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#rockbox log for 2013-03-21

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02:00:55amayercan anyone with even a little bit of php experience check out:
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11:27:06copperamayer: looks good
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11:56:11pixelmahaha, bar tags that automatically get touch functions (e.g. volume or progress bar) and are drawn vertically work in the different direction than what they display. So e.g. the volume bar with just the "vertical" parameter set is drawn bottom -> top and becomes touch aware, the "touch bar" works in the other direction so that you have to slide downwards to increase the volume and upwards to decrease it
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13:46:53JdGordonpixelma: file a bug
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17:12:41webguest12hi, anyone know what the progress of sansa fuze plus is?
17:14:06webguest12i know that i meant when will it be implemented
17:14:55webguest12cuz it says " not implemented"
17:15:11amayeryou can use it now if you want. it installs with the Rockbox Utility.
17:15:27amayermy girlfriend uses it on a regular basis
17:15:48webguest12oh sorry i meant recording...
17:15:53webguest12of it
17:16:16AlexPRecording will be done when someone who wants it badly enough can be bothered to
17:16:30amayerwebguest12: ^
17:16:54webguest12i want it pretty badly "
17:17:03AlexPthen you had better get working
17:17:11webguest12tell me what to do
17:17:29webguest12cuz i dont know
17:17:32AlexPcheckout the code, implement recording, push the patch to gerrit or the mailing list
17:18:03webguest12how do u do that
17:18:11webguest12the first 2 steps
17:18:12AlexPCan you code?
17:18:22AlexPI'm guessing not
17:18:29AlexPIn which case, start by learning C :)
17:18:32webguest12not really you can teach me
17:18:37AlexPNo, sorry
17:18:45webguest12is it hard
17:19:07AlexPDepends on the person, but it certainly isn't a quick thing
17:19:15AlexPThe realistic answer for you is be patient
17:19:15amayerdepends on your patience level
17:20:24webguest12also how come sansa can play mp4 but rockbox cant, to play a video a i have to open sansa which is a biiiiiggggg pain
17:20:50AlexPYou have to convert the resolution anyway, so you mifht as well convert the format
17:21:03AlexPThat way we only have to implement one video codec
17:21:14AlexPIt takes a huge amount of people's spare time to do this you know
17:21:39webguest12to make it work?
17:21:45amayerthis is a 100% volunteer project
17:21:49AlexPYes, make Rockbox
17:22:03AlexPIt has taken hundreds of people millions of hours to code Rockbox
17:22:12AlexPAnd we give it all away for free
17:22:17webguest12well thanks for what we have
17:22:38AlexPIf you think it is so quick and easy to just add more video codecs, then do it
17:22:47webguest12if i can help i would
17:22:51AlexPIt is of course possible, but it takes someone's hard work and spare time
17:23:02AlexPAnyone can help
17:23:15AlexPPeople aren't born knowing how to program
17:23:34webguest12it would be alot eiser if they would be
17:24:19amayer*cringes at the thought*
17:25:37webguest12what o i learn first C or Cplus plus
17:26:01webguest12i have a spanish key board so i dont know where the plus is
17:26:18AlexPThat depends what you want to do
17:26:27AlexPRockbox is mainly written in C
17:27:28webguest12is there a big difference
17:27:52amayerwebguest12: if you really want to help, read the wiki and the code. Learn C and hang out in the IRC.
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17:28:31AlexPwebguest12: That depends on what level you mean. However, this isn't the best place to learn about that.
17:28:54 Join Belzebub [0] (
17:29:05webguest12first things first gotta learn C the best place is google....
17:29:40AlexPwell good luck
17:29:44amayeror find a tutorial website.
17:30:13AlexPNot here please, this isn't a general programming channel
17:31:08webguest12oh ok
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17:56:00webguest12is it a bug that rockboy yo can push 2 buttons at a time?
17:57:24 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
17:58:21 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
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18:09:18Tornewebguest12: not sure what you mean
18:09:24Tornedid you mean "can" or "can't"?
18:09:32Tornealso, which two buttons? or just any two buttons?
18:16:19copperwebguest12: have you located the Any Key yet?
18:17:16*ukleinek wonders what rockbox should do to stop a malicous user pressing two buttons at the same time.
18:18:16copperukleinek: electroshock?
18:19:59ukleinekcopper: that won't stop kamikaze users as it's already to late when rockbox notices ...
18:20:03bluebrother^sounds reasonable :P
18:20:23 Part t-8ch ("WeeChat 0.4.0")
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18:36:11webguest12hi back, i meant that if you try pressing A and an awrrow key at the same time it only goes the one you press first
18:36:25webguest12any key?
18:40:26 Join ml| [0] (~ml@unaffiliated/ml/x-3958674)
18:42:04Tornewebguest12: some devices simply can't detect multiple buttons being pressed at once.
18:42:11Tornewebguest12: it's unlikely to be anything innate to rockboy
18:42:15Tornejust a limit of the button driver on that platform
18:42:59 Quit ml| (Client Quit)
18:43:20 Join ml| [0] (~ml@unaffiliated/ml/x-3958674)
18:43:35webguest12got it. which button it tdb mentiond throught the manual
18:47:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:48:04bluebrother^tbd = to be defined
18:48:06bluebrother^or described
18:48:33bluebrother^or, the other way round: it's missing in the manual, and probably in Rockbox too
18:51:19 Join kadoban [0] (
19:00:25webguest12got it
19:02:22 Join amx [0] (
19:03:48copperbluebrother^: to be determined, no?
19:03:58 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
19:05:02AlexPdepends how it is used
19:05:10AlexPFor instance, to be decided is very common
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19:19:34amayerlebellium: do you know php?
19:21:32lebelliumamayer: not at all sorry
19:22:22amayerok. well i submitted a patch that fixed the error you reported. anyone that knows php:
19:22:25 Join Elfish [0] (amba@2001:1608:12:1:13:3:3:7)
19:24:01gevaertsamayer: that looks rather magic
19:24:43amayergevaerts: is that a good thing?
19:25:06gevaertsWell, it means you *really* need someone who knows php :)
19:25:57gevaertsAh, wait, I think I see
19:26:24gevaertsSeems reasonable to me
19:26:46amayerif "this specific variable" doesnt exist create it with an empty string as its contents
19:27:02copperamayer: I already said that's fine
19:27:29copperyou should really upgrade though
19:27:51amayercopper: upgrade what?
19:27:55*gevaerts presses the button
19:28:30amayercopper: i dont run the server. that is scorch... i believe its php5
19:28:30copperalso, I didn't look too hard, but having your entire code available publicly means you better be certain that everything's air tight
19:28:57gevaertsOK, active on the server. Let's see
19:29:11coppermy web site gets 3 unique visitors a day, yet I get hacking attempts every day
19:29:37amayeri just started working on it. i think i have like 4 patches. but i updated the database stuff. so thats a good start
19:30:25gevaertscopper: you mean the "compatibility with PHP<5.2.0" bit?
19:30:35coppergevaerts: the upgrade bit? yes
19:30:47gevaertsAs far as I can see that's obsolete
19:31:07gevaertsWell, if the php used for the site is the same version as the cli one, anyway
19:31:10amayergevaerts: scorche disabled display errors so you wont be able to tell if it works... it was just a Notice(lowest error level). it was just an easy path so i pushed it
19:31:11copperapparently not since there was this pre-5.2.0 notice
19:31:55 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
19:32:11scorche|shcopper: yes, i know that things need to be updated - when i get a chance to, i will
19:32:15gevaertscopper: that pre-5.2.0 notice has been there since before the code ran on the current server
19:32:35coppergevaerts: what's your point?
19:32:44gevaertsSo yes, that bit of code can handle older php, but that doesn't mean it's currently *running* php <= 5.2.0
19:32:53 Quit froggyman (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:32:55copperit does
19:33:11*gevaerts is confused
19:33:17scorche|shit is definitely not running php <= 5.2.0....
19:33:21copperthe notice says that $pathinfo['filename'] doesn't exist, which means it's running pre 5.2.0 PHP
19:33:26amayer*amayer is confused*
19:33:33gevaertscopper: it doesn't say that
19:34:08coppermy bad
19:34:13copperNotice: Undefined index: extension in /home/themes/private/themesite.class.php7
19:34:16gevaertsIt says that it doesn't exist on pre-5.2.0, so if we want it to run on pre-5.2.0, we need to work around that
19:34:24coppermy bad, my bad
19:34:35scorche|shi could tell you the exact version if you like, but i dont really want that on the logs, as it is out of date (but certainly not *that* out of date)
19:34:45*gevaerts was holding back too :)
19:34:59copperscorche|sh: dude, your entire code is available
19:35:05copperwith database structures and shit
19:35:21amayer*needs to submit more patches to start more riots*
19:35:24scorche|shoh noes?
19:35:43copperjust sayin', PHP version is the least of your worries
19:35:52*gevaerts disagrees
19:36:14gevaertsThere's a vast difference between available code that runs on a single server and equally available code that runs everywhere
19:36:20scorche|shcopper: please dont try to play armchair infosec-person with me ;)
19:37:22gevaertsI mean, I'd say that if you're vulnerable to a known php issue, that's *much* worse than if you're running an up to date php with possibly vulnerable published code that *only you* run, unless there's a specific reason to target you
19:37:47*gevaerts isn't saying that any of those vulnerabilities are there :)
19:38:09scorche|shnot saying that we cant work on both, but...
19:38:24copperI'm just flabbergasted by the number of attacks on my obscure web sites
19:38:37scorche|shcopper: shall we take this to the other channel?
19:39:09 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
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19:43:58 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@
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20:38:19 Quit webguest016 (Quit: CGI:IRC)
20:39:14 Join WarpEnterprises [0] (
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21:09:50 Join grindhold [0] (
21:18:12WarpEnterprisesAs it seems that irc is the preferred way to ask dev oriented questions I'm trying it here.
21:19:26WarpEnterprisesWhat's would be the simplest way to get a log of files which have been deleted on rockbox? I'm using a sandisk clip zip, but I suppose this is not relevant.
21:19:49AlexPAs in you delete them from within Rockbox, and you would like that logged?
21:20:47WarpEnterprisesyes. I have my main collection on the PC, copy some files to the player, delete the bad ones there and at some point want to sync this back.
21:21:07AlexPI'd do that PC side with some sync software
21:21:54AlexPIf you want Rockbox to keep a list, you would need to add that
21:22:23 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:24:57WarpEnterprisesyou are probably right with doing it on the pc side. beside that (for fun to say) would it be easy to write some kind of logfile? Are there functions in the code which can easily be invoked at the place the delete is called?
21:26:16AlexPI don't know I'm afraid, but I would imagine you could cobble something together, yes
21:27:03 Join RiD [0] (
21:28:24RiDHello there. I am having an issue where rbthemeeditor crashes loading a specific theme, any hint on what's causing this?
21:28:45WarpEnterprisesDo you know how the database handles deleted files? if the index to the files is kept internally?
21:29:14AlexPRiD: I'm pretty sure the theme editor is well out of date
21:29:16gevaertsRiD: I don't think anyone has looked at the theme editor for ages
21:29:25AlexPRiD: I'd use the sim for theme stuff
21:29:42RiDOk.. but then how could i make a simulator with the resolution 800x480?
21:32:05gevaertsYou don't. Build the SDL app for that resolution instead.
21:34:42AlexPWarpEnterprises: No idea I'm afraid
21:34:51*AlexP seems rather afraid tonight
21:37:14 Join krabador [0] (
21:37:25WarpEnterprisesAlexP: ok, thanks so far.
21:45:51 Part WarpEnterprises
22:00:10 Quit AlexP (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:01:20 Quit onyxice (Quit: There's no place like
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22:19:39 Nick bzed_ is now known as bzed (
22:25:40bluebrother^AlexP: the theme editor still builds and works :)
22:26:01bluebrother^but it's missing a bunch of tags that were added after the project finished, unfortunately
22:26:03AlexPI'm pretty sure it is missing all sorts of new tags
22:26:25bluebrother^it shouldn't crash on them though. Optimally :)
22:26:59RiDey someone experient on theming
22:27:08AlexPIf someone is going to work on it, it'd be nice if it got its tags from the main codebase
22:27:31AlexPRather then just not crash, that might suggest it is expected to work :)
22:28:31 Quit amayer (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:28:32RiDehh ignore what i said, don't need help anymore. at least not yet :P
22:30:25bluebrother^displaying a warning on an unknown tag would be a good start
22:30:36bluebrother^but someone needs to do the work ...
22:34:37bluebrother^time for Mr Someone. Or DevCon ...
22:36:40 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
22:42:20 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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22:50:40webguest33[webguest33] wonders when Saint will finish the Basic to C converter.
22:51:10 Quit webguest33 (Client Quit)
22:52:55 Quit y4n (Quit: Today is the perfect day for a perfect day.)
22:56:35RiDok, to the experts. Is it possible to set a touchscreen area outside of the viewport, in SBS?
22:57:17gevaerts*the* viewport?
22:57:18RiDI'm trying but i'm making a mistake somewhere. I want it for a seekbar that shows all time
22:57:43RiDi'm new to this, lol. what do you mean with *the* ?
22:58:19gevaertsYou can have many viewports
22:58:36RiDI see, using different labels?
22:59:30gevaertsNot necessarily. They can share a label, which is useful if you want to conditionally enable a group of viewports
23:00:54 Quit ender` (Quit: One of my moneymaking ideas is to write a virus, and copyright it, and sue everyone who gets infected. Impossible? Just like GMO crops! -- AndyCanfield)
23:10:34RiDOk, this is what i currently have in my .SBS -> I can't get the touch to work.
23:15:11 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:17:16 Join amayer [0] (~amayer@
23:31:09 Join selectohh [0] (
23:31:54selectohhi know this is a vague question but does anyone know why a .rock file wouldn't load with error "Can't open /.rockbox/...."?
23:32:40selectohhi have 2 rocks that used to work fine and now all of a sudden they either "Can't open.." or they open and crash
23:33:16gevaertsEither filesystem corruption or a bad installation
23:33:48selectohhgevaerts: i've reinstalled rockbox with the rockbox installer.. is that not enough? should i format it somehow?
23:34:06gevaertsCheck the filesystem
23:35:12selectohhgevaerts: thanks i will try that.. just to be clear, when making a rock, i do a make then a make zip and uncompress it to the mp3 player.. it should be irrelevant what rockbox version was instealled previously since i will be unzipping a full make file right?
23:36:07selectohhéwhois selectohh
23:36:30AlexPwell, not a full make file
23:36:33AlexPa full Rockbox install
23:36:52AlexPbut yes, that means the rock and the main Rockbox binary will be compatible versions
23:37:02selectohhisn't that the same thing? a full make file = a full rockbox install no? other than the bootloader?
23:37:22AlexPa make file is a file that controls how the compile happens
23:37:31AlexPcompletely different, and not specific to Rockbox
23:37:50selectohher i guess i meant the result of a full make? is that what you mean?
23:38:10AlexPyes, essentially
23:38:16selectohhok gotcha
23:39:13AlexPIt may not seem important, but if you try and ask people about this sort of thing using the wrong terms (or maybe the right terms wrongly), it'll confuse people
23:39:13selectohhwhat do you guys use for disk checking? windows seems to kind of do a half assed job sometimes disk checking usb drives.. is there something in linux that is better for taking care of bad sectors on an mp3 drive?
23:39:28AlexPchkdsk in Windows, fsck.vfat in Linux
23:39:32selectohhalexp i hear you, sorry about that
23:39:41AlexPNo need to be sorry :)
23:39:51RiDis it possible to make a progressbar that seeks when you touch it, in a SBS?
23:39:56selectohhthanks for your help!
23:40:02AlexPno problem :)
23:40:09selectohhgevaerts as well of course.
23:40:21AlexPnah, he doesn't need thanks :)
23:40:42selectohhhehe ok if you say so
23:41:01gevaertsAlexP: you'll see what I think of that when it's my round tomorrow!
23:43:54 Quit selectohh (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
23:55:02 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Vamoose)
23:56:23 Join selectohh [0] (
23:57:05selectohhscanning for bad sectors definitely helped.. although now i get "Undefined instruction pc:01F8C400 sp:4000A83bt end". any clue at all what that is about? :)

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