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#rockbox log for 2013-02-09

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01:10:53funmanany word on promoting clip zip as stable?
01:13:40AlexPhuh, we were supposed to freeze last week apparently
01:13:43*AlexP forgot
01:13:50AlexPI'll send an email tomorrow
01:14:42funmanAlexP: ok i'll ask that question in an answer to your mail
01:15:05funmanwe only need to take a few screenshots for the manual i think
01:15:14AlexPfunman: If people think it should be stable, then with the release is certainly the time
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06:39:10nanoHi I was wondering if someone could help me with a nano 2g using rockbox. I don't know how to fix my problem.
06:40:14amayernano: what is your problem?
06:41:37nanoi installed rockbox to it, and it worked fine for a little while, and now if i plug it up to the computer at all it freezes immediately. no error. The first few times it threw a panic message at me, now it simply locks up on whatever screen its on. If unplugged it seemingly works just fine. I just want to be able to use it again
06:43:40amayeri know we were having some problems with nano 2g usb. im not sure if we got that worked out yet or not.
06:43:43amayerthe work around is to boot into the OF and do what you need.
06:44:45nanoyou mean reset and hold select and rewind? I can't find anything helpful in that mode. The rockbox utility nor itunes can see my ipod now.
06:46:27nanoi'm just not sure what you mean by OF sorry.
06:46:43nanobut anything you can tell me to help I would appreciate it
06:46:45amayerOf = original firmware
06:47:02amayerboot to apple firmware and disk mode should work fin
06:48:13nanothis is a stupid question, but how can i do that without the computer and rockbox being installed on here? Is there a certain button combination for entering OF or hidden under the diagnostics mode?
06:48:45amayerreboot(hold menu + select) then enable hold slider
06:49:02amayerif hold is on while booting it will boot to apple firmware
06:49:26amayerthen when you want to get back to rockbox just reboot(menu + select) and make sure hold is off
06:49:49nanothis was a gift left to me in a will ive never owned one of these before im trying to make it work again. and that seemed to fix the problem just fine. thank you so much you have no idea how much this means <3
06:50:18nanothank you amayer i think i can get it resolved with that handy trick, again much appreciated!
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07:18:45*[Saint] just spent about 40 minutes figuring out how to convert xml into binary plist only to find out that iOS doesn;t actually give a flying fuck if it is reading an xml plist file or a binary one
07:20:42[Saint]ysy for posting in the wrong channel!
07:20:48[Saint]*yay even
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07:44:34SuperBrainAKheh poor [Saint] :)
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10:46:54JdGordon[Saint]: really?
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12:23:43gelraen;a=blob;f=apps/settings.h;h=53ad70b24fd1b22dc5e1710a8728496f20432b73;hb=HEAD#l96 =(
12:34:33gelraendoes shuffle->on means 'shufflu anything that gets added to current playlist', while repeat->shuffle means 'reshuffle current playlist after playing last song'?
12:36:50lorenzo92you'd better have a look at the manual, there should be everything you need :)
12:37:17gelraenlorenzo92, I'm lookig at the manual and at the code and still don't quite get what happens
12:37:59lorenzo92ah ok, no it was just because lots of people don't read manuals, but it's not your case then ;)
12:50:12JdGordongelraen: correct
12:50:34gelraenJdGordon, thanks
12:52:08gelraenshould I add another bool option for random playback or just add REPEAT_RANDOM ?
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13:05:57JdGordongelraen: I'd change it to an int... "off, shuffle, random"
13:06:54gelraenyou mean playlist_shuffle ?
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13:15:59JdGordongelraen: the current on/off shuffle setting
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13:39:53[Saint]Why does random playback need to be a shuffle mode?
13:40:07[Saint]I see the two as entirely different things.
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13:42:21[Saint]JdGordon: Yes, I think 10 is plenty.
13:42:50[Saint]If you wanted to go "all-out", the next jump in industry standard is 16 and 32, but, I think 10 is fine.
13:42:51JdGordonseems arbitrary :) but done
13:44:33[Saint]re: true-random, if anything, it should be an option for repeat, not shuffle.
13:45:17 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
13:45:52[Saint](the basis for this conclusion being that true-random would allow for tracks to be repeated, whereas shuffle doesn't)
13:52:12JdGordonactually, as a repeat mode would be cleaner to slide in
13:52:32JdGordoni personally think it shold be a shuffle mode, but yeah :p
13:53:10[Saint]it's a repeat mode, dammit! :P
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13:59:03JdGordonits a playlist mode, not a repeat mode!
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14:07:36gelraenwell, since it's exclusive with all repeat modes, it makes sense to make it a new repeat mode
14:09:48gelraenstill, it make some sense (but not much) to have in independent from playlist_shuffle
14:11:10gelraenifdef'ed REPEAT_AB makes me sad because of compatibility
14:13:49gelraenoh, it's stored as a string constant, not as numerical value
14:17:45gelraen(sorry for being verbose)
14:22:02[Saint]It's ok...just, don;t do it again! ;)
14:22:32gelraenhm, LANG_* constants seems to be generated at build time from english.lang, nice
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14:47:36gelraenhuh, it even works!
14:47:51gelraenbut track number on WPS changes twice
14:55:45gelraenyeah, simple part is done: make it work
14:56:04gelraennow the hard part: make all the UI work
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14:59:27[Saint]That's JdGordon's job :P
15:02:00gelraenthat's what I have now:
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15:47:59funmanhow to take screenshots with the sim?
15:48:40funmansystem -> debug -> Screendump -> enable; then pressing 'u' just shows usb screen instead of dropping a screenshot
15:50:03Torneiirc there is just a key that does it without requiring screendump to be enabled
15:50:12Tornei don't remember which key though
15:51:09funmanor 'KP0' (num keypad 0 ?)
15:53:54funmanTorne: do we have a set of roms for pacbox/rockboy/zxbox to take screenshots?
15:54:22AlexPNot that I'm aware of
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16:06:03funmanhum i can't even find pacbox in the zip menu
16:06:28funman#if defined(HAVE_LCD_COLOR) && LCD_HEIGHT > 96\
16:06:45funmani guess the LCD_HEIGHT > 96 condition isn't checked in the manual
16:19:43funmanmanual condition is \opt{iriverh100,iaudiom5,lcd_color}{\nopt{sansac200}{\input{plugins/pacbox.tex}}}
16:21:16funmannot sure if we can do >= comparison in tex
16:21:57AlexPfunman: I don't think things like lcd width are generically exposed to the manual anyway
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16:23:19AlexPah, well display width and height are in the platform files
16:23:28AlexPSo those at least should be available
16:23:35AlexPBut not sure about <= etc
16:25:35funman the conditional is buggy anyway
16:26:44AlexPa few more nopts then :)
16:27:16funmannopt is here already
16:27:39AlexPnot with the correct targets though it seems
16:28:11funmanmissing include?
16:28:33AlexPoh, I see what you mean
16:28:49AlexPSorry, I hadn't twigged that the c200 was showing up when it shouldn't
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16:29:28AlexPThere is something funny about how you can layer \nopt that doesn't apply to \opt that I am struggling to remember
16:29:57funmani tried to reorder nopt and opt on this line but it's the same effect
16:30:30funmaninvadrox has the same problem btw
16:30:59funmanhm and the conditional uses 'clipzip' and not sansaclipzip
16:31:10funmanhum maybe that's the problem
16:31:21funmaninvadrox shows in c200 manual but not in clipzip's
16:31:45funmanyeah we must get rid of 'sansa'
16:32:11AlexPIt should be whatever is in the platform file
16:32:48AlexPSo yes, \def\UseOption{c200}
16:33:02AlexPand \def\UseOption{clipzip}
16:34:06AlexPcool :)
16:34:08funmanso now clip zip manual should be good
16:36:39funman g#396
16:36:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #396 at : Clip Zip: promote to stable by Rafaël Carré (changes/96/396/1)
16:37:23AlexPgreat, we'll just apply that as part of the release process
16:47:21gelraencan somebody explain me magic of playlist_info.index and playlist_info.first_index?
16:48:00gelraenwhy first_index exist at all?
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16:59:16gelraenhuh, selecting track in playlist also chooses random track
17:00:05gelraenis it implemented by calling playlist_next() with offset relative to currently playing track?
17:11:18gelraenholy crap
17:12:04gelraen fixes both flaky track number AND selecting track from playlist
17:12:27gelraenI would be grateful if somebody explain WTF how is that
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18:18:42gelraenplease, replace "yourusername" with "${USER}" here
18:20:57 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
18:21:26Torneit's a wiki; replace it yourself :)
18:22:15Tornealso, it's not guaranteed that the system username is going to match
18:32:02gelraenTorne, I'm too lazy to register :(
18:32:29*gevaerts agrees that ${USER} seems to imply local username and is therefore wrong
18:32:37gelraenTorne, but it shows clearly enough what it is and will work in most cases
18:33:38gevaertsWill it really?
18:33:41*gevaerts has doubts
18:34:20gelraengevaerts, I suspect that users usually tend to choose same usernames as they have locally
18:36:26AlexPI also doubt if less technical people will know what $(USER) means
18:36:34AlexPI'd prefer it left
18:36:37gevaertsIt's possible of course, but I still think it's misleading at best
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18:36:47AlexPas a note, my gerrit username and local username are different
18:36:53gevaertsMine too
18:36:59gevaertsSo, two out of two :)
18:37:12AlexPyep :)
18:37:23amayermine are the same but purely by accident
18:38:18gelraenAlexP, > less technical people > git
18:38:20amayeri think the wiki is more understandable the way it is
18:38:22gelraenare you sure?
18:38:36AlexPyes, I don't think it follows
18:39:02AlexPespecially people who don't normally use linux
18:39:38AlexPwe already have a number of developers who don't understand/like git, but are clearly quite technical (see Rockbox)
18:40:17 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
18:40:33gelraenAlexP, my point is that people who don't use linux and don't know what ${USER} is will still understand that it should be replaced by username
18:40:40AlexPI don't think they will
18:40:50AlexPas $(USER) looks like it is already correct
18:41:02AlexPwhereas yourusername is really obvious
18:41:07gevaertsgelraen: and they won't understand that "yourusername" should be replaced?
18:42:11gelraengevaerts, they will. but ${USER} will make it easier for those who know what it is and who have local username same as remote
18:42:20AlexPand harder for those that don't
18:42:45AlexPI would rather make it easier for those who might misunderstand, and let those that know what they are doing replace it with $(USER) if they want
18:42:57gevaerts$USER means something very specific, and that something is *not* "your remote username"
18:43:25gelraenAlexP, please, stop writing $() instead of ${}
18:43:32gevaertsMaybe we could add some javascript that retrieves your gerrit username and changes it on the page :)
18:43:35gelraenit makes me sad
18:43:41AlexPgelraen: then I shall continue :)
18:43:55AlexPbut yes, correct :)
18:44:15AlexPbut you see, already causing issues!
18:44:32gelraenokay, so now I have some attention, and I'll ask again:
18:44:33AlexPcaused by inattention, but still
18:44:38gelraen[16:12:05] <gelraen> fixes both flaky track number AND selecting track from playlist
18:44:39gelraen[16:12:29] <gelraen> I would be grateful if somebody explain WTF how is that
18:49:28Torneyou haven't really explained the context for that
18:54:22gelraenTorne, context: with this I have next track choosen randomly, but after pressing 'next' track number on WPS changes twice and choosing any track from current playlist jumps to random track instead
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23:34:06 Join Spaceghost [0] (~Pablo@unaffiliated/spaceghost)
23:34:32SpaceghostIs any targe capable of support microsd?
23:34:56SpaceghostAny rockbox compatible target I mean, do you know any?
23:37:44gevaertsMost of the Sandisk players that are mentioned on
23:38:10gevaertsIIRC out of those only the original sansa clip doesn't have a µSD slot

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