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#rockbox log for 2013-03-10

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04:52:33sidney_I installed Rockbox on my Ipod months ago. I didn't like the interface so I didn't use it.Now how do I remove it
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05:05:34SuperBrainAKreinstall the of
05:05:53SuperBrainAK(original firmware) sorry to see you go
05:09:18sidney_I'm not leaving I just want to get back to back up my playlists with sharepod then maybe try again
05:09:40SuperBrainAKok :)
05:12:04SuperBrainAKyoull get used to the interface once you use for a while
05:13:03SuperBrainAKplus there are different skins you can out on it to change its looks
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14:42:28*[7] attacks storebror-daniel :P
14:57:26*[7] waits for a commit :)
15:00:27*pamaury can commit something if [7] wants
15:02:08[7]feel free to do so :)
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15:11:25pamaury[7]: done :)
15:12:07[7]hm, interesting, the build server runs as nice 19
15:12:15[7]er, build client
15:12:27[7]should probably drop that to 10 and run the nightlys at 19
15:12:57[7]are builds being pipelined properly?
15:13:15[7]i.e. already starting to compile the next target while zipping up the previous one?
15:13:26[7]I'm seeing some CPU utilization drops :)
15:14:06pamauryprobably not
15:14:17*[7] got an ypr0 build
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15:16:02gevaerts[7]: uploading is done in parallel, zipping is not
15:16:24gevaertsThat's not easily possible without adding a lot of complexity I'd say
15:16:39 Join olspookishmagus [0] (~pookie@
15:16:58[7]why that? I'd think that you could just move the zipping into the uploading part of the process?
15:17:03 Nick olspookishmagus is now known as Guest65073 (~pookie@
15:17:35[7]damn... almost!
15:17:44[7]my ccache was still cold :/
15:18:12gevaertsUploading is done by the build network scripts, zipping is a make target
15:18:54[7]well, you're probably calling something like make && make zip from the "building" part of it, and some curl thing from the uploading part
15:19:10[7]what would prevent you from running make zip from the uploading part?
15:19:23gevaertsNo, we're just calling make zip
15:19:41[7]hm, interesting
15:19:56[7]I recall that not working like a year or two ago
15:20:01gevaerts It was fixed
15:21:24[7]~300MB of ccache from one build round
15:21:49*[7] builds a round of release binaries to warm things up :)
15:27:48*[7] watches ccache explode
15:29:54[7]gevaerts: I have an idea for improvement for the build client stats that seems pretty much trivial to implement:
15:30:18[7]what about linking the build times in the last column to the actual build log files?
15:30:43gevaertsYes, that would be useful at times
15:31:14[7]there is a tooltip with the build name, so I think all required information is known anyway at that location in the code
15:32:27[7]could probably even be done with a client side greasemonkey script :)
15:33:58gevaertsServer side would be better, so it works for everyone :)
15:34:09gevaertsIt's perl, so I'll leave it to other people
15:41:23*[7] decides to do the client side 10-liner
15:44:05rasher[7]: looks like everything worked as expected
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15:58:08pamaurydoes someone have a Sansa Express or know someone who has one ?
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16:02:54[7]oops, there was a little bug:
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16:37:09[7]ccache should be warm now
16:37:18[7]4.3GB of cache :)
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17:12:39gevaertsrasher, [7]: could you have a look at including android/mips builds?
17:13:20[7]hm, for which resolutions?
17:13:43[7]and what is the configure target called?
17:13:56[7]while we're at it, include android-x86 as well?
17:14:09gevaerts800x480 would be useful to start with I think. That's the tablet I'm aware of (and have)
17:15:32[7]and what should be the file name?
17:15:44[7]right now it's just rockbox-$res.apk, which will clash
17:16:13[7]change that to rockbox-android-$res.apk? (and rockbox-androidmips-$res.apk, ...)
17:16:40gevaertsI'd leave the arm names alone, in case people rely on them
17:16:59rasherplus arm is still the "main" android build
17:17:33rasherIn practice
17:17:44*gevaerts nods
17:18:56*[7] wonders how to best implement that in this shell script
17:19:26[7]can i just suffix them with mips/x86 without a dash in between?
17:19:59gevaertsI don't see why not
17:20:10*[7] tests
17:21:18rasherI'd just do android:320:480 and then do echo $foo |IFS=: read target width height
17:21:41[7]hm, that's also an option
17:21:42rasherbut if you're editing the script I'll back off
17:21:59[7]I've just used a nested for loop for now
17:22:19rasheryeah that works if we want to build mips for all resolutions
17:22:24rasher(and is simpler)
17:22:26[7]can't hurt, right?
17:25:21[7]rasher: what is btw?
17:25:25[7]is it even being used?
17:25:38rasher[7]: it's just for building sims for a release version
17:25:48rasheronly done manually
17:25:56[7]is there a particular reason why it passes different args to
17:26:03gevaertsHm, maybe that should be done too :)
17:26:19rasher[7]: er, I think I removed some from the regular one that didn't make sense
17:26:25[7]-u in this case
17:26:25rashersuch as -u
17:26:48rasheroh right, that would be useful to do
17:27:09[7]and it generates version txt files for the sims, which doesn't
17:27:27rasheryeah, that's not necessary
17:27:40[7]so is right and the other one should be fixed, ok
17:28:09rasherMy sims page inspects the zip files to find the version in rockbox-info.txt
17:28:21[7]ok, fixed
17:30:27[7]wow, the speed difference between ccache'd and new android builds is immense :)
17:36:48 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
17:37:44 Part eckoit
17:39:27[7]seems like make is running without -j btw
17:43:20rasheroh, weird
17:43:51rasheroh goddamn
17:43:52[7]seems like MAKEOPTS is a gentoo specific hack
17:43:54rashershould be MAKEFLAGS
17:44:39rasherfixed the scripts now
17:45:52[7]so I guess that means we should run another timed full run, now that we have a warm ccache and that make thing fixed
17:46:04[7]might well clash with that disconnect window now
17:46:11rasherMm yeah
17:46:37[7]I'll do so after these android builds are finished
17:48:29 Join kadoban_ [0] (
17:57:20[7]doing x86 builds now
18:00:02[7]rasher: oh, and there's another little change that I'd do:
18:00:18[7]right now the build client runs at nice 19 (which seems to be default), but the dailys run at nice 0
18:00:26[7]I'd swap that around
18:00:38[7]or rather move the build client to 10 and the dailys to 19
18:01:36rasher[7]: by all means :)
18:09:03[7]gevaerts: what about adding a niceness arg to instead of hardwiring it?
18:16:09gevaerts[7]: maybe. You could always change it and push it to gerrit and see what Zagor thinks
18:16:25*[7] would have to figure out how that works first :P
18:16:43*[7] hasn't committed anything since the transition to git
18:16:56[7]and on top of that I have zero experience with perl
18:18:19 Quit scorche` (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:19:12*[7] is doing a timed nightly build run now
18:19:51[7]which means that it will also push the mips/x86 android builds now
18:21:00 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
18:22:04 Join stoffel [0] (
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18:43:39[7]did a full nightly run on linmin with cold ccache just for comparison:
18:43:41[7]real 32m10.667s
18:43:41[7]user 153m19.631s
18:43:41[7]sys 17m14.953s
18:44:13[7]now doing it again with warm ccache
18:50:50[7]nightlys are being uploaded!
18:55:48 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:59:33[7]upload finished
18:59:45[7]gevaerts: can you check if your mips build works? :)
18:59:51gevaertsI will!
18:59:54[7]real 41m41.517s
18:59:54[7]user 52m9.068s
18:59:54[7]sys 9m11.550s
19:00:17[7]about 9-10 minutes of that are upload time
19:00:35[7]but still poor CPU utilization for a quadcore
19:01:21[7]the same on linmin (warm ccache), but without uploads:
19:01:22[7]real 15m33.116s
19:01:22[7]user 37m22.512s
19:01:22DBUGEnqueued KICK [7]
19:01:22[7]sys 6m50.306s
19:02:46gevaertsIt works
19:02:52[7]rasher: can you check if the information about sdl.dll on the very bottom of"> is still up to date?
19:03:12rasher[7]: good point, probably isn't
19:03:40rasher[7]: do you have the source you built mingw32-sdl from lying around?
19:04:46CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:04:46*gevaerts tells the person who privately contacted him about MIPS builds about this
19:05:06rasherexcellent, I'll grab a copy. The bit about it being identical isn't particularly necessary
19:07:46rashermore accurate now :)
19:10:37*[7] just stumbled upon this:
19:10:39[7]Poor forehead, nobody likes him/her. He/She was attacked 90 times.
19:10:39[7]For example, like this:
19:10:39[7] * amiconn slaps forehead
19:10:39[7]his seems to be unliked too. He/She got beaten 83 times.
19:16:19[7]rasher: I'll probably just move the nightlys to 6AM
19:16:32[7]seems safest, and they'll usually be done by 7AM
19:16:50rasher[7]: sounds good
19:17:02rasherBut really, feel free to move them around however you please
19:17:02 Quit kadoban_ (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:18:22*[7] is curious how linmin will perform during the next build round, now that it has 6.5GB of ccache
19:19:35*amiconn wonders whether he needs to do something about his client's android build capability
19:20:04*amiconn vaguely remembers seeing a mail from gevaerts related to thsi
19:20:22[7]yes, to rockbox-rbclient
19:20:41[7]it needs the SDK for api version 16 now
19:20:50[7]and you have to advertize it as "android16"
19:21:52amiconnShould be enough to only install "SDLK platform", right?
19:22:00[7]yes, just the uppermost checkbox
19:22:33*amiconn does have the API 16 SDK platform installed
19:22:42amiconnSo I only need to change the announcement
19:26:31pamaurycan someone recall me why we still build the files in tools/ with crazy options (-O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic)
19:27:55[7]those flags don't look overly crazy to me
19:29:01pamauryI don't know, nowadays we have C99, and building with pedantic and -W seems a bit too much
19:31:32 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
19:47:26 Quit prof_wolfff (Remote host closed the connection)
19:49:49 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
19:52:30bluebrotherhmm. Building mini2g on the Pi took around 90 minutes :)
19:58:03[7]bluebrother: I assume you're aware of this?;type=hifimanhm60xwps
19:59:39bluebrother[7]: yes. It's a problem with the build system :)
19:59:51bluebrotherI'm currently testing a change to fix this.
20:00:32bluebrotherthe problem is that the Pi is arm, and thus the build system automatically detects arm as ARCH, ending up to include arm-specific Makefiles even for host builds
20:00:40bluebrothernot really what one usually wants
20:01:14*bluebrother never liked that automatic architecture detection thing
20:01:27[7]that sounds like a fundamental problem
20:02:46bluebrotherwell, afaiu it tries to figure what kind of architecture the files the compiler produces. On an arm-host this is obviously arm, even when not cross compiling
20:03:25bluebrotherit seems easily solvable in this case. But I'm checking by building an arm target, wps and sim first. Which takes quite a while on that thing :)
20:11:43 Quit melmothX (Quit: $@)
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20:46:26 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
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21:02:43pamauryomg, you guys built rockbox on the Pi, you are insane :)
21:03:06bluebrotherpamaury: I've built Rockbox Utility on the Pi before as well :)
21:08:49bluebrotherZagor: btw, the table on shows all build times as 0 in the hover tooltip
21:09:33bluebrotherthe numbers are correct at the individual build page
21:09:45bluebrothernot that it's much of a problem though :)
21:11:25 Quit robin0800 (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
21:27:49bluebrotherdoesn't work for warble
21:32:23 Join XavierGr [0] (~XavierGr@2001:41d0:52:100::2e5)
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22:23:52pamauryhum, mkzenboot is *really* a mess
22:28:54 Quit Wardo (Read error: No route to host)
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