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#rockbox log for 2013-02-20

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00:18:15XFaCEHere's an usual one
00:18:52XFaCEif I have an album title that has a ":", and I want to add album art to the .rockbox/albumart folder, what do I substitute in the file name for ":"?
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01:00:50JdGordonXFaCE: don't put your AA there, put it as folder.jpg in the same folder as te music
01:00:56JdGordonits easier
01:01:21XFaCEJdGordon: ok
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02:47:18[Saint]bluebrother^: "so any file the PC is looking for on it is a file the PC is looking on it" just about made my head explode. :)
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04:32:00JdGordon[Saint]: did you happent o get a chance to read the wiki brain dump i wrote up last night?
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04:50:35[Saint]JdGordon: I haven't read it in full yet, no.
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06:11:49JdGordonsaratoga: would it be easy enough to get EQ band peak values so we could have a nice eq display on the wps?
06:12:04JdGordon(I may be asking for the wrong thing...)
06:12:38*JdGordon is in the fuze OF looking at if it has anything which cant be done in a skin currently
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06:38:37*JdGordon just found the code to draw a peak histogram and wonders if that can be WPS-able
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07:30:53saratoga_JdGordon: what did you mean?
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07:31:38JdGordonI guess I'm asking if the peak meters can be extendd to more than just left/right
07:33:42saratoga_not sure what you meant by band peak values
07:33:51saratoga_do you mean how much energy is in that frequency band?
07:34:41JdGordoni dont know :) I want to make it possible to have a nice moving display on the wps
07:34:55saratoga_the EQ just defines a filter that modifies the gain for different frequencies
07:35:20saratoga_you could have parallel bandpass filters that use similar settings i guess and use them to assess how much energy there is
07:35:52saratoga_isn't that what the FFT plugin does?
07:37:52JdGordoncool (never actually opeend that plugin) I'd like to be able to get the bars values in the wps
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07:41:43saratoga_theres a fair amount of effort involved in calculating those bars
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07:43:16JdGordonoh well
07:44:15saratoga_its probably not too slow to actually calculate, but we don't normally compute that info
07:44:40saratoga_so you have to call the FFT, and then i guess sum different bands so that the log spaced frequencies people here are mapped onto the linear spaced FFT bins
07:46:20JdGordonok, I guess I assumed it was just some value which could be stored away (or calc-ed pretty cheaply) as the audio is being proceessed anyway
07:46:23JdGordonnever mind then
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07:55:57*[Saint] doesn't quite understand the difference between the FFT plugin doing what it does, and doing what the FFT plugin does with some magic tag(s) in the skin engine
07:56:22[Saint]Surely all the math is pretty much there already?
07:58:10[Saint]FFT's linear 'bars" display looks like what you'd want.
07:59:25[Saint]The dullard in me thinks "If that plugin can do it, why can't the skin engine?", but there's likely a lot I'm miassing.
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08:00:40saratoga_i think the problem is that you could only do that if that plugin where running and producing data
08:00:51saratoga_which would mean having it running in the background somehow
08:01:32saratoga_or i guess compiling it into the skin engine
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08:41:36*JdGordon thinks he's worked out how to do repeating viewports (for playlist viewer and skin lists) but doesnt know if it is hideous or not :(
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09:49:53[Saint]JdGordon: here's a - possibly - good one: Could we get the (file based) album art for the currently selected item in the filebrowser and/or database for use with the sbs?
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10:05:52JdGordon[Saint]: I dont tihnk so... not easily or without smashing the buffer
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10:11:30lorenzo92[Saint]: this would be cool for pictureflow too ;)
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10:41:22lorenzo92pamaury: linux logging says this about usb, something you was taliking about...[BSP] BUG FIX of TB1 defact - partly enabled USBPHY
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11:13:04lorenzo92TheSeven: any idea how to load a kernel image (uncompressed) in IDA?
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11:49:12JdGordondoes the scroll engine use the viewport at all when a line is added?
11:49:57kugelJdGordon: yes
11:50:08kugellorenzo92: "just throw it at ida"?
11:50:45lorenzo92kugel: hum okay but then I have no clues i.e. no registers address I can recognize :(
11:50:56JdGordoncrikey, how on earth does it not crash more often? the viewports coming from the skin engine isnt safeguarded around buflib moves
11:51:09kugelperhaps you need to figure out the load address
11:51:10JdGordonI wonder if that has anything to do with the themes randomly being able to break things
11:51:53 Quit JdGord (Quit: Bye)
11:54:40lorenzo92kugel: it is 0x1000, but i'm confused whether i need to use it as entry point or load address or so
11:57:32lorenzo92kugel: maybe I can simply try using entry point as 0x0
11:58:03kugellorenzo92: load address == entry point for uncompressed images
11:58:48kugel0x1000 seems like an unusual load address though
11:59:40kugellorenzo92: you should probably use 0x0 if the kernel is relocatable but I think that's not that common for ARM system
12:00:17lorenzo92indeed, not sure then hum
12:00:35Torneneither 0 nor 0x1000 is a valid load address for an ARM linux kernel
12:01:08 Join robin0800 [0] (
12:01:30Tornethe linux boot protocol for ARM assumes there is at least 16KB of memory available below the image
12:01:32 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
12:01:36TorneThe standard place ot load is 32KB into ram
12:01:47Torneie 0x8000
12:02:04Tornebut anywhere with at least 16KB of free memory below it is possible
12:02:19lorenzo92Torne: ahhh right, I had a clue from a bootloader, but no confirmation, thanks, I'll try
12:02:21pixelmaXFaCE: also (last sentence). Or take the manual of the player of your choice
12:02:22Torne(it uses that 16kb of memory for initial pagetables and for its stack while parsing ATAGs)
12:02:56 Join Robin0800 [0] (
12:03:21pixelmaXFaCE: last paragraph is what I meant
12:03:27Tornealso, uncompressed images are not generally a thing
12:03:42Tornenormally it would be a zImage
12:04:27Torneloading vmlinux directly is weird and not really supported
12:04:53kugelwhy should it be unsupported?
12:05:04Torneit just is ;)
12:05:12kugelthe config option allows no compression
12:05:23Torneer, what config option?
12:05:26JdGordonTorne: do you mean unsupported by bootloaders?
12:05:27lorenzo92Torne: the name is "Image", not compressed, is this a zImage you think?
12:05:43TorneJdGordon: i mean unsupported by the Linux kernel developers
12:06:43lorenzo92i.e. Z5's bootloader loads this in the ram and then calls it (let me find out where and how)
12:06:44JdGordonI'm gonna go ahead and call bs... we load vmlinux binaries directly at work
12:07:08kugelhm, no, it actually doesnt allow that
12:07:15JdGordonunless we're taking the zImage and renaming it vmlinux
12:07:22Torneyou may well be :)
12:07:41Tornethe zImage relocates and decompresses itself, the bootloader doesn't have to do anything special
12:07:47Tornejust load it into ram and jump to the start
12:08:04lorenzo92it loads at 0x60008000
12:08:13Tornethis is different to, say, having a compressed uImage which u-boot actually decompresses itself
12:08:15lorenzo92where 0x60000000 is the start of the dram
12:08:26Tornelorenzo92: right, that's teh standard boot protocol
12:08:36Tornei would expect it's loading a zImage, it may not be, but that's the usual way
12:08:41lorenzo92so how would you load it in ida?
12:08:52wodzlorenzo92: quick test, how big this file is?
12:09:01Torneyou need to pull the piggy off of it and uncompress the payload ;)
12:09:16kugelif it's compressed decompress it manually before loading it in ida
12:09:19Torneand work out the address that the decompressed kernel will have been relocated to
12:09:22Tornewhich may not be the same
12:09:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:09:37Torneyeah, how big is the binary?
12:09:39lorenzo92wodz: ah don't worry it is for sure uncompressed. the recovery blob sent to ram is *compressed* -> ~500 kb; the image on nand is about 1.1 mb
12:09:55wodz1MB is zImage for sure
12:10:05Tornewhat does "file" say it is? :)
12:10:07lorenzo92yes, indeed, moreover I have plain strings
12:10:31lorenzo92Torne: data, binary file of course
12:10:42Tornewhy "of course"?
12:10:50Tornemost linux image formats are recognisable by file :)
12:10:53TornezImages are ;)
12:11:01lorenzo92so it's not actually
12:11:08Torneat least, x86 ones are
12:11:11Tornei dunno about ARM :)
12:11:12lorenzo92file Image
12:11:14lorenzo92Image: data
12:11:32Torneanyway, if it has strings from the whole kernel then it's uncompressed, obviously
12:11:33lorenzo92maybe I place here the link to it?
12:13:32TorneJdGordon: anyway, i didn't say it doesn't work :)
12:13:36lorenzo92for who's interested:
12:13:44Tornewell, it works on ARM, anyway
12:13:56Torneit doesn't always work on x86, because the setup code is doing other things as well
12:14:12Torneso then you get into whether your bootloader is loading using linux16 or linux32
12:14:45Tornein general you aren't supposed to boot uncompressed images and there's rarely a reason to do so
12:15:03Torne(except XIP but that's a different kind of loading altogether)
12:16:07lorenzo92I guess here it is done so because of embedded system + startup spee
12:16:18Tornebooting a zImage is basically always faster, though :)
12:16:36Tornethe decompression is very cheap; loading an uncompressed kernel from storage is much slower, on almost every system
12:22:07JdGordonloading over TFTP sucks ass!
12:22:20JdGordonloading a 180MB image over TFTP is almost enough to go postal
12:35:17 Quit Robin0800 (Remote host closed the connection)
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12:53:27JdGordonkugel: how about just using an extra bit in the line flags to redraw the line selector during the scroll?
12:53:54JdGordoni know it sucks, but I really want to nuke list.c befoe the next release (3.14)
12:54:23JdGordonat which point it would be done much more cleanly
12:55:28JdGordonit looks like there is plnety of bits free in the flags field
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12:57:11JdGordon(the way it would be done much cleaner is having the line selection and other decorations drawn onto the backdrop layer so the scroll engine and all of firmware only deals with the text)
12:57:22 Quit Robin0800 (Client Quit)
12:57:22JdGordon99% of the UI in the core is the list
12:59:25 Join Robin0800 [0] (
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13:04:15wodzSo lets write UI in lisp :P list processing is its strength
13:04:39JdGordonno, skin syntax is more readable :)
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13:32:15gelraenno it's not
13:32:30gelraenit has more different characters
13:32:39gelraenwhile lisp has only ()
13:33:09gelraenso to read lisp you need to know less => it's more readable
13:33:46 Quit Robin0800 (Client Quit)
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13:34:56gevaertsgelraen: .. ... .. - .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.−− ..−−.. ...-.-
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13:39:02gelraengevaerts, -.−− . .- ....
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13:53:38lorenzo92... −−- ...
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17:13:20wodzfunman: (in case you missed it)
17:43:49 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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17:55:15funmanwodz: i had not seen it indeed
17:57:59funmana6409c868663a90673147e6f778ea310f08d4f24 ?
18:00:28 Join ender| [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
18:01:14 Join mt [0] (~quassel@
18:01:16 Nick mt is now known as mt` (~quassel@
18:06:39funmanyeah that's it
18:06:54wodzhow the hell get back to main menu from WPS in clip zip
18:07:03wodzI mean in sim
18:07:40funmanwodz: insert
18:07:47funmani found it by looking in uisimulator/buttonmap/
18:08:15wodzheh, fft core dump in simulator :-)
18:08:36funmanyep, same her
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18:12:54 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:13:24 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
18:13:56wodzjhMikeS: look at logs :-)
18:14:07funmanthe backtrace doesn't make sense
18:14:18funman#0 0x00007f8bb1c8255a in draw_lines_vertical (this_max=<optimized out>, graph_max=276643) at /media/dev/rockbox/apps/plugins/fft/fft.c:727
18:14:21funman727 bins_acc += LCD_WIDTH;
18:15:51wodzI get #0 0x00007fffe83b74b8 in draw_lines_vertical (this_max=299944, graph_max=299944) at /home/wodz/rockbox/apps/plugins/fft/fft.c:722
18:16:05 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
18:16:07wodz(after compiling with -O0)
18:16:13funmanplot = 0x0
18:18:10 Join Wardo [0] (
18:19:06funmanah keymap is not defined for clip zip
18:30:05wodzfunman: it is, sansaclipzip.h #define CONFIG_KEYPAD SANSA_CLIP_PAD and SANSA_CLIP_PAD is supported
18:31:59 Join ender` [0] (
18:32:47 Join lennyy [0] (
18:33:36 Quit lennyy (Client Quit)
18:34:50funmanah i missed it
18:35:03funmanFFT_FREQ_SCALE isn't defined though
18:37:17 Quit lorenzo92 (Remote host closed the connection)
18:41:21 Join Prodicus [0] (
18:41:22wodzyeah, clip sim crashes as well
18:46:14ProdicusI know n1s did a bunch of work on Opus in Oct-Dec which got checked in upstream, but a quick git search doesn't show that work having been merged in Rockbox. Anybody know what happened with that?
18:46:33Prodicus(I haven't looked through the code, maybe it got merged and I'm not seeing it)
18:50:19 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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19:42:59 Join gareth_ [0] (
19:45:52gareth_hello everyone, I'm looking into making a plugin for rockbox that will phase-invert (cancel) known-repeatable background audio.. things like fans or a motor, stuff that makes a constant, predictable sound, has anyone attempted something like this before?
19:48:33 Join Robin0800 [0] (
19:49:10gareth_and before it comes up; yes I know I could just go buy noise-cancelling headphones, but I don't want to, this is purely an experiment of pushing "limeted hardware" to it's limits
19:50:14 Quit prof_wolfff (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:50:53coppergareth_: better than noise cancelling headphones: IEMs with Comply tips
19:51:24scorche|shwell, that goes for any passively isolating IEMs...
19:51:52coppernot any
19:52:02 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
19:52:06copperthose cheap IEMs with spherical silicon tips don't isolate very well
19:52:14gareth_that doesn't really work in my use-case
19:52:18 Join wodz [0] (
19:53:46 Part eckoit
19:55:39gareth_scorche|sh: lol on that second link, as I actually know someone who *does* clip their DAP to their hat while using it! but again, this is different, or so it seems, because I was thinking of using an iRiver iHP-140, the one with built-in optical jacks
19:56:27scorche|shgareth_: i am not saying that it cant be done - i am just showing you other instances where people have suggested similar things
19:56:57gareth_the potential for a very high quality sample is there with this device.. and the sample, for my use-case at least, would really only have to be taken once
19:57:11scorche|shthen feel free to implement it ;)
19:58:12gareth_when I asked if anyone has attempted it, I was more wondering if there was any actual work done with the thought, any code or math I could build on
19:58:27 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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19:58:31 Quit froggyman (Changing host)
19:58:31 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
19:58:53scorche|shno, there isnt
19:59:05gareth_i see
19:59:26Garethhrm. got all excited when my nick alert light up. alas. :)
20:00:12scorche|shGareth: i checked the hostmask to see if it was you ;)
20:00:22gareth_Gareth: whoooops.. I forgot to identify and /nick sorry!
20:00:41 Quit gareth_ (Changing host)
20:00:41 Join gareth_ [0] (~gareth@unaffiliated/gartral)
20:00:58gareth_nick gartral
20:01:01 Nick gareth_ is now known as gartral (~gareth@unaffiliated/gartral)
20:01:21gartralthere, no more annoying the other gareth
20:01:26Garethgartral: no worries. its rare to encounter another 'Gareth' :)
20:02:00Garethscorche|sh: funny enough. I did too. :)
20:06:48 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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20:49:57jhMikeSfunman: maybe it's stack related?
20:51:27jhMikeSfunman: how is oscilloscope? any problems there?
20:52:53 Quit pxb (Quit: leaving)
20:55:46 Part eckoit
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22:40:15funmanjhMikeS: oscilloscope looks fine
22:55:49 Join pxb [0] (~pxb@2001:1b40:5600:e00::5079:3edb)
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