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#rockbox log for 2013-02-12

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01:29:35[Saint]JdGordon: it's the "per screen" bit that confuses me.
01:29:47JdGordonper display is what I meant
01:29:51[Saint]an .sbs, .wps, .fms...per screen?
01:29:54[Saint]Oh, ah.
01:30:20JdGordonthe idea is to limit skin ram wastage while making it easy to skin seldom used screens
01:30:33[Saint]TBH, I thought it did that already.
01:30:56[Saint]It already doesn't bother loading the .fms until you actually enter the FM screen, no?
01:31:41[Saint] least, I thought that is/was the case.
01:33:01[Saint]JdGordon: ^
01:34:19*[Saint] imagines that one wouldn't want to unload UI elements from RAM, especially on HDD targets
01:34:20JdGordonyeah, but it never unloaded it
01:34:52[Saint]The spinup and access time needed may make switching screens very painful.
01:35:14JdGordonhence sbs+wps+1
01:35:44JdGordonwe'll see though, need testing on a spinning disk (which i dont acually have)
01:35:44[Saint]Flash targets likely won't notice a difference, but I'm dreading seeing this on...for iPod 4G.
01:35:51*[Saint] does.
01:35:57[Saint]It's PP too, so, a good test.
01:36:16JdGordonI should try ressurecting my mini2g for testing too
01:36:29[Saint]What parts do you need for that again?
01:36:37[Saint]I may (probably do) have them.
01:36:42JdGordonnone, just need to rebuild it
01:37:06[Saint]I was under the understanding that you needed a cable for some reason.
01:37:44[Saint]<grumble> bastard mini2g clickwheel ribbon cable... </grumble>
01:38:28JdGordonI... may....
01:38:33JdGordonnot really sure thwt the state is
01:40:48[Saint]Well, gimme' a yell if you find you do need <some_part_or_other>. I might have <some_part_or_other>.
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01:45:02JdGordondo we have opacity in the skin engine? or was that something i was playing with but didnt finish?
01:45:20JdGordonI remember doing it with the backdrop layer+AA but dont remember where it ended
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01:45:34[Saint]I don't even recall you playing with it.
01:45:49[Saint]Not too relevant now with alpha channel bitmap support though, is it?
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01:50:53[Saint]I guess the only thing you'd really need it for is AA
01:51:07[Saint]...but then, I guess there's no reason not to extend that to all images.
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01:53:01[Saint] %op taken?
01:53:06*[Saint] thinks not.
01:53:26JdGordonit would go on the %xd line, not xl
01:53:28[Saint]JdGordon: ^ too hideous?
01:53:37JdGordonyes :)
01:53:43[Saint]Ah, yes, right...that is more versatile.
01:53:56[Saint](re: xd vs xl)
01:54:05[Saint]Anyway, what's your idea for syntax?
01:54:24JdGordonit would have to be in the %xd() so the usual horribleness
01:55:49[Saint]Are you thinking of this as an additional param to %xd as opposed to a whole other tag to prepend to the %xd line?
01:56:17JdGordondoing it in seperate tags is problematic
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01:56:40[Saint]%xd(ident, opacity, 80) isn't /too/ bad looking.
01:56:48JdGordonunless it is something like %op(%xd(...), 80)
01:57:18[Saint]an additional "opacity" param looks nicer to me.
01:58:34[Saint]But then, doing it that way, you wouldn't be able to use it for AA.
01:58:50[Saint]Unless the %Cd line also accepted the same param.
01:59:04[Saint]or %Cl? Nah...%Cd
01:59:24[Saint]Sorry, typing my thoughts.
01:59:32JdGordonyeah, i dunno
01:59:43JdGordonwant to finish usb screen skinning first
01:59:49JdGordonand whatever else that means
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02:42:05*[Saint] wonders if anyone has tried the new presets yet
02:43:30[Saint]I haven't heard any "Oh my <deity>! My ears, they bleed!" yet, so...I guess that counts as a win?
02:43:42[Saint]I suspect most developers don't actually use the EQ though.
02:44:28[Saint](the next EQ-related thing we need is per album/track presets)
02:44:43*[Saint] has no idea how to do that, though.
02:45:36[Saint]Anyway, yeah, per-album/track presets...well, that's be awesome.
02:45:47foolshembedded tags? maybe?
02:46:22[Saint]Nah...then there's be now way to edit it on the device.
02:47:22[Saint]I suspect "Track/Album_Name.cfg" in the presets folder would suffice.
02:47:46[Saint]replacing all the illegal filename chars with "_"s.
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02:48:10[Saint]...though, that would clutter up the presets folder.
02:48:22JdGordonnot gonna happen
02:48:30[Saint]Why not?
02:48:33JdGordonalso, read the logs, i tihnk gevaerts asked you what the point was
02:48:58*[Saint] is aware that gevaerts doesn't see eye-to-eye with EQ presets
02:49:28[Saint]JdGordon: why is it you think that per-track/album EQ settings wouldn't happen?
02:49:41[Saint]It's a pretty standard feature.
02:50:33[Saint]Properly implemented, I don't see any reasonto not commit it.
02:54:52JdGordonbecause loading a .cfg for every file, hell no, and an extra disk lookup
02:55:08JdGordonit would have to be incorporated into buffering like aa
02:58:19[Saint]The disk lookup would be irrelevant, depending on where the file was stored, and if for some reason the audio file and its config were at opposite ends of the disk.
02:58:41[Saint]If the config was kept with the audio file, it would be barely noticeable
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03:22:45JdGordon[Saint]: noticable is irrelevant, remember the ipod vids can do an hour without spining the disk
03:23:43[Saint]right, but, those presets would be loaded during buffer in a perfect world.
03:24:00[Saint]A buffer full of presets is still only going to be a few kB of RAM.
03:24:04JdGordonthats the only way it would be acceptable
03:24:30JdGordonbut still, loading a .cfg has some pretty nasty consequences
03:25:39[Saint]maybe foolsh's idea of a custom metadata field would be better? But, I'm not a fan of that idea as then it couldn't be managed solely on-device.
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04:15:02[Saint]Downloading from 999 of 999 connected peers - 11729kB/s - 427kB/s
04:15:12[Saint]...fastest I've seen my connection in a while.
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04:31:04JdGordonamayer: hey, how comfortable are you in theme website? :)
04:31:34amayerpretty comfortable why?
04:32:04amayerits been like a month since ive looked at it but i work with php every day so its not that bad
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04:40:09amayerJdGordon: ...?
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04:48:21[Saint]amayer: I missed a highlight of yours the other day
04:48:33[Saint] wanted this? <−− iLike Video
04:49:30amayer[Saint]: this is your newest version?
04:49:52[Saint]It is, yes.
04:52:48[Saint]The sub-folder/settings menu indication is a little buggy, but, other than that it is fairly true to the Apple OF.
04:52:53 Join zamboni [0] (~bottledwa@unaffiliated/zamboni)
04:53:04[Saint]Disturbingly so.
04:55:14amayer[Saint]: nice work! I use the iClassic-Square theme sometimes.
04:55:16amayerI have a new theme that is awesome but i have a custom version or rockbox running and i just need to get around to submitting the code to make the pb sliders work nice
04:58:28JdGordonamayer: sorry, got distracted... Do you know how hard it would be to shove every *.skin in the uploaded zip through checkwps? instead of just specific files
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05:00:34amayerJdGordon: I think right now checkwps is 3 different functions on the theme site. but i remember seeing a perl version somewhere. *thinks hard*
05:00:36amayeri could rewrite it to search every file that is uploaded if you needed it to do that
05:01:04JdGordoni have a cunning plan </bladder>
05:01:05[Saint]Heh...yuuuuurrrrrgh, another iLike clone.
05:01:37[Saint]An iPod Classic iLike variant is currently in the making.
05:01:49*[Saint] will put all these nasty clones of iLike Video to shame.
05:03:11amayer[Saint]: from what it sounds like JdGordon is reworking the theme engine. and im working on something with the progress bar... is it really wise to redo all your themes now?
05:03:50[Saint]Why would it not be?
05:04:02[Saint]Neither of you should be making skin-breaking changes.
05:04:27[Saint]Besides, I care not for the theme site. I make these for me.
05:04:59JdGordonamayer: hehehe... I'm *always* reworking the theme engine :p
05:05:18JdGordonand what are you doing with the pb?
05:05:46*[Saint] vaguely remembers
05:05:51[Saint]...errrr, "something"?
05:05:59[Saint]Yeah, that's it. Something.
05:06:09amayerJdGordon: do you remember about a month or so ago when we talked about the slider hanging off the edge of the progress bar?
05:06:35JdGordonis it a minor change?
05:06:36[Saint]Ahhh, yes, that.
05:06:48amayerno... i think its like 3 lines of code
05:07:11amayerbut it will break the themes that currently have sliders
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05:09:01amayer(rough draft)
05:09:03amayeri wanted to check if this was an acceptable change(the functionality, not the code) before i posted a patch
05:09:41amayerive used it with themes with and without sliders for 2 or 3 weeks and it works fine
05:10:37JdGordonthat file is useless... post a diff
05:11:03JdGordonI don't tinhk I'd be massivly against this small breakage to make it more sensibel
05:11:35amayer*goes looking for original copy of skin_display.c*
05:12:20JdGordongit diff
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05:15:25[Saint]"git diff HEAD^" is your friend.
05:16:01amayeroh i did git diff master
05:16:22[Saint]That's fine, assuming master is up-to-date.
05:16:43amayeris HEAD^ on the rockbox server?
05:17:01amayeri thought HEAD^ was just one change back?
05:17:21amayer*only understands basic git*
05:17:29amayer*working on it tho*
05:17:47amayerJdGordon: did you see my new link^
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05:19:14[Saint]There's a multitude of ways you can do it, 'git diff origin/master master > diff.diff" will do what you want too.
05:24:18amayer[Saint]: that works
05:26:02JdGordonamayer: ok, right, so after this change the backdrop will be the same width as the full bar? and the actual slider part will be where?
05:27:07amayerif the backdrop is 100px wide
05:27:09amayerthe slider will start at 0 and to to 100 - (slider width)
05:27:25amayer(it will stay in the bounds of the backdrop of the slider
05:27:49amayerit will stay in the bounds of the backdrop of the progress bar*
05:28:40amayerJdGordon: do you need a theme to test with it?
05:31:17*[Saint] tested it briefly. It's much saner than HEAD.
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05:31:34[Saint]The way slider works in HEAD is...well, it's interesting. :)
05:32:41amayerThemes like this would never be possible with the way slider currently works
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06:08:43amayer[Saint]: JdGordon: how does this sound for the git message?
06:08:46amayer Theme Engine: Tweek progress bar slider
06:08:50amayerFix need to resize progress bar when using a slider.
06:08:52amayerSlider stays in bounds. Progress bar is not resized.
06:08:54amayerWorks well with square sliders that should not overlap
06:08:56amayeredge of progress bar. also works with rounded sliders.
06:09:07 Join zamboni [0] (~bottledwa@unaffiliated/zamboni)
06:09:19JdGordonfile a FS bug and add it to the commit message :)
06:09:25JdGordonthen its a bugfix not a break
06:12:51amayerok ill do that tomorrow. its bedtime here
06:13:07amayerill CC you on the gerrit post
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06:14:08amayersee you guys later
06:14:53 Part amayer
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07:52:16JdGordoncabbie on ipod video uses up 71KB
08:01:51 Join [Saint_] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/user/saint)
08:02:32[Saint_]Kinda funny. The Video is one of the evry last targets that would ever care about RAM usage ;)
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08:03:02[Saint]Video, Classic, Beast variants et al.
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08:15:15wodzJdGordon: ping
08:18:49 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
08:20:27wodzamiconn: BTW. your sh testcase has been included in gcc testsuite and the issue seems to be resolved in 4.8 branch
08:25:17 Join ender` [0] (~ender@
08:30:58mortaliswodz: I agree, removing disable_interrupt shouldn't harm in our use case.
08:31:11JdGordonwodz: pong
08:31:51JdGordon[Saint]: thats without the 200+KB background image which i need to add to the stats
08:33:22wodzmortalis: could you test if this removes pop - you said to know how to reproduce it
08:34:38mortaliswodz: It is. I said it yesterday.
08:35:58wodzJdGordon: list_get_name_cb() gets (char *) to buf which means that you basically have to strncpy() or snprintf() entry name to it. Wouldn't it be possible to modify this to take (char **) - this way one could simply assign pointer if the name entry is present somewhere in mem and doesn't need any formating
08:36:29JdGordonyou can just return that pointer
08:36:37JdGordonyou dont have to copy into the supplied buf
08:37:33wodzah, right - stupid me
08:38:00wodzI thought that buf passed is obligatory storage space for list
08:46:05amiconnOh wow, gcc team actually fixing bugs</sarcasm>
08:46:38 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
08:47:39wodzamiconn: Well it is usually hard to fix bugs if you are unaware of them. That doesn't mean that I like gcc's people attitude.
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10:07:37kugelto C experts:
10:07:57kugelhow does ~uint8_t differ from uint8_t^0xff?
10:09:10kugeli thought it should be equivalent :)
10:11:40pamaurykugel: I think they are the same no ?
10:12:22pamaury(if the result is a uint8_t of course)
10:13:47kugelyea, that's the problem
10:14:44kugelthe code i had produced different results
10:16:25JdGordonXOR != NOT
10:17:37kugelthe result was an unsigned, thus the upper 24bits are 1s using ~ (and 0 with ^0xff). the 1s were into the end result later, which produced different results
10:17:43JdGordonerr... compiler doing something funny
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10:56:32pamaurykugel: I think the compiler is free to do what it want about the high 24-bits, esĂȘcially if there is integer promotion, that's why the result should be uint8_t with ~
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20:34:16rasher[7]: it was you who offered to host android/sim builds, right?
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21:51:17ukleinekwodz: you mentioned porting rockbox to cortex-m3 recently.
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21:52:19ukleinekwodz: might be a candidate
21:53:18ukleinekwodz: I might be able to organize such a board for you for free.
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