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#rockbox log for 2013-02-11

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01:28:56*[Saint] wonders how random playback works/will work.
01:29:27[Saint]Does it randomise the entire playlist? Randomise until it fills the buffer and thinks about it again when it has to? etc.
01:30:33[Saint]If it is indeed 'random' then the playlist has no end if it has 2+ tracks, no?
01:30:44*[Saint] is confuzzled about how this will work
01:31:51*[Saint] wonders if JdGordon has a better idea of this
01:32:16gelraen[Saint], you're talking about my little patch?
01:32:27[Saint]In part, yes.
01:32:47gelraenwell, it does nothing with playlist
01:33:03gelraenit just affects how next track is chosen
01:33:06[Saint]That'll fuck up 'next track' order in the .wps
01:33:14gelraenyes it does
01:33:17[Saint]iiuc, that's read from the playlist.
01:33:26[Saint]So, that's nasty. :-S
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01:34:02*[Saint] really wants 'true random' but doesn't see any way to make it work nicely.
01:34:26Tornewon't that laso break buffering?
01:34:33Torneit'll buffer the wrong tracks, no?
01:34:38gelraenwhat do you mean 'nicely'?
01:34:40[Saint]it'll have to rebuffer after ever track.
01:34:57[Saint]as the order will suddenly change.
01:35:19[Saint]gelraen: stuff like thwe above not happening ;)
01:35:43gelraenwell, I don't know much about the internals
01:36:04gelraenhow much track are buffered that way?
01:36:07Tornewe fill up RAM with as much audio as possible
01:36:13Torneno specific number of tracks
01:36:15Tornejust every available byte of memory
01:36:23Torneaccording to what's next in the playlist :)
01:36:25[Saint]rebuffering after every track (how will that work with crossfade? hilariously, I imagine :)) and breaking the next track ordering in the .wps really isn't nice at all...
01:36:38[Saint]I imagine this makes crossfade hilarious.
01:37:22[Saint]"doop-e-doo...playing the first few seconds of the next track...wait, what?" <−− playback engine.
01:37:26gelraenfor just next track it can be fixed realtively easy
01:38:30[Saint]Well, as far as the skin engine is concerned, we only care about knowing the next track. But it would be nicer if there was no arbitrary limit into how far forward or backward you can look into a playlist.
01:38:33gelraenbut it can be hard for me, because I actually have no idea what happens on track change
01:40:47gelraenI was surprised how that "if (steps == 1)" fixed 2 UI problems I was concerned about
01:40:55Tornewell, the skin engine can look further if the skin uses it
01:41:02Tornethe mini playlist display
01:41:09Torneand, "just hte next track" is not very much in buffering
01:41:18Torneon the targets with lots of ram playing lossy codecs we often can buffer 8+ tracks
01:41:36[Saint]Right, but for metadata, we only care about the very next track.
01:41:44[Saint]the playlist viewer is a slight exception.
01:41:56Tornehaving hte playlist viewer display info that's known to be wrong is dumb though
01:42:01[Saint](and would give the wrong listing for 'random' playback)
01:42:11[Saint]heh, snap.
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01:42:53[Saint]What is the basis behind the playlist not being re-ordered?
01:42:59[Saint]Who does that, and why?
01:43:13[Saint]Is there an example in the wild of an OS that does this I can look at?
01:43:20Torneall this is exactly why shuffle works the way it does in rockbox in the first place
01:43:30*[Saint] nods
01:43:34Tornethe playback and buffering system depends on being able to know what the next N tracks are for an arbitrary value of N
01:43:45Torneand so we shuffle the playlist rather than picking at random on track change :)
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01:44:03Tornetrying to change it to pick at random on track change without coming up with an alternative solution for buffering and UI is not viable
01:44:12[Saint]repeat shuffled is my 'true random'.
01:44:19[Saint]a poor compromise, but, ...meh.
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01:45:02[Saint]I very much dislike true random anyway. I prefer psuedo-random where there's no chance of hearing the same track within N tracks of itself.
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01:45:21[Saint]But, I would /like/ true random, as it is oft requested.
01:45:32gelraen[Saint], what do you mean by "example in the wild of an OS that does this"? something that does not reorder the playlist?
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01:46:03[Saint]gelraen: something that has true random playback without presenting the playlist order in that fashion to the user.
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01:46:12[Saint]so, yes, wht you said.
01:46:28gelraenwell, most desktop players do it that way
01:46:40[Saint]Not the ones I use. ;)
01:46:41gelraenor at least they appear to
01:46:54gelraenwinamp, amarok, clementine
01:46:55JdGordon[Saint]: there is no limit how far you can look forward/back in the playlist in the skins
01:46:56Torneyou can have "true" randomness and still use a preset playlist
01:47:08[Saint]JdGordon: for metadata there is...
01:47:14Tornejust instead of shuffling the playlist, create a new one derived from it that's random, and continue to create more as you go through it
01:47:22[Saint]Wait, there. Shit.
01:47:49[Saint]No, haha, I'm quite wrong there.
01:48:44Tornethe only thing you can't easily do using the playlist system as-is is have it be "secret" which track is going to play next
01:48:56[Saint]Not really relevant though I guess, as the information will be incorrect anyway.
01:48:58Torneif you just want it to be able to repeat the same track without going through the entire list first that's perfectly doable
01:49:17JdGordon[Saint]: yeah, it doesnt have to be
01:49:32JdGordonthe random patch doesnt go far enough to make that work
01:49:46[Saint]it also needs a skin tag ;)
01:49:47JdGordonit is perfectly easy to store the index of the next X tracks so it works
01:50:07*[Saint] shudders at 'skin tag'
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01:58:23[Saint]How much longer do I have before the release to sneak the new presets in?
01:58:48[Saint]...and, does anyone *really* give a flying fudge if I deprecate a few of them?
01:59:14JdGordonput em up
02:00:29[Saint]and, the second question? Is it really a huge deal if I remove a few?
02:01:01[Saint]I did some *very* crappy frequency doubling to avoid that the first time around, and I dislike that very much.
02:01:40JdGordonprobably not
02:03:32*[Saint] really wants a system to remove deprecated files from the filesystem at first boot after installation.
02:03:45[Saint]'twould be nice.
02:04:21JdGordonand not nice to maintain
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02:05:03[Saint]How so? It would just need to be something like a magic filoe with a csl of files to remove, last step being to remove the list itself.
02:05:29[Saint]and just check if <file> exists in a known location at boot time.
02:05:54JdGordonand where would that file come from?
02:06:15JdGordonit would parse the file every upgrade if it is in the zip
02:07:28[Saint]Well, it wouldn't be present if there were no need for it. But, say if for some reason a developer renamed a plugin, he could add said plugin to <magic_file> so it wiped out the old version at the first boot.
02:07:47[Saint]It would need to be maintained manually, but the dev making the changing commit should know what they're deprecating.
02:09:30[Saint]I thought it could be done trivially with autorock and LUA, but, ...nah.
02:29:04JdGordonautorock isnt enabled by default
02:29:26[Saint]it also only opens a plugin, iirc, there's no way to tell it to run anything.
02:31:31JdGordonis there any issue really with having the old ones left around?
02:31:36JdGordonor just empty them
02:32:06[Saint]Apart from user confusion, not really, no.
02:32:24[Saint]I just don't really like the idea of leaving old files around on the disk.
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02:57:08[Saint]Question: Is the "Default" preset /really/ necessary?
02:57:25[Saint]I find it confusing, and misleading (it actually disables the EQ)
02:59:14*[Saint] added g#401
02:59:26[Saint]errr, g401
02:59:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #401 at : EQ Presets by Hayden Pearce (changes/01/401/1)
03:01:16[Saint]JdGordon: ^
03:01:33[Saint]give 'em a try, see how they sound.
03:01:52[Saint]I like them very much compared to whats in HEAD presently.
03:03:13*JdGordon doesnt use the eq at all
03:03:25JdGordonchange the commit message though
03:03:42[Saint]to? and why?
03:04:18JdGordonthe cupertino bit
03:04:24JdGordonadapted at least
03:04:26JdGordonnot borrowed
03:05:02*[Saint] doesn't see anything terribly wrong with saying where they came from
03:06:03JdGordonadapted sounds less troublesome
03:06:58[Saint]I asked prior to starting if it would be a bother if I outright stole the presets from iTunes, and I got a resounding "no".
03:07:06[Saint]...but, I'll remove the reference to them.
03:09:11[Saint]Hum...weird. If you do a commit −−amend, and only change the commit message, gerrit doesn't display the previous patch set.
03:09:44[Saint]Or, Chrome is being a meanie.
03:09:51[Saint]Yes, that.
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03:12:06JdGordonf5 is your friend
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03:31:00*[Saint] is pretty sure that that one is quite safe to go through directly
03:31:15[Saint]I've been using the presets for a few days, they seem fine to me.
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04:04:54JdGordon[Saint]: have you tried the new eq menu?
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05:48:20webguest984Hey there, got a classic 160gb ipod with some trouble
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05:54:03BillytexHey there, been on here a few times now and havent ever gotten a responce. I've got a Classic 160gb ipod with emcore and rockbox that I thoroghly enjoy... when it works!
05:54:41BillytexOccasionally iit locks up for no apparent reason accompanied by loud annoying 'buzz' out the speakers
05:55:39[7]known issue with old builds up to summer 2012 or something
05:55:55BillytexI know the Classic 160gb is not an 'officially' supported port just yet but I have been contemplating taking off Rockbox for the lame but stable Apple OEM firmware BS
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05:56:46BillytexHow do I get a newer build on there? I'd be okay with almost any other trouble than that
05:57:33BillytexIts being touted 'The Rockbox FAIL'
05:58:54TheSevenknown issue with old builds up to summer 2012 or something
05:58:56TheSevenbuilds newer than that have other problems though (mostly non-working usb)
05:59:09TheSevenunpack the zip file of whatever build you want?
05:59:54Billytexso non working usb means i have to back to current build to add music?
06:00:14BillytexI have to go back to current build every time?
06:00:41Billytexwhat build do you recommend?
06:01:56 Join dfkt_ [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
06:02:11TheSevenyes, basically
06:02:14TheSevenand that's what I recommend
06:02:23TheSevennew build for playback, old build for USB if it fails on the new one
06:02:50BillytexIs the newest build any good? any serious issues?
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06:03:05TheSevenwell, USB mess...
06:03:34Billytexis it possible to store both builds on the drive itself?
06:04:38Billytexah cant even charge?
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06:06:13BillytexI was also wondering how to get the proper size batteryh meter 'uploaded' or update or whatever term Rockbox uses
06:06:35TheSevenI don't know of charging problems
06:06:51Billytexhmm cool...
06:06:54TheSevenjust the device not being detected properly by the computer, which might give it a smaller power budget
06:07:08TheSevenbut it will even charge (albeit slowly) while being completely off
06:07:21Billytexthere was a post somewhere about the battery metter being for a smaller milliamp hour rating
06:07:41TheSeventhat's configurable
06:07:48Billytexand a way to change that
06:07:55TheSeventhe various ipod classic generations/models have slightly different capacity ratings
06:08:18Billytexi think it currently goes to 500, but the battery has more than that
06:08:26TheSevenbut then again the milliamp hour setting doesn't really influence anything
06:08:35TheSevenbecause we can't read the battery current on the classic (yet)
06:09:00Billytexthe 'configurable' part are the different ratings, up to 500
06:09:02Tornethat setting is only used to calculate the remaining time estimate
06:09:09Torneit doesn't affect hte way the battery is charged or usde
06:09:19Torneif it's wrong it will just predict the wrong battery life
06:09:21TheSevenwhich is based on completely arbitrary power consumption guesses
06:09:23Billytexyeah, no probs... I underastand
06:09:48Billytex'A few have taken them apart and found no info I read here
06:10:06Billytexestimated at around ~850
06:10:40BillytexWas just curious
06:11:33Billytexso to update rockbox I just delete the .rockbox folder and drop in the newer one?
06:11:55TheSevenjust unpack the new folder, replacing the old one
06:12:12TheSevenif you delete it first you'll lose your config etc.
06:12:29Billytexunpack... I have some reading to do I suppose
06:12:42Billytexemcore unpacks?
06:13:01TheSevenwell just extract the zip file
06:13:09BillytexOr once emcore is on, rockbox unpacker functions as normal
06:13:21TheSevenemcore is just the bootloader
06:13:35Billytexextract to THAT folder
06:14:04BillytexZips are updated daily?
06:14:26TheSevenextract to the root directory of the ipod
06:14:28Torneevery time new code is checked in
06:15:32Billytexany idea when new code was checked lately?
06:16:05Billytex*checked in
06:16:05Torneseveral times a day
06:16:12Tornesometimes lots of times a day
06:17:01Billytexis there a website address you can point me at to see them? :)
06:18:25Billytexold releases archive?
06:20:52Billytexther must be a place for just ipod 6g 160gb zips too?
06:21:16TheSeventhey aren't archived
06:21:40TheSevenwell, releases of course are, but not all of those autobuilds
06:21:54TheSevenand there is no official ipod classic release
06:22:40Billytexso just unzip a release for a different ipod? like 4?
06:22:55TheSevenno, just use the most recent ipod classic build
06:23:56Billytexthe most recent according to the website is the one I'm using...
06:25:02BillytexOr, is this updated somehow automatically with new code?
06:25:33TheSevenyes, several times per day, as stated above
06:25:40BillytexAh I see
06:25:50BillytexK I'll try that
06:26:38Billytexthe unpacker with the working usb is still available somewhere as well?
06:28:04BillytexI really wanna keep Rockbox if I can
06:28:21TheSeven"the unpacker"?
06:30:39BillytexSorry, excuse me. The unpacked 'zip' that comes when you initially instal emCore
06:31:06TheSeventhat's linked on the emcore download page
06:37:39Billytexthanks so much! I found them both. I'll try and see if I can force it too work
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10:12:37gevaerts[Saint]: why are new EQ presets actually needed?
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10:32:26mortaliswodz: do you remember report about pops in sound? I could reproduce it if switch to failsafe theme.
10:32:47wodzoh, thats interesting
10:32:47mortalisit seems it's problem with commit_discard_dcache_range
10:32:59wodzno, not again please
10:33:35wodzmortalis: you mean current version or the previous one? I slightly changed this function not so long ago
10:34:05mortalisno pops if i remove disabling interrupt
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10:34:51 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
10:36:26mortalisreplacing commit_discard_dcache_range in lcd_update with commit_discard_idcache seems helps too
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10:43:33 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
10:45:03mortaliswodz: btw, there some news about white screen problem on slim. It appears that it has v1 type lcd (like mine), and white screen problem doesn't related to lcd identification, so it something else.
10:45:33mortalisand now i'm stuck
10:50:41 Join einhirn [0] (
10:53:17wodzmortalis: pamaury reported that commit_discard_dcache_range doesnt work in usb driver so thats suspicious.
11:05:05mortaliswodz: In sdk there is delay in loop after discarding every line.
11:05:58wodzmortalis: which is odd as you busy loop until cache controller signals its done with discarding
11:07:31mortaliswodz: oh yes, i read it wrong first time.
11:08:57mortaliswodz: interresting what means this comment in sdk: //081103,BUG.
11:13:07wodzIn theory we could create separate section for frame buffer with fixed address and configure this range to be not cached.
11:23:22mortalisyes + I think dcache_range should be replaced with idcache function, until dcache_range will be fixed.
11:24:42wodzthe idea about uncached section would be quite complicated
11:26:34wodzhmm, it is even not possible - base address has to be 32MB alligned and at least 32MB in size
11:27:41 Join kaputnik [0] (
11:30:02mortaliswodz: any ideas whats wrong with lcd?
11:31:28wodzmaybe different interface? like 16bit vs 18bit?
11:32:16wodzwhite screen basically means that initialization failed
11:32:49 Quit Zambezi_ (Changing host)
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11:32:57 Nick Zambezi_ is now known as Zambezi (Zulu@unaffiliated/zambezi)
11:37:12mortaliswodz: on slim I borrowed only 1 from ~20 starts with white screen
11:37:27mortalisso it's prbably not interface
11:38:02wodzrandomness usually means timing problems
11:39:23mortalisyes, but same delays like in OF in lcd_init doesn't help
11:43:48wodzwe played with interface timing IIRC maybe we are driving it to hard
11:46:43 Join XavierGr [0] (XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
11:47:20mortalisyou mean VERT_PERIOD?
11:47:20mortalis VERT_PERIOD=0xfff doesn't help too
11:50:00wodzcrazy idea: try to do initialization two/three times in row. Its interesting if it is truly random failure or we hit some weird lcd state
11:52:09mortaliswodz: it probably weird lcd state, because if bootloader starts with white screen, then main binary will start with white screen too
11:53:31mortalisi noticed some sort of "memory" effect. After white screen boot, if you restart device quickly you'll most probably get white screen again
11:54:32mortalisif switch off, wait a bit and switch on again, lcd initializes normally.
11:56:57 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
11:58:49lorenzo92kugel: I'm updating another patch set for R1, some cleanups and fixes for touchscreen, who can I also add for a review of the patch, you think?
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12:08:28wodzmortalis: is there a gpio connected to reset line in lcd?
12:09:36wodzpamaury: back from .pt?
12:09:47mortalishow to check it?
12:11:54kugellorenzo92: don't know. I have little time currently, but I try to review in the next few days
12:12:41lorenzo92kugel: okay, thanks, no problem do that when you have time we're not in a hurry :)
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13:25:44 Part LinusN
13:35:07JdGordondoes anyone have any ideas why going into the fm screen, then exiting and trying to start playback would seem to fail the first time (playback starts for half a second the first time then stops)... this happens with a new playlist or resume playlist...
13:35:36JdGordonmy patch which apparently triggers this only unloads the fm skin and loads the wps skin when this happens, though there shld be no correlation
13:38:35 Join Wardo [0] (
13:39:49 Join minouch [0] (
13:41:06minouchI have a problem with my Fuze+. It keep restarting at bootup screen stoping at "Exctracting" step.
13:41:45minouchI can connect it to USB. But it don't let me pass the bootloader step. It used to works well...
13:42:50lorenzo92JdGordon: I never noticed that on R0/R1...if I play something from filebrowser, then i go to fm radio, and again resuming playback everything works fine
13:43:15minouchWhen I want to power it On it don't do so, and when I plug the charger I have that restart bootloader problem. When I connect it to USB, it enter to USB mode of the bootloader
13:43:30minouchAny hints to help me guys, please?
13:44:09pamauryminouch: I don't understand your problem, when you boot normally, without usb, what happen ?
13:44:17JdGordonlorenzo92: no, its with my new skin patch I'm working on... I tihnk i just figured out the problem though
13:44:41lorenzo92ah ok, sorry :)
13:44:55minouchHello pamaury long time
13:45:04minouchIt refuse to boot.
13:45:38minouchI have to plug charger or USB to have bootloader screen output
13:45:46pamaurybattery is low ?
13:46:11minouchThat what I thought first hence my desire to charge it but then...
13:46:31pamauryboot into the OF on usb plug by holding volume down
13:46:42minouchFirst time I got that behaviour. It used to have another behaviour when very low state
13:47:07minouchOK let's try
13:47:46pamaurythe current bootloader doesn't charge when usb is plugged, that's a known issue, will be fixed by next bootloader but "next" bootloader has a memory corruption issue :-/
13:48:12 Join funman_ [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
13:48:15minouchApparently, it don't want to boot OF
13:48:40minouchNow that it know Rockbox, it don't want OF anymore :)
13:49:09pamaurytry to reflash the OF: put the OF at the root, dismount and hold down when booting so that it upgrades
13:50:02 Quit Spaceghost (Quit: Leaving.)
13:50:04 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:50:28minouchForcing the thing worked, I had to hold the button for a long time
13:50:39pamauryyes, so it boots into the OF?
13:51:07minouchYes I'm on the OF USB mode it seems (first time I saw that :)
13:51:25pamauryok, let it charge for some time, then if you still have a problem, poke me
13:51:48minouchThat was it thank you!
13:51:59minouchleaving usb got me rockbox boot again!
13:53:02minouchBtw pamaury, great works on cpu scaling
13:53:25minouchVery good improve in stability and battery life
13:53:32 Quit funman_ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
13:53:49minouchWe just need to have a control on that crappy touchpad :)
13:53:51 Join Spaceghost [0] (~Pablo@unaffiliated/spaceghost)
13:53:54minouchGood luck on that
13:54:06minouchBAck to work, merci pamaury
13:54:22 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
13:54:40JdGordonB4gder: Zagor: err, I just noticed one of the skin engine files I added back in sep 2010 had the (c) header copy/pasted from another file, is it OK to just change the name so its me with the correct date and not randoms?
13:55:25JdGordon99% of the file was last modified by me and most not since th einitial commit
13:55:26ZagorJdGordon: which file?
13:55:56lebelliumJdGordon: what's the current status of transparency in theme engine again? In some weeks I'll start making my first theme for a touch target, YP-R1, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to reproduce the transparency of OF lebellium/test/Samsung_R1/R0012325.JPG">
13:56:36JdGordon1) \m/ 2) That should be doable.. you'd have to ask [Saint] for a better confirmatino though :)
13:56:46*JdGordon isnt sure :p
13:56:55ZagorJdGordon: go ahead
13:57:06JdGordonyou can definitly do the AA layering though
13:57:10JdGordonZagor: ta
14:00:33lebelliumthe post is a bit old. Has anything changed since then?
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14:45:31 Join froggyman [0] (
14:45:31 Quit froggyman (Changing host)
14:45:31 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
14:51:07kugelthe url parser in the log viewer is still broken :(
14:52:11 Join amayer_ [0] (
14:52:57Zagoroh right, nicks have priority
14:53:41 Join liar [0] (
14:53:54 Quit froggyman (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
14:57:05Zagorkugel: patches are welcome :-)
15:06:34 Quit mortalis (Quit: Leaving)
15:11:35 Join nateloaf [0] (
15:13:12 Join Spaceghost1 [0] (~Pablo@unaffiliated/spaceghost)
15:13:54 Join kaputnik_ [0] (
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15:16:07 Nick Spaceghost1 is now known as Spaceghost (~Pablo@unaffiliated/spaceghost)
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15:26:18 Quit Wardo (Quit: Blarglarg)
15:26:31 Join Wardo [0] (
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16:10:47 Join liar [0] (
16:10:51 Quit minouch (Quit: CGI:IRC)
16:12:49 Quit lorenzo92 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
16:21:59[Saint]lebellium: statis text should be possible, dynamic text will mess things up gleefully.
16:22:24[Saint]so, anything that scrolls, counters, <other_dynamic_content>, etc.
16:23:43 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
16:25:30[Saint]Also, lol, is that Comic Sans?
16:25:55 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
16:27:42lebelliumnope, that's AV_jumok_kr_v.ttf I guess
16:27:55lebelliumI don't see Comic Sans in the sysdata folder
16:28:58jlbiasinihello, just to be sure I'm not doing some double work here, I'm starting on drawing zen X-Fi2 & 3 in svg, is anyone else working on that?
16:31:02pamauryjlbiasini: I don't think so, I did the images myself
16:31:05lebellium[Saint]: What about playmode icons (prev, next, play/pause) showing up over the album art with shadowed transparent background like on the pic?
16:31:35pamauryand you know how bad I am at drawing ^^
16:31:37jlbiasinipamaury: so you have already done it?
16:31:44pamauryjust for the sim
16:31:54 Quit ml| (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:32:05pamauryand not in svg
16:32:14pamauryso go ahead :)
16:32:32jlbiasiniah yeah I saw the sim, I guess a slight improvement is still possible ;)
16:32:50jlbiasinijep I'm starting
16:33:12jlbiasiniI have to learn again how to use inskape but its fun anyway...
16:33:51[Saint][04:31:06] <lebellium> [Saint]: What about playmode icons (prev, next, play/pause) showing up over the album art with shadowed transparent background like on the pic? <−− perfectly possible
16:34:06[Saint]dynamic text however...
16:34:19[Saint]it's /possible/, but it'll look like ass.
16:36:12lebelliumok thanks, when I start the theme I'll probably need your help as it will be my first theme for a touch target and as for now I don't really imagine how it is possible to have 3 layers: Album Art + shadowed transparent background + icons
16:37:44[Saint]you can't have three layers.
16:37:53[Saint]but, I don't see why you'd need them.
16:38:24[Saint]shadowed transparent background+icons will need to be one image.
16:38:43[Saint]you absolutely canot have three layers.
16:38:56lebelliumhum I did not think about that trick :)
16:39:04[Saint]there's only "background" and "not the background", no concept of front or back.
16:39:39lebelliumso I'll need 2 images: one with the play icon and another with the pause icon. sounds like doable
16:53:35 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:59:18 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:59:47 Join froggyman [0] (
16:59:48 Quit froggyman (Changing host)
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17:20:03 Quit evilnick_ (Quit: Page closed)
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17:35:44 Quit jlbiasini (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
17:43:21 Join wodz [0] (
17:44:43wodzpamaury: please consider looking at rk27xx usb issue with analyzer :-)
17:45:05pamauryyes, I just need....time !
17:47:03 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
17:56:14 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
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18:07:16 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
18:18:24wodzmortalis: (log) what about removing disable_irq_save() and restore_irq() from commit_discard_dcache_range()? It is used in sd, lcd and pcm drivers to handle transfers form/to data buffers so this should not harm. The build with modification passed my limited tests. It may be suggestion but this seems to remove background noise on my generic dap.
18:21:08 Quit XavierGr (Disconnected by services)
18:21:10 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
18:21:29wodzpamaury: In which way commit_discard_dcache_range() didn't work for you in usb driver?
18:23:17pamaurywodz: which usb driver ? I don't remember such a thing
18:23:39 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:23:46pamauryI don't remember honestly
18:24:03 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:29:36wodzTorne: What is the status of mSATA? This seems to be hot topic on forum.
18:29:51Tornei've got a device with a converter + mSATA SSD in it
18:30:05Tornehad a poke and it's just not initialised/ready when we expect it to be, but increasing timeouts doesn't fix it
18:30:14Tornei think we just need to be more careful and thorough about resets
18:30:24Torneonce i get home i'm gonna craft some better ATA debug code
18:30:40Tornesince currently there doesn't appear to be an easy way to, say, get a dump of the ATA registers in a panic
18:30:57Tornebut i've been too busy on my vacation to do a lot :)
18:32:06wodzok, I'll respond on the forum then
18:33:01Tornethe people trying to do it in a h120/300 are of course in for ht eusual disappointment re bootloader
18:33:25Tornewell, also :(
18:34:02wodzthat is fixable :-) Just aswer them to bug gevaerts who got BDM pod to poke with :-)
18:38:06Tornei broke my own ipodvideo though
18:38:21Tornethe disk had errors and stuff, so i opened it up to reseat the cable which fixed it last time
18:38:41[Saint]What do you need?
18:38:45Torneand now the disk doesn't respond at all, and i also broke the corner of the lcd so the top left is no longer visible
18:38:45[Saint]I have a few spares.
18:38:52Torneerm, a new ipod basically :)
18:38:58[Saint]Aha. :)
18:38:59Tornesince the screen and disk are both fucked
18:39:10Torneso yeah
18:39:12[Saint]I have an LCD, a drive, and all ribbons.
18:39:29Tornei dunno if i can be bothered to fix it :)
18:39:32Tornei use it so rarely now
18:39:35[Saint]Fair enough.
18:39:39 Quit DmL (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
18:39:52[Saint]Well, I imagine so...since, y'know, it's non-functional.
18:40:04[Saint]I imagine you get very little enjoyment out of its usage.
18:42:20[Saint]You need the batteries in other devices to blow up. The, Apple will hopefully do what they did with the Nano1G. :)
18:45:07 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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23:00:50 Part LinusN
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