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#rockbox log for 2013-03-12

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00:33:03pamauryJdGordon: could you implement what you describe in your answer on the ML ?
00:33:24JdGordonits like 15min work :)
00:34:03JdGordonno promises, my time is pretty limited at the moment
00:34:33pamaurysame for me, I have a TODO list which keeps increasing
00:35:28pamauryI feel my time is better spent on something which I know rather than something which I don't and you can do trivially :)
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00:36:10pamauryI need to go, if you have time, upload it to gerrit and I can write the target specific glue which is probably needed
00:36:51pamaurymaybe it's just a matter of adding a #define to button-target.h which define a mask of acceptable buttons when locked
00:38:01JdGordonthat probably wont work
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03:48:51*[Saint] is working on something of a "secret project"
03:50:14[Saint]I have a few mock-ups so far, and a few SVG source images, but...basically...I'm looking at modernizing cabbie.
03:54:26[Saint]Bah - forums: We really need to disable USB on the iPod Nano2G
03:55:03[Saint]Even if it discourages Mr. Someone from actually fixing the issue - panicing on USB plug is really non-nice.
03:57:44[Saint]Who's a "USB guy"? :)
03:58:22[Saint]...if I were to prepare a patch to disable USB on the Nano2G - what defines do I actually want to wipe out?
03:58:36[Saint]I am assuming just HAVE_USBSTACK?
04:05:00JdGordon[Saint]: do you tinhk it is possible to get cabbie down to a few templates which we can use a script to resize up/down to new targets?
04:05:20[Saint]With what I'm planning, yes.
04:14:41JdGordon[Saint]: also, if you can, use the backdrop layer for the backdrop image instead of the full screen backdrop image bmp please
04:15:43[Saint]WHat's the difference? And, why?
04:16:02JdGordonthe wps backdrop image is pretty much the title image and the rockbox watermark and a gradient
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04:17:45[Saint]...yes. I am aware. But I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at.
04:18:00[Saint]How can a backdrop image *not* be drawn in the backdrop layer?
04:18:34JdGordonsorry, what i meant was, not using a full screen bmp for the backdrop and drawing the gradient in the skin instead
04:23:00JdGordonMy reason is 1) so the backdrop layer + more new tags are tested and 2) it would be super awesome if the skins were written in a way which meant they are screen size independant
04:23:22JdGordonor at least mostly independant (with the right images)
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04:25:55[Saint]If I manage to pull it off (there's still a few things I'm nutting out on paper at the moment), there should be very few images in the theme actually - primarily, it would just be the playback related icons and a couple of 9seg images.
04:26:08*[Saint] has big, very simple, plans.
04:26:25[Saint]...but I don't want to say too much about it just yet in case it all goes to shit :P
04:30:33JdGordonsounds good
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07:13:38[Saint]I think I broke screendump.
07:15:02[Saint]I just tried to screendump from RaaA running on a Samsung 4K TV (Ms [Saint]'s brother's) and it sat there thinking about it for a good 2 minutes, and then keeled over and died.
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09:52:55ukleinekwodz: (log) I send you a message using memoserv
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10:10:06wodzDo anyone know Chinese? I have some PDFs about atj213x platform but unfortunately they are protected so I can't copy text to google translator.
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10:22:55JdGordonwhich is the simplest to base a new port off?
10:23:26pixelma_kugel: with the Xperia P on ICS, you don't have a black on "white" Rockbox line in the notification bar (unlike the other apps that are white on black?
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10:25:10wodzJdGordon: The best is write from scratch not looking back IMO. This is pretty target specific stuff.
10:25:52*[Saint] guesses that's exaqctly what Mr. Gordon is trying to avoid :)
10:26:07JdGordonyeah, I don't know what I'm doing! :p
10:27:07gevaertsI don't think we have a complicated, do we?
10:27:14wodzJdGordon: I guess you want only setup C env, so 1) setup SP, 2) zero .bss 3) jump to main()
10:27:37wodzah, sorry misread.
10:27:44wodzI though about crt0.S\
10:28:14wodzarm boot.ld are pretty simple
10:28:14JdGordonmy playtform is nice and simple, i will alreayd have a stack setup
10:28:51JdGordonso 1 and 2 can be skipped
10:30:14wodzJdGordon: you need section for .text .data .rodata and .bss. .rodata is usually integrated with .text but this is not obligatory
10:30:37wodzI guess you have nice linear address space starting from 0, right?
10:30:55JdGordonnot from 0 but yes
10:31:29wodzbut from fixed address?
10:32:01JdGordoni've even got a mmu if I want it (I don't want the added complication so will avoid for now :) )
10:35:41wodzJdGordon: something like this
10:36:04wodzyou can skip .stack section if you setup it in other way
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10:54:32JdGordon/home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin: 4: /home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
10:58:56JdGordongevaerts: do you know what tat means?
10:59:54[Saint]Its for tits.
11:00:15[Saint]...or are tits for tats?
11:00:18*[Saint] forgets :)
11:13:09JdGordonwodz: any idea what the above error could be?
11:13:15JdGordonmanually calling objcopy doesnt complain
11:13:23JdGordonand the bootloader.bin looks like a sensible elf
11:13:49gevaertsThe lds file is buggy
11:14:11*ukleinek (having no clue) thinks the elf file is tried to be interpreted as something else
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11:17:56JdGordongevaerts: is my
11:28:37wodzJdGordon: I don't know if this is the case but all .ld I saw have *(.text*) instead of * (.text*) <−− mind the lack of space after asterisk
11:29:00JdGordonyeah, tried that :(
11:29:25wodzand you usually don't need to play with PHDRS
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11:40:13pamauryJdGordon: why are you writing a file ?
11:40:26JdGordonnew port
11:40:55pamaurywhich target ?
11:41:06pamaurydid you solve you issue with it ?
11:41:33JdGordonno, still stuck, target is virtualised running on pandaboard
11:42:17pamauryyou want to produce a binary file or elf file ? because if you write a PHDRS section you are producing a binary one
11:42:57pamauryif you want to produce a binary, you should add some OUTPUT_ARCH() and OUTPUT_FORMAT() directives
11:43:19JdGordoni want an elf
11:43:37JdGordonthat paste is half way between an example lds from the sdk and wodz' paste
11:43:59JdGordonI added those
11:44:09JdGordon(output_arch(0 and output_format())
11:44:41pamauryok, and something linear starting at an address ? can you pastebin your current lds ?
11:46:55pamauryis there a reason why you want to override the PHDRS ?
11:47:13JdGordonthats from the sdk's example lds
11:49:27JdGordonpresumably i dont need that
11:49:47pamauryand what is the problem with the current one ?
11:50:15JdGordon/home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin: 1: /home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
11:52:24pamauryneed to go to eat, I would have tried this:
11:52:44pamaurybe back soon
11:55:05wodzthis will fail as IRAM is undefined
11:55:48wodzswitch .bss placement from IRAM to DRAM
11:57:45JdGordon/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.4.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld: error: no memory region specified for loadable section `.icode'
11:58:02wodzand *(.icode*) , *(.irodata*), *(.idata*) things are missing
12:01:12JdGordonok added them (and another needed section), same error
12:01:17JdGordon/home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin: 1: /home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
12:01:33JdGordongevaerts: I cant figure out how to dump the command which is doing that
12:01:49gevaertsmake V=1?
12:02:22JdGordon/home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/bootloader.bin /home/jonno/ok-rockbox/build/okl4-rockbox.elf <- thats all that gets displayed
12:04:28JdGordon is the current incarnation
12:11:26JdGordonhmm, can i just disable this OC step?
12:12:31JdGordonapparently yes, woo!
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13:53:49wodzhell, how can I instruct linker/gcc/whatever to not throw away unused const variable? __attribute__((used)) doesn't work
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13:58:39Tornewodz: are you compiling as C++ by any chance?
13:58:51wodzno, plain C
13:58:54Torneconst defaults to internal linkage if you are using C++ semantics
13:59:13funman-O0 ?
13:59:34Tornewodz: at what stage is it being thrown away?
13:59:41Tornelinker doing −−gc-sections?
13:59:54wodz-Os but tried with -O0 without any change.
13:59:56Tornethe used attribute doesn't affect the linker, so that's probable
14:00:17Tornei assume it's still there in the .o ?
14:00:41wodzYes linker does −−gc-sections BUT I place this vars in section which is present in .map (but without vars of question)
14:01:26Tornewhat section is it actually in in the object file, though?
14:01:41Torne-fdata-sections may move it to a subsection..
14:05:29wodzhow to check this?
14:06:06Torneobjdump the .o file
14:06:13Torneand see whether the symbol is still there, and what section it's in.
14:06:30Tornei.e. see what the compiler did, so you can tell whether the compiler or the linker is messing it up :)
14:06:52kugelpixelma: yea, altough it's more grey :9
14:07:13kugelIIUC FS #12773 should help
14:07:15fs-bluebot Android Notification: Use setLatestEventInfo instead of Remoteviews (patches, unconfirmed)
14:09:44wodzTorne: ok, vars are present in .o in correct section
14:09:58kugelJdGordon: did you ever try to draw the cabbie gradient by the skin engine?
14:10:15wodzso I guess linker is to blame
14:12:19Tornethey are just in the section you told them to be in?
14:12:22Tornenot a longer name?
14:12:46Tornethe linker can't remove individual symbols, only whole sections
14:13:00Torneso, if it's in the right section then either that entire section should be in the final binary or not
14:13:17Tornethat's why you hve to compile with -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections in the first place to make −−gc-sections useful
14:14:45wodzI placed it in .after_vectors section and in object file thats the section name where they are. BUT in final .elf they are absent while .after_vectors section is present and contains some functions
14:15:14Tornewell, try removing gc-sections from the link args just to test if that fixes it
14:15:19Torneif so then something weir dis going on
14:15:57wodzadding KEEP() around that section in linker script also helps
14:16:03pamaurywodz: not sure it's related, you can use KEEP() in linker script
14:16:24wodzyeah but how the hell linker is removing only some symbols
14:16:28TorneOh, hm
14:16:36TorneMaybe it's removing the *input* section
14:16:38Tornenot the output section
14:16:46Torneare there any other symbols in that .o in tha tsection?
14:16:56Tornewhere do the other symbols that end up there come from?
14:17:18Tornegc-sections might be able to GC input sections, now that i think about it
14:17:18wodzthe other symbols comes from some startup file
14:17:32Torneright, so yeah. i suspect it's just pruning it for being unreferenced then
14:17:46Torneeither you can add KEEP in the link script or add a reference somewhere
14:18:25Tornemerging the sections for output probably happens after the tree shaking
14:18:35Torneoh, duh, in fact, it must
14:18:42Tornebecause the .text.function_name sections all get merged
14:18:50Torneso tree shaking has to happen first to be able to prune anything :)
14:19:19wodzok, thanks for help
14:19:30Torneno problem, i learnt something :)
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21:19:04wodzWithout dumping atj213x rom it will be very hard to figure out boot process :/ I guess I'll need to take the risk and force my e150 to enter adfu mode.
21:19:44pamaurywodz: what is problem with the atj213x ?
21:21:15wodzdissasembly of boot loader doesn't make sense
21:22:41wodzIt jumps quite early to empty area which may indicate that it is not loaded lineary by bootrom
21:24:03 Part LinusN
21:24:11wodzdespite this there are some unreferenced functions which setup cache and sdram so I guess this must be called somehow
21:24:16 Join LinusN [0] (
21:25:09wodzoh, and I can't find memcpy() which usually is in some form in such early init files
21:25:33 Quit shamus (Quit: Leaving)
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21:29:11pamauryis there a recovery/dfu mode ?
21:29:27pamaurydo you know the format ? I reverse some code for you but I don't remember what
21:29:47pamauryI have a similar problem on rknano by the way
21:33:35wodzyes, there is recovery mode. But the only way I can think of how to trigger it is to force flash fault on startup.
21:35:57pamauryhum, and you cannot short nans pins or something ?
21:36:49wodzthats the way to force fault :-)
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21:38:21pamauryok ^^
21:38:29pamaurywhich device are you hacking on ?
21:39:08wodziriver e150
21:41:08pamaurybut do you know how the dfu mode works ?
21:42:33wodzkind of
21:44:05wodzin materials I got from s1mp3 developer there is source for adfu handler (written in asm!) which corresponds quite good to the disassembly of one file from firmware package.
21:44:36wodzchances are I'll figure out how to use it based on this
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23:22:42JdGordonkugel: sure, why?
23:25:40 Join dhrasmus [0] (~dhrasmus@
23:28:46kugelJdGordon: it's fucking ugly? :)
23:28:51 Quit DexterLB (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:32:48JdGordonits no different to the backdrop bmp
23:34:04 Join DexterLB [0] (
23:35:59kugelJdGordon: oh it definitely is
23:36:24kugelthe backdrop is dithered which makes gradients look good
23:36:46kugelgradients created by the code suffer badly from banding
23:37:04JdGordonso...... fix the lcd_gradient function to do that
23:37:24kugelso you havent actually tried it?
23:41:25kugelfixing it isnt trivial either
23:46:16 Join georgep [0] (
23:46:32JdGordonyou asked if i tried it, not if i noticed a difference
23:47:47 Quit dhrasmus (Quit: Leaving)
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