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#rockbox log for 2013-03-17

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00:26:46kugelbluebrother: could you please test g#422 on the problematic htc desire?
00:26:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #422 at : android: Rewrite PCM playback without OnPlaybackPositionUpdateListener. by Thomas Martitz (changes/22/422/1)
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02:10:42pamauryukleinek: I've got the CPUID value !
02:11:04pamauryCPUID = 0x412fc230
02:11:18pamauryso it's a Cortex-M3
02:13:06pamaurythat's awesome
02:14:47*[Saint] decides that pamaury is some kind of RE madman.
02:15:19pamauryI didn't even RE that ! I just patched a firmware for an unknown ARM....
02:15:25pamaury...after reverse engineering
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02:16:10pamauryhey that was funny, I still now nothing about the registers but it's pretty cool already
02:23:03pamauryI realise now that the rknano DFU mode is the same as the RK27xx one, except that it accept larger image, ie more than one 512 transfer
02:23:12pamaurywodz: ^
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06:18:24*[Saint] finds the encoding issue (or other issue disguised as such) in the forum very interesting.
06:18:56[Saint]file data displayed correctly until the playlistviewer gets hold of it - very weird.
06:20:16[Saint]or, maybe I parse the issue incorrectly - even re-reading the thread a few times hasn't helped there.
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09:24:14[Saint]Assuming that's not user-error, methinks it'd be a really good idea to not push a release for any device that hasn't been tested on real hardware.
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09:31:00*[Saint] wonders how there even is a stable release for the recorder
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09:57:55pixelmacould have been tested as there are at least developers with these "simple" Recorders around
09:58:24[Saint]Are there any that are actually active?
09:59:33[Saint]The main thing I'm wondering about is how it is that there is a release for the Recorder...I don't even remember the last time I saw it "green".
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11:01:57lebelliumhum doesn't need a target cabbiev2 to be considered as unstable?
11:06:08[Saint]No - of course not.
11:06:15[Saint]It may not even have a screen, remember :)
11:06:42funmanlebellium: if it is usable without the theme, i don't see a problem
11:07:28[Saint]In saying that, since the level of messing about to port a theme to a new target is so trivial - I'd say it definitely _should_ have one, if it can.
11:08:32lebelliumI just took my YH-820 again and see that it actually doesn't have any default theme using the color screen. It only has the failsafe screen. And there isn't any use theme for this target.
11:08:43lebelliumuser theme*
11:14:40funmanah there's only a gray theme
11:15:44lebelliumI assume that means nobody owns, uses and cares about this device (I don't as well, just a piece of s**t IMO) but that's a bit pity since it has been a unstable target for years now. When I have time I may port my theme to this target. It's a 128*96 screen
11:18:30funmani had a yh920 and it was crappy as well, maybe a least effort theme would be convert the existing gray bitmaps to rgb16
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11:32:11lebelliumdo we have any release/build download stats to see if there is at least a few people still using Rockbox on their YH-820?
11:46:13[Saint]If people use it or not doesn't matter - it it did, well...we'd have a lot less targets :)
11:47:16[Saint]The question is whether or not *you* think the work is worth doing. If you do, do it. If not, someone else will when/if they desire to.
11:50:55pixelma[Saint]: there were features deactivated just for the release to have it built. Other than that, while amiconn isn't very active these days, he's still around. And I believe other devs have Recorders too, just the FM/V2 Recorders are very rare
11:51:16[Saint]pixelma: aha - right, thanks.
11:51:26[Saint]I expected to find that in the release notes.
11:51:32[Saint]...silly me, I guess.
11:52:54[Saint]Hum - hehe...and yet the N2G doesn't have a release because it panics on USB insertion.
12:01:55pixelmahmm, I thought there was a "noframe" or similar option for the %pb bar tag... and speaking of theme things, I have weird newline problems with the image and bar tags together with conditional %Vf or %Vb. Currently I only started and am playing around and test it out
12:02:51*[Saint] - too - has found that some tags require a newline
12:03:07[Saint]conditional ui viewports, for one.
12:03:49[Saint]If they don't have at least a single blank line between the declaration and <other_code>, it starts printing the code onscreen instead.
12:04:57[Saint]wrt: bar tag - no, I don't think so.
12:05:22[Saint]the built-in bar has always drawn with a border afaik, with no option to disable this.
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12:10:54pixelmathe newline problems I see are probably different, I get additional blank lines on the screen were none should be, I'll give examples once I know more. About the bar tag, that's a bit of a pity especially seeing all the other options there, I just want the bar without the frame and the ability to "change" colours (still doable with a 1bit bmp but it seems to be a bit unnecessary to have a black 1bit bmp just for that)
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12:15:40FraygmanHi guys.
12:16:27FraygmanIs it possible to install Rockbox on a Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 8gb black version
12:18:32 Join DexterLB [0] (~dex@
12:18:40FraygmanThanks! And does Rockbox support a 32GB SDHC class 10 card?
12:19:11lebelliumYes :)
12:19:22 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
12:19:33FraygmanThank you very much then I gues I know that I can spend my 60€ for the mp3 and sdcard
12:19:36lebelliumI have a 8GB clip+ with a 32GB samsung microSD
12:20:49FraygmanIs a class 10 nessesary?
12:21:11Fraygmanthe class 10 is only 6€ more so I guess I'll buy that
12:21:28lebelliumthat doesn't matter for Rockbox. I mean it won't work better or faster on device than a class 6 or class 4. It only matters for file transfers speed on PC
12:22:05FraygmanI guess I'll buy the class 10 sdhc for my smartphone then and put my old 32gb class 4 in the sansa
12:23:19FraygmanThank you very much and have a nice day guys!
12:23:21 Quit Fraygman (Quit: CGI:IRC)
12:26:25pixelmalebellium: about the c200v1 theme and USB - I had to update the build on my c200 as the old one crashed on all USB connect tries. The dev build from last Monday works - also with my theme (including SBS)
12:27:56lebelliumhum. I have the build of February, 19th, I don't think any change about USB has been made since then :S
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12:28:29pixelmadidn't try your theme yet
12:28:45lebelliumI thought you said it works with both mine and yours
12:31:45 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
12:34:13pixelmasorry, that was a bit weirdly put. I just wanted to say that the build works again in general (as the old one was completely broken) and doesn't mind my SBS
12:39:49pixelmalebellium: do you work with different fonts?
12:41:34lebelliumyes: 08-Nedore, 09-nedore, 4x6-L1, 07-Fixed, 12-Nimbus
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12:50:03pixelmaI remember that there was a problem in the USB screen with user fonts because they have to be loaded from disk and I believe the USB screen is supposed to switch to system font now because this font is built-in. Maybe there still is a bug somewhere. - my SBS just uses user font, or system font
12:52:40lebelliumhum is it supposed to be the case only on c200?
12:56:01lebelliumwould that explain why USB never works with my themes?! I always uses different fonts in SBS
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13:00:28pixelmajust an idea I had. Maybe you could try without and see if it helps, that could possibly help to find the bug
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15:19:09ZincAlloywhoops, sorry
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15:31:52funmanpixelma: lebellium: i thought USB crashes with themes were AMSv2 only
15:32:42lebelliumnow we know that is also crashes on a C200 v1 :)
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15:42:39funmanlebellium: pixelma: I still blame JdGordon for it:
15:44:49lebelliumI don't know if he already inquired about it. It seems that everybody is afraid by trying to fix this bug :D
15:47:03funmani think he had it fixed at one time
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18:21:07pamauryukleinek: you are familiar with the cortex-m3. Does it seems plausible to have an additional bit-band region at 0x62000000 ?
18:23:02pamauryand have you seen a cortex-m3 core with peripherals in the 0X60000000-0x6fffffff range ?
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19:51:57ukleinekpamaury: "my" m3 has bit bands for 0x20000000-0x2002000 at 0x22000000 and for 0x40000000-0x41000000 at 0x42000000
19:52:11ukleinek0x62000000 is reserved.
19:52:25 Join shamus [0] (
19:52:36pamauryI found the answer to my question: 0x62000000 is used by the usb core
19:52:51pamauryit appears that it could be a synopsys usb otg core
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20:04:04pamauryhum, I can read the ID register but it reads 0, so I can't tell exactly which one it is
20:04:39pamauryreverse engineering shows it's consistent with the otg hs one, that can be found in the STM32F20x line and which has a datasheet !
20:04:56 Join lebellium [0] (
20:05:54gevaertspamaury: ignore the datasheet. You want to do this one from scratch :)
20:06:21pamaurywell at least the datasheet gives a good idea of how it works, it will save me time
20:06:41pamaurygood, now let's do the NAND controller
20:07:43webguest89There seems to be an issue with Fuze+ port. If you apply power using a wall charger, it hangs on the ROCKbox logo, only just found out as I wanted to use it in car adapter mode using a car charger.
20:10:31 Join derf [0] (
20:11:14pamaurywebguest89: I'll check this, thanks for reporting
20:12:46webguest89You're welcome, very happy with the Fuze+ port, thanks.
20:13:22 Quit webguest89 (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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20:38:28pamauryindeed, it hangs at the boot logo, another bootloader ubs problem, same symptoms
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22:16:46[Saint]pixelma: in my RaaA cabbie github, you can actually see several exmples of me deliberately coding around the newline bug you're talking about.
22:16:53[Saint]It is known.
22:17:31[Saint]I think there was many other higher priorities in the skin engine at the time I was vocal about it, though.
22:17:35funmanJdGordon: ping
22:22:36[Saint]fwiw - re: hang on charger insertion; the Classic will drop into the USB screen and never recover from it when using a wall charger in my experience.
22:23:07[Saint]there's a symptom that it won't recover, constant disc access.
22:23:31[Saint]about 1/20 tries "just works", others lock the player up requiring a hard reset.
22:23:47[Saint]TheSeven: (logs) ^
22:37:54 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250d:8809:225:d3ff:fed6:15a)
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22:51:47user890104[Saint]: even when holding MENU while connecting the cable?
22:52:57user890104what happens if you wait the disk access icon to disappear after the initial booting/loading, and *then* connect the cable?
22:53:50[Saint]same thing.
22:54:10user890104well ...
22:54:19*user890104 tests on his classic
22:54:20JdGordonfunman: ?
22:54:22[Saint]though, that reminds me that disk access prevents scrolling in the UI on most occasions.
22:56:11funmanJdGordon: can you get a look at ?
22:58:44JdGordonyou need to get me at a time when i didnt just get out of bed :p
22:58:51 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Vamoose!)
22:59:53funmanJdGordon: sure ^_^ i'll try to ping you later
23:00:35user890104[Saint]: worksforme
23:00:55[Saint]Odd. What model Classic do you have again?
23:01:04user890104120 gb
23:01:32[Saint]Hum - maybe that makes a difference. I have several of the CE-ATA "fat" Classics
23:06:57[Saint]user890104: interesting - that very same recipe causes a total UI lockup for me - the disk never stops spinning.
23:07:15user890104well, i tried it twice, just to be sure :)
23:07:33user890104it happened with previous builds from time to time
23:08:38user890104i'm using the RC one at the moment
23:08:51[Saint]There's a 120GB thin Classic floating around here sopmewhere. I'll try with that.
23:09:01user890104installed using rockbox utility, just to test if it works
23:14:00 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
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