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#rockbox log for 2013-03-22

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01:22:05FordcarsI am new to rockbox, I have been trying to do something with my RK27
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01:52:45SuperBrainAKhey implementing usb audio for rockbox devices sounds awesome :)
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01:58:34amayeris cabbiev2 supposed to have a .fms file?
02:01:20RiDi'm going, see you later
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03:27:59Steven__Hi all
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03:30:03amayerdoes anyone with a sansa fuze+ have a second to test a theme for me?
03:30:34amayerSteven__: hello
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03:45:09webguest12yea sure
03:48:28amayerwebguest12: do you know how to apply a new theme?
03:49:00webguest12like to put it on? with rockboxutility
03:49:28amayerhmm... im not sure how to do it with the utility. i usually do it manually
03:49:43amayerhere is the zip file:
03:50:18amayerif you connect your fuze+ extract that file to the root of the drive
03:50:27webguest12ok gimme a sec
03:52:04amayerwebguest12: im just looking to see if everything is in place but mostly if the FM screen works(its my first FM screen)
03:52:33webguest12replace all?
03:52:48amayerif its for the fonts it doesnt matter
03:52:55amayernothing else should be replaced
03:53:27webguest12the "".rockbox" folder
03:53:48amayeryou need to merge everything into that folder
03:54:04amayerwhat OS is on your computer?
03:55:19amayernow do the settings -> theme settings -> browse themes -> Origami
03:56:07webguest12the font toward the bottom i can barley see
03:56:42webguest12cuz the backround and font color are very similar
03:57:02webguest12what am i testing
03:58:03amayerjust make sure it looks good and that the FM screen works. everthing else should work(i copied most of the code from a different target)
03:58:27amayerwhat screen were you on when you said the font can barly be read?
03:59:02amayerwebguest12: try restarting your player. sometimes you need to restart in order to load the background image
03:59:24amayerif the backgroud isnt mostly white then it didnt load
03:59:33webguest12yea now its better
03:59:51webguest12there is no icons
04:00:04amayernope no icons
04:00:10ikeboyamayer : I'm testing the theme now I think the FM player shouldn't have a blank album art
04:00:51amayeri was conflicted about that. without it the screen seems empty
04:01:30ikeboySome of the other themes have the station's number really big
04:02:27amayereh... i like how this theme keeps everything small
04:02:44ikeboyMaybe use a picture instead of a default album art image
04:02:46amayeri use this theme on an iClassic so i dont have a radio screen to test it on
04:03:18ikeboyWhen you wan't everything really small on a big screen the screen looks empty :)
04:03:36webguest12i like big letters
04:04:17webguest12does any regular computer font work on rockbox
04:04:41amayerive been using this theme on my classic for about 3 months. i had some patches that werent released until 3.13 so the theme wouldnt work
04:04:56amayeri really like it
04:05:17amayeri cant take credit for the art/design tho. it was designed by someone else i just coded it up
04:05:53ikeboyDo you know why on some themes you can change some of your settings after loading the theme and some not (e.g. font ,backround image
04:06:56amayerikeboy: i load the fonts in my theme. i dont use the default. if i used the default you would be able to change it. i also load the background image in my theme. i guess my theme isnt very setting friendly
04:08:21ikeboyon some themes they also set the background but you can change it if you don't like it
04:08:26ikeboypick and choose
04:10:24ikeboyon the lebellium Samsung-like theme I can change the font and many other things but not the background
04:10:52amayerhe probably loads the background in the theme file instead of putting it in the config file
04:11:15ikeboybut if I set it nothing happens and when I change themes the new one that I set loads
04:11:53amayerit depends on how its coded
04:12:20amayerif the backgroud is set in the .sbs .fms and .wps files then you cant change it
04:12:31amayerif its set in the .cfg file then you can change it
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04:13:21amayeri know its not ideal but you could always relpace the image in the wps folder if you really wanted a differnt background
04:14:28amayeri believe if you change the background image with the theme i just sent you it should change the menu background but the wps and fms explicitly ask for my background image
04:14:46ikeboyWhy isn't this consistent among different themes ? Aren't there standards? They should all be the same
04:15:12ikeboyI only tried to change the font I'm going to try the background now
04:15:54amayeri use 2 fonts on my theme. with the default settings you can only pick 1. in order to use 2 i have to load them in the theme code
04:16:29ikeboyThe background change works like you said
04:16:59amayeri guess i could make it so you could change 1 of the fonts
04:17:36amayerbut all my viewports are adjusted for this font at this size. if you load a bigger font it will cut the letters off really bad
04:17:44ikeboyI think your theme is breaking USB windows gives me a 'The drive in G is not formated' error
04:18:17amayerthemes can break usb???
04:18:37amayeris this fuze specific or all targets?
04:18:55ikeboyyes at least that what someone said in the IRC once
04:19:46amayerive used this theme on my iClassic 6G for 3 months and have only experienced 2 or 3 crashes. which is about what i would get with any other theme.
04:19:54amayeri havent hooked it up to a windows computer tho
04:20:06webguest12is there a way to make the theme not just the backround but also the way the menus work?
04:20:36amayerwebguest12: it depends what you mean
04:20:50ikeboyIt's working well on a different theme with windows
04:20:54amayeryou can add or remove items from the main menu and you can control what the selector looks like
04:21:11amayeryou can show or hide icons
04:21:15amayerstuff like that
04:21:27amayeryou cant change what each menu item does tho
04:22:00amayerikeboy: well thats no good. has anyone figured out what causes this usb error?
04:22:00webguest12no like say make it like sansa just add the extra stuff
04:22:55amayeryou cant add more menus, and the menus have to be a list
04:23:41amayerif you want to do something like that you would have to edit rockbox code and submit patches(or compile yourself)
04:23:51webguest12thats too bad cuz it can look alot nicer
04:24:32ikeboyFound the irc log
04:25:40ikeboylook at 15:27 and on
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04:27:38amayerso it has something to do with fonts?
04:34:15amayerikeboy: they use the same font i use.
04:35:01amayerthis is interesting...
04:41:45ikeboyI just built the patch #424 they said and it doesn't fix anything but I see that after the Windows error it does show up and work in windows explorer so it's a fake error
04:42:22ikeboyI could be that it didn't do that before I'll build the original version now and test
04:45:12ikeboyBy the way I was copying the build through virtualbox not windows
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04:51:11ikeboyIt works on Windows Explorer in spite of the message before the patch .
04:52:20ikeboyI wasn't sure what it did at all but they mentioned it by the USB breaking talk
04:53:28ikeboySorry , by it works i mean the fuze , by it just now i meant the 424 patch
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04:56:50amayerso 424 works but 3.13 doesnt
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05:12:43ikeboyNo 424 is the number of the patch on gerrit
05:13:30amayeri know that 424(patch) 3.13(current release)
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05:29:21JdGordonikeboy: so, with g#424 applied it does fix your usb issues with the broken heme?
05:29:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #424 at : Shut valgrind up by Jonathan Gordon (changes/24/424/1)
05:29:49ikeboySorry I wasn't clear It works the same without the patch as with it I'm not clear what changed
05:30:23ikeboyWindows complains that it's not formated but then asks about autoplay
05:33:38ikeboymaybe you could have a more intelligible message than "Shut valgrind up"
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08:01:41lebellium_gs2ikeboy (logs): my background is coded in SBS because otherwise I can't use 2 different backgrounds depending on if the mini-player is on or off. ;)
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11:22:27bebnauser890104: State of hddscan2: Doesn't look that good for me, but I think I should get atleast a small ABX test out of it.
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12:07:07webguest68Hello all, is it possible to view a change log for a given build?
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16:12:36webgu12i know i will sound stupid but it s the only way to get some answer to me, i own iriver e150 and e300 players maybe there is any info about rockbox ports to e-series? or it's impossible to do?
16:15:06webgu12thanks for any info. iriver is rather popular in my country, but their firmware, you know..
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16:35:38pamauryah, he left too fast, wodz is working on the atj which are used in the irivers, maybe the wiki page should reflect this, he is not the first one asking for the status
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18:06:12pixelmaJdGordon (logs probably): FS #12844
18:06:14fs-bluebot Bar tags with "vertical" option, touch screen: controls reversed against drawing direction (bugs, new)
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21:52:51dizzylizzyso does rockbox not have an AAC decoder?
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21:56:33bertrikI'm sure we have a list somewhere
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22:17:03kiwicam" in my opinion Libertarianism is like Communism or Anarchism which can
22:17:05kiwicamonly be achieved by force..
22:17:08kiwicamGet over it." Your thoughts please.
22:17:23FOADMy thoughts: you're way offtopic.
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22:17:38kiwicamStrike that. Wrong forum.
22:17:53kiwicamFOAD: :)
22:20:49alexbobpkiwicam: yeah, ask in -community :P
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22:39:51mathis_does anyone know if it is a wanted feature for the fuze plus's screen to turn on after a touch pad touch?
22:40:05mathis_IMHO it should only wake via the lock/unlock button
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22:41:41alemaxxhi pamaury
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23:06:44pamauryah damn he is gone
23:07:00pamauryalemaxx: if you read the logs ^
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23:57:13lebelliumNoob question maybe, but why is only BMP supported for themes?
23:58:29gevaertsBecause we don't have png in core, it was thought that jpeg for theme bitmaps is not that good an idea (it being lossy), and it not being a big issue anyway
23:58:45RiDBMP can do everything though

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