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#rockbox log for 2013-02-22

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00:17:25JdGordon[Saint]: its a bad example, but it works the same as the current wps playlist viewer tag, I don't think it will be too compliocated once its finished
00:27:37JdGordonalso, the tags will only do (maybe) confusing things if it is in a repeating viewport, so not a big deal
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03:30:25JdGordonamayer: you see my screenshot last night?
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04:29:54amayer*checks logs*
04:31:18amayerJdGordon: are you talking about the simulator shot?
04:33:35amayeris it just a way to loop outputs?
04:34:40amayerseems like a cool idea.
04:34:42amayerdo you use it for menus or just WPS?
04:35:02JdGordonI'll hopefully have menus using it early next week
04:35:06JdGordonwont have much time over the weekend
04:35:30JdGordonI need to sort out some new tags first though
04:36:34amayeri havent looked at checkwps on the themesite yet
04:36:58amayerim reconfiguring 3 computers at my house right now
04:37:53JdGordonI need help deciding syntax for the new tags to resize and reposition the child viewports at runtime
04:38:42amayerby child viewports do you mean viewports inside viewports?
04:40:32amayeris that supported now or is that something your adding?
04:40:34amayer(ive never needed it in my themes so i never asked about it before)
04:42:43JdGordonadding to make this repeating thing work
04:43:17JdGordonthe idea is you say "redraw this child as many times as fits in the viewport, oh and that child is made up of these other children"
04:44:26amayerso you have a parent and multiple children(rows) and they have children(columns).
04:44:28amayeris this what you are trying to do?
04:45:19JdGordonyes, but its not that rigid
04:45:52JdGordoncall them tiles instead of rows and it works better
04:46:31amayerhmm... if they are tiles can tiles overlap? or is that against the rules?
04:46:52JdGordonI'm not going anything to stop that from happening, but it will look crap
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04:47:34amayeryou said it redraws the parent a set number of times. can you specify vertical or horizontal?
04:47:57JdGordonthats the plan
04:48:23amayerare you starting with menus or wps?
04:49:58amayerfor the main menu are you going to replace the custom menu tags, or supplement them with this?
04:50:30JdGordonI'm not sure, I'll keep what I can, but it will mostly be redone
04:50:37JdGordonnoone uses them so i dont care about breaking it
04:55:29amayeri was going to ask when you planned on rewriting the system from the ground up. but it sounds like you are doing most of that now
04:55:51amayerdid you talk to [Saint] about this? he knows the theme engine better then I
04:56:29amayeri can help. im good at bouncing ideas back and forth. but honestly i dont have a lot of experience with C or the theme engine
05:06:20JdGordonits not going to be rewritten, we did that nearly 2 years ago and its doing pretty well
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05:06:53amayerJdGordon: oh ok. so this is more of a suplement to the current system then redoing how it works.
05:07:51amayerJdGrodon: is my progress bar fix going to be in the next release of rockbox?
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05:08:59JdGordoncheck the frontpage
05:09:49amayeri know its on the front page. but is it in the right branch to get into the next release?
05:10:38amayeri have a theme that needs it to work and i dont want to post it if it doesnt work with the "current"(soon to be) release
05:15:28JdGordonhasnt been forked yet
05:33:19zamboniwhat are you favorite must-have apps for iphone?
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09:44:22*lorenzo92 This file implements the Flash Device Bad Block Management Layer.
09:44:31lorenzo92this should be the FTL in other words?
09:45:09lorenzo92I found this stuff in the open source package for YP-Q2 where I found the lld drivers for nand too, which is the same for YP-Z5!
09:46:40lorenzo92i also found the partiotion table struct :D
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09:48:39lorenzo92for anyone interested ->
09:49:33lorenzo92there are indeed various /dev/ufdXXX devices. Some are RAW (bootloader & linux kernel), some are under FTL (application storage & user storage)
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10:10:35lorenzo92along this documentation here:,d.Yms&cad=rja
10:15:21lorenzo92sorry for the long-alone-talk but may this be related to the ? well it is supposed to be a similar (if not the same!!) approach. in this case we have got all the tools
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12:14:23wodzpamaury: Have you looked at rk27xx usb yesterday?
12:32:06pamaurywodz: yes
12:33:10pamauryI didn't find the problem but I found something interesting
12:33:18pamauryI think there is a cache problem
12:33:45mortalisplease no
12:33:50mortalisnot again
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12:38:27pamauryone problem is: it's impossible to properly use the dma if you can't control what is cached and what is not
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12:39:06pamaurythis the device doesn't mmu and can only uncached 4 regions which are huge (multiple of 32 MB) and only has commit+discard, this is a real pain
12:39:54mortalishave you tried to disable cache?
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12:40:47pamaurybut then the device is too slow to sustain usb it seems
12:41:20pamauryI get random resets in control transfers, which is because we probably don't meet the necessary timing for control transfers
12:41:46wodzpamaury: have you tried to boost?
12:42:22wodz50MHz uncached is crawling slow
12:42:38pamauryindeed, I could try with it
12:42:44mortalisbtw, OF somehow works with cache
12:43:20pamauryI also stumbled on something strange: at some point the host resets the device because there is mismatch between what is (supposedly) send by the host and received by the device
12:43:32wodzyeah, thats another thing. First we should confirm/deny the claim that usb issue is cache related
12:43:58wodzpamaury: is it repeatable or random?
12:44:10pamaurywhich issue ?
12:45:19wodzpamaury: "First we should confirm/deny the claim that usb issue is cache related" <- that is related to the "btw, OF somehow works with cache"
12:45:55wodzand by usb issue I mean rb usb failures on writes
12:46:20pamauryyes it's repeatable, sometimes I need to write more but it always fails
12:48:16wodzpamaury: does the difference in data sent by host and received by device exhibits some pattern?
12:48:32pamauryit a difference in amount
12:49:12wodzdevice gets less then what is supposedly sent?
12:49:12pamaurywireshark tells me the host sent 0xF000 bytes but the device ends the transfer with 0xE000: then the device is ready to handle another one but the host timeouts => reset
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12:49:37pamaurythat's what I understood from the logs
12:50:00sarghi, all
12:50:47sargguys, can anybody help me with /rk27utils/rk27load/scramble.c
12:51:01wodzsarg: in which way
12:51:02sargpamaury: i found this file on your github
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12:51:14sargi am reverse engineering loader for rk3066 tablet
12:51:27sargand found the same scramble function
12:51:37pamaurywodz, mortalis: also there is a problem: when I updated my usb branch against HEA*
12:51:42pamauryHEAD, it broke usb
12:51:42wodzsarg: it is most probably different scambling scheme
12:51:49pamauryI don't know why, can't solve it
12:51:52sargno, everything the sa
12:52:04sargthe same, array of 16 bytes with same values
12:52:12sarg static const uint8_t key[] = {
12:53:19wodzBTW.;a=blob;f=utils/rk27utils/rk27load/scramble.c is official version I maintain
12:54:21wodzpamaury: I made some changes switching various magic numbers to named constants - maybe I screwed something
12:54:35wodzwill check
12:55:10wodzsarg: ok, so whats the problem then?
12:55:24sarglook, seems the same
12:55:43sargproblem is what do I do when loader is descrambled
12:56:59sargyou made custom boot loader for rk27, right?
12:57:41sargso, you got those scrambled binary, then descramble it, and then disassembled it ?
12:58:48sargi am talking about /rk27utils/rk27load/stage1
12:59:06sargare those sources obtained by reverse engineering loader.bin ?
13:00:23wodzI am afraid I don't understand your questions. The algorithm and key[] was obtained from rom dump.
13:00:40wodzno code is shared with rom however.
13:02:08pamaurywodz: is my github branch the only reference for usb on rk27xx ? because the trunk doesn't have a working driver right ?
13:02:27sargtool which allows to extract (and decrypt) images
13:02:36sargstored in Rock27Boot.bin
13:02:41wodzpamaury: there is patch on gerrit
13:02:53sargRock27Boot.bin contains loader code, right?
13:04:46wodzsarg: you mean rkboottool ? Yes it can unpack Rock27Boot.bin and yes, Rock27Boot.bin contains nand loader (as well as few other images)
13:06:15sargok, so if i descramble my rk3066 loader.bin with your tool, i will get valid ARM binary, which can be disassembled ?
13:06:51pamaurywodz: I confirm that there is a problem with HEAD, merging HEAD in your gerrit work breaks usb, need to find why
13:08:25wodzsarg: I really can't say. I know nothing about rk3066 firmwares
13:08:25wodzsarg: I am afraid that;a=blob;f=utils/rk27utils/rkboottool/rkboottool.c is the only reference.
13:08:25wodzand my rusty memory
13:09:14sargthank you, i am glad I found your code
13:10:33wodzsarg: If scrambling routine is the same (which seems to be) you need to figure out if 1)loader.bin is single image or concatenation of a few (possibly with some header) 2) find out block scrambling block size (0x200 is good bet)
13:11:40sargwodz: i have 4 files in loader.bin UsbBoot.bin, FlashBoot.bin, UsbData.bin, FlashData.bin
13:12:00sargblock size is 0x200
13:19:49wodzsarg: I can't really understand what are you doing, so I can't really help you. If the code serves you good reference thats great. If you want to use my rusty memory about rk27 platform you need to be more precise.
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13:42:20pamauryoops, can do you do when a fat is corrupted and fsck.vfat segfaults on it ?! :-o
13:47:16wodzpamaury: try windows/dos/freedos tool?
13:47:43pamauryI managed to fix it, using others switches than automatic
13:48:34pamaurynow trying with cpu boost and no cache
13:48:37wodzpamaury: I checked my commits switching magic constants -> meaningful defines and can't see anything suspicious.
13:49:09pamaurythe problem is that for some reason if I take your latest gerrit and rebase master then usb_drv_init get some old init code which was later removed
13:49:51pamauryhum, fails even with cache off
13:50:25wodzpamaury: how and when do you disable cache?
13:50:39pamauryDEVID &= ~(1 << 31) in system_init()
13:52:53wodzshould be ok
14:06:41sargwodz: many thanks, you is my hero
14:06:50sargi had decrypted my loader.bin
14:07:14sargstrings out.bin -> 5`RECOVERY key is pressed
14:07:45sargand many other strings, so next week i will try to disassemble loader and put u-boot instead of it
14:09:19wodzsarg: good luck
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14:10:54wodzsarg: Could you describe somewhere what you did exactly, what is the structure of loader.bin file etc.?
14:14:05 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
14:16:25sargyes, i will make github repo next week
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19:38:17DuceboiaHI when the release?
19:39:01Duceboiahi when 3.13 available?
19:43:58melmothXwhen it's ready?
19:56:28 Part Duceboia
19:58:29gevaertsIn about a week, possibly
20:02:09AlexPPlan is branch this weekend, release next
20:02:16AlexPbaring anything unforseen
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21:25:32ProdicusAnyone built 48kHz native versions of rockbox lately? What would be involved in doing that?
21:26:18AlexPI don't knwo that anyone has done so ever, let alone lately
21:26:28AlexPRockbox assumes 44.1 quite a lot afaik
21:26:37ProdicusTried changing the defaults in pcm_sampr.h and a couple other places and building a simulator, result was just everything being played back slow
21:27:01AlexPI'm pretty sure lots of places assume 44.1, it isn't a simple change
21:27:53Prodicusgrep shows a bunch of plugins assuming it but without knowing the code better I don't see the assumptions in the main part of the firmware
21:27:53n1sit's probably not too much work if you ignore the dsp stuff
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21:28:56Prodicussince the opus decoder always decodes at 48k I thought it'd be worth looking into
21:31:21Prodicusany guidance about where to start looking?
21:34:04n1sProdicus: probably a) check that 48kHz playback is implemented for your hardware b) tell the playback system to use that c) adjust the resampler to resample to 48kHz. This should get 48kHz playback working IIUC but some of the dsp effects assume 44.1kHz and might need more work to fix if you want them
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21:40:07Prodicusty. will look into it a bit. is #define HW_SAMPR_CAPS SAMPR_CAP_ALL sufficient evidence that the rate has playback support?
21:40:31saratogaProdicus: maybe, double check that the device can actually use those modes correctly
21:40:38saratogai believe we have a test_smplrate plugin
21:40:55saratogawhat player are you testing on?
21:41:16ProdicusWell, the hardware I have is a clip zip
21:41:43ProdicusI've only done simulator builds so far though
21:48:39saratogazip works IIRC
21:48:53saratoganot sure about the sim
21:48:58saratogamight be worth checking in that plugin
21:49:25saratogaBTW i've wanted to try this for ages but never had a chance :)
21:49:41saratogaignoring DSP effects, I think it shouldn't be too hard
21:53:36 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
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22:09:42AlexPI assume the c200v2 also needs USB setting to MSC?
22:10:23AlexPCan anyone confirm?
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22:26:15saratogaAlexP: 99% sure it does
22:26:27AlexPsaratoga: yeah, me too, thanks
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