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#rockbox log for 2013-03-14

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00:47:53gevaertsDoes the bootloader really need scroll_engine and bidi?
00:47:59*gevaerts has doubts
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01:20:42funmanwhat do you think of having a second buildsystem to test things like what gevaerts just asked?
01:21:04funman"does the bootloader need X or Y ?" -> commit something that disables those features and see if all the targets still build
01:21:27funmanthat needs a separate git repository though
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01:37:44gevaertsfunman: no separate git repository needed
01:38:20gevaertsThe build system can build from branches just fine, and with some tweaking it could build from gerrit
01:38:55gevaertsThe only issue is that it confuses the table a bit
01:43:08gevaertsAnyway, the answer seems to be "some of them aren't needed, but the linker notices so it doesn't really make any difference"
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01:54:47[Saint]gevaerts: there's possible situations I can't test where it could be used.
01:55:01[Saint]clip zip bootloader USB probably has offscreen text
01:55:23gevaerts[Saint]: could be, or is?
01:55:46gevaertsAnyway, it doesn't really matter
01:56:54gevaertsWhenever a file as a whole isn't needed, the linker drops it
01:57:38gevaertsIndividual functions are harder to find, but there newer toolchains can help
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02:02:52gevaertsWe could improve ccache hits a lot
02:03:29gevaertsThings like -DYEAR=2013 -DMONTH=03 -DDAY=14 are only relevant for about three C files, but we pass them to everything
02:04:36gevaertsAnd lots of firmware (such as lib/) probably doesn't actually change within a CPU family (armv5 and such)
02:04:54gevaertsWe should reorganise all that :)
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02:29:18funmangevaerts: ccache only does match on preprocessed files, doesn't it?
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09:27:48otakoanyone here know what, if any, builds are stable with a nano 2g?
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10:19:31gevaertsfunman: also on commandline
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11:24:21kugelgevaerts: the bootloaders have the scroll engine?
11:24:38kugelwhat a huge waste. the scroll engine is huge
11:24:47kugelits ram usage, that is
11:40:21gevaertskugel: they compile it, anyway. I don't know how much of it they actually use
11:41:20gevaertsThey also compule buflib, but the linker throws that one out entirely
11:41:49gevaertsWe can "fix" a lot of this by adding ifdefs, but if the entire object file is not linked anyway, I think that's not worth it
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12:21:34GracekHi. I have a question regarding Rockbox on Sansa Fuze+. I find it frustrating that after locking buttons the screen turns on whenever i touch the touchpad. Is there any way to make it constantly off until I release the button lock by pressing the power button?
12:21:56copperGracek: no, there's an open bug report for that
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12:23:51Gracekthank you
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14:15:03amayerdoes anyone in here use gpodder? im wondering because it says it has "Rockbox cover art support". Im wondering if that was our doing or if it just means it can save a file as "cover.jpg"
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14:19:56wodzamayer: I guess the letter
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14:36:56amayerit appears so. looking further into it it says it requires python image library. so i guess it just knows where to put the images. pretty simple. im going to experiment with it a little.
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14:54:35sputnik2012hi all, any builds for the ipod 7th generation?
14:56:41amayersputnik2012: I dont believe so. all our builds(in any kind of working order) are listed on the homepage( )
14:57:39sputnik2012ok. i've put the 6th gen firmware on my ipod, and it works. but the battery drains after about 6 albums, how can i reset it? I've tried itunes and it won't detect my ipod.
14:57:54sputnik2012by reset it i mean return to the stock firmware
14:58:27Tornethere isn't really a 7th generation
14:58:31Tornethe hardware is the same
14:58:40Tornewhich is why the 6th gen one works :)
14:58:45Torneotherwise it wouldn't even install it at all
14:58:52sputnik2012thanks tone
14:58:57sputnik2012Torne even
14:59:04Tornefollow the uninstall instructions on the same site you found the install instructions :)
14:59:07amayerif you are just looking to boot the original firmware rebooting the ipod and enabling hold right after reboot will get you into apple firmware
14:59:20sputnik2012tried that, nothing happened
14:59:33amayerif you are looking to wipe out rockbox directions on website are the best i can offer
14:59:58sputnik2012they don't work
15:00:45amayerwait... ignore the hold button thing. if you are using 6th gen firmware/emcore
15:01:07sputnik2012yeah i'm using that amayer
15:01:42sputnik2012tried ipodcatcher, it won't detect my ipod
15:01:44Tornesputnik2012: there are instructions on the emcore page about how to uninstall it
15:01:51Torneipodpatcher is not relevant
15:01:56Tornethat's only for older ipod models
15:02:01Torneyou need to follow emcore's uninstall instructions
15:02:23sputnik2012have you got a link Torne?
15:02:34amayerwe support/help with rockbox. you are looking for directions/help from emcore
15:03:49sputnik2012tried the emcore settings, it says there should be an uninstall link under tools, but there isn't
15:04:57sputnik2012thanks amayer
15:05:23amayeri believe you should follow the iPod Classic directions but anything further then that i probably cant help you with. (no experiece with subject)
15:12:28sputnik2012got it working, thanks all
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16:31:49pamauryJdGordon: is enabling keylock in radio screen as simple as adding |ALLOW_SOFTLOCK to get_action() ?
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16:38:24pamauryapparently yes
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16:41:39pixelmapamaury: there's already a patch for it on gerrit (by saratoga) and I commented on it
16:42:07pixelmanothing happened since then and I got no answer
16:42:19pamauryreally ? I missed it
16:43:53pamaurymy implementation is different though, I use the ALLOW_SOFTLOCK in context
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16:45:20pamaurywe'll see if Jd finds it better
16:46:59pixelmahow do you deal with the other targets?
16:47:32pamaurywhat do you mean ? Each target still need to define a keylock action in the keymap
16:49:07pixelmaspecifically for the radio screen?
16:49:50pixelmaI mean those targets that already have soft keylock in general but might have trouble finding another key (combo) for this in the radio screen
16:52:23pamauryit depends on the keymap, if your target cannot have a keylock in the radio screen, just define it in the wps part of the keymap
16:53:24pamauryanyway, screen specific keymap have priority over general keymap, so if you define, say, POWER as the keylock in standard keymap and then redefine POWER to something else in the radio keymap, then you won't have keylock in radio screen
16:53:40pamauryIs that your question ?
16:58:04 Join wodz [0] (
17:06:15pixelmayes, that answers it partially. It would need to be tested and looked at closer though, if there's an almost similar button (combo) which differs slightly (BUTTON_REL or not or something like this) then you sometimes get weird results
17:06:49pixelma"overlapping" actions
17:06:57 Join B4gd3r [0] (~daniel@
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17:13:02pamaurypotentially yes
17:14:14pamauryThis definitely needs some testing
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21:25:55wodzok, so Iriver e150 in msc mode normally connects with vid:pid 4102:1052 with two Bulk endpoints (one IN and one OUT), shorting nand I/O lines and connecting usb gives vid:pid 10d6:ff96 with one OUT Bulk endpoint
21:28:13wodzThats quite unfortunate as this means that adfu mode in rom doesn't support any read commands (unless through control ep)
21:31:24 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250d:8809:225:d3ff:fed6:15a)
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21:42:12wodzduh, I misread lsusb - there are two bulk endpoints IN and OUT so there is some hope
21:42:40 Quit lebellium_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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21:46:32wodzpamaury: Are you going to fill ?
21:50:51pamaurywodz: not particularly since it's all in the source code of the atj tools but I can try to do it if you want
21:53:02wodzpamaury: I mean that in current form it is useless
22:09:40 Quit y4n (Quit: Do you like hurting other people?)
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22:12:10pamaurywodz: why ?
22:12:18pamauryah the page, yeah
22:12:36 Quit [Saint_] (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:13:12 Quit melmothX (Quit: $#)
22:13:28pamaurythe format is also so horrible that i'm not sure the page is actually useful
22:13:34pamaurymaybe we should plain delete i
22:25:58wodzyes thats an option
22:28:07wodzpamaury: what does bCSWStatus = 2 mean? Doc says it is 'phase error' whatever it is
22:28:41*pamaury needs to be recalled what bCSWStatus is
22:29:03wodzstatus field of response packet of the msc
22:31:41 Quit amayer (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:32:41 Join Scromple_ [0] (~Simon@
22:33:35pamaurywodz: phase error means the directin bit of the CSW is not compatible with the content of the CSW basically
22:33:57pamaurylike doing a READ but setting direction bit of the CSW to OUT
22:35:23 Quit Scr0mple (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:35:45pamauryI think it can also happen if the host sends too much data to the device
22:39:03wodzchanging bmCBWFlags from 0x80 (device to host) to 0x00 (host to device) doesn't change the response :/
22:42:06pamauryit's a very general error, any unexpected action can trigger it
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22:48:50 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:57:26wodzHa, small progress (sort of). I am able to send command which reports success and reboots the player.
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23:34:26JdGordonpamaury: that looks good, just test it to make sure you dont need to add any extra kymappings

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