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#rockbox log for 2013-03-24

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00:14:41[Saint]Torne: the diagmode image craping out on a few entries sounds quite sililar to the nano2g, which for some reason seems to hate something about being Rockbox'ed.
00:14:55[Saint]Probably entirely unrelated, but it made me recall this.
00:15:12[Saint]The model name gets corrupted, but basically everything else is fine.
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01:30:08lebelliumhow to apply this old patch made before the transition to git ?
01:31:04[Saint]patch -p0 > patch_name.patch
01:31:25[Saint]whoops s/>/</
01:31:56[Saint]If you're lucky, it might even apply cleanly.
01:32:48[Saint]AHa, it's a git patch, so, you'll want "patch -p1 < patch_name.patch"
01:33:51[Saint]or .diff, whatever, the extension is basically meaningless.
01:35:21[Saint]The fact that it is prior to the transition to git/gerrit means nothing really. Gerrit is just a big 'ol fancy manager for not having to do this yourself, essentially.
01:36:19lebelliumso I should only type "patch -p1 < 0001-Use-lineout-setting-to-enable-disable-lineout-on-San.patch" no "git fetch" before or sth like that?
01:36:43[Saint]no, nothing to do with git at all.
01:37:08[Saint]that line as you typed it is correct.
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01:38:30lebelliumbut what's the difference with a new patch like let's say git fetch git:// refs/changes/22/422/2 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD ?
01:38:44lebelliumI mean does it apply the same way?
01:39:08[Saint]Well, yes and no.
01:39:21gevaertsgit cherry-pick will apply the patch *and* make a local commit for you
01:39:55gevaertsAlso, git probably has more information about common history, so merges might be better
01:40:38[Saint]but the part you likely care about "will it change the files I want it to", is the same, essentially.
01:41:32lebelliumthe part I also care about it what does it change in my local rockbox files and how easily I can delete the patch after I compiled the build
01:41:34gevaertsYes, but (depending on what you're doing and how you view the world), that may be minor compared to the entire context :)
01:41:47[Saint]what it changes is exactly what is listed in the patch, and yes, you can.
01:42:28gevaertsMake sure you have a clean git tree without uncommitted changes before applying the patch, and everything becomes easy
01:42:53[Saint]to revert a patch using patch, simply pass the -R (reverse) param.
01:43:07[Saint]or do "man patch" and start reading :)
01:43:31gevaertsThat's only guaranteed to work well if it applied perfectly
01:43:39[Saint]this is true.
01:44:32gevaertsUsing git's features for that is *much* more convenient
01:45:49lebelliumok so I did "cd rockbox", then "git pull −−rebase", then "mkdir fuze", "cd fuze", and now when I type the "patch -p1 ... " line it says "no such file or directory" ...
01:46:21[Saint]that's because you're not applying it from the root of the checkout.
01:46:34[Saint]you'll need to move to the root, or adjust the -p param.
01:47:05lebelliumthe root your mean cd rockbox, not the fuze directory?
01:47:18[Saint]or you could just pass -p2
01:47:28lebelliumthe same
01:47:34gevaerts-p2 won't help
01:47:46gevaertsYou need to be in the source directory, clearly
01:48:05gevaertsfuze/ is some random other directory that doesn't have source in it
01:48:10lebelliumI'm in my source directory (cd rockbox) and it still says no such file or directory
01:48:28gevaertsAre you pointing patch at the patch file?
01:49:14lebelliumI'm just typing: "patch -p1 < 0001-Use-lineout-setting-to-enable-disable-lineout-on-San.patch"
01:49:26[Saint]is the patch in the rockbox dir?
01:49:41[Saint]if not, you'll need /path/to/patch.patch
01:51:02lebelliumwhy would the patch already be in my rockbox dir? I should download it and put it manually in my rockbox directory some way?
01:51:23[Saint]Oh, sorry, was that unclear?
01:51:40[Saint]Yes, *you* need to download the patch. patch won;t do this for you.
01:51:50lebelliumwell... with git it does everything for me.... I guess I prefer that :D
01:52:15gevaertsgit *doesn't* do everything for you!
01:52:16[Saint]no. Gerrit does everything for you.
01:52:21[Saint]Git behave the same way.
01:52:30gevaerts[Saint]: not really entirely true :)
01:52:42gevaertsthe fetch and cherry-pick things are *pure* git
01:53:08gevaertsBut anyway, you now having to do this by hand proves that git doesn't do it :)
01:53:15[Saint]well, yes, but gerrit gives you the "push a button and paste this" thing :)
01:54:04lebelliumthat's the button I like
01:54:07*gevaerts recommends trying to learn some general shell usage
01:54:22lebelliumbecause now I'm obliged to ask a noob question: how to download it? -_-
01:54:23gevaertsWithout that, it's all magic, and as long as it's just magic, you'll be stuck
01:54:50[Saint]lebellium: there's a link in the url you posted for the patch earlier.
01:55:27lebelliumwhich leads to
01:55:50[Saint]your browser is being weird, then. copy/paste to a text file.
01:56:15lebelliumokay I can just do "download as" instead
01:56:34gevaertsDon't. Tell the browser to save. copy/pasting text is going to lead to whitespace issues sooner or later
01:58:16lebelliumnow it worked
01:58:23lebelliumfiles patched
01:59:48lebelliumthat's why I always prefered using windows until then. At least I didn't look like a noob asking noob questions :)
02:00:19[Saint]but then you have to say "I'm using windows", and we all die a little inside and secretly judge you.
02:01:46*[Saint] once had a period of convincing himself that CygWin was an acceptable alternative
02:01:52[Saint] isn't. :)
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02:16:23lebelliumand so now to remove the patch, I should simply type "patch -pR" ?
02:17:00[Saint]is your tree otherwise clean?
02:18:13lebelliumwhat do you mean by "clean"? There are no other patchs applied but I have several subfolders I made to compile builds for different targets
02:21:40[Saint]you can either do "patch -p1 -R < 0001-Use-lineout-setting-to-enable-disable-lineout-on-San.patch", or use git reset, as I assume the build folders aren't tracked.
02:22:10lebelliumthey aren't
02:22:16lebelliumgit reset is what I usually use
02:23:39lebelliumI love saying "usually" while I set up my RB environment last week :P
02:24:31[Saint]even if you did it two minutes ago, and used git reset once, its what you "usually" do inthat instance. Still works, I guess :)
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02:54:37lebelliumOh, actually, before sleeping, I just forgot to say thank you for help gevaerts & [Saint]
02:54:53[Saint]Awww, how cute. Thanks :)
02:55:52lebelliumyeah when asking many questions and get easily answers, there is a point you sometimes to say thank you...
02:56:00lebelliumsometime forget*
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12:53:50bertrikany ideas on how to fix FS #12843 ?
12:53:51fs-bluebot System > Debug > FM Radio crashes 2.13 on Clip+ (bugs, unconfirmed)
12:54:06bertrikUnfortunately I can't reproduce this in the simulator
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13:07:12*bertrik starts bisecting ...
13:21:53CXIVAre there some calculations of CPU use for FLAC compression 8 audio files on any device with rockbox?
13:22:21CXIVOr at least power use :)
13:24:13bertrikI don't know exactly, but I think in general, FLAC is a very power-efficient format
13:24:42bertrikthe relatively high bitrate awakes the storage medium more often though
13:25:35bertrikin other words, a player with a hdd will spin up the disk more often when playing flac compared to say mp3
13:25:54CXIVThanks , I found some information there
13:26:04bertrikthe power use from the HDD probably negates the CPU efficiency
13:26:49CXIVAPE is killing CPU in highest compression on sansa players
13:30:13CXIVAnd paradoxically MP3 decoder is more hungry on Sansa than FLAC one
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13:41:22bertrikregarding FS #12843, 69228f92dbddc9940166c0d7af2b4c79d55f85e7 is the first bad commit
13:41:23fs-bluebot System > Debug > FM Radio crashes 2.13 on Clip+ (bugs, unconfirmed)
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14:14:01bertrikbasically this change modified the simplelist_addline method, probably other debug menus are broken now too
14:14:14bertrikit is as if the list gets longer and longer, then crashes
14:19:24CXIVRockbox reads embedded cue from FLAC?
14:22:55CXIVBecause I want to create single flac files with "chapters" embedded
14:23:50bertrikI don't know
14:24:01bertrikWe do have a generic cue sheet mechanism
14:24:04AlexPCXIV: You'll love this, but RTFM
14:24:25AlexPI'll link you to a random one even
14:26:47CXIVStill there is no info if I can skip track from album included in one FLAC file :)
14:27:42AlexPYou asked can FLAC do embedded cuesheet
14:28:01AlexPThe manual says yes to vorbis tags (which is what I believe FLAC uses)
14:29:36CXIVSorry for being irritating
14:30:45AlexPNot irritating, it is just we spend a lot of time writing the manual
14:30:50AlexPI just wish people would use it
14:31:39AlexPbut nevermind :)
14:31:59CXIVI see your point
14:32:48CXIVUnfortunately I cannot find answer about track skipping in manual..
14:33:02AlexPWhat was the question?
14:34:30CXIVCan rockbox skip tracks in single FLAC file with embedded cuesheet?
14:34:44AlexPThat is the point of a cue sheet...
14:35:06AlexPAnd I pointed you at the bit of the manual that says you can have an embedded cuesheet in vorbis (thus flac)
14:35:14AlexPSo that answers your question
14:35:15CXIVBut I was not sure if that's possible with embedded cue sheet
14:35:36CXIVOK :)
14:35:43CXIVNow I understand
14:35:50AlexPWhy would we list support for embedded cuesheets if we didn't do what they do?
14:35:59AlexPIf you couldn't use them they wouldn't be supported
14:36:08CXIVMy English is rusty..
14:36:23CXIVI misunderstood cue sheets with tags..
14:37:00AlexPwell, never mind :)
14:37:09AlexPAccording to the manual at least, yes you can do that
14:38:52CXIVGreat :)
14:38:54AlexPWhether it currently works is another matter :)
14:39:02AlexPAlthough I haven't heard that it doesn't
14:40:14CXIVI've used cuetools to integrate cue sheets with FLAC files and tomorrow I will check
14:40:25CXIVHow it works.
14:41:08AlexPyeah, best to double check
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15:22:10bertriksynaptics-mep.c has a bug, variable tmp in line 565 might not be initialised
15:26:39 Join ml| [0] (~ml@unaffiliated/ml/x-3958674)
15:28:52Torne[Saint_]: no, the diagmode always gets it *correct*, it's *rockbox* that corrupts it
15:32:13copperAlexP: there are two ways to "embed" a cue sheet in FLAC files
15:32:19copperone is in a vorbis comment
15:32:32copperthe other is with FLAC's integrated cue sheet feature
15:32:44copperthe latter doesn't support metadata, just cue points
15:33:59copperso the answer to "does Rockbox support FLACs with embedded cue sheets" isn't all that obvious
15:34:03CXIVEmm , what does it means in practice?
15:34:19AlexPcopper: I'd say it is fairly obvious we support at least the latter
15:35:07AlexPwell, as long as the manual is correct
15:35:38AlexPThe latter of his two options
15:36:03AlexPThat is, the second (as opposed to the former, i.e. the first)
15:36:12CXIVNow I get it
15:36:45AlexPBut either way, trying it would seem to be the sensible thing to do
15:37:13CXIVYou mean that only vorbis and FLAC support embedded cue sheets?
15:37:27CXIVIn rockbox..
15:37:36AlexPAs we support it in ID3 tags
15:37:50AlexPThere are two ways of having cuesheets in flac it seems
15:37:57AlexP1) In the vorbis comments
15:38:08AlexP2) A native flac solution
15:38:20AlexPIt would seem that we support 1, as noted in the manual earlier
15:38:26AlexPI don't know about 2
15:38:33copperI'm trying
15:39:47copperhold on
15:42:30copperdoesn't work on my Fuze
15:43:17copperthe way to do it is like this: metaflac −−import-cuesheet-from=file.cue file.flac
15:43:31AlexPThat's the second way?
15:43:36CXIVYou used FLAC encoder from command?
15:43:40AlexPWhat about vorbis comments?
15:43:58copperlet's see
15:45:55copperdoesn't work either
15:45:59copperoh wait
15:46:00coppermy bad
15:46:16AlexPDid you enable cue support?
15:46:49copperyeah now I did
15:46:54pamaurycan someone recall me what sound_val2phys is supposed to do ?
15:46:59copperfirst way seems to work, trying second way again
15:47:00pamauryand what it is used for
15:47:07AlexPpamaury: remind me :)
15:47:55coppernope, native way doesn't work
15:47:58pamaurysorry :) remind
15:48:17copperthe way that does work: metaflac −−set-tag-from-file="CUESHEET=file.cue" file.flac
15:48:19AlexPIt isn't a problem! :)
15:48:49AlexPcopper: It doesn't surprise me that the way with metadata doesn't work
15:49:01AlexPBut as long as the vorbis comments way does, then goody
15:49:30CXIVWhat about seeking?
15:49:31copperJosh Coalson screwed up by not including metadata capabilities
15:49:42AlexPCXIV: That'll be fine
15:51:47CXIVI found something like this
15:53:37CXIVI need to check CueTools because I got 60 gb of FLAC to encode
15:53:54copperwhy use single file albums? They're rather impractical.
15:55:48copperFor one, single file albums take a lot longer to encode when you're able to use multiple cores to encode separate tracks
15:56:02copperunless you use a special flac encoder like fpFLAC or FLACCL
15:56:20CXIVI want to use it on cansa zip..
15:56:30CXIVOn microsd
15:56:34copperthat's irrelevant
15:57:12copperencoding a single file album with regular (most) encoders will use only one core
15:57:37copperencoding multiple tracks at once with, say, foobar2000 or dbpoweramp, will use all available CPU cores, resulting in much faster encoding
15:58:06copperalso, you can better tag tracks as a separate files
15:58:32copperand I think there's an issue of charset with CUE sheets
15:58:59CXIVDoes it matter when playing on rockbox?
16:00:09copperyes, importing the cue sheet results in broken charset here
16:00:19coppernot a rockbox problem per se
16:00:27CXIVTomorrow I will check
16:00:44CXIVHave a nice evening
16:00:52 Quit CXIV (Quit: Page closed)
16:01:04RiDsomeone tell me a way to put an image under the progressbar image?
16:01:12RiDwithout using a background - is that possible?
16:01:27RiDWhat i tried so far, the progressbar overrides it
16:01:43copperhe left before I could answer
16:01:53coppercue sheet needs to be valid UTF-8, which they're usually not
16:02:16copperRiD: layering images is not possible atm
16:02:37RiDOk, thanks for the answer. So I'll have to use a modified background
16:02:42copperit's stated on the wiki somewhere
16:02:55copper(from what I remember)
16:03:37RiD these buttons are on top of the "bar" image. the background is separate
16:04:40RiDi tried using the same method for the progressbar, but it seems rockbox doesn't like that. So i'll just go for a modified background
16:05:18RiDoh yes, i don't know why was the g missing
16:07:16copper"Viewports cannot be layered transparently over one another. Subsequent viewport definitions will be drawn over any other viewports already drawn onto that area of the screen."
16:08:41copper"Cache-Control: max-age=0" is messing up page loading
16:08:48copperand jumping to local anchors
16:09:16copperIf I'm already at, and I click on, the page actually reloads in full
16:09:27pamaurywow, the 3d enchancement of the imx233 is....strange, I wouldn't call it enhancement myself :)
16:09:38copperboth in Chromium and Firefox
16:10:53copperwhich, btw, is wasting bandwidth too :P
16:11:44copper and
16:11:55copperdunno where the "Main" bit came from
16:15:38coppermaybe it's not the caching
16:15:50copperthe link is
16:15:56copperbut that gets redirected
16:16:01copperLocation: [following]
16:16:19copperhence the reloading
16:16:21bertrikpamaury: I guess it's like the opposite of crossfeed, right?
16:16:44copperthough the no-caching bit doesn't really help either
16:17:42copperThis is the culprit: <base href="" />
16:18:48coppersome lingering code, I assume
16:25:31 Quit n1s (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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17:37:32 Quit MarcAndersen (Quit: I was using NightOwl 0.2.)
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19:49:04 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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20:52:15 Join wodz [0] (
20:53:05wodzpamaury: I see you have rk2705 based archos vision 28. Does it have uSD slot?
20:53:18 Join onyxice [0] (
20:53:21wodzpamaury: Is it touch screen device?
20:54:39wodzpamaury: Nevermind just checked specs on archos www. Are you going to port rb to this?
20:57:16 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
20:57:19 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:58:48stripwaxHrm, coLinux "will not run on 64-bit windows", cygwin builds don't support android properly since the NDK doesn't support cygwin paths, Interix build environment is experimental, and now I see that the VmWare build page says "This page is historical and should not be used for rockbox development"
20:59:10stripwaxSo basically there are no supported + functioning ways to make an android rockbox build on Windows?
21:00:31pamaurywodz: yes it has sd, touch screen. Yes I think so
21:00:54stripwaxI wonder why the VmWare page on the wiki is "historical". Is there a newer page, am I just looking at the wrong one? I couldn't see any information to suggest it wouldn't work, and the alternatives seem to be clearly broken at this stage
21:01:02pamauryor I might just lend it to you at devcon if I haven't done it at that time
21:01:10soapstripwax, while both the colinux and vmware wiki pages are woefully out of date the /concept/ of using vmware is a rather simple and elegant one
21:01:31stripwaxsoap - right. I wonder why the vmware page isn't even linked to from docs index
21:01:59wodzpamaury: Are you going to port rb to this dap?
21:02:14pamauryyes if I find the time
21:02:15soapwas it ever? I think it was docs index : for developers : build environment : here's our pre-made ones navigation IIRC
21:03:05wodzpamaury: Is there firmware update available? If so I could look at it as I disassembled quite a few based on rk27xx sdk
21:03:07stripwaxthe For Developers bit has: LinuxSimpleGuideToCompiling, InterixDevelopment, CoLinuxDevelopmentPlatform, and the CrossCompiler link which has some cygwin info.
21:03:21stripwaxI don't see a "Build Environment" link.
21:03:32stripwaxanyway I'm sure I'll just set up my own vmware here
21:03:38pamaurywodz: I'm not sure
21:03:49pamaurybut I can read the nand using your tools right ?
21:04:53wodzpamaury: You could try to 'unlock' firmware partition with rkusbtool and grab .rkw file if it works
21:05:11stripwaxah, "DevelopmentGuide" page links to a Virtual Box image, maybe I'll use that instead. Reckon it's uptodate?
21:05:17pamauryok i'll do that, can you remind me how to do that ? I have to create a file at the root right ?
21:05:34wodzpamaury: reading raw nand is possible but doesn't bring much as ftl is still not reverse engineered
21:06:43stripwax(hello and goodbye, I'm sure I'll be back after I've got an android build env working on/in win64)
21:07:03wodzpamaury: Thats one option, the other is to run the rkusbtool -s and hope archos didn't remove custom scsi command from their firmware
21:08:11 Join lebellium_ [0] (
21:08:15 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
21:09:48pamaurywodz: ok, i'll try and report back
21:10:02pamauryin the mean time i've created a wiki page with the components and photos
21:10:15pamaurythey are all documented
21:11:15 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
21:11:18 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:11:22 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
21:12:22wodzpamaury: Yes I saw this
21:18:43wodzpamaury: I wonder how they connected touch controller. rk27xx has hsadc block which is intermediate layer between high speed adc and ahb bus with its own fifo and dma engine. DS is rather cryptic about this part.
21:21:08 Quit onyxice (Quit: There's no place like
21:21:47 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:21:51 Join onyxice [0] (
21:25:13 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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21:32:42 Quit onyxice (Remote host closed the connection)
21:33:13 Join Krosis_ [0] (
21:34:28 Join Oldgram [0] (
21:36:21wodzpamaury: Looking at the ds of XPT2046 I would connect it to spi port rather then to hsadc. Could you check this with multimeter when you find some time?
21:41:46 Quit esperegu (Remote host closed the connection)
21:42:18OldgramHello! I played a bit with the FNT format of RockBox in order to make some fonts and I think I got it completely. Can I get access to edit pages on the wiki in order to complete the documentation page of it? ( and just one thing to make sure: If I understood correctly (from playing with fonts) if nbits is larger that 2^16 then bits are padded to 32-bit boundary (instead of 16-bit) and offset size
21:42:18Oldgramis noffset*4 (instead of noffset*2), did it get it right? Thanks!
21:42:35Oldgram(My wiki name is ItayFlikier)
21:44:03 Join tjb0607 [0] (~tjb0607@
21:44:29 Quit tjb0607 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:46:56 Quit mc2739 (Quit: leaving)
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21:55:19 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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22:01:37 Join tjb0607 [0] (~tjb0607@
22:03:46 Join rockboxnubie [0] (
22:04:30rockboxnubiehello, rockbox users and enthusiasts
22:05:22rockboxnubiecan somebody help me with a problem?
22:07:07funmanjust ask your question
22:09:00rockboxnubieoh, thanx ) i've installed rockbox on ipod 6gen on my PC. no problems. works fine, i can see it as a external drive, upload music and so on
22:10:05rockboxnubiebut i can't connect it to my macbook air (most of my music is there). mac even doesn't show it in finder
22:11:10funmanwhat happens on the ipod when you plug it to the mac?
22:11:43rockboxnubiein rockbox it shows a USB plug
22:12:44 Quit tjb0607 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:19:11 Quit y4n (Quit: PANTS OFF!)
22:28:27 Nick user890104 is now known as Slackware (Venci@unaffiliated/user890104)
22:28:28 Nick Slackware is now known as user890104 (Venci@unaffiliated/user890104)
22:28:35 Join tjb0607 [0] (~tjb0607@
22:29:00[Saint_][04:02:22] <copper> RiD: layering images is not possible atm
22:29:05[Saint_]untruth, I'm afraid.
22:29:32[Saint_]You indeed can layer images in the skin engine.
22:29:39RiDthat's true, i eventually figured that out later
22:29:43RiDhowever, not for the progressbar
22:29:59[Saint_]You can, sure.
22:30:13RiDI didn't succeed with that, lol
22:30:31[Saint_]You can either use the progressbar's own backdrop param, or draw directly into the backdrop bufer.
22:31:03gevaertsrockboxnubie: what version are you running?
22:31:15RiDhm i should try it agian
22:33:22[Saint_]copper: you'll find places in the wiki that directly contradict each other - this is one of the many reasons I hate that page with a passion.
22:34:09rockboxnubiegevaerts - I'm running the latest one, 130321
22:34:22[Saint_]you can layer static viewports (ie. viewports without dynamic content), or have a concept of "front" and "back" by drawing directly into the backdrop buffer.
22:34:37*gevaerts asked because many people seem not to update from the version that's included with emcore
22:35:09[Saint_]skins attempt to preserve the draw order, draw order is the "as parsed" order of the skin.
22:36:00RiD[Saint_] that's how it's currently looking :P
22:36:09[Saint_]rockboxnubie: can you mount the fallback image on the mac?
22:36:32[Saint_]emCORE menu - Tools - Rockbox fallback image
22:36:34rockboxnubiei understand ) the closest thing i've found on forum was the problem with USB HID setting. But in current version i can't see it
22:36:52[Saint_]Classic doesn't support HID
22:37:06[Saint_]try the fallback image, as noted above.
22:37:50[Saint_]RiD: Hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy - nice.
22:37:59[Saint_]I should adopt you as my son.
22:38:15RiDwon't happen
22:39:14[Saint_]That looks disturbingly similar to a project I'm working on currently. Eerily similar.
22:39:33 Nick [Saint_] is now known as [Saint] (~quassel@rockbox/user/saint)
22:39:57RiDin my defense, my skin is based on the nokia n900's original theme
22:40:36rockboxnubieok, Saint, i've done it.
22:40:44rockboxnubierockbox loaded
22:41:02[Saint]rockboxnubie: ...but no mount?
22:41:35[Saint]RiD: I never saw the N900's default FW.
22:41:50RiDFW? firmware? lol
22:41:53[Saint]I tinkered with it straight out of the box, as I got one ~2 years late.
22:42:09RiDfrom all the themes, i like the stock one most
22:43:13rockboxnubieSaint it helped!!! thanx a lot and respect for your interest. But can you explain me what i've done?
22:43:47rockboxnubienow mac os see it as IpodClassic in finder, no problem with access.
22:44:06 Join Itay_ [0] (
22:44:28[Saint]rockboxnubie: for reasons I'm unaware of, later versions of Rockbox may not mount on some platforms, or may mount after a very delayed period (up to ~10 minutes or more).
22:44:59[Saint]For this reason, a fallback image that cannot be replaced by the user (except by emCORE upgrade) is included as a fallback, for safety.
22:45:18[Saint]To mount, it seems you'll need to use the fallback image - but you cannot use this to play media.
22:45:38[Saint]Resetting the ipod will boot the "real" Rockbox image, which you can use for playback, etc.
22:46:39rockboxnubieSaint what version will you recommend as most stable for now?
22:47:09 Quit Oldgram (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:48:10[Saint]rockboxnubie: the most current version - however, this means that you'll need to use the fallback image to mount the disk it seems.
22:48:38[Saint]For most people, USB "just works" in the current version, but for a limited few, for an unknown reason, it doesn't mount in later versions.
22:49:02pamaurywodz: i think the touchscreen uses this xpt chip with uses a spi like protocol (perhaps even spi), the chip itself acts like a adc it seems
22:49:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:55:47rockboxnubiewell, not easy algorithm, but anyway i'll be able to listen to my flac collection, that was impossible with usual Apple's policy
22:56:13 Quit alexbobp (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:56:44rockboxnubiethanx again, Saint, the problem of 2 days solved in seconds with your help.
22:57:56 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:58:43 Quit rockboxnubie (Quit: CGI:IRC)
22:59:31pamaurywodz: rkusbtool -s doesn't seem to work: it sends the device back to dfu mode or sort of
23:02:29 Join alexbobp [0] (
23:02:36pamaurywodz: this is weird, creating a "magic" file at the root produces the same behaviour: back to dfu mode, 071b:3201
23:03:10pamauryah no wait ! now I have two partitions :D
23:03:19pamauryhaha !
23:06:41pamaurywodz: the good magic file is rkusb.tag
23:06:50 Quit Krosis_ (Quit: There's no place like
23:09:30 Join Krosis_ [0] (
23:15:02 Quit Itay_ (Quit: Leaving)
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23:31:47 Join Scromple [0] (~Simon@
23:33:17 Quit Krosis_ (Quit: There's no place like
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23:42:27 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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