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#rockbox log for 2013-02-06

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02:50:07*[Saint] should probably finish messing around with the eq presets
03:23:50*JdGordon punches [Saint] in the gut
03:24:18[Saint]well, that's not very nice.
03:24:39JdGordonI'm rejigging the eq settings code
03:24:49JdGordonracing to get it done before the release branch
03:25:45JdGordonI want to change the setting names to "eq low shelf:", "eq peak filter 1", "eq high shelf", so adding more (or removing) bands from builds wont give wierd results
03:25:51[Saint]ah, so...the configs are going to change?
03:25:53JdGordoni.e the top and bottom band will always be the same
03:26:49JdGordonIf i can get this done before we fork, hopefully... and the old setting will be deprecated (which means they'll be read but not written)
03:27:11JdGordonthe code shuld be much nicer also
03:27:32[Saint]what are "wierd results"?
03:29:21JdGordoncurrently its jus band 0 - 9 in the configs, before it was 0 - 4... but reading an old config will get the 4 band now as a peak not shelf
03:29:31JdGordonpresumably that makes a difference
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03:39:37[Saint]an old (5 band) preset would just set the first 5 bands and leave the last at 0.
03:39:59[Saint]All the shipped presets were replaced, so it would just be user presets that "broke" in that way.
03:41:42JdGordondo the band orders make any difference at all?
03:43:13[Saint]in theory, no. I don't think so.
03:44:33JdGordoneither way, the amount of waste used for the eq settings/menus is pathtic
03:44:36JdGordonso, im reworking it!
03:44:58[Saint]the format is just 'eq band N <setting>: value'. I think it would tolerate being jumbled up as long as everything was on its own line.
03:45:41JdGordonno, i mean, would band 3 suddenly being band 8 matter?
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08:37:48JdGordonso apparently the RTL font handling is completly random
08:38:25JdGordonthere is an open bug that in the WPS in android the letter order is wrong and I just noticed 1(!) menu item which was wrong in a dozen which are correct
08:38:43JdGordon[Saint]: ping?
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09:25:23JdGordonping anyone that uses the EQ settings....
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09:45:40*JdGordon grumbles at the lack of RTL users filing bugs!
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10:53:05JdGordon <- opinions?
10:53:07JdGordon[Saint]: ^
10:53:25*JdGordon thinks its much nicer than going in and out of menus to fiddle with the settings
10:54:51kugellooks nice. but still no inline settings? :)
10:55:31*JdGordon gave up on that years ago :p
10:55:40JdGordonits still possible
10:56:32kugelbut the problem applies to so many areas in our UI (where the same "fix" would be welcome)
10:56:56kugelhow's it implemented?
10:58:00JdGordonusing the simplelist api
10:58:14JdGordonwith some clever code to make it all work
10:58:56kugelbtw, I'm working on a new line-draw api that can format lines according to a format string, so no need to fiddle with all the icons/text/indent/etc viewports anymore
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11:00:12kugelalso allows the line selector to extend over the icons and scrollbar area (if no scrollbar is drawn)
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11:03:12JdGordoncurrently +800bytes, but once the deprecated settings are removed it goes down to -800 :)
11:03:21JdGordonso its worth the effort and nicer
11:06:51kugelJdGordon: I was asking about he "some clever code" portion :)
11:07:31kugelwhat settings are deprecated?
11:07:59JdGordon g#394
11:08:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #394 at : EQ settings: Rework the settings to clean up the config file. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/94/394/1)
11:08:18JdGordonall the "eq band X foo" settings
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11:20:14JdGordonkugel: you understand that when I say "slight" i mean "complete re-write, but users shouldnt notice much change"... right?
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11:26:03gelraenhello, can rockbox do shuffle without reordering playlist?
11:26:51kugelNo I didn't understand that
11:26:59kugelit should still be a separate change
11:27:38kugelespecially if it's actually a complete re-write
11:27:53gelraenJdGordon, will it be hard to implement? for example, can I do that in a few hours on the weekend?
11:28:46JdGordongelraen: depends on your skill level, but possibly
11:28:53gelraenokay, thanks
11:29:53Zagorgelraen: can you explain your use case?
11:29:58JdGordonplaylist_next() shld be all you need to fiddle with
11:30:45*JdGordon certainly wouldnt mind real random
11:31:15gelraenZagor, I want to have playlist ordered by Artist/Year-Album/Track and random playback over it
11:31:35Zagorgelraen: why do you care if the playlist is shuffled internally?
11:31:54JdGordonit would be nice if the playlist viewer kept the order
11:32:02gelraenZagor, I cannot easily navigate through it when I want to listen something particular
11:32:43ZagorI suppose these days we have enough memory to warrant a shadow list of pointers that we shuffle instead
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11:33:30Zagorotoh it'd have to be pretty big
11:33:50kugelthe original order is maintained somewhere somewhere, so that a playlist can be un-shuffled
11:34:08Zagorkugel: it's not kept. it's just unshuffled.
11:34:18Zagorusing the same seed
11:35:55JdGordonit should be doable to just give playback a random track index, no need to keep track of replaying a given track, and the playlist will never end
11:36:09gelraenactually, I don't mind if something is repeated before all other songs in playlist was played, so just picking random thing from playlist on track change will wirk for me
11:36:13kugelone playlist track has internally an index and display_index, so I suppose one could implement ordered display of a shuffled playlist without using more memory right now
11:36:36ZagorJdGordon: that's trivial. however the educational nightmare of explaining the difference between shuffle and random is not :-)
11:40:11gelraenZagor, I had to read manual to understand what the difference between Shuffle->On and Repeat->Shuffle anyway, so it won't do much harm comparing to what is already there :)
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12:47:02lorenzo92JdGordon: +1 to your nice GUI idea ;)
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13:08:33lorenzo92kugel: the fact is that on R1 you still have 3 hardware buttons, so some plugins can be used without any problem, I will rework the ifdefs inside the SOURCE files
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13:54:16lorenzo92I'm now working on merging all the common code (R0 vs R1), doing some refactoring too
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14:24:59lorenzo92kugel: okay it remains only to adapat the auto-configurator, which needs to point to different includes. I chose hosted/samsung[/ypr0|/ypr1]. samsung contains all common stuff
14:25:14lorenzo92* s/adapat/adapt
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16:50:35DmLfoolsh: I got a hostkey change on our infones git
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20:31:42Lars_GWhat was the combo/way to have a sansa charge only when hooked to usb, but retain functionality?
20:31:58Lars_GI want to listen from my sansa while charging it, and rockbox hangs up every time it tries to mount
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20:39:53lorenzo92damn, where is TARGET_INC defined? I'm I blind? :)
20:40:24gevaertsLars_G: hold a button
20:40:32Lars_Gany? thanks
20:40:44Lars_GI wish I knew why the sansa hangs when mounting usb
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20:43:18lorenzo92okay I found, ;)
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20:56:25Lars_GAnyone here very familiar with the Sandisks? I want to replace mine which has a damaged lcd connection, with a not to expensive sandisk from ebay (I like many stuff from them, microsd expansion, radio recording, nice screens, many buttons, etc) but I would like to know if any of the other models has headphone connection detector wich my e260 doesnt, i'd like to have that for pause/play control. if none does, I think I'll go with another e200
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21:00:45Lars_GMan the fuze+ looks nice, but I worry about the touchpad and I would need recording working and can't spend time to make it work now.
21:01:07 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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21:09:20*gelraen got clip+ couple of days ago
21:10:10gelraenbut it seem to lack headphone connection detector too
21:10:25 Join lebellium_ [0] (
21:10:44gelraenat least, stock firmware doesn't pause playback when I disconnect headphones
21:12:04 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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21:12:06Lars_GI kinda like the sturdyness of my e200, I got a fuze long ago but the wheel system broke, and the seller wouldnt honor warranty.
21:13:02Lars_Ghmmmm Fuze+ allows me to use shdc.
21:13:31 Quit FOAD (Quit: I'll be back)
21:13:41gevaertsAll µSD players support sdhc with rockbox
21:13:54Lars_GAh it's not limited by the chip?
21:14:01Lars_Ggevaerts: So my e260 should take it?
21:14:31gevaertsRunning rockbox anyway. The e200v1 OF doesn't do sdhc
21:14:41Lars_Gwhat I like of the e200 even if bulky is it lends very well to eyes-off controlling while driving.
21:15:01Lars_Ggevaerts: I've been using rockbox only for the last... 2 years. In all my media players.
21:15:09Lars_GI dont get non-rockbox compatible players
21:15:56Lars_GSo far the ONLY advantage I see to the fuze+ is a std micro usb connector
21:16:19Lars_Gand I've been long wondering about removing the sansa custom connector, and rigging two micro usb ones. One for serial one for usb
21:16:51lorenzo92kugel: i finally did the merging, works like a charm!
21:17:09Lars_GOh and fuze+ has a beast of a cpu it seems, but... idk how i'd use anyhow
21:18:34 Join foolsh [0] (
21:19:18DmLfuze+ is nice except for the controls
21:22:48Lars_Gyeah I dont like touchpads.
21:23:18 Quit foolsh (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:23:24Lars_GMy poor e260 has been thorough hell... and it doesn't knows what expects it when the replacement arrives. Don't tell it please
21:24:06 Join foolsh [0] (
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21:31:59 Join kaputnik [0] (
21:33:24kaputnikhi, i have discoverd a strange problem with the bootloader on my Fuze+
21:34:04kaputnikwhen exiting bootloader usb mode i get checksum error
21:36:08kaputnikif i wait for some minutes it works as expected
21:40:25DmLthese issues are more or less resolved in the new versions
21:41:29DmLin the meantime it's probably safer to use the original firmware for USB operations (hole down the volume down button when you plug the fuze+ in)
21:41:31kaputnikive build the bootloader and rockbox from git
21:42:33DmLhmm, you're right
21:42:49DmLalthough mine just seems to freeze
21:44:20kaputniki have hacked the bootloader to dump the buffer to disk after checksum error happens...most of the corruptions are orginal value + 1
21:44:47DmLhave you been able to narrow down when it does it? I just unplugged it again and it was fine
21:46:29kaputnikplayer is off, then usb is pluged in and me laptop mounts it fine...then if i disconnect the usb cable the error happens
21:46:39DmLbut not every time
21:46:57DmLwell, I have to leave right now, but if you leave a note for paumary or perhaps Saint they can do a bug report
21:47:01kaputnikit seems if its pluged in for more than a minute all is fine
21:47:05 Join Raptors_ [0] (c7d41bf5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:47:43Raptors_pamaury damn, you weren't kidding when you said the battery is better. It's ridiculously better
21:48:01Raptors_The best I had before was like 19 hours
21:48:27Raptors_I've used it for like 14-15 hours and it's still at like ~60%
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22:16:03soapcopper, regarding lossyWAV / lossyFLAC and "non-transparent" settings. Yes, there actually is lots of point in using a quality setting with losssyFLAC which introduces audible noise. 1 - the noise will only be heard in the most quiet of listening settings (unlike pre-echo artifacts) and 2 - The noise, when audible, is much more "pleasing" and easily ignored than typical lossy artifacts.
22:16:51*froggyman anxiously waits for his horse mask to arrive in the mail
22:19:16 Quit Raptors_ (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
22:19:33coppersoap: ok
22:19:44 Quit AlexP (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:47:04lorenzo92question to everyone: is this (VOLTAGE_MEASURE|PERCENTAGE_MEASURE) possible, you think? I quickly tried without success, I will dig into this tomorrow
22:47:34lorenzo92that's because R1 provides both a nice percetage (uses a on-chip algorithm) and raw voltage
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22:56:11pamaurylorenzo92: not sure, the code probably expects them to be mtually exclusive
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23:18:50[Saint]JdGordon: Nice :)
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23:47:29JdGordon[Saint]: the only issue with it is that eq band settings cant go in the QS anymore, but imo that was nonsensical anyway...

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