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#rockbox log for 2013-02-05

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08:33:48*[Saint] found another iPod Classic user unable to revert to the OF with current iTunes
08:34:02[Saint]...very odd.
08:41:46[Saint]So, it seems that iTunes 9.2.1 is "the sweet spot" wrt: iTunes version for the Classic
08:43:40[Saint]Other versions between that (or possibly later than that?) and may work also, but I've seen two users test 9.2.1 with success after the current iTunes failed with an error about not being able to detect the device model correctly when in DFU mode
08:44:03[Saint]TheSeven: user890104: ^
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11:05:26webguest007Forum seems down
11:05:49gevaertsworks for me
11:07:24webguest007must be something wrong at my end then, only seem to be able to access the main page. and are different servers located on different continents
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11:08:55webguest4593fb116 Sansa Clip Zip, just saved a wps file and dieconnected usb to get a 'Divide by Zero 3002AB38' error booting - any ideas? I can't connect to usb or get past this error message :/
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11:28:24JdGordondoes anyone have interest in g#224 ?
11:28:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #224 at : filesystem scanner: Attempt to create a single filesystem scanner. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/24/224/6)
11:28:53JdGordonIdeally I'd like to pass it over to someone who knows dircache/database more than me :p
11:30:44JdGordonthe idea behind the patch is to have a single scan of the filesystem instead of one for dircache and one for database, potentially usable for other things (i.e playlist catalogue could actually catalogue all playlists!)
11:34:14Slasherifor dircache only, that scanner would slow it down because it uses higher level opendir and readdir calls instead of lower level direct fat-filesystem functions
11:34:20pamauryJdGordon: I can have a look at the dircache part, since afaik I was the last one to rewrite its scanner
11:34:45pamauryI optimised it using the low-level fat function, to avoid using buffers and so on
11:35:09JdGordonSlasheri: but would the gain of a single scan still be better?
11:35:20pamaurybut the speed is probaby the same, it's more a question of much memory you use
11:35:33SlasheriJdGordon: for combined dircache + tagcache scan, most probably true
11:35:34pamaury*how much
11:36:04Slasherino, the speed should be noticeably slower for opendir etc.
11:36:17JdGordonis there any reason this scan couldnt use those functions if it is building dirache? and then the cached functions if it isnt?
11:36:26Slasheriat least it was when i originally wrote and evaluated the dircache scanner
11:38:30pamauryah right, you explicitely build the path name, so opendir has to go though the entire tree each time
11:40:19JdGordoncouldnt opendir() cache the last directory (or be passed it in?) to speed that up?
11:40:33JdGordonassuming that is the slow part of the process
11:43:25pamaurynot easy, that would mean store the path of each last opened file, which we don't do
11:44:06pamauryotherwise you couldn't figure out that you are opening a sub-dir of it. By the way, why can't this be rewritten to use the low-level fat functions ?
11:44:36JdGordonthat was my next question :p
11:45:05JdGordonIts done in a way that a scan could occur after boot for some reason, so in that case it should use dircache if available
11:46:08pamauryI'm not sure I understand, is that a question or an argument to explain why it's not possible ?
11:46:24JdGordondircache on hosted would need to be handled specially also
11:46:39JdGordonno, I'm sure its possible :)
11:47:38JdGordonreaddir() and opendir() will automatically use dircache if its running right?
11:48:33Slasheriso after dircache is running, opendir and readdir should be very fast
11:50:19JdGordonmy hope is that this would also mean replacing both tagcache and dircaceh threads with a shared one
11:50:20pamauryhum, I need to read your code carefully to understand what it does, using the fat functions directly is not trivial either but probably worth it if possible
11:51:44JdGordonit doesnt do anything particularly smart... just walks the tree and triggers a bunch of events as it goes
11:51:48pamaurybut the dircaches scanner works because it can store some information in the tree it's building
11:52:14JdGordonI provide a user stack which would let that work if it doesnt have tooo much to store
11:52:26pamauryhow do you manage to keep the number of opened file/dir constant ?
11:53:22JdGordonI don't, its done on stack
11:54:01Slasherii think it would be good idea to move the dircache scanning routine as the base and move that to a separate file, providing the general scanner functions
11:54:39Slasheridircache needs some information from fat level anyway that no readdir can provide
11:54:53pamaurythe dircache scanner is very smart because I wrote it to only open one dir/file at a time iirc, so it can scan arbitrary deep directories
11:55:18pamaurybut you need low-level fat information to do that
11:55:49pamauryand you need some kind of tree structure to store the information
11:57:48JdGordonso you're interested and want to take this over? :)
11:59:47pamauryok, i'll have a look at it
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12:02:41pamaurythe tradeoff is not easy: with the recursive opendir approach you can handle any number of files but are limited by the directory depth, and with the non-recursive fat_* based one, you are limited by the number of directories with many files in it, basically
12:04:04JdGordonI reckon for our us its more likely people will have insane amounts of files in limited dir depth
12:05:55pamauryideally the scanner would be smart enough to use all the resources available but still work with very low memory and only one fat handle.
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12:32:46JdGordon[Saint]: ping!
12:33:18TheSeven[Saint]: we should probably build our own OF restore tool then
12:35:47TheSevenit isn't really that hard... grab files from phobos, push the dfu binary like we do with our own, push the WTF binary (same procedure, just other device id and file), and then restore the main firmware using ipodscsi, and format the data partition
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13:25:28JdGordonwhy do we have/need 3 different ways to modify the EQ settings in the core?
13:25:39JdGordongui, simple and advanced....
13:26:37pamauryno idea, perhaps saratoga knows ?
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13:34:25lorenzo92during development of R1, I'm using javadoc-style file header documentation, to describe the usage of the .c file...I find it useful, is there a particular guideline that forbids to do so / tells another way?
13:34:57lorenzo92i.e. /** description / todos */ at the beginning of the file, after includes
13:35:12 Quit lorenzo92 (Client Quit)
13:35:42JdGordonall the EQ settings use up about 6KB...
13:37:36JdGordonsurely only the graphical EQ is worth keeping?
13:37:46pamaurylorenzo92: we don't any documentation policy, so I guess any kind of documentation is fine, as long as it's human readable
13:38:56 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
13:39:55Zagorbluebrother: what kind of machine is your slowmo build client?
13:40:08lorenzo92JdGordon: maybe this was due to difficulties in some targets to use the GUI...I think about R0 (at least, until some time ago, missing keymaps) or little-screen touchscreen targets
13:40:12lorenzo92just a guess :)
13:40:43JdGordonnope... all 3 were there before the touchscreen targets statred appearing
13:43:16 Quit lorenzo92 (Client Quit)
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15:11:20kugelJdGordon, pamaury: remember the scanner also needs to work on non-native systems where our fat driver isnt used
15:11:51pamaurywe already have code for both
15:13:12kugeljust saying :)
15:13:34pamauryok :)
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19:57:40lorenzo92pamaury: and don't forget to call a "*_init" function within the main also for hosted targets :D
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20:00:38lorenzo92by the way, I have a question about screen rotation. I want to test rockbox in R1 also in landscape. I think linux framebuffer rotation doesn't apply to something that it's drawn directly on it, but only e.g. a console. In two words: is there already a way of software rotating the screen? :)
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20:08:01bluebrotherZagor: model name : Geode(TM) Integrated Processor by AMD PCS
20:08:18bluebrothercpu MHz : 498.005
20:08:26bluebrotherwhy, does it cause any problems?
20:12:42Zagorbluebrother: no, it's just fascinatingly slow. I think it's the slowest we've had connected that has managed to complete builds
20:13:02bluebrotherI've had a pi a few days which was similarly slow :)
20:13:17bluebrotherjust spotted the talk about it in the other channel
20:13:38 Quit bebna (Quit: Leaving.)
20:15:25Zagorlorenzo92: we have a 180 degree rotation option on some targets already. I don't think anyone has done 90/270 though.
20:15:46bluebrother(and one of the reasons for running it is to have another machine that provides latex. And because that machine is running anyway. In case someone was interested :)
20:15:55lorenzo92Zagor: thanks, I'll give a look ;)
20:16:47Zagorbluebrother: I got your machine in the screenshot I used for my talk at fosdem and was not sure if I should believe the numbers :-)
20:16:59bluebrotherhehe :)
20:17:31bluebrotherreminds me that I missed fosdem again this year
20:17:38bluebrotherare there recordings?
20:17:55Zagorfrom some rooms, but not of my talk
20:18:33bluebrothertoo bad :(
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20:51:39webguest007Hi. Anyone here know if there is a working rockbox for Samsung YP-Z5?
20:54:43bluebrotheras in: no Rockbox
20:55:01bluebrotherRockbox only works on the players listed on the front page.
20:55:12webguest007Ok, thanks.
20:55:48 Quit webguest007 (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
20:55:54bluebrotherthere are other ports in development, but those aren't of interest unless you want to work on it.
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21:37:26lorenzo92webguest007: you're lucky, we are trying to start working on it ;) we will continue on that later this month
21:37:53 Join ChanServ [0] (ChanServ@services.)
21:37:53Mode"#rockbox +o ChanServ " by
21:38:20lorenzo92I have it, and I already managed to get some basic stuff working, buttons, lcd, backlight (still uncomplete) and some other little stuff
21:38:31 Quit ChanServ (*.net *.split)
21:38:56lorenzo92(btw, I know I am the guy of RaaA on real players, this time wasn't the case ^^, native ;))
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23:31:18gelraenhello, I have (probably popular) question: can rockbox do shuffle without touching playlist order?
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