error for it
22:58:41 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:01:41 Join neoed [0] (
23:02:08neoedHey, I put a wmp media playlist file into the playlist folder, but it won't show up when I click "playlist catalogue" any thoughts?
23:03:54dfktrockbox supports m3u and m3u8 only, afaik
23:04:39neoedI take it I can't change that with a clever rename can I?
23:05:07dfktno, they're definitely in different format... maybe there's a converter for those out there?
23:05:52dfktyep, lots of results in google for wpl-to-m3u
23:07:22kugeljlbiasini: fwiw, #error guarantees compile failure :)
23:08:13neoedHaha, windows media player allows me to save it as m3u anyway :)
23:08:25dfktah, even better
23:09:18 Quit amayer_ (Quit: amayer_)
23:09:47neoedAlthough some of the files are missing?
23:09:50jlbiasiniyes but it's less fun than #include "your momma..."
23:09:50neoedThat's strange.
23:10:23 Join amayer_ [0] (
23:11:04lorenzo92kugel: yeah my intuition was quite ok, I was just opening r1GPIO instead of r1Gpio device -.-
23:11:25lorenzo92so the magic is G for R0 and A for R1 haha just to make me crazy
23:12:32*lorenzo92 R1 has now working hardware buttons a new fresh target
23:13:25dfktthe r1 has buttons? ;)
23:13:46lebelliumtrolling dfkt :)
23:14:03 Quit neoed (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
23:14:09dfktjust trolling samsung's silly naming scheme (like cowon's)... r0 and r1 are so very different
23:14:11 Join saratoga [0] (123e0c9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:14:16 Quit amayer_ (Client Quit)
23:15:44lebelliumR0 and R1 could make sense at the time because they have similar hw and they were released at the same time. But now there is the R2, successor to the R1. So the naming scheme is a bit strange....
23:16:23 Join Tim_Elliott [0] (~Tim@
23:16:51Tim_ElliottAnyone have a Sansa Fuze Plus?
23:17:29saratogaTim_Elliott: if you have a question, just ask it
23:18:08Tim_ElliottI'm considering buying one and wander how well Rockbox works with the touch interface
23:19:11Tim_ElliottGreat deal
23:20:29lorenzo92dfkt: yep....3 buttons ^^ and touchscreen
23:20:45lorenzo92soo many haha
23:20:47 Join Edsansaclipplus [0] (
23:21:07EdsansaclipplusHi, how does the device refer to itself, if I'm creating a playlist, what path do I use?
23:21:14 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:21:35*dfkt is still hoping for a j3 rockbox port - 6 buttons + touchscreen ;)
23:21:49dfktcongrats, lorenzo92, btw!
23:22:24lebelliumI guess at the time you said the J3 is good enough, no need for Rockbox. Am I wrong? :D
23:22:56dfktwell, it has no replaygain, other than that it basically does it all
23:23:12dfktrockbox never hurt to have on any device ;)
23:23:39Tim_ElliottI got a Insignia pilot a few years ago and was hoping they would update the firmware or someone would port Rockbox to it. Instead, the whole line was pretty much abandon
23:24:19saratogaEdsansaclipplus: the player will ignore drive letters and such, so it doesn't really matter so long as the path exists
23:24:45saratogarelative paths work as well
23:25:50EdsansaclipplusAh, basically, in my windows music folder, there are certain items which aren't in a folder, these are automatically put into a device on the machine, is there anyway to quickly solve this?
23:26:11Edsansaclipplus*put into a folder on the device (with the artist namer, and then anothe wone with the album name)
23:26:52saratogai don't understand the question
23:27:12 Quit Prodicus (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 15.0.1/20120905151427])
23:28:19Tim_ElliottIs anyone still working on the iPod Classic port?
23:28:39saratogawell theres been multiple commits in the last week, so
23:29:44EdsansaclipplusOkay, basically. I synced a playlist to my device, and it skips out several songs, these songs were not in any artist folder or album folder on my computer, but when they synced over, they were put in a folder on the device, rendering the playlist useless. Is there anyway to fix this short of going through the playlist via notepad and changing the directories?
23:30:18EdsansaclipplusAfter I synced, when I tried to open the playlist, it skipped out the songs, the songs ARE on the device.
23:30:31EdsansaclipplusAs when I tried to sync again, it said they were "already on device"
23:31:05saratogaadd the files to a new playlist, then save the playlist on the device
23:31:48EdsansaclipplusI don't follow.
23:33:07saratogaa playlist is a list of files, right?
23:33:20saratogaso add the files to a list, save to the device
23:34:07kugeljlbiasini: something is wrong with your setup if the compiler fails with this error (SA_ONSTACK not defined) and the file doesn't contain it anymore
23:34:47pamaurytry to disable ccache
23:35:20saratogais anyone around who can add files to the download server?
23:35:36jlbiasiniwait: error doesn't mention SA_ONSTACK
23:36:18pamauryjlbiasini: what is the error then ?!
23:38:12pamaurywow, that is *very* strange
23:39:02pamaurywhich version of sdl do you have ?
23:39:13pamauryI have version 1.2.something here
23:40:01pamaurytry with libsdl-1.2
23:40:03jlbiasiniI have errors with sdl 1.2 too but not the same
23:40:30pamauryI prefer 1.2 because I think the 1.3 has/will introduce(d) changes
23:40:38pamaurycan you show the errors with 1.2 please ?
23:41:15jlbiasinithose are the SA_ONSTACK
23:41:50pamaurycommon, that's impossible, have you replaced all the occurences of SA_ONSTACK with 0x80... ?
23:41:55jlbiasinioh right that's why the fix was not working : I changed the version in the meantime
23:42:03 Quit ender` (Quit: The sentence 'On the fish and chips-sign he wanted to have a hyphen between fish and and and and and chips.' would be a lot clearer if there was a quotation mark between 'between' and 'fish' and 'fish' and 'and' and 'and' and 'and' and 'and' and 'and' a)
23:43:40jlbiasiniwait that was before I have to test i again
23:47:56jlbiasiniok sorry for the version mixing
23:48:27 Quit nateloaf (Quit: Leaving.)
23:49:25 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 18.0.1/20130117041235])
23:50:52jlbiasininow it's working thanks guys!
23:52:57pamauryjlbiasini: cool :) I'll now we would succeed
23:53:10pamaurydid you replace SA_ONSTACK ?
23:53:25pamauryif yes, could you try to get it back to normal and add #include <asm/signal.h> ?
23:53:32jlbiasiniyes that solved the problem
23:54:27pamaurywhat ? the #include ?
23:55:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:50jlbiasinithe SA replace
23:57:45pamauryok, can you try to #include <sigaction.h> ?
23:57:51pamauryinstead of replacing SA
23:58:46 Quit bertrik (Read error: Operation timed out)

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