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#rockbox log for 2013-02-21

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04:09:00[Saint]Is there any specific reason the bootloader(s) can't be changed to "hold any button during boot boots the OF"?
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04:27:08JdGordon[Saint]: probably because that would trigger accidental presses, and we also dont want to poll every button on every target
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05:09:39JdGordon[Saint]: ping?
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06:39:05PurlingNayukiI'd like to know how to add up the bands number of equalizer and any one know that?
06:49:00JdGordonPurlingNayuki: I don't understand what you're asking
06:49:29PurlingNayukiI'd like to get more bands of equalizer
06:50:08PurlingNayukiI've checked the git change log and thought that I'm now able to do that, thx anyway.
06:50:09JdGordonso modify libs/rbcodec/dsp/eq.h there is a #define in there which says how many there are
06:50:32PurlingNayukiAny other files to modify?
06:50:36JdGordonyou can bumpt that up to 32, then you need to fiddle with apps/settings_list.c so you can actually save them
06:50:44PurlingNayukisettings_list.c I think
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08:34:22kugelJdGordon: ping
08:39:57kugelyou mentioned you possibly found a skin engine bug recently?
08:40:27JdGordonrecently when? last night?
08:41:53JdGordonyeah, I'm not actually sure it would cause a crash, but wierd stuff maybe
08:42:15JdGordonthe possible issue is with a scrolling line's viewport pointer being wrong after a buffer move
08:43:18kugelthat could possibly explain some strangenesses on the fms with scrolling rds text
08:43:22kugelI'm happy to test out a fix
08:44:19JdGordonI don't have one
08:44:35JdGordonI thougfht about it while driving home from work yesterday and didnt really think much more of it
08:45:12JdGordonand I've no idea how to actually fix it without rmeoving the viewport struct from the scroller (which I've mentioned in your ml email as a potentially good idea)
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08:46:51JdGordonhmm, how does the list draw partial lines at the top when doing a touch scroll?
08:46:55kugelJdGordon: couldn't you stop scrolling (the entire engine) in the move callback?
08:47:07JdGordonwe dont register fora move callback
08:47:14JdGordonwhich potentially is a nother issue
08:47:25JdGordonit shouldnt be needed
08:48:44JdGordonthat would be worth investigating though, register for it and force a full redraw when it happens (as well as scroll stop)
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08:50:41kugelactually i doubt it's causing the rds issues, as it persits even after re-entering the fms (which should refresh the scroll engine's vp pointer)
08:52:41JdGordonis that the same crash as the radio art one?
08:53:16kugelthis cabbie doesnt have radio art
08:55:53JdGordonwhich FS afre you talking about?
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09:12:00JdGordonI don't know anything aout that, and no rds capable targts
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09:51:58*JdGordon has repeating viewports POC working
09:52:29DBUGEnqueued KICK JdGordon
09:52:45JdGordon^ that will display the track title 6 times...
09:52:51JdGordonsuper useful demo, but it works :)
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10:12:16JdGordonand that *just works* for the wps playlist viewer :) bye bye a ton of redundant code
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10:42:41lebelliumhum what's the procedure to install rockbox on a C200v1 without MSC mode? The RB manual assumes there is a MSC setting, which is wrong
10:43:22Tornethat shouldn't be wrong :/
10:43:47Torneas far as i recall the gigabeat is the only thing we actually install in mtp mode on
10:44:46lebelliumI have a recovery mode (16MB drive) to put firmware files but then I need to find an already patched firmware
10:45:28lebelliumbut I'm sure there is no MSC setting in my firmware 01.01.05P. hum
10:48:44lebelliumoh got it!
10:48:47lebelliumcool :)
10:49:58Tornesend a patch to the manual?
10:50:04Tornei guess some firmware versions have the option and some don't?
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10:50:50lebelliumyes I guess some OF versions have a MSC setting. So we just need this additionnal line in the manual "Assuming the device is off, turn it on, then engage the hold switch and press (and hold) the rewind button. Plug the device in your computer. If done correctly, the Sansa will be recognized as an MSC device. "
10:51:38lebelliumor maybe I missed it in the manual. I should double check
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11:17:06wodzpamaury: any chance to look at rk27xx usb issue?
11:17:18pamauryok, i'll have a look today
11:18:37pixelmayes, most c200v1 OF versions had the setting, only 1 or 2 didn't, IIRC
11:20:10JdGordon[Saint]: and this is the wps to do it....
11:22:47pamaurywodz: the problem is still the same ? error whe writing huge files ?
11:22:57wodzpamaury: yes
11:23:45wodzpamaury: Well the file doesn't have to be that huge. Sometimes it is not possible to write 1-2MB file without error
11:24:15wodzover 10MB always triggers for me
11:25:29wodzJdGordon: massive skin breakage on the way?
11:26:55JdGordonwodz: Not really, the current list item tags may change, and the playlistviewer tag is being removed, but otherwise it shouldnt break anything
11:27:09JdGordonand I dont tihnk there are many users for them
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11:27:47wodzJdGordon: its not that I complain
11:29:35JdGordonmy intention is to move to 90% skin drawn ui before the next release (which really means just the lists)
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11:30:54*JdGordon figures the more he talks about it, the more he'll look like a puts if it doesnt get done
11:30:59JdGordonself motivation FTW!
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11:35:43evilnick_Zagor: (for the logs) I can't get Wiki search to work correctly for me, seems to redirect me back to the same page without returning any results :(
11:36:51pixelmaevilnick_: happened to me too
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21:36:02[Saint]JdGordon: I see absolutely no correlation between the .wps and the resultant screen.
21:37:35[Saint](perhaps using track number/title wasn't the best for example...I don't know)
21:38:51[Saint]I can understand wanting to duplicate the same viewport N times in repetition, but, I don't quite undertsand the want to duplicate the content as well.
21:39:46[Saint]Nor why %ia/n returns any other value other than the currently playing tracks position/title
21:40:51[Saint]"Note: Tags will behave completely differently inside a child viewport than out" - probably not the best/clearest message for the manual ;)
21:43:19[Saint]If I read that how I think it _should_ behave, you should have 6 "4 - Misfortunes of Virtue" up there.
21:46:00[Saint]{remember that the %i tags are only supposed to return data for the *current* track, and the %I tags return data only for the next track - the usage displayed in the screenshow and wps sample breaks this assumption}
21:46:33[Saint]== confuzzled users
21:46:46kugelI agree we should avoid overloading tags
21:47:26kugelor at least do it carefully
21:47:45kugel(the wps tags that are also usable in the fms are sensible)
21:48:06[Saint]I think "this tag does Foo, but only when used in Bar, and does Baz at all other times" is a "Bad Idea" (TM)
21:48:19[Saint]we've not run out of tags yet.
21:49:19kugelyou're right
21:50:08*[Saint] points out that he loves the simplicity of repeating viewports easily, and that his dislike lies with what's happening with the content therein only.
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23:43:28JdGordon[Saint]: yeah, it will take some getting used to
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