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#rockbox log for 2013-03-09

00:00:13Fuchssanyone here
00:00:15Fuchssi hav question
00:00:32Fuchssi broke lcd screen in my sansa clip zip
00:00:57Fuchsswill they replace sansa if i sent on guarantee/warranty
00:01:12funmanask them, we are not Sansa
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00:15:33lorenzo92[Saint]: indeed. I've just placed more information in the bug ticket ;)
00:16:45lorenzo92lebellium reports also radio rds information bug to status FIXED. need to test it personally tomorrow, just to know if it is supposed to have been fixed :D
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02:16:36[7]so... how do I set up android building?
02:16:43[7]how do I tell it where the sdk/ndk is?
02:16:54[7]I suspect it looks for the sdk in PATH, but how does it find the ndk?
02:18:21[7]also, rasher, are you here?
02:30:13[7]/usr/bin/ld: /home/rockbox/buildclient/build/lib/rbcodec/codecs/codec_crt0.o: Relocations in generic ELF (EM: 40)
02:30:13[7]/home/rockbox/buildclient/build/lib/rbcodec/codecs/codec_crt0.o: could not read symbols: File in wrong format
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02:32:42[7]seems like a dirty build directory was to blame...
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02:46:05[7]hm, seems like rockbox requires android16 while the and the wiki say android15. funny...
02:46:39funman[7]: ANDROID_NDK_DIR and ANDROID_SDK_DIR
02:46:59[7]figured that out already
02:48:06funmani've read something about a sdk version which was not bumped... not sure what's going on there
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02:50:43[7]is there some script that compiles all the builds that the build server usually builds?
02:50:52[7]so that I can check if all of those will work?
02:52:39woodensoulHello all. I am enjoying the new 3.13 release on my Sansa Fuze v2. I have searched the FlySpy for this issue and don't see an entry. I believe this I noticed this bug in 3.12 and it persists in 3.13. Looking for confirmation... Enable EQ doesn't work until the player is rebooted. Anyone else seen this?
02:54:15[7]rasher: what do I need for win32 sim crosscompiling?
02:54:35[7]it complains about not finding sdl-config, which is obviously present
02:54:44[7](and I can successfully build the sdl app and linux sims)
02:55:04n1swoodensoul: have you tried stopping (not pausing) playback and starting again?
02:59:51woodensouln1s: Yes, I've tried that. And also skipping ahead to other tracks in an attempt to empty the buffer. Only thing I can do to make it work is restart.
03:01:47n1swoodensoul: sounds like a bug, have you reported it?
03:02:42woodensoulNot yet. Just looking for some feedback here before reporting it.
03:03:06woodensoulWhat targets do you have?
03:03:25funman[7]: i don't find the script but i guess AlexP knows where it is since he just made a release
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03:04:19[7]tools/release/ seems to be at least part of it
03:04:36[7]but I suspect that the build server builds a lot more targets (basically everything that's unusable buit buildable)
03:05:02n1swoodensoul: none with current-ish builds. atm i'm afraid and i gtg
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03:05:58funman[7]: have you tried cloning the buildserver code?
03:06:07[7]not yet...
03:06:18[7]and the SDL from the page that you linked fails to compile
03:06:52funmanthat looks like a bug in your directx headers
03:07:15[7]...whereever I would have got directx headers from on linux...
03:07:35funmanubuntu has mingw-w64 now
03:07:59funmanin which package is i586-mingw32msvc-gcc ?
03:08:23funmanis it a link to i686-w64-mingw32-gcc ?
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03:13:21*[7] tries upgradin to gcc-mingw-w64
03:17:05[7]that doesn't work at all:
03:17:06[7]checking Win32 compiler... no
03:17:06[7]configure: error:
03:17:06DBUGEnqueued KICK [7]
03:17:06[7]*** Your compiler (gcc) does not produce Win32 executables!
03:17:29[7]probably needs a different −−host option
03:18:11[7]looks better with that
03:18:55[7]same directx problem though
03:19:13funmanlet me try
03:20:19[7]exactly one google hit for the error messages, and that's a pastebin
03:20:21funmanworks here but i use a more recent mingw-w64 headers
03:20:58funmanfunman/win/"> - grab the mingw-w64-*deb ; or directly from for sid
03:21:50funmanit failed and i didn't notice
03:21:54[7]in which package are the headers in question?
03:22:04funmanthe biggest
03:24:07funman[7]: sdl 1.2.15 builds fine though
03:24:54funmanapparently the fix is to remove #define NONAMELESSUNION from libsdl
03:26:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:26:53*funman edited the wiki for 1.2.15
03:27:26*[7] tries
03:28:28[7]looks good
03:30:18[7]hm, something is still hardwired to i586-mingw32msvc-gcc/ld
03:35:44[7]let's see if a few symlinks will help with that...
03:36:54funmanjust install gcc-mingw32
03:37:03funmanit's a transitional package which creates those links
03:39:14[7]360MB of ccache already, a few hours after starting to set up things...
03:42:59woodensoulRe: Enable EQ setting. Bug report 12839 is now filed.
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09:40:27coppercongrats on the new release
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11:27:31bluebrotherfunman: can you reproduce the crash if you first move away its cache folder (usually /tmp/rbutil-cache)?
11:27:55bluebrotherfunman: also, have you used it before (after the rewrite of HttpGet) and changed Qt versions since then?
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11:47:54copperstrange, my Clip+ can play opus files no problem, but my Fuze+ can't
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12:01:44gevaertsTheSeven: if you don't use i586-mingw32msvc-*, set CROSS_COMPILE to the prefix you do have for configure
12:02:11gevaertsCROSS_COMPILE=i686-w64-mingw32- ../tools/configure works fine for me
12:02:28TheSeven...or just a bunch of symlinks where the other toolchains are :)
12:02:46gevaertsDid you manage sdl?
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12:03:08TheSevenyes, I can compile almost everything that I've tried now
12:03:34TheSeventhe things that don't work are obviously maemo and similar weird stuff ;)
12:03:44TheSevendo you happen to know what's up with android15 vs. android16?
12:04:20TheSevenis there a reason why the in git and the wiki still say android15?
12:04:33TheSevenor is that just outdated? (a mail to rockbox-rbclient suggests the latter)
12:04:50 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
12:05:29gevaertsThe actual makefiles have depended on android16 for a while now. I updated the build network to catch up, but I didn't think of the othewr places
12:05:36gevaertsI'll fix now
12:06:30TheSevenit's also mentioned on
12:07:20*gevaerts is hesitant about adding latex to the default
12:07:52n1sit needs a ton of packages
12:07:57gevaertsIt's entirely possible to have a minimal latex install that doesn't have everything we need, and the script only tests if pdflatex is present
12:08:35*TheSeven suggests adding a list of those flags to the wiki, including all of them with a little bit of explanation what they actually mean and what's required for them, and dropping the unusual ones from the default
12:09:19gevaertsEither that, or we add them in comments in
12:09:25TheSevenit would be very helpful if there were pointer to the relevant places in the wiki (building the manual, sdl, ...) on the buildclient page
12:09:30TheSeven...or both :)
12:10:45gevaertsI won't list the obsolete ones, such as the arm gcc 4.0.4 one that the build client still recognises
12:11:13TheSevenwell, the ones that are actually used should be sufficient
12:11:37TheSevenare there any of those except for m68k-gcc452,sh,mipsel,sdl,arm-eabi-gcc444,arm-ypr0-gcc446,android16,latex?
12:12:32gevaertsNo, that's the lot
12:12:46TheSevenone more thing: the ypr0 crosstool-ng install only compiles with gcc 4.6 or older
12:13:02bluebrothergevaerts: maybe the script could try to run latex on a simple file that includes all packages the manual needs?
12:13:10TheSevenwith gcc 4.7 you need to add -fpermissive to some CFLAGS variable in the config
12:13:34TheSevenwe might want to change that in the config file (that's hosted somewhere on
12:16:25bluebrothergevaerts: something like this:
12:16:27bluebrotherecho "\documentclass[a4paper]{scrreprt}\usepackage{tabularx}\begin{document}test\end{document}" | pdflatex
12:17:11bluebrother(though it would be a bit longer)
12:18:05gevaertsNot impossible, but it would require some changes in how checks for toolchains I think
12:18:51gevaertsAnyway, now has some documentation
12:19:16bluebrothera w32 cross compiler for the sim wouldn't be a bad idea either :)
12:20:22TheSevenso... somebody about to commit something? :)
12:20:28*TheSeven wants to know if his build client works
12:20:52TheSevenrasher: I'm ready to take care of the additional stuff that you need now :)
12:21:56funmanbluebrother: where is the rbutil cache ?
12:22:08bluebrotherfunman: /tmp/rbutil-cache usually
12:22:14bluebrotherunless you change it in the configuration dialog
12:26:27funmanit still crashes after removing the cache
12:26:52 Join lebellium [0] (
12:27:35bluebrotherok, then this has to be something different than the problem I've seen in the past
12:27:57bluebrothercrap :(
12:38:07bluebrotherok, I now see a crash that looks like your backtrace
12:40:15rasherTheSeven: I'm not sure if there's anything I need other than a login :)
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12:43:32lebelliumgevaerts [Saint] AlexP and the others: you will be proud of me : I successfully setup my RB environment and compiled my first YP-R0 build :D
12:43:47lebelliumthx to Lorenzo who helped me
12:43:50*TheSeven did so yesterday :P
12:44:22gevaertsWell done!
12:44:37TheSevenrasher: I assume you'll need some service to be run after a reboot?
12:45:17rasherTheSeven: not really, just cron
12:45:32TheSevenah right, these are dailys, not realtime builds
12:46:23 Join fyrestorm [0] (
12:47:32TheSevenyou can probably piggyback on the git clone in ~/buildclient, as that should be updated automatically by the build client
12:48:09bluebrotherhmm, it seems to occur on the second download that is performed.
12:48:18bertrikhm, nice convoluted expression (playback.c:3826): "if (play_status == PLAY_STOPPED || !enable != !get_current_cuesheet())"
12:48:55bluebrothernice ... in some way :)
12:48:58*TheSeven wonders who wrote that :)
12:49:24 Quit fyre^OS (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
12:50:12*TheSeven would transform tht to !!enable == !get_current_cuesheet()
12:50:23TheSevenpossibly dropping the !! before enable if that's guaranteed to be boolean
12:52:31bertrikIt looks like enable can indeed be made a boolean
12:55:44rasherTheSeven: ah, that seems useful
12:56:53TheSeventhere would be a minimal possibility of a race condition though
12:57:21TheSeven(git pull during building of a nightly)
12:57:55rasherYeah, hm. Maybe I should create another clone
13:02:53AlexPlebellium: Good work :)
13:08:43lebelliumIf I want a compile an older build, let's say the R0 build of October 2nd 2012, can I just type the date somewhere or have I to know the exact revision number?
13:08:55lebelliumIf I want to*
13:10:13funmanbluebrother: yeah, for me too it was the 2nd download
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13:35:14muzikfrrrikHello, Can anyone confirm that there's more power consumption on Clip Zip with the latest firmware versions of Rockbox then with much older version just as the port came to life? I play mpc at q4-5 and I get only up to 9-10hours of playback I think. No sound enhancements on.
13:37:10bluebrotherfunman: does this change fix it for you?
13:37:25bluebrotherit seems the object is deleted but still doing things :o
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15:09:23bertrikmuzikfrrrik: no can't confirm it, we fixed a radio power consumption issue some time ago. Haven't run any battery benchmarks lately
15:15:59 Quit muzikfrrrik (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
15:16:19copperdo PortalPlayer devices show 5 or 10 EQ bands now?
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17:36:52funmanbluebrother: there's another crash
17:37:50funmanbluebrother: (it crashed a bit later though)
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17:53:17bluebrotherfunman: also when trying to download the second file, and with the patch applied?
17:53:21*bluebrother grumbles
17:53:36bluebrotherI _did_ test things when reworking HttpGet. Why is it causing trouble right now?
17:54:06funmanno it's after downloading the second file
17:55:19bluebrotherand it's again when Qt tries to post an event
17:56:31bluebrotherah. There's another place where the ZipInstaller instance is deleted
17:57:38bluebrotherfunman: try the following patch:
17:58:02bluebrotherworks better for me
17:59:13funmanseems ot work now
18:00:20funmanbtw i noticed that you had written a test for this
18:00:29funmanis it run by the buildserver?
18:01:34 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
18:01:48bluebrotherno. We don't build anything Qt based on the build server
18:02:02funmanoh :/
18:02:28bluebrotherso thinking about it my guess is that QNetworkAccessManager does things in different threads, and the delete will delete them (as they are children), causing the crash
18:02:49bluebrotheradding Rockbox Utility to the build system as a first step wouldn't be a bad idea :)
18:03:49bluebrotherwe just got the manual into the build system last year :D
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19:10:14lebelliumin the UIsim buttonmap file, what means the 3rd number? For example SDLK_KP7, 69, 401, 39, "Back" } . What means 39?
19:11:17 Join eckoit [0] (
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20:21:42cereal_killerhey there, I want to do a presentation of rockbox in class and I want to make the powepoint slides look like the cabbie theme. are there images of higher resolution then the one for the ipod video available?
20:22:36cereal_killermaybe cabbie for android?
20:35:08pamaurydamn, I think I damaged the OLED display of my Creative ZEN :(
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20:43:27pamauryS/ZEN/ZEN V
20:48:08 Join wodz [0] (
20:48:34wodzpamaury: physically or by misprogramming?
20:49:31pamaurynow the blue doesn't exist anymore it seems and the green is in bad shape
20:50:46wodzI didnt' know it is possible to kill oled easily
20:51:16pamauryI knew but I didn't believe it was that easy
20:51:55pamauryactually I don't really know what I did exactly
20:54:45wodzthats a pitty
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21:24:41TheSevenbluebrother: seems like a build went wrong on your pi
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23:44:03bluebrothernice. This auto-arch-select thing gets confused on arm.
23:44:42bluebrothertrying to build unwarminder for checkwps. Probably warble and database too, though I haven't checked that yet
23:51:23 Quit Wardo (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

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