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#rockbox log for 2013-02-07

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01:16:08JdGordon[Saint]: re: the advanced EQ menu... i originoally had it so all 10 bands were expanded.. do you think that is better than what is in the screenshot?
01:16:15JdGordonI thought it was a bit confusing
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01:40:30ViperfangHi all, my ipod6g is handing when I connect to USB. Any ideas?
01:40:34Viperfang* hanging
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02:09:07ViperfangHmm, under debian I can copy data, repartition, format etc, connect it to Windows 7 pro x64, it hangs
02:24:07soapWhat does Windows do
02:25:31ViperfangIt sees the device, and the disk on the device, but fails to read the device.. as the ipod has crashed
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05:32:58[Saint]JdGordon: am I to assume there's an example of the new EQ syntax around? Or do I just have to apply the patch, build, then save a preset and find out myself?
05:33:27JdGordonthat would be the easiest
05:33:36JdGordonits dead simple to switch to the new format
05:33:43JdGordonsee the commit message in the patch
05:34:52JdGordon"eq low shelf filter: 32 7 0"
05:35:05JdGordoneq peak filter 1: 64 10 0
05:35:10JdGordoneq peak filter 2: 125 10 0
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08:33:02pixelmajhMikeS: I guess you haven't seen my question about the Fuze+ pad and your oscilloscope changes, right?
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09:56:30kugelJdGordon: could you split your patch up?
09:56:43kugelalso what means "slight rework" exactly?
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10:03:56JdGordonto what end?
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10:09:42kugelJdGordon: to what end to split? the config string rework and the GUI rework
10:15:42JdGordonwhat's the point?
10:19:43kugelso they can be reviewed better
10:21:32JdGordonconsidering its all 100% split by file anyway i don't accept that argument
10:21:35kugelthey are logically separated changes, and so should the patches be
10:21:54kugelI don't know where the split is
10:21:56JdGordoni mean the setting change is all in settings_list.c and the ui change is all in eq_menu.c
10:22:39kugelif the split is by file than it's trivial to create separate patches
10:25:15kugelI don't like how you stuff in a non-trivial change (every UI change is non-trivial), with only a small "Also a slight rework of the advanced EQ menu UI" comment as part of another change
10:26:19kugelI would welcome if you split the change and better describe the UI change
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10:46:21JdGordondoes anyone disagree that deperacting a setting right before a release is probably the best time to do it? (deprecating in this case means old .cfg's will be read but saved with the new style)
10:47:29gevaertsIt needs to be handled for at least one release, so probably yes
10:48:08JdGordonyes agree or yes disagree?
10:48:14JdGordonyay for poorly worded question :p
10:48:27gevaertsYes, it's probably a good time for it
10:55:51Viperfangright before a release is never a good time for a change, bug fix time only not new feature, asking for problems imo
10:56:42pamaurygevaerts: do you know why the usb-drv-arc doesn't commit/discard cache on transfers ?
10:57:15gevaertspamaury: no idea. Should it?
10:57:23gevaertsCache is magic to me
10:57:45gevaertsViperfang: what about right before right before a release?
10:57:59pamauryif for some reason the caller doesn't manage the cache propely and give a pointer to a cached area, you can get garbage
10:58:44ViperfangYou should have a point where features are frozen, after that point implementing new features, like an alternative setting manager, do not get implemented until the next release
10:58:53Viperfangdepends on what it is of course
10:58:53gevaertsViperfang: we do have that
10:59:08pamaurythe storage driver seems to take the uncached address so that *should* be fine, but I need to check hid and bootloader
10:59:23Viperfangg2g, ttyl
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11:00:25kugelJdGordon: will you split it?
11:02:12pamauryhid is ok, uses the usb_devbss attr
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12:12:58kugelJdGordon: why are you so against splitting it up?
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12:23:09kugelah great, now you switched over to simply ignoring me
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17:11:00*[Saint] sighs audibly
17:11:41[Saint]Why does new feature time with a certain set of people always turn into super-grumpy-time? :-S
17:13:51ZagorYAY, super-grumpy-time!!!
17:14:06Zagorthat's, like, a new soft-drink or something?
17:14:37copperMy mother says that my first words when I was a baby, were "I'm sick of it all"
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17:56:12*gelraen wonders how long it will take to build a toolchain on his old core2duo
17:58:04[Saint]Only one way to find out.
17:58:26[Saint]You're not giving any specifics, so, no one can even guess.
17:59:28gelraennormal gcc builds in ~2 hours
17:59:48[Saint]2 hours!?! ...sheesh
17:59:58gelraenbecause it's doing that 3 damn times
18:01:05*[Saint] advises setting up and going to bed, then
18:01:17[Saint]...because it'll take a damn while.
18:01:34gelraenit seems to use only one core
18:02:02gelraenhm, that's suspicious: Report: "RBDEV_PREFIX=~/dev/rockbox/toolchain ./" completed in 14 minutes 34 seconds
18:02:26gelraenand it says that everything is fine
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18:03:26*[Saint] finds that highly unlikely if the machine in question needs 2 hours to build gcc alone
18:04:32gelraenwell, it takes to 2h to build GNU Compiler Collection, not only GNU C Compiler
18:04:35*gelraen hides
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18:44:13amayer_[Saint]: mine only took about 20 min to run
18:44:37amayer_and ive compiled the binary im using on my iClassic right now
18:44:52[Saint]...point being?
18:45:03amayer_didnt you say it takes 2 hours to run?
18:45:28[Saint]No. The logs are right there.
18:46:33[Saint]OP said his machine takes ~2 hours to build GCC alone, so I said that it is highly unlikely that completed sucessfully in 14 minutes.
18:46:41amayer_oh your talking about 2 different things
18:46:46amayer_i thought they were the same thing
18:47:04amayer_thats why i was wondering why you thought would take so long
18:47:15amayer_sorry for the misunderstanding.
18:47:55[Saint]It's fine. It may have seemed non-obvious. I was just saying that I found it unlikely that completed without error in 14 minutes for the OP.
18:48:06[Saint]Considering the timeframe given for compiling GCC>
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18:48:46[Saint]My server can do it in ~8 minutes. RAM seems to be the major player for
18:49:24[Saint]when I run it, it eats nearly all my RAM, but leaves two CPUs alone entirely.
18:53:03amayer_[Saint]: where can i get a current version of your iLike theme for 320x240?
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19:33:54*pixelma wonders why RaaAA uses black on white in the notification bar info - sticks out on my phone running stock Sony Ericsson ICS
19:34:12pixelmathe rest is using white on black
19:45:16[Saint]My RaaA notifications are using the "correct" scheme, the system should dictate this.
19:45:45[Saint]They look the same as any other notification does for me, except, with album art.
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21:08:50pixelmait's wrong for me though and it's the only app I've seen so far with that problem (haven't seen too many yet though)
21:10:31[Saint]Strange. It may well be sony doing "weird sh*t".
21:10:46[Saint]As, I'm not seeing it look out of place on ICS or JB myself.
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21:11:19[Saint]...but, I'm using CyanogenMod and AOSP, not something a vendor has spread their custom taint all over.
21:13:31pixelmaother apps seem to manage though
21:16:34[Saint]Odd. All I can say is "I'm not seeing it", sorry. :-S
21:20:07bertrikjhMikeS: regarding reverse stereo, how about just swapping the data "the boring way" ? something like int32_t tmp = *sl; *sl++ = *sr; *sr++ = tmp;
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22:18:02JdGordon[Saint]: soap(?): others: my eq settings change would make it very easy to up the eq band count to 32 (max supported by the DSP) and allow the user to choose how many should be visible in the UI... is there any point doing that though?
22:18:23JdGordonI'm not planning on doing that, but the seting would need to change to make that work
22:18:46JdGordoni.e "eq band: number, cutoff, q, gain" instead of "eq band number: ..."
22:18:53JdGordonand we only want to change that once :)
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23:19:39lorenzo92pamaury (logs): so I would like to resume also the Z5 during next far I had some basic stuff working and we can start writing down code for stmp36xx
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23:33:57gelraensimulator on Mac OS X seems to be broken
23:35:22 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
23:35:35gelraentoo lazy to try to fix it right now
23:37:42 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 18.0.2/20130201190337])
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