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#rockbox log for 2013-01-25

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00:34:07[Saint]Can anyone verify expected behaviour of setting an EQ preset please?
00:34:48[Saint]I'm seeing it disable the EQ here, after which I need to re-enable it manually. Can anyone confirm this?
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04:00:18shmibsis there any reason why an SD to micro SD converter wouldn't work with rockbox?
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04:08:32Torneshmibs: not if it works with othe rthings
04:13:06shmibsthanks =). i'd heard rumors, but it's very difficult to search for information, what with the reverse conversion being so popular
04:13:37shmibsdo they use the same protocol, so it's as easy as a direct connection?
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07:06:11[Saint]Oh lord...
07:06:35[Saint]Well, I found my EQ bug, after traversing several hundred lines of code.
07:07:34[Saint]Turns out that if one wants the EQ to be enabled after loading a preset, one shouldn't use the "Default" config as a template without checking the values very carefully.
07:08:03[Saint]Though, I'm not entirely sure why the default config turns the EQ off at all.
07:08:36[Saint]I understand tuning all bands to 0 gain, but, setting the EQ to off seems totally non-obvious.
07:09:12[Saint]anyway, fixed.
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13:15:30Marexpamaury: hey, what's the display size of the XFI3 ?
13:15:42MarexI can't figure out what the macros LCD_WIDTH and LCD_HEIGHT expand to
13:15:59pamaurythe values are set in firmware/target/config/zenxfi3.h
13:16:06pamauryI think it's 128x128 but let me check
13:16:41pamaurysorry firmware/export/confog/
13:17:03pamauryit's 176x220
13:17:19pamaurydepth is 16 bits, format is RGB565
13:18:14pamauryFYI, the OF drops the first 4 line and makes it an actual 176x216 because they are a bit hidden by the case.
13:18:27Marexlol :)
13:18:39pamauryI decided to keep the full screen size in rockbox but sometimes I must say this is annoying
13:18:44pamaurypoor design ^^
13:22:50Marexno luck
13:23:00Marexmy LCD is still blank white
13:23:05MarexI might be missing something
13:23:28Marexthe sucky thing is there's no real way to get any debug output :/
13:23:37pamaurythere is usb
13:23:39pamaurydid you setup the pins correctly ?
13:24:12pamaurydid you ungate the lcdif clock, set it to bypass, running at 24MHz, ungate the lcdif module, set the lcdif timing values ?
13:24:13Marexpamaury: well, the USB kinda sucks
13:24:34MarexIm still working on getting it to work, I have some preliminary patch
13:25:17pamauryIf you're stuck you can send me the piece of code, I can tell you if I see something missing or suspicious
13:25:50pamaurydid you set word length properly ?
13:26:17pamaurydid you set bus master correctly (to 0 if doing PIO) ?
13:26:32pamauryset byte packing format properly (very important)
13:26:32Marexoh right
13:26:42MarexI do continuous DMA from memory when using parallel LCD (dumb, standard LCD)
13:27:02pamauryset MODE86 properly ?
13:27:23pamauryreset to the proper value ? (some have reset active low, some high)
13:27:27Marexpamaury: should that one not be cleared ?
13:27:39pamauryyeah it should be cleared here
13:28:32pamauryHW_LCDIF_CTRL1_RESET should be 1 (see lcd_init_device in the rockbox driver)
13:28:59pamaurydon't forget the delays in the init sequence, mdelay is for milliseconds
13:30:17Marexudelay in mS ?
13:30:20Marexhm, ok
13:31:50pamauryudelay is microseconds, mdelay is milliseconds
13:32:38Marexok, I have word_len, bus_width and bypass_count set in CTRL0
13:35:31Marexoh, I might have found the issue
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13:44:59Marexduh, I think I might soon get me a photoresistor and use the LCD backlight to behave as a slow serial out-only port
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13:50:43pamaurythat's a bit excessive I think ^^ It doesn't work ?
13:51:35Marexpamaury: it hangs while programming the smart LCD
13:51:50Marexjust when it's waiting for the final RUN bit to be cleared
13:52:16pamaurycan you pastebin the code or send it to me ? maybe I can find something suspicious.
13:54:10Marexhang on a bit
13:54:29pamauryusually if RUN doesn't clear it means the LCDIF is not running properly (the protocol is write only so the LCD cannot make the LCDIF to hang)
13:55:36Marexpamaury: try
13:56:12Marexregs-lcdif at the same location
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13:57:10pamauryMarex: don't set bypass_count
13:57:23Marexpamaury: why not, that allows DMA to continously pump out data
13:57:43pamaurythen it will never clear the RUN bit
13:58:10Marexnah, that's not it
13:59:21pamauryalso when you use dma you have to set LCDIF_CTRL_LCDIF_MASTER
13:59:44MarexI'd like to get this register programming working first though
14:00:05Marexlemme check clock gating etc
14:00:30pamaurythen clear BYPASS_COUNT, program the registers, set bus master and bypass_count and use dma
14:00:48pamauryalso delays in init sequence are udelay iirc, probably not a problem though
14:01:19pamauryi'll read the rest after lunch
14:16:35Marexprogramming probably went, but the LCD is still white
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14:32:30MarexI pushed out new version
14:32:38Marexafk nap
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14:57:41pamauryMarex: FYI, the manual advise to do bytes access to HW_CLKCTRL, that's which each device (io,pix,emi,cpu) is on a different byte
15:00:32pamauryMarex: I'm not sure why you touch HW_CLKCTRL_FRAC anyway, this is not needed to setup the pix clock
15:05:23pamauryMarex: this is suspicious:
15:05:23pamaurywritel(valid_data << LCDIF_CTRL1_BYTE_PACKING_FORMAT_OFFSET, &regs->hw_lcdif_ctrl1);
15:05:35pamaurybecause you clear the RESET bit, which needs to be set to 1
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17:05:52Marexpamaury: yea I know ... it didn't work either way
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17:07:32pamauryMarex: another question: where do you setup the pins for lcdif ?
17:09:11Marexspl_boot.c ... download at the same location
17:12:17pamaurylooks ok
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17:14:19Marexpamaury: could it be something about the continuous output of data LCD data ?
17:16:28Marexbtw both dotclk and mode86 has to be 0, right ?
17:16:39pamauryI don't know, usually those controllers don't mind: if you send more pixels they restart from origin, thus making it a continuous mode. Yes
17:18:45pamauryhaha, you miss the window selection
17:18:55Marex0x3x ?
17:19:52pamauryand origin, and redraw. See my driver: lcd_update_rect. You need to set 0x36/7/8/9 for window, 0x20/1 for origin and then send 0x22 to begin send pixels
17:20:22pamaurybeware: 0x22 doesn't have an argument like others registers, you just send a single cmd word (0x22) and then all the pixels in *data mode*
17:22:16Marex22 might be it
17:27:09Marexthe LCD is 3V3, right ?
17:27:13 Join wodz [0] (
17:27:23pamauryyeah but you can't change the voltages on those pins anyway
17:27:29pamauryonly the emi pins have voltage selection
17:27:41pamauryMarex: can you upload the code again ?
17:27:52 Quit ender` (Quit: Engineers think that equations approximate the real world. Scientists think that the real world approximates equations. Mathematicians are unable to make the connection.)
17:28:55Marexmxsfb reuploaded with recent adjustments
17:29:11 Quit wodz (Client Quit)
17:30:38Marexoh ...
17:30:41MarexI got somewhere
17:30:43pamauryMarex: I think you must set the byte packing format before sending the init seq
17:30:58Marexok, now I have junk on my LCD :D
17:31:04Marexbut no reasonable output so far
17:31:42pamauryalso after writep(0x22,0) you should set DATA_SELECT
17:31:57pamauryyou're getting close !
17:34:28Marexok, I have static image
17:34:41Marexthe GRAM is not rewritten
17:34:48Marexit still contains some ancient junk from the OF
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17:38:31pamauryso you have an output but no the data you sent ?
17:40:40Marex0xc register seems like it might have some impact
17:42:46pamaurycan you update it ?
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17:45:19pamauryoh I realize my driver doesn't set the byte packing format before sending the actual data, that's bad
17:45:29Marexlol :)
17:45:44pamauryhopefully the hardware set it to 0xf on reset
17:46:00pamauryMarex: writep(0x22, 1); is wrong, that's writep(0x22, 0);
17:46:17pamauryand then add writel(LCDIF_CTRL_DATA_SELECT, &regs->hw_lcdif_ctrl_set);
17:47:16Marexpamaury: I think think I also need to set the 0xc register of the controller to 0x110
17:47:27pamaurywhy ?
17:47:38Marexgram access
17:47:57Marexwait up
17:48:21pamauryhum, I don't see why, where did you get this value ? my driver set it to 0 and it works well afaict
17:49:35Marexin the datasheet, it sets the GRAM access mode via RGB interface
17:50:50pamauryI picked those values from the OF, I trust them more than any datasheet because I don't know for sure that the lcd controller is
17:51:02pamaury*what the lcd
17:51:21Marexpamaury: ah ... without adjusting those, I'm getting the static image
17:51:24Marexstill the sameo ne
17:51:44pamaurydid you fix what I told you about data and reg 0x22 ?
17:51:45Marexall right, I have to call it a day for next few hours, but we're getting there :)
17:52:12pamaurycan you upload it once more, maybe i'll have a look later ?
17:52:27 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:52:33MarexI need to run an errand now and will be back at around 10 :)
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18:08:27Marexpamaury: it's as if the GRAM wasn't updated
18:09:16pamauryI'll see this later, I'm going back home. Perhaps you can try to send a few pixels in PIO mode just to check ?
18:09:29 Quit pamaury (Quit: this->disconnect())
18:09:34Marexah ... might just work
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21:13:36*lorenzo92 R1 now knows battery life
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22:55:16benj007hello :)
22:57:22lorenzo92hi, ask whathver you want ... don't need to ask to ask :p
23:03:50 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
23:04:58benj007I'm wondering if I have a chance to brick my HM-601 slim forever if I try to install Rockbox, but I heard there was always a way to restore the original firmware in case of problem ?
23:06:18pamaurybenj007: HM-601 is rk27xx based if i'm not mistaken, so always recovarable
23:06:29pamaurythough you might ask to wodz to be sure
23:06:40pamauryhe is not there right now unfortunately
23:06:53benj007thanks pamaury
23:07:45 Join enriched [0] (~quassel@
23:07:46benj007you can always reboot on the original firmware it seems
23:08:04benj007by holding some keys, something like that
23:08:27 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:08:37pamaurythere are two "security measures"
23:08:48pamauryfirst the bootloader always let you run the original firmware
23:09:03pamauryand in case the bootloader fails, the chip has a hardware recovery mode over usb
23:09:16benj007ok I see
23:09:31benj007and you can uninstall the failing rockbox ?
23:10:06pamaurylet me check on the wiki
23:10:06pamauryyes, I don't know how automatic it is for this target, I'm no expert but you can always remove rockbox I think
23:10:47benj007thank you
23:11:47pamauryyou might want to read this page too
23:12:16benj007does rockbox play 24/96 without downsampling ? the hifiman firmware does
23:13:06pamauryTorne: even without any dsp ?
23:13:14derfbenj007: That's actually a good thing.
23:14:26benj007I have some SACD rips converted to PCM - FLAC in 24/96
23:14:56Tornepamaury: afaik all players do 16/44.1 all the time
23:15:00Torneeven without dsp
23:15:01AlexPour resampler is pretty ordinary too
23:15:05Torneand our resampler isn't great
23:15:11AlexPso you'ld be better doing it advance
23:15:14Torneso you don't really even want to try and play them
23:15:23Tornedownsample them before copying onto the device.
23:16:21benj007with the original firmware these SACD rips sounds really better in 24/96 than 16/44
23:16:35AlexPResampled how?
23:16:39Torneyou're imagining it, or downsampling them with a bad algorithm
23:16:49Tornethere are no advantages to 24/96 for actual listening
23:16:51Torneonly for later editing/etc
23:17:08Torneit's just more expensive to process
23:19:29 Join psilonux [0] (~psilonux@2001:470:1f15:10f6:f5f4:48e5:7d9b:b018)
23:20:51 Nick amee2woof is now known as amee2stolen (
23:22:29 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:26:23 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
23:26:38 Quit psilonux (Quit: Leaving)
23:26:45benj007I will read this webpage carefully
23:26:56benj007the one derf sent
23:27:51benj007does anyone use a "desktop" DAC with a computer ?
23:30:52pamaurybenj007: what do you mean by "desktop" DAC ?
23:31:11benj007external ?
23:31:43benj007to stream music from a computer with async usb for example
23:34:30 Quit XavierGr (Disconnected by services)
23:34:32 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
23:37:30 Quit y4n (Quit: We're fucking 3LN!)
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23:41:45 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:41:55 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
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