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#rockbox log for 2013-03-16

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14:42:41pamauryhey, reverse engineering a usb driver when you have no idea how the usb core works is funny
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14:46:56bertrikcan you just sniff what the official app sends?
14:47:56bertrikif that makes any sense
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14:59:16pamaurybertrik: I mean the usb driver of the OF
14:59:31pamauryI don't know the registers
15:00:01pamauryI don't have any registers anyway, of any peripheral
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15:19:35pamauryTorne: have you seen cortex-m devices where the ranges 0x61000000-0x61ffffff and 0x62000000-0x62ffffff are used by peripherals
15:19:49Torneno idea.
15:19:57pamauryon rknano it seems to be used by usb and these cannot be only data structures in ram
15:20:30pamauryarmv7 manuals says this range is supposed to be cached but it doesn't match what I see here, very confusing
15:22:37Torneif it's an M0 that's not v7, though
15:22:47TorneM0 is ARMv6-M, which is a weird inbetween thing
15:22:58Torne(doesn't implement most of the Thumb2 instruciton set, but does have some of it)
15:23:26pamaurydo you have examples instructions on v7-M but not on v6-M ?
15:23:48Torneno idea, i don't have the v[67]-M ARMs handy anywhere
15:29:29pamauryok, I think I'll first try to formally identify the core used, I have a master evil plan to do that
16:25:38*Torne starts seriously poking at this ipod with an ssd :)
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17:14:57Tornehm, okay, so this is fairly consistently failing in check_registers in ata.c
17:15:12Torneit writes a test pattern to the NSECTOR/SECTOR/LCYL/HCYL registers and reads it back
17:15:16Torneand it gets the wrong values every single time
17:15:32Torneeither they are switched, or duplicated, or corrupt by one bit, or zero
17:15:46Tornethe device status reported it was ready just fine
17:15:55Tornebut its registers appear to be useless
17:16:09Torneany guesses? :)
17:17:56pamauryyou need a ATA expert it seems
17:18:06kugelpamaury: *he* is the ATA expert :)
17:18:50Tornei dunno about that
17:19:07Tornebut probabyl more than most of us :/
17:19:11Torneand i still have no fucking idea.
17:19:22Torneit does this both before and after hardresetting the device
17:19:33Tornethis is some SATA -> IDE converter interface i'm talking to
17:19:37Tornenot the SSD itself, which is mSATA
17:19:43Torneso its' quite possible that interface is real shitty
17:19:48Tornebut it works perfectly in the OF
17:20:02Torneand it seems to work in the rockbox bootloader as well, it's only in the actual binary that it chokes
17:20:19Torneand no, there's no BOOTLOADER dependent code in the ata driver itself :/
17:20:43*pamaury has forgotten everything about ATA
17:21:08Tornei have all the specs in front of me :)
17:22:59Torneerm, so it looks like if you just comment out check_registers it works ;)
17:23:21Tornemounts over USB just fine
17:23:28Tornethough i haven't got a .rockbox directory so it's a bit upset
17:23:46kugelsome timing issue perhaps?
17:24:17Torneactually iw ould guess that the sata/ide converter's chip doesn't implement read back of these registers correctly
17:24:23Torneyou don't normally need to read them
17:24:28Tornesince they are just the addresses
17:25:18Tornethose four registers are N/A on output for almost all commands
17:25:31Tornethe spec says they are read/write, but hey
17:25:56TorneOh, hmmmm
17:26:02Torneactually, okay, they are used for tagged command queueing
17:26:25Torneso the SATA interface may be fucking them up because of that ;)
17:26:45Tornecommand queueing is not valid in non-PACKET devices in PATA (i.e. it's only for cdrom drives)
17:26:51Tornebut it's used in SATA on disks
17:27:18*Torne builds a full build with that patch and tests stuff.
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17:49:04Tornehm, this is werid
17:49:07Torneit boots, plays music
17:49:20Torneand it can write "small" things, like the config file and playlist control
17:49:28Tornebut if i try to write to it over usb i get errors
17:49:41Torneand if i do anything on the device that tries to do large writes it hangs (e.g. initialising database)
17:57:39kugelCheck Your Filesystem(TM) :)
17:57:52Tornethe fs is fine
17:58:05Tornerpetty sure the driver is still broken
17:58:13kugelkidding :p
17:58:18Torneso now i'm wondering why we even have check_registers() in the first place
17:58:25Tornegiven that we *never* rely on reading those registers at all
17:58:36Torneand it has been there since the first checked in version of ata.c in 2002
17:58:45kugelperhaps git blame can tell
17:58:54Torneit was there in the original copy of the archos ata driver
17:59:02Tornein svn r163 :)
18:00:29Tornethe only change anyone ever made to it is to make it retry 64 times with a 1 tick sleep
18:00:35Torneoriginally it only tried once before failing
18:00:44Torneand that was in a commit with a bunch of other changes and doesn't explain why
18:00:49pamaurythe magic of ATA drivers
18:00:57Tornei am tempted to just remove it
18:01:18pamauryit seems that from the day ATA was invented, it was flawn with buggy implementations
18:01:32Torneright, but the original code here doesn't even wait/retry
18:01:46Torneit literally just writes some values, reads them back, and if they aren't the same, it dies
18:01:51Tornei.e. you can't boot
18:02:05Tornethe later version retries 64 times
18:02:13Tornebut if after 64 tries it doesn't work then the same
18:02:23Torneso it's not clear how this can be a workaround for a bug
18:02:49Torneit seems more like it was just someone's sanity check that sounded like a good idea, and then later it was found not to work on some device but it happened that if you tried over and over it would succeed eventually :)
18:03:00Tornebut it never succeeds on this thing
18:03:04Torneeven after 1000 tries ;)
18:03:07Torne(10 seconds)
18:03:23Torneand the disk is clearly functional because if you skip it then it can read anything you like
18:04:26Torneanyway enough for now
18:04:37Tornei'll borrow someone's machine to restore it in itunes just to make sure the fs is okay
18:04:48Torneand retest what reads/writes work
18:05:01Tornebut the people with iphones are all out at the moment :)
18:05:47Torneat least i now feel less bad about having this guy's expensive ssd ipod
18:05:55Tornehaving made *some* progress ;)o
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19:09:13 Part ryan_ramage
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20:37:15pamauryTorne: which register can I read to identify the ARM core ?
20:37:35pamauryCPUID ?
20:39:22ukleinekpamaury: should work, yes.
20:39:45ukleinekbut it depends on the core where you find this register :-)
20:40:28pamauryis it standard on all cortex-M ?
20:41:17ukleinekah, yes, for armv7m it's always 0xesomething
20:41:51ukleinekfor the A (and I think also R) profile(s) it's a coprocessor that you need to ask.
20:41:53pamauryok, I don't know what the core but let's try ^^ I will take some existing code and patch it, very ugly but let's hope :)
20:42:43ukleinekpamaury: which processor do you have? (In case you know ...)
20:43:34 Quit lebellium (Read error: No route to host)
20:43:41pamaurythe SoC is the RKNano-B, it's an ARM processor, using Thumb/Thumb-2 for sure, but I don't know more than this. Reverse engineering shows some registers at 0xe...
20:43:54pamaurymy guess is that it's a Cortex-M3
20:44:04 Join lebellium [0] (
20:44:13pamaurybut I don't have any datasheet, I don't know any register of that thing ^^
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20:45:48ukleinekIn case you have questions regarding the architecture. I ported Linux to an M3 and have a good contact into ARM.
20:47:11pamaurygood :) first I need to identify the core, but then well, it will be 100% reverse engineering
20:47:24ukleinekread 0xE000ED00
20:48:35pamauryit's good to read it, it's better to be able to get the value on something you can read with your eye :) that's why it's tricky
20:51:25ukleinekwhich ways you currently have to interact with the cpu?
20:53:40pamauryI managed to descramble a stub send in DFU mode which uses USB. I found a way to modify it and think I will be able to trick it into sending the cpuid value instead of, say, the USB PID or VID
20:55:37ukleinekthe expectation is that *0xE000ED00 & 0xf0000 == 0xf0000
21:10:44pamaurywhat is simplest way to load 0xE000ED00 into r0 in Thumb ? (I want to avoid Thumb-2 as much as possible since I don't know the core)
21:10:54pamaury(in a position independent way)
21:12:52kugelanyone with an android device around?
21:16:05ukleinekmov r0, #0xe000000
21:16:13ukleinekorr r0, #0xed00
21:16:21ukleinekldr r0, [r0]
21:16:41ukleinekoh, you could even save another instruction by merging the latter two
21:17:13ukleinekmov r0, #0xe000000; ldr r0, [r0, #0xed00];
21:26:54user890104kugel: i have one
21:31:56 Quit melmothX (Quit: $@)
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22:03:32kugeluser890104: can you test a patch?
22:05:14user890104kugel: sure, can you make a build? i don't have a development machine set up
22:15:54kugeluser890104: what resolution?
22:18:01kugeluser890104: which phone is this?
22:18:19user890104sony xperia go, android 4.0.3
22:18:49user890104what does the patch do?
22:20:00kugelrewrite audio playback a bit
22:22:44user890104ok, installed
22:23:57kugeljust see if it still plays audio as before :)
22:24:18user890104yes, it does
22:24:32user890104is there anything specific that could break?
22:26:07user890104ok, so it's fine :)
22:26:10kugelgreat :9
22:27:55user890104don't know if this has been discussed, but is it possible to have a single build, regardless of the resolutions, and have the OS choose the correct images on startup?
22:28:31kugelno, rockbox can't support this currently
22:30:17user890104i see
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