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#rockbox log for 2013-01-29

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01:55:09[Saint]What does the option "(D)ebug" do in configure?
01:55:40[Saint]also "S(m)all C lib"...
01:56:50foolshIt builds rockbox with debug symbols included usually they are not it makes the files smaller with out the debug stuff added
01:57:52[Saint]Aha, thanks...I was just kinda answering my own question (wrt: debug builds at least) as you answered.
01:58:12[Saint]But your answer is a whole lot more concise and easier to understand :)
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01:58:48foolshthe small clib I know is well a smaller clib alternative but I don't know the exact merits of it
01:59:25[Saint]Right, that's how my question should have been phrased.
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01:59:44[Saint]Not "what is foo?" but "what is the point in/benefit of foo?"
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02:40:50*foolsh wonders exactly what the merits of small clib are anyways, is it functionally the same as the regular clib?
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02:41:31DmLAre any of the fuze+ devs around?
02:41:46DmLor perhaps Saratoga?
02:43:07DmLAnyway, I have a bit of an interesting question, maybe someone here would like to think about:
02:44:06DmLOn Fuze+ in rockboy, pressing the menu button to go to the menu works flawlessly in the default screen mode, but often crashes in the rotate left (but not rotate right) screen mode!
02:45:31foolshThat's what I'm working on, I think its an memory alignment problem I was going to file a bug report after I gathered more info,
02:46:25DmLI just isolated it to that case today. I tried to reproduce it on the sim, but wasn't able to. Now I wonder if I had the screen rotate option set.
02:46:49DmLI've currently on my local repo got a similar function coded into the infoNes plugin
02:50:24foolshbut also if the screen is unscaled it works fine on left rotate
02:50:51DmLSo I was basically hoping to port alot of rockboy's functions, but i thought i should work on that bug first.
02:51:00DmLthat's good info, thanks
02:51:45DmLI'm not much of a programmer, but I bet I could make some progress by looking at the different cases and seeing how things are done.
02:52:37DmLHave yo made any headway identifying where the problem is? I'm still struggling with understanding the flow of the program. For isntance, what does it execute when the menu opens?
02:53:12DmLI rewrote the do_menu to simply exit, and i get the data abort then as well.
02:53:34DmL(I don't hae the code in front of me right now and don;t rember the exact name of the function)
02:54:43foolshI've only started on it last night, scaled with maintained aspect ratio works fine too, it only crashes when it's stretched across the whole screen
02:56:40foolshonly four files "lcd.c, menu.c, rockmacros.h, sys_rockbox.c" even mention rotate
02:57:07DmLYeah, the problem seems very localized, .
02:57:44DmLWhen I changed the menu to just exit cleanly it still crashed, but only after displaying the "closing rockboy" splash
02:58:05foolshIt might be else where like in the frame buffer driver
02:59:30DmLat this point i've only played around with some plugins
03:03:17DmLi don't know much about how the drivers and such are laid out, or even where they are in the source
03:03:23foolshwhats more my brother has a fuze+ (red) that works fine no matter what rote option is set mine a black fuze+
03:03:26DmLI've been wanting to conatct Amaury, but haven't had a chance yet.
03:03:36DmLhmm, mine's blue.
03:03:40foolshrotate* not rote
03:04:53foolshnothing there
03:05:44DmLhave you noticed also you can get to the menu *during gameplay* on many color games, but almost never on classic ones
03:06:26DmL(that is, it usually *does not* work evn for color games during menus or splash screens)
03:06:31foolshyes some times but most often it just fails
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03:08:59DmLalright, i'll be back in a few minutes
03:09:06DmLi'm currently installing linux on a VM
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03:19:49saratogaDmL: we have a download link for a ready made VM image if you prefer
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03:27:57DmLi used that for a while, but I've got some weird hardware issues with ubuntu.
03:28:30DmLi've already setup the uild environment a couple of times
03:28:44DmLat this point, what i really need is a crash course on exporting patches
03:29:07DmLcause i have some fixes that bring infones to work with head
03:29:17DmLand adds a couple of features
03:32:25saratogahow do you have hardware issues with a virtual machine?
03:32:43saratogaanyway, the development guide explains how to upload stuff to gerrit
03:32:53saratogawe tend not to use patches anymore since we moved to git
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03:35:38DmLSO GEso gerrit would be the place to put unofficial patches?
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03:45:35foolshAh, my brother's fuze+ does data abort just like mine and DmT's, he had the screen scaled but aspect ratio maintained with the left rotation
03:47:35DmLyeah, if you scale with aspect it still works
03:47:43DmLso it seems only one mode is in error
03:48:37foolshHe told me it did not, but he's not as curios about stuff. Well it's some where in that area Dmt
03:51:42DmL@Saratoga regarding the virtual machine, there were a couple of issues. One was I tried to update the image and it did so incompletely, and secondly the Vmachine just runs this laptop too hard. Thirdly, booting into actual linux leaves me with video and ACPI issues.
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04:07:33foolshI'm looking in lcd.c in rockboy where all the ifdef(s) sort out the screen offsets and rotation values and I was wondering, does any other targets have the same screen dimensions 320 x 240 and might have the same issue
04:11:33DmLi thinnk the ipod and the hrivier do
04:11:40DmLhave that screen resolution i mean
04:11:58DmLbut not vertically, I don't think
04:12:09DmLie, in portrait mode, rather than landscape
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04:16:45foolshThanks DmL, seems the fuze+ sim works flawlessly without error rotated stretched or what ever, I don't think it's in the software I think its in the hardware and that sucks even more.
04:18:01DmLi will take a look at the code in a few minutes, there must be something significantly different about rotating left versus right. It might be as simple as it corrupting the config file or something.
04:18:36DmLotherwise the bug might be specific enough that amaury could look at the lcd driver and see something
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04:35:03foolshSometimes my config file doesn't get written when I change the rotation and scale option, I can then open rockboy after a hardreset with my old settings, but sometimes it does and I erase the option file to get rockboy to work again
04:38:24DmLyes, if it crashes with the data abort it hasn't written the config file
04:38:56DmLwhich leads me to believe it has something to do with the one option and how the file is saved, rather than the hardware, or general rockbox software itelf
04:40:48DmLalthough I suppose it must have 8something* to do with the hardware, since it doesn't seem to happen on other hardware
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05:00:15*foolsh set off to collect option files and diff them
05:04:51foolshI just noticed another thing about this bug, when able to get back to the menu without an abort pressing the keys seem to be laggy as hell
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05:16:18DmLtrue, i remember that happening as well
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05:33:31JbstormburstADVIf anyone's there, I'm curious at the moment how extensive the Rockbox support is for the iPod Classic 7G. Also, does anyone have an idea if we'll ever see it dual-boot?
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06:50:25[Saint]"I am curious about <X>, but the extent of my curiosity is limited to a ~5 minute window"
06:54:36[Saint]A while ago, I added support for ROYGBIV color scheme in lamp.rock, but it got shot down...does anyone think it is worth me trying again?
06:55:17JdGordonwhy was it shot down?
06:55:22[Saint]I don't think it was the implementation that was disliked, I didn't reinvent the wheel...I think it was just that no one saw the reason to have these colors, but, I don't see a reason not to.
06:56:04[Saint]part of my patch was committed, I also assed support for dimming the backlight.
06:56:12[Saint]whoops. *added.
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07:03:46foolshActually more colors for lamp.rock seems only logical, but what about stepping slowly through all colors by pressing a button.
07:03:56foolshAnd what about brightness?
07:04:21[Saint]brightness is already available for scrollwheel targets, not sure if I added it for anything else.
07:04:37[Saint]I don't _think_ so...maybe I did.
07:04:45[Saint]It was ~2 years ago or so.
07:05:43[Saint]<< >> changes the color, and scrolling forwards and backwards changes the brightness.
07:06:01foolshAh now wonder I can't find the brightness button on my fuze+ could map it to volume keys I guess
07:06:02[Saint]until I added that, it was locked at full brightness.
07:07:40foolshNo I found it it's up down but the steps are so small you can't tell until the fourth or fifth time it's pressed
07:07:48*[Saint] is doing a rough White/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/Violet/Black patch for it now.
07:08:04 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
07:08:21[Saint]Ohhhhh...I see, it probably behaves poorly on button-based targets that rely on button_repeat
07:08:29JdGordonadd a colour wheel!
07:08:34 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
07:08:48[Saint]nuts to that ;)
07:09:03foolshAll the colors!
07:09:35[Saint]WROYGBIVB is enough for anyone!
07:09:42 Join shamus [0] (
07:09:44[Saint]Hell..I can't even tell several of them apart! :P
07:10:20[Saint]Internet color codes
07:10:32[Saint]whoops, irc != google
07:10:38 Join mortalis [0] (
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07:15:02DmLI added colours to my build too, I can definitely see that plus brightness being generally useful.
07:15:33[Saint]brightness should be there already...
07:15:58[Saint]I don't distinctly recall adding it for non-scrollwheel targets, but, I doubt it would've been committed if I didn't.
07:15:58foolshup and down DmL but you have to press them a few times
07:16:12DmLa custom color from the menu (ala the font color-chooser) would be cool, too
07:16:22[Saint]baby steps ;)
07:16:35[Saint]I'll see if I can get some basic colors in first.
07:16:44[Saint](other than boring old red)
07:17:20DmLoh that's cool, i didn't know there was brightness
07:18:39[Saint]There wasn't exactly a huge fuss about it when it was committed.
07:19:14[Saint]How responsive the brightness does/doesn't feel for non-scrollwheel targets is probably quite target dependant too.
07:19:19DmLi use the lamp all the time
07:19:31[Saint]Some targets have a lot less/more steps in their brightness scale than others do.
07:19:44DmLthat's prolly what's going on with the fuze+
07:19:56[Saint]from 16~32, iirc.
07:20:01DmLit enumerates like 80 steps but there's really only 20 or something
07:20:11[Saint]Ahhhhh, whoah.
07:20:19[Saint]the Fuze+ has *that* many? Wow.
07:20:40DmLyeah, in "brightness" menu setting, it goes from 0 -80
07:20:57DmL(o is worse than useless since fuze+ screen is not reflective)
07:21:05 Join TheSphinX_ [0] (
07:21:39DmLYeah, a quick, very unscientific count puts me around 25 increments.
07:22:03DmLSo in the lamp app I have to push the button 3 or 4 times before I notice any change
07:23:47 Quit TheSphinX^ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
07:25:02*[Saint] will test and push this patch after he finishes his dinner
07:25:20foolshDmL, has your fuze+'s 3x3 pad ever stop working making you have to power cycle to get it back again? Mine does, I'm just wondering
07:25:32DmLyeah, occasionally
07:25:46DmLthey mention that on the wiki
07:26:11DmLthat's the other thing I want to do
07:26:20foolshGotcha, I should go reread that page
07:26:43DmLdoes rockbox support arbitrary numbers of butons?
07:27:16DmLcause I want to make the 3x3 touchpad more like 9x9
07:28:59DmLdo the sections have to be rectangles or can they be polygons?
07:32:47JdGordonDmL: what do you actually want to do?
07:33:19DmLOn the fuze+ the touchpad is setup as a simple 3x3 grid
07:33:26JdGordon3x3 is plenty for fake buttons, you could use the pixel coords to do smarter button handling though
07:33:53DmLwhich maps to Back, Up, Play, Left, Select, Right, BottomLeft, Down, Bottomight
07:34:23DmLbut I would like the action buttons to be smaller
07:34:35DmLand the direction buttons to fan out getting larger away from the middle
07:34:56DmLand to maybe have a zone on the edges where both are triggered
07:35:23DmLI don't mind looking into it myself, I was just wondering if the button shapes could be easily arbitrary, or if they had to be rectabgles
07:35:58DmLor I could simulate it by having multiple zones trigger a single button
07:36:13 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
07:36:24JdGordoncurrently only rectangles are supported (and only 3x3 in the touchpad->button code)... skins can use coords to have as many button areas as they want
07:36:35JdGordonbut i dont know if that mode is suppoerted on the fuze yet or not
07:36:56DmLbut the skin buttons wouldn't be visible to plugins
07:37:17DmLwhere is the touchpad button code located?
07:37:42JdGordonnot sure :)
07:37:56DmLi wish there was an API : D
07:38:59 Join DmL_ [0] (
07:39:57JdGordonadd one :)
07:40:03DmL_this would be easier if I had a stable dev environment
07:40:22JdGordonthen you just need to add keymaps for your new psudobuttons
07:40:30DmL_hehe, add an API to the iki? sounds like a nice long term project for somebody like me who is only marginally code-worthy
07:40:57DmL_but yeah, that's what I was thinking, find where the buttons are enumerated, add a couple
07:41:17DmL_can different button areas trigger the same button press?
07:41:29DmL_alternately can a button area trigger two different buttons?
07:42:27JdGordonyes, no
07:42:57 Quit DmL (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
07:43:48foolshI have a hard enough times with my big-ol-fat fingers as it is. (grep)ing through the rockbox/firmware directory should help you find what you need DmL
07:45:30DmL_well, I'm thinking specifically for the game plugins
07:45:38 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
07:45:38DmL_it would be nice to be able to travel diagonals
07:46:39DmL_so I could define an "FUZEPLUS_UPLEFT"
07:46:56DmL_and then in rockboy, infones, doom, etc trigger their pad buttons appropriately.
07:47:19DmL_i guess it wouldn't need to trigger two in rockbox itself, rather just have a unique button there
07:48:03foolshOh man the button mapping ifdef s in the plugins are nasty, they need tamed badly before we add even more
07:48:19foolshI guess I'll go do that huh?
07:49:00DmL_well, this is mostly for my own good
07:49:09DmL_i use my fuze+ like most folks use their phones I guess
07:49:29DmL_i never go anywhere without it, and use it as my pimary gaming, ebook, and music platform
07:49:49DmL_i'm not a good enough coder to contribute yet, but if I get any of this working really satisfactorily, I would consider commiting
07:49:59foolshaction games still suck in rockboy unless you map A and B to the volume keys, cause you can't press two buttons on the touch pad at once
07:50:06DmL_for instance I would make it a menu option to add the buttons or not, I think
07:50:26DmL_yes, that's how I play them, and it works very well for me, VOL buttons as A and B
07:50:47DmL_and now that paumary got the cpu scaling i, rockboy and infones run at full speed
07:51:46 Nick DmL_ is now known as DmL (
07:52:30foolshHas infones been pushed to master?
07:52:40DmLno, I got it compiling myself
07:53:05DmLand it runs really well, plays alot of games
07:53:30DmLi could probably double the compatibility if I could figure out how to flip the masking bits
07:53:49DmLit seems masking is working in games like Metroid, but it's exactly backwards
07:53:55foolshWhere is the patch?
07:54:08DmLthe infones patch that I used?
07:54:26foolshyes or similar
07:56:33DmLheh, I can't find it now, gimme a sec
07:57:09foolshtake your time, was it in flyspray?, I'll go check.
07:58:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:58:54DmLok, starting here
07:59:24DmLthe very last patch:
07:59:26[Saint]If you've worked on it yourself, shouldn't you rather push a patch from your local tree?
07:59:41[Saint]'git diff origin/master master" or so.
08:00:07DmLwell, I would except a) I dunno how to do that and b) it's on a linux partition on my laptop, which is currently misbehaving
08:00:24DmLit's the simplest thing in the world to get it working hto
08:00:38 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
08:00:58DmLbesides adding a button mapping for the fuzeplus, all I had to do was fix a couple of calls to (if I recall right) play_pcm_data
08:01:15[Saint]If you're not setup to use gerrit, then just "git diff > diff_name.diff", if you are setup to use gerrit, then "git diff origin/master master > diff_name.diff"
08:01:39DmLah, that's what I was trying to figure out earlier
08:01:51DmLis there an easy way to seperate stuff out? when I do a local commit, i just did -a
08:01:57DmLso I have a ton of unrelated stuff in there too
08:02:16[Saint]not non-trivially, no.
08:02:18DmLi supose if what I'm doing is actually useful, then I could get setup with gerrit
08:02:19foolshcommit early and commit often
08:02:24*[Saint] nods
08:02:26DmLyeah, I don't mind redoing the work
08:02:28[Saint]and use branches.
08:02:36[Saint]branches are your friend.
08:02:54[Saint](for seperating different patch sets)
08:02:58DmLso I branch for my work with infones, branch for rockboy, branch for my button code?
08:03:07*[Saint] nods
08:03:23DmLor so, branch for getting infones working with head, branch for adding the screen rotation code?
08:03:40DmLcause i do have screen rotatoin also 90% working
08:03:47 Quit TheSphinX_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
08:03:53[Saint] is a great start to figure out the workflow.
08:05:27DmLk, i'll look into that
08:05:34DmLwhile I have you helpful folks here, wo
08:05:57DmLwould it be better, since I want to do like 8 variations on solitaire, to add them to the current plugin, or make them all their own plugins?
08:06:23DmL(have like a emnu item to select which variation you want to play)
08:07:21[Saint]It would be betetr to have them all as one plugin, IMO, with a selection menu at run-time.
08:07:34DmLyeah, that's what I was thinking
08:07:52DmLright now there are patches for freecell and spider, which I also have working, and they re-use like 80% of their code
08:08:12DmLnot to mention they're all referencing the same card fx anyway
08:10:40DmLis it worthwhile to ask some questions about how rockbox organizes the framebuffer?
08:11:28DmLi notice it's a linear array of type y * width + x, i was wondering though, where (0,0) would be located. I assume upper-left of the screen?
08:12:34*[Saint] nods
08:12:42[Saint]0.0 is always top/left
08:13:25DmLi assume it will just fail if you try to write outside the bounds
08:14:46[Saint]iiuc, yes. but I _think_ negative values are accepted.
08:15:00[Saint](useful for alignment)
08:15:06DmLI wonder if that's why I see some overflow on certain plugins
08:15:12 Join einhirn [0] (
08:15:13 Quit joshin (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
08:15:42DmLbtw, thanks [Saint] for the work you do, I see your name on the forums alot. I've been pretty excited to get started mucking about with the source, love the software, and friendly names like yours are a big reason I haven't been able to get rb outta my head the last couple months
08:16:34[Saint]My nick is actually supposed to be ironic, heh, I am *far* from a saint ;)
08:16:40[Saint]But, I'm glad I can help.
08:16:44DmLheh, that's cool
08:17:23DmLi know alot of projects that say "do it yourself" and ya'll say it too, but you make it actually possible
08:17:37DmLit's all very accessible
08:18:15[Saint]I know what you mean there, actually. Some "open" projects, while open source, have very hostile communities.
08:18:28[Saint]One of the things I enjoy about this project is the community.
08:19:04DmLi was sorta hesitant to actually get involved, since I'm not actually a coder, but it looks like I might actually be able to contribute
08:19:57DmLespecially I've got some confidence now since I was able to get linux and the repositary up and running, get a few patches compiling, add a few features I've wanted
08:20:01[Saint]I very much dislike the "Hey guys, can I get some help? How do I do <X>?"; "Hahahaha, f*ck off, n00b" type "developers" and members.
08:20:11[Saint]I have always found Rockbox to be very welcoming.
08:20:25DmLyup, and the dev guides are amazingly complete
08:21:21DmLno i just need to learn the code and write the API guide for you guys :P
08:21:56 Quit zamboni ()
08:22:27[Saint]Yes. Someone with absolutely zero experience should be perfectly capable of setting up an environment, and patching and compiling their own build in an hour or less. The docs are evry straightforward.
08:23:05DmLthey even taught me about linux in the process
08:28:07DmLfoolsh, where you able to compile it?
08:29:17foolshstill setting up git branches and registering in gerrit and all that about to patch it in
08:30:35DmLthe only real gotcha is the play_pcm_data func
08:30:56DmLit's called twice, you just have to add one argument to the call
08:31:18DmLmint is almost installed on my vm
08:31:29DmLi'll try and make a patch real quick when it finishes
08:31:55 Part stryaponoff ("I need to go. Have a nice day!")
08:33:27foolshcool, Hunk #1 succeeded at 1 with fuzz 2
08:34:24DmLthat's the CATEGORIES file or something
08:38:04 Join joshin [0] (
08:38:05 Quit joshin (Changing host)
08:38:05 Join joshin [0] (~josh@unaffiliated/joshin)
08:49:08foolshmake finished without error now to just go back and make it work with the fuze+, thank DmL
08:53:18DmLyar man
08:58:15 Nick TheJacquerie is now known as radio23 (
09:00:55*[Saint] added g390
09:01:15*[Saint] prods fs-bluebot
09:01:37[Saint] - Change I0b2f6376: Additional colors for lamp.rock
09:02:02[Saint]go nuts fellas
09:02:45[Saint]bluebrother: is fs-bluebot feeling a bit ill lately? Or did I botch the syntax?
09:03:00[Saint]test g#390
09:03:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #390 at : Additional colors for lamp.rock by Hayden Pearce (changes/90/390/1)
09:03:08[Saint]Ahhhh, I did.
09:03:27[Saint]I could'ver sworn the # wasn't necessary
09:06:37 Join lebellium [0] (
09:07:23 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:10:39DmLconnected to gerrit
09:11:25[Saint]If you feel like testing/reviewing the above linked patch, I wouldn't beat you off with a stick
09:12:02[Saint]*very* trivial patch...very trivial.
09:12:27DmLI dunno if I'm a good one to review, but I will definitely test it as soon my git is cloned and I have re-re-re-re-compiled the arm gcc libs etc
09:13:04[Saint]If you have already compiled the toolchains, there should be no need to do so again.
09:13:17[Saint]they exist outside of the repo
09:13:19DmLunless I'm working on a fresh install on a different machine : )
09:13:26[Saint]Aha, yes. :)
09:13:38[Saint]You can just copy them over, too.
09:13:53[Saint]unless you're going from 32->64bit
09:13:54DmLthe other install isn't exactly... reachable at the moment
09:14:05DmLactually, yes, I'm going that too
09:14:13[Saint]Aha, right.
09:14:30[Saint](word of advice, skip the YP-RO toolchain ;))
09:14:31DmLdidn't even think about that
09:14:50DmLare the compilers needed for the sims?
09:15:06[Saint]No, just sdl-stuffs
09:15:27DmLk, then i'll just do the ARM i think, whichever one it is for the fuze+
09:16:44[Saint]re: YP-R0 toolchain: it is a nightmarish mix of unlisted dependencies, and each time it fails, there's no way to just start over without trashing what was already sucessfully compiled.
09:16:56[Saint]I never managed to get it to compile on Ubuntu 64bit
09:17:20[Saint]I did on Ubuntu 32bit, but only after figuring out ~15 or so undocumented dependencies
09:18:10[Saint]unless you're planning on adding this machine to the build farm, I would skip toolchains for any target(s) you're not planning on compiling for in the near future.
09:20:40DmLthat was sorta my thinking, too
09:20:47DmLwhat's the build farm?
09:22:06[Saint]Its our distributed build client. That's how we get all the builds done so quickly after each commit
09:23:06[Saint]A reasonably large group of powerful to not-so-powerful machines get distributed a build each, and get fed more tasks if they complete the job they get issued before the current round finishes.
09:23:18[Saint]rinse, repeat, until the current round is finished.
09:23:39[Saint]That's how we pump out ~30something+ builds in ~2 minutes :)
09:25:21[Saint]clients eventually get issued a score, based on how well they handle the tasks they are issued, and then the more capable machines get issued more work.
09:25:36[Saint]And yes, it is. It is very awesome.
09:25:59[Saint]I marvelled at the idea when I first discovered it.
09:26:07 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
09:26:30 Join Zagor [0] (
09:26:30 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
09:26:30 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:26:37[Saint]The real beauty of it is that build clients can come and go as they please, and the only result is that the build round will take slightly longer.
09:27:02DmLI'll definitely have to sign up when I have my 16 core computer setup
09:27:06[Saint]It is very rare that the only clients left connected atren't capable of compiling for each target, but it has happened before.
09:27:57[Saint]and then, it all ends up here:
09:28:27[Saint]this is a table of the last N rounds completed, with deltas for binary size increase, etc.
09:28:39DmLah, so THAT's what that page is
09:28:45*[Saint] nods
09:29:33DmLjust one more evidence of this project's extreme yooser-friendliness
09:30:00 Join Wardo [0] (
09:30:03[Saint]heh :)
09:31:55DmLalright, building arm
09:31:55foolshthe next step is to make it browser based and faster than ever :)
09:32:24 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2a01:d0:ffff:34a::8:3)
09:32:40DmLso once I get all this working
09:32:46DmLi want to make a branch
09:32:54DmLthen patch your your lamp patch into it
09:33:30 Join Raptors [0] (
09:33:32DmLthen do I do another branch with all the patches applied, or do I somehow compile more than one branch into a single set of binaries?
09:34:17[Saint]you would need to do another branch with all applied if you wanted to do that.
09:34:48[Saint]afaik there's no way to merge all the current branches in that fashion.
09:34:49DmLso if I find your patch useful
09:34:56[Saint]but I'm hardly a git-poweruser.
09:35:03DmLi apply it and say, my newly minted infones patch
09:35:13DmLto a new branch call ALLCHANGES or something?
09:35:57[Saint]If you applied it, and didn;t find it useful, you can always revert the patch...if you just wanted to keep everything in the same branch.
09:36:22DmLi'm just trying to wrap my HEAD (waa waa waa) around this
09:36:23[Saint]applying a patch that has already been applied is automatically detected and assumes you want to undo the patch.
09:36:30DmLcause last time I applied like 10 patches
09:36:44DmLand that wouldn't be useful from a contributing standpoint
09:36:56DmLand didn't track the changes at all
09:38:00 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
09:38:20[Saint]if you apply a patch that has already been applied to the current tree, patch will prompt you about this, and ask if you want to assume the "-R" (reverse) flag. Alternatively, you just add the -R flag to the patch command.
09:38:25 Join Raptors [0] (
09:38:37DmLso if I apply it to the wrong branch, that's pretty easy to undo
09:38:41[Saint]so: "patch -p0 -R < name_of_patch.diff"
09:38:49DmLit seems like last time I applied something from gerrit, it made a new branch anyway
09:38:58[Saint]errr, -p1 for a git patch
09:39:39DmLso the < is like an input symbol or something
09:40:47DmLcause I think i remember getting that backwards once, and it wiped the contents of the .patch
09:40:54[Saint]yes. "patch < patch.diff" installs a patch with that name, "patch > patch.diff" will create a patch with that name from the currently tracked changes on the branch
09:41:48[Saint]and, re: probably hit "cherry-pick" instead of "patch" or so.
09:41:57[Saint]which, iiuc, will create a new branch.
09:42:05DmLwhich seems like a good thing to do
09:42:28DmLis there a way to just make a .patch from gerrit?
09:43:30[Saint]Yes, there are four buttons above the list of files for the current patch set: checkout; pull; cherry-pick; patch
09:43:32 Join LinusN [0] (
09:44:04[Saint]each of them will print a command to enter to do the desired action.
09:44:56foolshI make a new branch then use git pull
09:45:22[Saint]cherry-pick creates the branch automagically, iiuc.
09:45:42foolshdon't forget to checkout your new branch if you do it that way
09:45:45 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
09:46:32[Saint] is a great resource
09:46:40 Join Raptors [0] (
09:46:52[Saint]It got me through a lot of the basics of git that aren;t immediately obvious or basic. :)
09:48:02DmLthe closest I've been to any of this stuff before is using tortoiseSVN in windows : )
09:48:12DmLnot that i don't like the command line
09:48:55*foolsh knows they will have to pry his command line from his cold dead fingers
09:49:44foolshkids today with their IDEs and stuff
09:49:49[Saint]there are a LOT of GUI frontends for git these days.
09:50:00[Saint]Many suck, badly, some are quite awesome.
09:50:12DmLit never even ocurred to me to look for one
09:50:18[Saint]git-gui is pretty good.
09:50:34DmLwould that help me in setting up my branches?
09:50:51DmLthe only one i'm really worried about is the initial infones patch adds like 20 files
09:51:03[Saint]Yes and no. I find doing it manually helps one to understand the workflow a lot better.
09:51:17[Saint]Rather than an application possibly taking steps for you behind the scenes.
09:51:20DmLbut surely i don't need to add each file one at a time?
09:51:47[Saint]"git add ."
09:52:08[Saint]that'll add anything that isn;t currently tracked.
09:52:25DmLbut i need a branch arg for that too, yeah?
09:52:43[Saint]I'm not sure what you're getting at.
09:53:01DmLso i've got my clean rockbox
09:53:06foolshThe flow goes like this ( git branch infones | git checkout infones | patch -p0 < ../infones.patch | git add ./apps/plugins/infones/* | git commit "
09:53:07[Saint]you would do that from within the branch.
09:53:10DmLgit branch lamp
09:53:18DmLpatch > etc
09:53:26DmLgit branch infones_base
09:53:34DmLright ok
09:53:54DmLgotta get that > right
09:54:48DmLalright, this is awesome, guys
09:55:20*[Saint] highly recommends reading from
09:55:49[Saint]it is geared towards new users, so it is worded in a way that most people should be able to understand, and isn;t too overwhelming.
09:56:39[Saint]there are links on the left side of the gitref main page that you can use to easily look up information on specific tasks.
09:56:55[Saint]ie. branching, checkout, commit, etc.
09:57:00foolsh[Saint], black? really? can't wait to see this. Come on computer compile faster!
09:57:30DmLblack, eh
09:57:33[Saint]foolsh: it's actually not as non-useful as one might think. :)
09:57:40DmLyeah, I'm on pay 6 of that website now, I think
09:57:56[Saint]I use it when I only need enough light to just see what I'm doing and don;t want to blind myself.
09:58:15*[Saint] stabs his ; key in the face
09:58:20*foolsh nods
09:58:23[Saint]be ', dammit!
09:58:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:59:12[Saint]It wouldn;t surprise me if I'm asked to remove black from that task, but, we'll see.
09:59:46DmLI want to remove 0 as a selectable option for brightness
09:59:52DmLthat's gotten me into trouble a couple times
10:00:43[Saint]Ah, yeah, screens that aren't visible with the backlight off...
10:00:50[Saint]I can see that being interesting.
10:01:55DmLguh, its 4AM here and I have a 9:15 conference call guh
10:02:16[Saint]Whoop. Bedtime. :)
10:02:27DmLone would think so
10:03:13foolsh[Saint], I like the colors patch, useful if you're viewing samples at different wave lenghts of light. I tried it out on the pattern of my blanket. Very cool
10:05:53 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@
10:05:53 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
10:05:53 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
10:12:20 Join redhot [0] (~kvirc@
10:12:26redhotHowdy people!
10:14:19 Quit foolsh (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:14:49lebellium[Saint]: with the latest build the new 10-band EQ is enabled on all targets or only on most powerful ones?
10:15:10[Saint]All that use the EQ
10:15:27[Saint]so...iirc, everything except the Archos'
10:15:48lebelliumok, thank you
10:16:17[Saint]The CPU usage increase is quite trivial.
10:16:35[Saint]+~5MHz for realtime
10:16:44DmLi like the sound of that
10:17:03*[Saint] is popular today :)
10:17:35*DmL is full of puns.
10:17:49 Join foolsh [0] (
10:17:55[Saint]Well, it /just/ got it is available in the source as of now, or via the development snapshot builds.
10:18:20DmLbuts its merged?
10:18:22[Saint]Oh, derp...hahaha, yes, nice one :)
10:18:30[Saint]I didn't parse that as a pun initially.
10:19:37 Quit TheSphinX^ (Read error: Operation timed out)
10:25:59 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
10:44:22 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:47:37 Join wodz [0] (
10:48:39pamauryDmL: foolsh: what is the problem with lcd and rotation ?
10:51:23DmLin rockboy, when you choose from the menu options "rotate left" and "scaled" they set properly, return to gameplay and try to re-enter the menu and you will get a data-abort on all classic games and most color games
10:51:51DmLit does not do that for any other combination of menu items
10:52:25DmLit's been confirmed on 3 different fuze+ (4gb and 8gb)
10:53:31DmLi tried to reproduce it in the sim, but i don't think I knew the specific menu option to trigger it when I tried it
10:53:49foolshI tried the sim and every combination works fine
10:54:13DmLi tried it in a dev build, and it data aborted without loading a game
10:55:19DmLi tried a version of the menu code that just exited the plugin on pressing the menu button, and it data aborted after showing the "closing rockboy" splash
10:55:54DmL(thanks for all your hard work by the way)
10:55:57*DmL bows.
10:58:51 Nick radio23 is now known as TheJacquerie (
11:00:23 Join bebna [0] (~a.fasold@
11:01:32wodzDmL: did you get meaningful backtrace on abort?
11:02:45DmLin other words, did it tell me adress and such? yes
11:02:58DmLi can give you the whole error
11:03:04DmLI don't have a MAP handy at the moment
11:04:05wodzwithout .map its meaningless
11:04:23DmLfoolsh probably has one
11:04:37gevaertsWell, an elf file is just as good :)
11:04:41DmLi can make one as soon as the cross-compiler finishes
11:04:44wodzit will be plugin .map most probably
11:04:51wodzgevaerts: right, even better
11:05:14[Saint]you need the .map file for the exact revision of the same target build
11:05:46DmLwell, foolsh could give you the address and the map
11:06:01*[Saint] wonders why it isn't included in the dev snapshots
11:06:06DmLi can post tomorrow once my compilter is working again
11:06:12[Saint]it is shipped with releases, no?
11:06:23[Saint]re: map file(s)
11:06:30DmLi don't see it in the zip
11:07:32[Saint]Hum, I'm not sure if it is packed with the binary, or available as an alternative download.
11:08:09foolshor should I do a debug build?
11:08:25[Saint]I guess shipping them is useless, ...not sure what I was thinking there. But it would be nice if the last N builds had their map files archived.
11:08:46[Saint]foolsh: not unless you want to connect to gdb
11:09:09DmLwoot, compiler finished!
11:09:45[Saint]Damn, that took ages. What system is this?
11:10:19DmL32bit linux running in a virtual machine on 64bit windows 7 dual core 2.7ghz without virtualization
11:10:52DmLdoesn't seem like it'll be very useful, does it?
11:10:56[Saint](to spped compilation, if you haven't already done so, enable ccache {sudo apt-get install ccache})
11:11:13[Saint]compilation will be a lot faster than that, one hopes :)
11:11:49[Saint]The initial compile is the longest, subsequent builds are significantly shorter. Especially with ccache
11:12:15DmLi may have to bite the bullet and risk the other machine real quic
11:12:41[Saint]what for?
11:13:05wodzrockbox compilation is a few minutes even on ancient hardware
11:13:27DmLgenerating dependencie is taking like 5 minutes
11:13:42wodzthats io intensive so vm hits you
11:13:55DmLon the other machine the entire compile takes like 45 seconds
11:14:07DmLbut it starts to overheat after 20 minutes or so
11:14:50DmLso i think i can build it once, but i can't actually do any dev on it
11:15:04DmLhmm, this one is doing okay, now
11:16:05wodzhmm, for 3 subsequent build rounds magic errors disappeared
11:16:58*foolsh updated FS #12815 with backtrace from data abort
11:16:59fs-bluebot Fuze+ Rockboy data aborts on menu key press, when the srceen is rotated left and image is stretched (bugs, unconfirmed)
11:18:33wodzthis backtrace doesn't give much insight
11:19:30 Join DmL_ [0] (
11:19:45 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
11:21:17DmL_should I put the elf/map anywhere in particular?
11:22:41wodzYou need matching backtrace and .elf/.map (elf is better) to even try to understand the failure
11:23:00DmL_so you're not wanting me to upload them soewhere
11:23:07pamauryI'll try to reproduce on my fuze+
11:23:18DmL_i have the elf/map and I can give the address as well now
11:23:58wodzDmL: upload .elf somewhere and pastebin abort screen
11:24:16wodzpamaury: whats mapped at 0x49? iram?
11:25:07wodzso If I understand abort correctly thats kinda strange
11:25:26pamaurydata abort in memcopy ?
11:25:38wodzah wait it is unaligned access most probably
11:26:01pamaurywould fit: it's in assembly so backtracer probably fails and the error is unaligned access
11:26:56DmL_i don't have an easy way to upload a screen cap but i can type the text of the error out
11:27:07wodzDmL: thats what I mean
11:27:56wodzjust type it in or whatever to not pollute channel
11:28:03DmL_ah, ok
11:30:44DmL_is that correct?
11:32:19 Join ender` [0] (
11:33:21pamauryif I read correctly that's in lcd_mono_bitmap_part
11:34:38DmL_on a color game it is exactly the same except the address line reads address: 0x00010037
11:35:11wodzpamaury: if I read correctly its in add_to_list_l()
11:36:12DmL_i've yet another address now, weird
11:36:22pamauryDmL_: impossible, there is no code at this address, isn't it 0x1037 ?
11:36:22pamaurywodz: can't find any function with that name, did you use the elf ? I had a look at the .map by hand
11:36:36wodzpamaury: yes
11:37:07pamaurythere is no code between 0x8000 and 0x6000000, those addresses don't make sense
11:37:25DmL_pamaury, on the color game it has repeated at 0x00010037
11:38:06pamauryhum, I really need to check on mine
11:38:25funmanpamaury: wodz: did you already think of ways to detect 'heap' corruption? (unintentionally overwriting running code)
11:38:44funmanwe have a stack corruption check on context switch already afaiu
11:39:11pamauryuse virtual memory ? but that can only trap writes to code, not to the stack
11:39:18wodzfunman: we have but it is not the most reliable thing
11:39:30DmL_the address seems to move based on which game crashes it
11:39:49wodzthis pretty much looks like stack corruption
11:40:17DmL_or else there are 3 or 4 addresses it might come up with
11:40:18pamaurywe could put the stack far away from everything, using virtual memory
11:40:25funmanpamaury: i agree proper use of mmu (and making code ro) would be helpful
11:40:50pamauryI already use the mmu on the imx233 for caching, however I use section of 1MB only
11:40:52DmL_i just got 0x0000e6eb again on SQRXZ
11:41:51wodzfunman: you tried something with ro protection on amsv2, am I right?
11:42:03pamauryDmL_: ok thanks, it looks stack a stack corruption, the address is probably meaningless then :(
11:42:44DmLaaand that machine died
11:43:05DmLso it looks like stack corruption even though it shows up in only 3 or 4 places repeatedly?
11:43:20*[Saint] notes that kugel apparently broke android in the build system
11:43:35[Saint]"2013-01-29 23:42:32 Error: You specified arch android15 but the output of 'android list target' did not include 'API level: 15'."
11:43:57[Saint](not a bug on my side, API15 was depricated)
11:44:17DmLalright guys, I gotta get some shut-eye, hope I was able to help a little
11:45:57pamauryI could try to build a prototype mmu protection: map iram with very small pages, make code ro, map dram with larger pages, make code ro and put stacks in a special section far away from the code in virtual memory (and perhaps in physical memory if possible also)
11:46:17 Quit DmL_ (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
11:46:25funmanwodz: yes but i think i stopped in the middle of it
11:46:52wodzpamaury: would be nice
11:47:52wodzI think initial idea was to interleave small ro and rw sections so out of bounds write would trigger abort easily
11:48:46pamaurythat would be a huge waste of virtual memory, you would need a second level table for the entire code no ? And how can you interleave them ?
11:50:30 Quit DmL (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
11:50:31funmanmanual copy?
11:50:51funmanwe could do this in a debug mode
11:50:52[Saint]Oh, derp...all I needed to do was change "android15" to "android16".
11:51:01funmanwasting tons of memory is ok if it helps finding bugs
11:52:15pamaurythat would already require a much more clever loader, we would need list of all the ro sections
11:52:53[Saint] do I submit a patch for www.git?
11:54:00*[Saint] spots gevaertscommitting there and active here, and pounces
11:54:09[Saint]*gevaerts committing
11:55:42wodzanyway g#239
11:55:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #239 at : WIP: read-only memory on sansa AMS using MMU by Rafaël Carré (changes/39/239/2)
11:56:24gevaerts[Saint]: same as everywhere else
11:58:06 Join DmL_ [0] (
11:58:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:58:55*[Saint] can't really be buggered checking out www for a one char patch
12:15:29 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
12:17:29funmanwodz: thanks, i didn't remember where it was ^_^
12:17:48 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
12:21:00 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
12:21:35redhotGuys, to upload data to shout I know the exact SVN number
12:21:46redhotI have used RockBox 3.12 Release
12:22:06lorenzo92I want to start looking at WM1808, if I see any similute we can hopefully integrate it cleanly into rockbox reusing WMxxxx code
12:22:12redhotIt shoould be mentioned "RockBox 3.12 Release" or I should put there exact SVN number?
12:24:25wodzlorenzo92: which WM code? There are quite a few WMxxxx drivers in our codebase.
12:24:38wodzlorenzo92: for some WMs we don't have DS also
12:24:40funmanredhot: yeah please put the exact version
12:24:47lorenzo92wodz: yes, I see, I need to find out
12:25:02redhotfunman: how can I know it?
12:25:30redhotIs it possible from device?
12:25:39funmansystem -> info possibly
12:26:03redhotnope, it's just tells me 3.12
12:27:12funmanput 3.12 then
12:27:24funmanyou can't be more exact than that ;)
12:27:40wodzlorenzo92: do you have DS for this WM1808? I may have a look - I extended WM8751 driver to support WM8750 once upon a time.
12:27:43redhotfunman: oh, thanks a lot :))
12:28:28lorenzo92wodz: unfortunately not, but I have a full documented driver for alsa linux (samsung OSS package), I see lots of similarites with wm8758 atm
12:30:30 Quit foolsh (Quit: Leaving)
12:31:12lorenzo92wodz: definitely, it's pretty the same ;)
12:32:09wodzlorenzo92: pay attention to register map AFAIK there are subtle differences between codecs even in the same family
12:34:51wodzheh WM website doesn't mention about wm1808
12:36:14redhotfunman: ok, thanks it has been uploaded ;)
12:36:36redhotFLAC L5 running time 11:50 while MP3 320kbps 10:50 only
12:36:49redhotIt makes me completely move to FLAC :)
12:43:33wodzlorenzo92: Some EV board docs floating around refer to: WM1808, WM8957, WM8983, WM8985, WM8986
12:49:33funmanredhot: nice, but it seems to imply your battery is aging? there are reports of 16-17 hrs on the wiki no?
12:50:45redhotfunman: main question for me was MP3 vs FLAC. and FLAC wins. btw I have used relatively powerful headphones hence battery live is less
12:51:18redhotbattery is 6 month old
12:51:24funmanredhot: ok, might be interessting to compare these results with codec performance
12:51:30funmani.e. MHz
12:51:35copperpower hungry*
12:52:34copperthe Clip's battery seems to run pretty fast
12:52:40copperI've been spoiled by the iPod Classic
12:52:42funman]Dreamt 87 points 2 heures de ça
12:52:59 Quit advcomp2019_ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
12:53:12funmanunwanted copy/pasting sorry
12:55:02redhotcopper: 10-15 hrs is quite enough
12:55:15redhotfor most people
12:55:18copperdepends for whom
12:55:38redhotfor most of them it is ok ;)
12:58:18copper[citation needed]
13:00:34redhot"640K ought to be enough for anybody" :-D
13:10:40 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
13:31:42 Join XavierGr [0] (XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
13:34:11 Quit XavierGr (Disconnected by services)
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13:36:27 Join the-kyle [0] (
13:44:26 Quit the-kyle (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
13:44:42 Join the-kyle [0] (
13:56:45wodz[Saint]: What is the purpose of 'black' color in lamp plugin? That kinda contradicts the purpose, no?
13:58:31redhotbye ;)
13:58:36 Part redhot ("Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is")
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14:04:04lorenzo92hum I'm having a error: 'LANG_HW_EQ_GAIN' undeclared here (not in a function) error....any hints?
14:05:21lorenzo92okay I found out why, possibly
14:11:16lorenzo92hum no I know why but I cannot understand the problem...
14:18:49 Quit mortalis (Quit: Leaving)
14:19:27pamaurylorenzo92: usually it's because the lang file misses your target in the list of a string
14:19:43lorenzo92ahh okay, I'll try :)
14:20:29lorenzo92ouch! I need to add my target to all the lang files?
14:20:43pamauryonly the english one
14:20:53lorenzo92^^ now's better :D
14:21:14pamauryI don't remember how it works but I think english is enough, maybe someone can confirm
14:26:25lorenzo92pamaury: it partially worked, now having troubles in settings_list
14:26:37pamaurywhich troubles ?
14:27:30lorenzo92warning: missing initializer
14:28:45pamauryperhaps you need some #define hacking
14:29:01pamauryor you are missing a target define
14:29:17lorenzo92it's already there I guess #ifdef HAVE_WM8978
14:30:07pamauryit's only a warning but should probably have a look to understand it
14:30:38lorenzo92but it actually stops gcc, let me re-run it
14:30:48pamaurytry make clean, we never know ^^
14:31:03lorenzo92okay missing string
14:31:11lorenzo92the last one probably
14:34:02lorenzo92pamaury: thanks for the hint, mistery solved, later I will study a way to manage codec registers, I guess I'll do something from the linux side i.e. a module
14:34:55pamaurymaybe it's time to have a look at the different WM drivers and refactor them ! What is the codec in the R1 ?
14:35:45lorenzo92WM1808, but it is similar (apart 1 registers that have been added to it) to the WM8978
14:35:51lorenzo92used in gigabeat-s
14:36:03lorenzo92that's why I wanted to try it out on R1
14:36:18pamaurystrange ^^ I was under the impression that all the WM are similar anyway
14:37:24lorenzo92not really sure, since for example power register 1 is not located @0x1 for all wm's
14:38:24pamaurysure there are some differences, but if they are minor, we don't need 10 drivers
14:38:50lorenzo92unfortunately samsung did not export to userspace register editing for the wm1808, so I wll need to create an external module (similar to my si4709 module)
14:39:13lorenzo92pamaury: yes, you are right, but only where it's indeed similar
14:40:20pamauryunfortunately we don't have the datasheet for all of them, that's a problem
14:42:16lorenzo92ah okay so wm1808 is not the only problematic one...
14:43:43pamauryno, I think there are few other ones too, maybe we should gather all the datasheets we have and see
14:51:32 Join Gremuchnik [0] (~Gremuchni@fsf/member/gremuchnik)
14:54:47GremuchnikHi, I put a Sandisk 16GB MicroSDHC Memory Card, Class 4, in my SansaClip+. Could I format it in ext4 or ext3 if I only use RockBox? Thanks!
14:54:56wodzpamaury: I remember looking at our code for WM and it will not be that easy to unify
14:55:22wodzGremuchnik: no, rockbox supports fat exclusively
14:56:25Gremuchnikwodz, thanks. Too bad though, fat sucks :-( Where could I log in a "requested feature"?
14:57:55wodzforum, but this will have no effect in this case unless you code ext support by yourself and provide patch. This is complex task no-dev have interest in AFAIK
14:58:41Gremuchnikok. thanks. you guys rock! cya :-)
14:58:46 Quit Gremuchnik (Quit: Бывайте ребята)
15:03:17 Join amayer_ [0] (
15:12:37 Join foolsh [0] (
15:15:17pamaurybluebrother: what is the correct Qt way of going from a QString to a char * ?
15:19:22 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
15:35:01 Join nateloaf [0] (
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17:35:40pamaury g#391
17:35:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #391 at : Add initial support for the Zen X-Fi3 and the CAB archives. by Amaury Pouly (changes/91/391/1)
17:43:57 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
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21:37:09bluebrotherpamaury: nice. I've added some comments, might add some more later.
21:38:01pamauryI don't know rbutil and qt very much so I probably made some bad things ^^
21:38:08pamauryI tested it and it worked
21:38:24pamauryI had to rename mspack's system.h to system-mspack.h because of a name conflict
21:39:43pamauryI tried to factor ziputil and mspackutil, I don't know if I did it in a very qt way, you tell me
21:40:22pamaurythe changes are #include <bla> to #include "bla"
21:40:35pamaurybut okay, I'll try to put as a separate commit
21:41:41bluebrotherhmm, changing those includes shouldn't be necessary.
21:42:10pamauryI didn't understand how you could put the mspack directory in the includes
21:42:15bluebrothermight be a good idea to build a libmspack and link that ...
21:42:43 Join Sanguinius [0] (
21:43:01bluebrotherlike this:
21:43:02bluebrotherINCLUDEPATH += $$RBBASE_DIR/rbutil/ipodpatcher
21:43:29bluebrotherbuilding some libmspack.a and linking that would also remove the system.h clash
21:43:33pamaurydo you think it's better to build mspack as a separate library ?
21:44:07bluebrothernot sure.
21:44:33bluebrotherthis might also be a good chance to rename system.cpp to hostsystem.cpp
21:44:34 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:44:44bluebrothera class named System has a somewhat generic name :)
21:45:10kugelJdGordon: ping
21:45:55bluebrotherthe changes to rbutil.ini are nothing that needs discussion IMO −− they could go in pretty much now. That would enable support for the X-Fi3, the only remaining problem for the user would be to perform the cabextract manually :)
21:46:55bluebrotherI can try to build Windows development binaries afterwards the next couple of days so people can test.
21:47:14bluebrotherwould be interesting to see if the new HttpGet class is working without problems as well :)
21:47:29pamauryok, the goal was more to put everything together so I can test it, I didn't expect to commit it as one block anyway
21:48:48 Join foolsh [0] (
21:49:13pamaurynow I know what to fix ^^
21:49:26 Join Strife89 [0] (
21:49:57pamauryis the way of making ZipUtil and MsPackUtil children of some common class ok or you prefer something else ?
21:49:58*Strife89 believes he has found a bug to report.
21:51:16bluebrotherI'm a bit unsure about it but I think it makes sense doing it that way
21:56:55 Join Strife1989 [0] (
21:58:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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22:13:40 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
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23:13:10 Quit amayer_ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:21:55JdGordonkugel: ?
23:24:26kugelJdGordon: do you remember the reason you implemented STYLE_XY_PIXELS instead of just un-staticing putsxyofs()?
23:24:44kugelI'm working on a scroll engine/lcd api overhaul
23:41:40 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:51:08 Quit nateloaf (Quit: Leaving.)
23:52:55 Join Wally [0] (
23:53:04WallyIS there a shuffle feautre in rockbox?
23:53:21Wallyhold on
23:53:24WallyI'm looking wrong
23:55:54[Saint]Yes, and, yes you are.
23:56:08*[Saint] suggests reading the manual, or, reading it better. ;)
23:58:14 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@
23:58:14 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
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