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#rockbox log for 2013-02-19

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00:59:36JdGordon[Saint]: <- think of any other things potentially blocking this from happening? please add them to the list
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06:13:05XFaCEI have a Clip Zip, ver. bc05242-130218, and I have one OGG file on my device, yet for some reason when setting up the database it is finding 1094 entries, and then stopping.
06:14:08XFaCEthere is a playlist.ignore file in the .rockbox directory
06:14:39XFaCEand the OGG file won't play, so I was assuming that the database had to be set up first
06:15:32XFaCEa disk integrity chkdsk /f scan revealed no problems, so doesn't seem to be related to the earlier bug regarding database construction
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06:43:50JdGordonXFaCE: the ogg is the only music track on the devidce?
06:48:01XFaCEturns out it was the way foobar2000 embeds cue sheets
06:48:26XFaCEsorry to bother you all
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08:00:53zhaorit seem download link of 3.12 build of sansa zip is still broken ?
08:01:21zhaor is none
08:01:41zhaor is also none
08:02:16JdGordonwhen did it switch to being a stable target? If that happened after the 3.12 builds then that is expected
08:02:22zhaorDo rockbox team aware of this ?
08:02:36JdGordonyou can use the dev build, untill the next release happens (should be able a week)
08:02:55[Saint]JdGordon: Wanna hate me? I've had another one of my ideas again...
08:03:08*JdGordon checks his todo list....
08:03:13JdGordonits pretty long already... but shoot
08:03:24zhaorit is not available until about couple of days ago i think
08:03:41JdGordonok, that would make sense, the website needs to be fixed to handle this
08:03:48JdGordonuse the dev build for the time being
08:03:50[Saint]A place in the settings that tmemes can drop their on per-theme (the currently loaded theme only) settings into.
08:03:51zhaormaybe it is now considered as stable ?
08:04:33JdGordon[Saint]: we've discussed this a bajillion times :) we cant agree on how it should be done
08:04:39JdGordonsame issue as per theme translation
08:05:02JdGordonzhaor: yes, but we only do releases every 3 months or so, so it will be in the next one (about a week)
08:05:30*[Saint] prods the build client
08:05:35[Saint]it's hung
08:05:47JdGordonprod gevaerts then :)
08:05:54[Saint]I'll switch mine off in case its me.
08:06:11[Saint]"2013-02-19 19:34:55 Server message: 1 build remaining
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08:08:00zhaoroh okay thanks for the information JdGordon
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08:10:08[Saint]Build should have been done 39m 12s ago, at 19:30:51
08:11:21*[Saint] thinks it's actually kinda cool that the build table does this.
08:12:04[Saint]It's a little non-cool that the build farm doesn't automagically decide to kill the current round after X, though.
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08:14:41[Saint]Do we need a Swede to kick the build farm?
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08:17:15JdGordon[Saint]: I thought it did... yeah wait for mr magic hands
08:18:01[Saint]...have been all my life.
08:18:06JdGordonI build remaining, probably the android changes that happened overnight
08:18:29JdGordonas for skin settings, yeah, add it to the wishlist
08:18:33[Saint]I doubt it, but, possibly. I can build for Android fine.
08:18:34JdGordonand come up with a real use
08:18:46JdGordonthe buildsystem changes, not code
08:19:19[Saint]Oh, I know, it's a very trivial change and my client has been set up for API16 for an age.
08:19:25[Saint]Since kugel changed it initially.
08:19:46JdGordonhow do you know its your client?
08:20:19[Saint]I don't. On the contrary, I now know it isn't.
08:20:35[Saint]But, if it were waiting on a client to build for was missing me out entirely.
08:22:02[Saint]Hum...that guy didn't file a bug against the advanced EQ settings.
08:22:20[Saint](IMO, that's point-release worthy kinda stuff)
08:22:44JdGordonno it isnt
08:22:54JdGordonit was broken by my change
08:23:00JdGordonso fixed before the next release
08:23:20[Saint]Oh, it's fixed currently? I missed that.
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08:24:41[Saint]Weird, Chrome is being a douche. I see it now. Whoops.
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08:32:33*[Saint] spots a Swede
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09:30:56lorenzo92pamaury: UART on Z5 done, it wasn't working because of a wrong integer type while copying the code to new standard ^^
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09:34:42JdGordon[Saint]: what's your immediate reaction so subviewports? (really just a runtime resizeble rectange which can be positioned and sized relative to the actual viewport and other subvp's in this viewport?
09:35:11JdGordonit would be really stupid, you'd have a single tag which says how to position one point relative to another (i.e above viewport 'A' +5)
09:35:16JdGordonback in 10 :/
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09:36:24[Saint]My immediate reaction: "What would the use case be?"
09:49:32JdGordon[Saint]: the reason to do this (instead of real viewports) is because i want to fix the skin list implementation to be 100% like a normal skin, (so it doesnt do lots of special casing), which means alot of values and positions need to be movable at runtime (think line height or line length, or indent width)... this would then be also usable for things like button bars (add dynamic spacing so the one .wps can fit on multiple screen sizes)
09:49:59JdGordonso this would be part 1), part 2 would be reworking the ucrrent list tags to be more usable
09:50:15JdGordonI need to wiki this before it goes out of my head (and no time to start implementing for a few days prob)
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10:20:36JdGordon[Saint]: <- i've braindumped there, if you can tell me how to make that more usable i'm all ears
10:20:49JdGordonthe tags arent completly thought out but the idea shoud work
10:33:27lorenzo92pamaury: find the two main causes of failure...1) udelay registers are broken, perhaps wrong include 2) set_pin_function wasn't correctly working, I used the dirty but working define I used in my playground code i'll let you know later ;)
10:34:11gevaertsJdGordon: prodding me won't fix that sort of thing
10:34:41gevaertsHm, actually
10:35:26lorenzo92pamaury: moreover, lcd height is not 150, but 160 :p
10:36:26gevaertsZagor: I get "Server message: Fatal build error: Command not found. You have been temporarily disabled". Any chance of finding out *which* command?
10:38:17*lorenzo92 Samsung YP-Z5 tells me a Hello World, not only from uart but also from LCD :p
10:39:01Zagorgevaerts: I'll look
10:40:29lorenzo92pamaury: great! got a panic on screen ^^
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10:44:56[Saint]Build should have been done 193m 42s ago, at 19:30:51, heh
10:47:57[Saint]JdGordon: Is it possible for you to extend your changes to the "q" value in the EQ to gain as well?
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10:55:51Zagorgevaerts: ../tools/configure: line 3661: i686-linux-android-gcc: command not found
10:56:47gevaertsOK, so probably it's best to disable android-x86 again until we know more
10:59:05gevaertsZagor: ok, builds file updated. Can you kill this running build (and maybe start a new one with the new builds file to see if all is well now)?
11:14:10lorenzo92pamaury: fixing system includes....
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11:32:38JdGordon[Saint]: grab the change, make your change, push to gerrit, bug me after release :p
11:33:33gevaertsZagor: is it expected that that build round is still going?
11:35:15Zagorgevaerts: no, it's a bug. trying to locate it.
11:35:47JdGordonlorenzo92: are you pushing anything going to lcd_puts() to the uart? are you doing it in a portable way?
11:35:58JdGordonI'd like that for a target im toying with porting
11:36:33lorenzo92JDGordon: still no official way of doing it, in fact I was thinking how to put it into rockbox in a nice way
11:36:46lorenzo92because for sure logf should be redirected here
11:50:21 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:56:32Zagorgevaerts: everything updated and reran now
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15:15:55copperIf given a choice, should I get a Fuze v1 or Fuze v2, for use with Rockbox?
15:16:18copperThe rockbox page seems to indicate some USB and battery life issues with the v1.
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16:43:20webguest42Hi, Sansa Clip+. Installed Rockbox yesterday and playing songs successfully. Today connected via USB, device drivers not successful and now frozen with USB plug icon on screen. Not responsive to any buttons. Any help? Thx.
16:46:26 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
16:48:51copperwebguest42: hold the power button until it turns itself off (can take a while)
16:49:32webguest42OK, I'll try that, thx.
16:49:54copperexpect 10-15 seconds
16:51:04webguest42ah powered off now, I'll try powering back on and connecting again to see if it will load drivers and recognise it
16:52:33webguest42yes, it installed drivers and lets me in again now. Thanks. Is this something that will keep happening?
16:53:49lorenzo92someone with some hints about reversing a linux kernel? I have the uncompressed image...
16:54:15copperwebguest42: yeah it happens sometimes7
16:54:54webguest42OK, at least I know what to do now, instead of panic !!! Many thanks for your help :-)
16:55:03 Join Timmay [0] (~hexade@
16:55:27TimmayHey all wanted to thank the devs, installed your product on my Sansa Fuze 4gb Version 2, it works pretty good
16:56:40copperwebguest42: you can also boot the original firmware if needed: hold Left while powering on
16:57:12webguest42Just for info, the main reason I installed Rockbox was for the Channel balance feature. I'm partially deaf in one ear, and now I can listen with the stereo balanced properly in my head, thank you so much !!
16:57:21copperah, nice
16:57:54copperTimmay: no chance you would sell it to me? :P
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16:58:10TimmayAhh my friend, no chance anybody would want it
16:58:17TimmayI had to cut the screen out, it was so damaged
16:58:20webguest42Ah, I wondered how you boot up into sansa firmware, but I don't think there will be much chance of me wanting to do that now :-)
16:58:36TimmayWell, the plastic cover for the screen anyways
16:58:49TimmayNow some light from the backlight peaks through, plus it looks pretty...well bad
16:59:32TimmayI'd take 10 more in a heartbeat though
17:00:15TimmayMaybe only put Rockbox on 1/2 of them though, it's a glove that fits, but it probably wouldn't convict OJ
17:01:27webguest42Whilst I'm here, 1 more Q if I may. I am also longsighted so needed to increase the font and I get the top line top half in yellow and bottom half in blue, is that normal?
17:01:31TimmayI'd like to see it on a faster device myself, one without hardware or button issues
17:03:06copperwebguest42: settings -> general settings -> display -> lcd settings -> lcd mode
17:03:49webguest42bum, I looked everywhere in the manual for that - LOL!! Thx, I'll give that a go.
17:05:01 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
17:05:30copperwebguest42: you're probably in "inverted" mode
17:07:08 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 18.0.2/20130201190337])
17:07:10webguest42just tried that, and I was in normal mode, changed to inverted, and that made the top line whilst playing all black, but the rest I didn't like, so changed back. Let me explain better ..........
17:07:34webguest42I've set a font at 14 pt
17:07:58webguest42The line under the icons is split half yellow and half blue
17:08:06webguest42the actual text
17:09:11webguest42I'm guessing, but the top line is meant to be in the yellow icons section of the screen, increasing the font put part of it in the blue section??
17:09:21copperyeah that's normal and I don't think you can work around it except by setting a lower font size
17:10:09webguest42Ok, it's not a biggie, just wanted to make sure I wasn't being more stupid than normal
17:13:08 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
17:13:12webguest42Just like to say what a polite and friendly channel this is, many thanks for all your help. I'll definitely be back if I come across anything else I can't figure out - normally I'm pretty good at these things. Cheers.
17:15:53copperI can't decide between a Fuze v1/2 and a Fuze+
17:15:58coppersomebody heeelp
17:16:19copperthe touchpad on the Fuze+ is worrying me
17:16:24 Quit webguest42 (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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18:07:25 Part Timmay ("Silentium est aureum")
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18:33:49AlexPZagor: Did you see my email?
18:34:19 Join Wardo [0] (
18:43:08 Part eckoit
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18:57:45ZagorAlexP: I did. will fix it soonish.
18:57:59AlexPZagor: Great, thanks very much
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22:45:03mrtuxI can't seem to get my ipod running rockbox to mount on my linux system
22:45:56gevaertsWhich model ipod?
22:46:11mrtuxipod mini 1g
22:46:21mrtuxlinux distro is arch
22:46:32gevaertsDoes dmesg say anything useful?
22:46:58 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:47:01mrtuxlemme pastebin it
22:47:22 Join shamus [0] (
22:48:16gevaertsWell, that looks correct
22:48:42mrtuxls /dev | grep -i sd before the ipod is plugged in doesn't have sdc
22:49:04mrtuxthen when it is, it shows just sdc and the usual sd* devices.
22:49:21gevaertsHm, it doesn't see partitions?
22:49:35mrtuxjust sc
22:49:48mrtuxcfdisk /dev/sdc doesn't work either.
22:50:51ukleinekmrtux: if it did, you'd see /dev/sdc1 et al., too
22:50:58mrtuxYes I know.
22:50:58gevaertsI assume things work finr in the ipod emergency disk mode or original firmware?
22:51:06mrtuxLet me check that.
22:51:26gelraenmaybe it has fs over whole device, without any partitions?
22:51:38gevaertsgelraen: it wouldn't boot in that case
22:51:41mrtuxI am unsure really.
22:52:02mrtuxOkay now in apple's firmware i see sdc, sdc1, sdc2
22:52:34ukleinekmrtux: how big is /dev/sdc? Does its size correspond to one of the devices with the apple firmware?
22:52:52mrtuxI'm not too good with linux, how can I check?
22:53:01gevaertsI'd try disabling HID in rockbox
22:53:58mrtux/dev/sdc2 seems to be where my music is on.
22:53:58ukleinekmrtux: cat /sys/block/sdc/size
22:54:32gevaertsYou mean with HID disabled?
22:54:38mrtuxohh, dunno.
22:54:46mrtuxit works now, that's all i care about
22:56:17 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
22:58:37gevaertsHow do you mean? It's now working with rockbox and HID still enabled?
22:58:52 Quit froggyman (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:00:35mrtuxIt mounts, I can access the directories.
23:01:13gevaertsA bit weird it didn't work earlier then, but ok...
23:02:31mrtuxif i run into problems, i'll disable hid.
23:03:39gevaertshid has caused problems in the past, and it still does on other devices, but it should be fine on the chipset in the mini these days. You never know though
23:09:19mrtuxIt's working on the rockbox firmware too
23:09:21mrtuxdat systemd...
23:11:26 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:11:26mrtuxit gives devices weird names sometimes
23:14:15 Quit dfkt (Remote host closed the connection)
23:19:42 Quit amayer_ (Quit: amayer_)
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