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#rockbox log for 2013-02-15

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00:04:32kugellorenzo92: try SIGUSR2
00:04:50lorenzo92kugel: reason?
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00:05:32kugellorenzo92: thread-unix.c sets a signal handler for SIGUSR1 temporarily. it *should* unset it but worth a try
00:05:41kugellorenzo92: how do you obtain the pid?
00:05:46kugelyou could use pidof to get it, or run killall (which allows to specify the process by name)
00:05:56lorenzo92indeed, see the code
00:06:11lorenzo92and yes I could even use killall
00:06:19kugeloh there, sorry
00:06:33kugelthis seems better
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00:06:56lorenzo92kugel: the problem is that it actually works by hand, but *not* in the /hotplug
00:07:09lorenzo92i.e. kill -s blabla by hand in a shell works
00:07:20kugellorenzo92: /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug should contain a program name. perhaps a full command line doesnt work
00:07:33lorenzo92kugel: that's it, unfortunately pff
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00:08:14kugelyou could install a shell script
00:08:22lorenzo92hum I tried, no luck
00:08:38lorenzo92also chmodding it + #/bin/sh doesn't do the trick
00:09:04lorenzo92kugel: I may end up writing a small C program...
00:09:15lorenzo92but that's odd
00:09:30kugellorenzo92: nah, a script should work
00:09:35kugelthe problem is somewhere else
00:10:15lorenzo92for sure hotplug gets called, tested,
00:10:32lorenzo92hotplug = programm in the sysfs entry
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00:18:31rephlexhello, i'm having a slight problem with my sansa clip+: i've been missing my progress/seek bar while playing a song ever since updating rockbox to v3.11, and i just updated to 3.12 and it's still missing
00:19:14rephlexcan anyone give some suggestions as to how i might fix this or what the problem might be? ideally i'd like to be able to do it while preserving my settings and files
00:20:15rephlexto be clear, the progress bar is blankwhile a song is playing, instead of moving along as the song progresses
00:23:24rephlexi've searched the forums etc to no avail
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00:36:08rephlexi've tried some other themes which display the progress bar differently and they seem to work; it's just yellowbar and yellowbardynamic that seem not to
00:38:12JdGordonrephlex: pastebin your theme
00:40:32rephlexit used to work until i updated rockbox to v3.11
00:40:48rephlexalthough maybe i messed it up somehow
00:40:52JdGordonnow you just need [Saint_] to tell you what needs fixing :p
00:41:11JdGordonis it drawing the background image over the bar?
00:41:56rephlexwell the bar is just a box, and now it's just empty, so i don't know
00:42:03rephlexit draws the box
00:42:06JdGordon%pb(0,0,128,6,pb.bmp, backdrop, a)
00:42:06rephlexbut that's all
00:42:13JdGordontry that and remove the %xd(a) line above it
00:42:31rephlexok i'll try
00:42:32rephlexhold on
00:47:20gevaertsI think I'd use the backdrop layer there
00:47:52rephlexi think....i think you fixed it!
00:47:55gevaertsBut yes, that %x() %xd() combination is broken
00:48:12rephlexthank you so much!
00:48:18rephlexthat's been bugging me for AGES
00:48:37rephlexjust out of curiosity, can you elaborate on this, when you say the combination is broken?
00:48:46gevaerts%x means "load and display"
00:48:53gevaerts%xd is "display"
00:49:15rephlexi see
00:49:17gevaerts%xd is really meant to be used with %xl (load)
00:49:29gevaertsSo it was showing the image twice
00:49:41*gevaerts lets JdGordon explain why that causes real issues :)
00:50:19rephlexso it was a bug in the theme, then? you'd think then that more people would experience the issue and report it on the forums then, no?
00:50:36gevaertsI don't know how common the theme is
00:51:27rephlexwell i think it's fairly common, i think the rockbox util said something along those lines
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00:51:38rephlexor i may just be imagining it
00:51:44JdGordondisplaying it twice isnt reazlly a problem
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00:51:54JdGordonit will actually only be drawn once
00:51:55rephlexis there any way the theme can be updated so other people don't run into this in future?
00:52:02JdGordonthe draw order was the issue i tinhk
00:52:19JdGordonrephlex: upload it to the theme site with the same title i think
00:52:34gevaertsAnd the same submitter email address...
00:52:44rephlexand i'm allowed to do that?
00:53:47gevaertsThat won't work, no
00:54:29rephlexwell i think it's quite obvious that i have really no idea what i'm doing, but i'd like to thank you both for helping me
00:55:09rephlexi was about to try wiping rockbox and the bootloader and all config files and starting the whole thing again
00:55:13rephlexgood thing i didn't!
00:55:25gevaertsThose things won't solve theme issues :)
00:56:02rephlexyeah, but i wasn't sure whether it was a rockbox issue because i hadn't edited the theme since i updated rockbox
00:56:13rephlexbut i guess theme devs aren't as smart as rockbox devs :P
00:56:46rephlexand i'm not as smart as either
00:57:23rephlexanyway, i g2g, but thanks again
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11:02:04lorenzo92pamaury (logs): ID 04e8:5041 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd YP-Z5
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11:47:51lorenzo92pamaury (logs): I have been working on YP-Z5's drivers, lcd, buttons and backlight are quite done. Well not tested...I'll send you a diff
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14:29:29webguest965Guys I got one problem, I connected my rockboxed Clip+ to the PC, the first time it says that the driver was not installed.. So I booted in the OF, checked USB mode and its set to MSC, as before (Thats how it should be, right?). So I connected it again, now it said that the driver was installed.. There is a USB icon on the screen but it doesnt show the player as a drive, so I cant access the files and copy my music. Any idea what might be the problem? T
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15:04:32pamaurythose guys at samsung are really basards, not only they don't put open source code which is older than a fews years but they also *remove* code which was online after a few years
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15:18:42webguest965Guys I got one problem, I connected my rockboxed Clip+ to the PC, the first time it says that the driver was not installed.. So I booted in the OF, checked USB mode and its set to MSC, as before (Thats how it should be, right?). So I connected it again, now it said that the driver was installed.. There is a USB icon on the screen but it doesnt show the player as a drive, so I cant access the files and copy my music. Any idea what might be the problem? T
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15:34:56pixelmaI believe that's the current problem with USB on these type of players. You could boot into the OF and connect to the computer there
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15:40:46 Part amayer_
15:46:21webguest965@pixelma: I thought USB is working on current version. Btw is this a bug or normal behavior? And thanks for the help kind sir, it works! :)
15:49:27pixelmaa hard to trace (and fix) bug, definitely not normal
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15:57:49gevaertsamayer_: you missed some details in the themesite changes. All fixed now though :)
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16:07:58amayer_gevaerts: what do you mean?
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16:11:08amayer_gevaerts: were there bugs or something in my code? if so could you send me a copy so i can update my repo?
16:11:24gevaertsThere were a few bugs, yes. They're in the tree now
16:11:39gevaertsWell, the fixes are :)
16:12:08gevaerts;a=commit;h=90304f3e05c73f3875d7dea04e53a88f0255c713 and;a=commit;h=b939c00116805e00648db449d05e5797507ddf10
16:14:03amayer_gevaerts: thanks for fixing them. they may have been copy paste errors...
16:14:34gevaertsProbably. Large changes combined with no form of unit testing will lead to this sort of thing...
16:14:46amayer_im glad someone else understands my code tho. that means im not completely crazy(yet)
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16:16:02*gevaerts was just confused why he couldn't log in :)
16:16:30amayer_i dont have a login so i couldnt test
16:16:59amayer_i guess i could create one on my local server(havent gotten that far yet)
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16:17:17amayer_is there a list of features people would like to implement into the themesite?
16:18:02gevaertsI think the big one is forum integration, really
16:18:22gevaertsI also think we may have some database issues when under load
16:18:28*gevaerts isn't sure
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16:27:59amayer_gevaerts: do we have a seperate thread i can test under?
16:28:01amayer_if i create and delete a bunch of stuff so it doesnt confuse people reading the "new posts"
16:28:03amayer_im not sure if there is a way to make it so only specific users(ie. me) can see it
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16:29:35 Part RAThomas
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16:40:35gevaertsamayer_: you're also amayer on the forums?
16:52:53amayer_or AlexMayer... i cant remeber
16:53:15amayer_yeah amayer
16:54:00 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:56:26gevaertsamayer_: ok. If I did things right there should be a new "themesite integration" subforum (that only you and admins can see for now)
16:56:50amayer_sweet! i see it
16:57:05 Quit froggyman (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:57:06gevaertsI hope you can also post there :)
16:57:41amayer_looks like it. how do i delete posts
16:57:44gevaertsLet me know if you need anything else, such as access for other forum users
16:58:10gevaertsDo you have a "remove topic" button?
16:59:06amayer_all the way at the top of the forums or when im viewing the topic?
16:59:08amayer_(hint: i dont see a remove button anywhere)
16:59:15amayer_i have a lock topic button
16:59:20gevaertsWhen you're viewing the topic
16:59:41gevaertsRight. It should be in the same row as the lock button
16:59:43*gevaerts looks
17:00:02amayer_i dont see one. lock button is very lonely
17:01:38gevaertsCan you look again?
17:01:41gevaertsHm, no, wait
17:01:49amayer_still nothing
17:02:28amayer_i see it and it works. thanks
17:02:34*gevaerts should register another user for this sort of thing. This "admins see everything" makes things hard to test :)
17:03:33amayer_gevaerts: i do have a question tho. when someone submits a theme(or updates one) do you make them sign into the forums or do we just post as user "Theme Bot"
17:04:22gevaertsI'd havd a theme bot user for now. Integrating login is going to be tricky I think
17:05:11gevaertsFull login integration would be nice (although maybe some people disagree...), but I suspect it means a lot more work on the theme site side
17:05:16amayer_im wondering if we could integrate the openID login into every page on the site
17:05:54amayer_then you login once and it works on Gerrit, forums, wiki, themesite
17:06:39Tornesso is a separate tbing from openid for a statt.
17:07:05Tornealso, many of our forum users probably would find that difficult
17:07:25amayer_Torne: sso? and statt?
17:08:00gevaertssingle sign om
17:08:15amayer_oh ok.
17:08:56amayer_so single sign on site wide wont work...
17:09:28Tornewe could try and do sso, but that is not related to openid
17:09:52Torneit would be rather difficult
17:10:01amayer_i just said open id because thats what gerrit uses. and i figured that would be convinient if you already have one
17:10:08Tornethose services are not on the same machhine, no?
17:10:14Torneand they dont share a db.
17:10:38amayer_as long as we have a database that all servers could connect to i think i could hack something up
17:11:17Tornei am not sure you could :)
17:11:40amayer_*raises one eyebrow* is that a challange?
17:11:54Tornegerrit specifically is probably rathet tricky.
17:12:26amayer_yeah gerrit would be the tricky one.
17:12:28amayer_the wiki should be easy. and forums not much harder then that
17:12:51Tornemodifying all the code we are running is not a particularly nice way either
17:13:02Tornewill cause us ongoing maintenance burdens for upgrades.
17:14:09amayer_it would be a big project but if we got it working it would be very convinient
17:14:22Tornei don't think tge benefit is at all worth it tbh
17:14:28amayer_maybe not
17:14:44amayer_the main problem would be usernames not matching up. and registering new users
17:14:48Tornehaving the theme site sharr data eith the forum is much simpler
17:14:54Torneas the themesite is all our code
17:15:11Torneand can just do whatever it needs to do to work with the forum unmodified
17:21:06 Part LinusN
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17:23:30amayer_if we integrated a log in we could do a better voting system for themes too.
17:23:32amayer_and maybe post the theme topic in the forums as the user who is signed in.
17:23:53amayer_and make the update theme process easier
17:26:54amayer_if i was willing to work on that would people be ok with it?
17:27:24Tornewhich machine do these things run on?
17:27:39gevaertsTheme site and forums run on scorche's server
17:27:58Torneso i guess they could access each other's dbs
17:28:05TorneSSO is still difficult
17:28:15Torneyou can share the user database fairly easily
17:28:19gevaertsThere is one possible issue: we ask for a real name on the theme site, we don't on the forums
17:28:21Tornebut, actually only having to sign on once is fiddly
17:28:32Tornebecause of cookie paths and argh horrible web security nonsense
17:29:40 Join Ward [0] (
17:30:04 Nick Ward is now known as Guest554 (
17:30:27amayer_if we are worried about security im probably not the right guy for this job. i can hack something together that works but i dont know how to test for security(self taught web dev)
17:30:43Torneno, i don't mean you need to be worried about security
17:30:58Tornei mean, that the security mechanisms implemented in browsers make it nontrivial to have a single sign on between different websites
17:31:10Torneyou can share hte user db such that the same login details work on both things, that's easy
17:31:20Tornebut actually making it so that you can just log in once and both sites recognise you is harder
17:32:39gevaerts is probably useful
17:33:28amayer_gevaerts: are you suggesting we cheat?
17:33:30amayer_thats not proper hacker form
17:33:44amayer_*looks over shoulder* opens link
17:33:57gevaertsI'm suggesting that if we do this, we should use a mechanism that will still work three years from now :)
17:34:37amayer_i know. this looks pretty simple. assuming scorche isnt running 2 seperate virtual servers
17:34:45gevaertsNo, it's the same machine
17:34:57Tornethe forum will need to be reconfigured to use a different cookie path
17:34:59Torneit hink
17:35:35Torneyeah, currently it sets the cookei for which means the themesite won't be able to see the login
17:35:37amayer_possibly but that should be easy.
17:36:06Torneif it gets cahgned to * you need to look out for anything else on that domain that uses php which may have clashing ideas about PHPSESSID
17:36:14amayer_if we just modify it to register to '' then it will be seen by all under that domain right?
17:36:24Torneyes, which may break other things under that domain :)
17:36:44amayer_oh... ok
17:36:46Tornebecause PHP has this horrible generically named cookie that can easily clash between apps
17:37:13Torneif the SMF integration stuff works with only its own cookie and the changed path only applies to that one, then that's fine
17:38:20amayer_can you do a list with cookies? ','
17:38:58Tornethat would be a hideous security risk
17:39:16Torne(you could set cookies for other sites with it)
17:39:25 Join mystica555 [0] (
17:39:48Torneanyway, it looks like smf actually has api support for this so it's just a matter of.. details
17:39:49amayer_maybe just generate 2 cookies at login? not pretty but i think it would work
17:45:48 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
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20:17:31AlexPFreeze tomorrow chaps
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23:06:51^7heohowdy :)
23:06:58 Part amayer_
23:07:15^7heoI have a brand new Philips GoGEAR ViBE SA4VBE04KN
23:07:21^7heoDoes it run rockbox?
23:07:33^7heoIt seems not, but I would like to check, just to be sure
23:12:30pamaury^7heo: no it doesn't
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