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#rockbox log for 2013-03-04

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02:25:45Viperfangwindows, just use %temp%
02:25:52ViperfangIt will give you something you can work with
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03:19:46[Saint]Torne: it just occured to me that you should probably check the voltage of the SSDs people are trying to use.
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03:48:38[Saint]If no one gets there before then - I thought of an awesome GSoC project
03:49:26[Saint]RaaCNP: Rockbox as a Chrome NativeApp Plugin
03:49:40[Saint] awesome would that be, like, really?
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03:50:20*[Saint] doesn't have the coding chops or the time required for such an undertaking - but thinks it's one Hell of an idea
03:51:19[Saint](and, unless I'm mistaken - this should be entirely possible)
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04:10:43JdGordon_[Saint]: so, get the Fund to buy someone a chrome pixel thingy and it will happen :p
04:11:00[Saint]It's my idea!
04:11:09[Saint]I'll happily learn if I get a Pixel out of it.
04:11:37JdGordon_doesn't it mean a html frontend?
04:11:54[Saint]Or Java.
04:12:16[Saint]the backend, iiuc, is basically done with everything we have in-core already.
04:12:33JdGordon_could you use the html5 canvas for the display?
04:12:38[Saint]'s just a question of kludging it all together and giving it a new face.
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04:12:50[Saint]JdGordon_: yes, yes you could.
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04:13:29JdGordon_but..... but... our UI is painfully horrible except on DAP's
04:14:11[Saint]Ohhhhh...fuck no. To hell with the entire skin engine.
04:14:29[Saint]I'm just thinking a very simply non-configurable UI.
04:14:49JdGordon_so what you want is librbcdodec
04:14:58[Saint]I think "panels" in Chrome would even allow it to be popped out from the browser if desired.
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11:26:07JdGordon_[Saint]: ping?
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11:26:14JdGordon_or GeekShadow
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11:31:22pamaurywodz: ping
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11:32:05pamauryany news about usb ?
11:32:24pamaurybtw, do you mind if I add something to the rk27xx debug screen: the memmap reg decode ?
11:32:33wodzgo ahead
11:32:54wodzI didn't look at usb at all to be honest.
11:33:53wodzbtw. what do you mean by memmap reg decode?
11:34:07wodzyou mean setup of uncached regions?
11:34:28wodzthat is constant so not so much interesting
11:35:01wodzIt is setup once in crt0.S and never touched
11:35:20wodzunmap regions are huge so there is no much room to fiddle with
11:36:47pamauryI have a question: is the ram mirrored at some address or not ? that would allow both cached and uncached accesses to the memory. The cache seems strange on rk27xx
11:37:08wodzAFAIK it is not mirrored
11:37:25wodzonly iram have alias in uncached region
11:40:33pamauryok, if you feel it's useless to have, revert the commit then. I didn't know it was setup in crt0.S
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11:41:36wodzAs I said, I don't mind having this info in debug screen
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12:04:39JdGordonhow do i build the sim without any optimisations?
12:04:59funmanJdGordon: hand edit config.h before running make to add -O0
12:05:24gevaertsconfig.h? The local Makefile, I'd expect
12:06:27gevaertsAlso, JdGordon: pong :)
12:09:57wodzI always hacked Makefile AFTER running configure
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14:13:14Torne[Saint]: most/all of the people having problems with SSDs, it works fine in the original firmware
14:13:21Torne[Saint]: which means the hardware is fine :)
14:14:18pixelmaheh, on my M5 it's vice-versa (the OF hangs at the bootscreen already but Rockbox can use it just fine)
14:14:31TorneWell, on the ipods, i guess ;)
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14:15:40olspookishmagusI've got all my spare-parts
14:15:53olspookishmagusmy iPod is going to be revived real soon, I'll make a blog post too
14:16:07pixelmaand funny enough, the Cowon loader that's active on USB connect when connected to a computer also has no problems with the SSD
14:16:28pixelmawhen connected from off-state
14:25:30olspookishmaguswhat's in downloading a dev build instead of stable build? :p
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14:53:54copperthe sim keeps crashing when I try to play some music file, all of the sudden
14:53:59copperrunning under linux with wine
14:54:21copperwith exit code 3
14:56:49wodzrunning sim on linux though wine is a bit awkward :-)
14:58:22copperI think it's my OS, I'm going to reboot
15:01:56copperyup, that was it
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15:07:18nick_pI was hoping to use the DejaVu font in a theme, including the converted font in the zip
15:07:21nick_pI wasn't sure if the license was acceptable though, it seems to be "public domain";
15:07:28nick_pIt's also listed under "Free and Open Source Typography" on
15:12:42gevaertsnick_p: it's not public domain. *changes* are public domain
15:13:13gevaertsI'd say you're fine though
15:13:53nick_pgavaerts: thanks, I could always just upload a new zip if a problem arose I suppose.
15:14:38nick_pIt is distributed with Ubuntu, not sure what that means though..
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15:16:13gevaertsThe only interesting clause there is "Font Software may be sold as part of a larger software package but no copy of one or more of the Font Software typefaces may be sold by itself", but that's trivial to work around, so I'd say it's meaningless for practical purposes
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18:50:54AlexPAlright chaps, I'm feeling a bit ill so probably won't get to the release tonight. Sorry about that, hopefully tomorrow
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18:51:53funmanAlexP: no problem, have some rest
18:52:06AlexPcheers, will do :)
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21:41:18*[Saint] spots a typo.
21:41:54[Saint]JdGordon: I'm not gonna have any time to do this, if you do, can you do s/Ram/RAM/ in the skin debug screen's lang string please?
21:42:15[Saint]We're not measuring male sheep :)
21:48:37*[Saint] forgot to add "if there's still time to get this into the release branch before release".
21:50:07funman[Saint]: release has been delayed till tomorrow so yes
21:50:54[Saint]Aha, I probably will get the chance to do it myself, then. I thought I was way more pressed for time with the release than I thought.
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22:04:25gevaerts[Saint]: is a capitalisation issue in a debug screen *really* critical enough to do after the freeze?
22:04:38 Join zaphee [0] (~user@
22:04:45 Part zaphee
22:04:51[Saint]Freeze == bugfix time, does it not.
22:05:42[Saint]Let me put it this way instead "Is there a reason *not* to do it?"
22:06:12[Saint]I suspect not. But, if you have one, go for it - I'm willing to be surprised.
22:06:37gevaertsThere's the matter of risk vs benefit of any commit just before a release
22:06:58gevaertsIn this case, both are very low I'd say
22:07:06gevaertsSo I have no idea what the numbers come out as :)
22:07:29[Saint]a two char lang string diff isn't going to carry much risk, I'd say, but I appreciate the concern :)
22:09:51gevaertsIt's a ratio, no absolute numbers involved
22:10:22gevaertsI'd say the chances of any user even noticing this isn't high
22:11:33[Saint]Well, unless someone beats me to it - I won't even get a chance to do anything about it for ~12 hours...but when/if I do, I'll be sure to check and see if anything blows up ;)
22:12:29[Saint]And, you're probably right - but now I've noticed it - it annoys me. Knowing the release would go out with an obvious typo annoys me, likely a lot more than anyone else, but still.
22:13:00gevaertsPeople have to deliberately ignore a strong "Keep out!"
22:13:08[Saint]I just saw it as a very trivial thing to fix that shouldn't impact anything else3 at all, and thought "why not?".
22:13:33*gevaerts nods
22:13:54gevaertsI won't push it, but this is too minor to argue about :)
22:13:55[Saint]If it touched multiple areas, or changed functionality, I wouldn;t even consider it at "the 11th hour", but this should be fine.
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23:31:14JdGordon[Saint]: do you know if it is actually possible to have a wps which just uses thhe ui viewport and have the sbs surrounding it/>
23:32:14[Saint]afaik, yes, but it's been a long time (and many skin engine changes) since I tried it last.
23:32:46[Saint]I created a theme where the .wps was nothing more than a UI viewport declaration and the .sbs handled everything else
23:33:45[Saint]The .wps must exist, but it can get away with including very little information
23:34:16 Quit amayer (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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23:35:00[Saint]I wanted to try and make a theme that was nothing but an .sbs, but it turned out it needed "dummy" .wps/.fms files that set up the UI viewport
23:35:12[Saint]Other than that, the .sbs was handling everything else
23:35:21[Saint]this was well over a year ago, though.
23:40:11 Join corona_ [0] (
23:40:53corona_can someone tell me what is in the release candiate
23:41:35[Saint]How do you mean? It is simply a development snapshot.
23:42:27[Saint]It is for people who are uncomfortable with running the development snapshots - and prefer the releases.
23:43:01corona_is anything new
23:43:13[Saint]A lot of things.
23:43:22[Saint]Check the commit log.
23:44:25gevaertsThe main one is going to be opus support I guess
23:44:38gevaertsNot sure if people updated that properly though
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23:47:52corona_even though ipod nano 2g is consideared "unstable" it says usb problems on the dev version, so does that mean the standard version should be fine?
23:47:52[Saint]The RC builds are basically a chance for those that prefer to run the release builds to see what is coming in the next release - and test them out.
23:48:22[Saint]This has the benefit of a lot of testing, and gives a chance to spot any bugs that may have been overlooked.
23:49:42[Saint]corona_: no.
23:50:16corona_oh well ive been using it for the last 5 months and i havent had any problems, yet :3
23:50:44[Saint]I assume you're using the last stable release?
23:51:22[Saint]I really do advise using the development snapshots for the Nano2G and just using Disk Mode for USB.
23:52:08corona_i love rockbox, it lets you turn your ipod off! something apple should have put on it in the first place
23:52:09[Saint]It isn't too much hassle in my opinion to drop into disk mode to use USB.
23:53:06*[Saint] remembers that USB should probably be disabled for the Nano2G in HEAD
23:53:34 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
23:54:03corona_does anyone know if this is anygood/worthit
23:54:06[Saint]It may have the effect of causing people to be less interested in fixing the problem, but it will also have the effect of not panicking on USB insertion
23:54:31funmancorona_: please ask this on #rockbox-community : anything not rockbox related is off topic here
23:54:37[Saint]corona_: if you're just a casual user - no - stick with Rockbox's bootloader.
23:55:00[Saint]There's really nothing in there for the everyday user.
23:55:40[Saint]Using Rockbox's bootloader also means you can continue to get support from us here.
23:56:14[Saint]Using emCORE - not so much - you would need to rely on the freemyipod project for support.
23:56:46corona_anyway i saw that android is on devolpment for rockbox what is the point really?
23:57:33[Saint]What do you mean "what is the point?"

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