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#rockbox log for 2013-03-30

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01:18:47*[Saint] has some renewd optimism for his volume limit patch
01:19:20[Saint]I just don't see "you can use EQ precut" as a valid workaround for this.
01:19:46[Saint]...especially considering how vocal some developers are about having features forced upon them (see: Database).
01:19:56gevaertsA valid workaround for what?
01:20:13gevaertsIt's *exactly* the same with a different name
01:20:28[Saint]Except, you may not actually be using the EQ at all.
01:20:41[Saint]forcing one to do so solely to limit the volume seems..odd.
01:21:06[Saint]So, no, not exactly the same at all.
01:21:13*gevaerts would like a feature where he can store where he got to in various tracks
01:21:18gevaertsIt's not bookmarks though
01:21:56[Saint]Maybe you should enable an unrelated feature to fix it then? ;)
01:22:07[Saint]seems to work.
01:22:12gevaertsI can't do that! It's *different*!
01:22:59gevaertsSeriously though, does enabling the EQ cost anything apart from some RAM?
01:26:43[Saint]a few MHz CPU iirc, assuming all bands are 0 gain.
01:27:20[Saint]gevaerts: isn't the feature you want "autoresume", and exists?
01:27:29[Saint]or, are there more criteria?
01:27:58gevaerts[Saint]: no, it works *exactly* like bookmarks, but it's different, you know?
01:28:55[Saint]Oh...derp, I see now.
01:29:28gevaertsI don't actually feel very strongly about this
01:29:51[Saint]I do, but mainly for historical reasons.
01:33:15rasherThere, 3.13 windows sims done
01:34:40[Saint]why didn't you finish the fourth one?
01:35:22gevaertsYes, 0.87 of a sim is a bit silly
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03:02:27godzirraHowdy guys.
03:02:47*[Saint] runs in fear
03:02:58godzirraSo does anyone know a good way to export a playlist from itunes? And to copy said playlist to a rockbox device?
03:03:11*godzirra gives [Saint] the obligatory roar and fire breath.
03:08:59Triffid_Huntergodzirra: I don't use apple stuff because for the most part it's specifically designed to only work with other apple stuff and I don't want to get locked in.. as a result, my suspicion is that there either isn't a way, or the way is extremely hackish
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03:39:55Kaiscene"Your theme YellowBarDynamic-Unicode was removed from the Rockbox theme site. The
03:39:55Kaiscenefollowing reason should explain why:
03:39:55Kaiscene The zip file seems to be corrupt" Could've contacted me via email to reup instead of deleting it
03:41:02soapWhy should a theme which leads to a file which causes support issues be left up?
03:41:22soapWhy should an entry to a theme which does not exist (thus leading to questions) be left up?
03:41:33[Saint]fwiw - it probably hasn't even been deleted.
03:41:42soapThe resubmission isn't that arduous, is it?
03:41:44[Saint]its likely sitting in the graveyard.
03:42:30KaisceneYou're right. What I meant was, the theme description with credits wasn't saved on my end, so it's now difficult to think of the credits while reuploading
03:43:04KaisceneWould it be possible to retrieve that theme's "description"?
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03:48:50[Saint]Possibly, but I wouldn't bet on it.
03:49:01[Saint]This is a case where both sides dropped the ball.
03:49:32[Saint]You weren't notified prior to takedown by "us", but you failed to make any backups yourself.
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03:49:36[Saint]Balls dropped by all.
03:50:11Kaiscene_Just the description is what I don't have. I have the theme's original files, and even the screenshots for the theme website
03:50:30Kaiscene_And the description is only an issue because it had the credits
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03:51:06[Saint]If the server blew up tomorrow, and this hadn't happened, you'd still be in the same position - was my point.
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04:23:16godzirraTriffid_Hunter: That doesn't help me though. :)
04:23:24godzirraTriffid_Hunter: I'm trying to figure out how to get away from some apple stuff.
04:24:03[Saint]There's many itunes compatible music managers that *aren't* insane...
04:24:24godzirraAwesome. I'm trying to get out of itunes, so I don't need advice on how bad itunes is. ;)
04:24:31godzirraPreaching to the choir, buddy. :)
04:24:37godzirraI just need to know how to migrate my playlists.
04:26:46[Saint]itunes only lets you export in XML afaik, so, some conversion would be involved I'm sure...I've really no idea.
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04:27:26[Saint]ah, no, it can export as plain text too.
04:27:45godzirraI guess I could write a script to copy them all.
04:27:48godzirraand generate an m3u
04:28:03godzirra<whine>But I really don't waaaaaant to.</whine>
04:28:33[Saint]some reading suggests it can export playlists as unicode plain text - so, you likely wouldn't need to do too much by hand.
04:28:40[Saint]have a look and see what it spits out.
04:28:55[Saint]File - Library - Export Playlist
04:30:22godzirraThat's an interesting term for it.. "playlist".
04:30:28godzirraI guess it has the path at least.
04:30:45godzirraIts literally every single bit about the file in itunes. play count, last played, skips, etc.
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10:22:49kugelgevaerts: [Saint]: how about replaygain->pre gain?
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14:38:21TheSevenpamaury: I found yet another bug
14:38:35TheSeventhis time only affecting DMA mode
14:39:00TheSevenOUT endpoints aren't properly shut down when you call unconfigure
14:39:14TheSevenwhich might lead to DMA stalls
14:41:20pamauryok, can you send me the diff of this bugfix+the previous one ?
14:41:40TheSevensure, it's mostly trivial
14:42:00pamauryi've began some work, not yet finished
14:44:29*TheSeven notices a wrong comment in there
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15:59:05pamauryhum, each time I look at sound.c I'm completely lost
15:59:15pamaurytoo many define, I don't understand what they mean
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16:27:14pamaurydamn, the recording screen crashes on the fuze+ but I don't know why, data abort address is useless: it prints the address of the data abort handler :(
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17:05:30smwHi all, I have a m4b (aac) audiobook I want to listen to on my sansa clip+ with the latest rockbox. Rockbox noticed the file, but it failed to play. It looked like it tried but then skipped to the next file in the folder.
17:05:37 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
17:05:59smwWhen I unpacked the aac from the mp4 container, it doesn't even show up in the file list
17:06:05smwhow can I play the file?
17:06:50smwI read online somewhere mp4 files > 2 hours don't work. Should I try putting the aac in a mkv?
17:07:09pamaurysmw: it means the codec wasn't happy with it / there is no codec for it, I'm not a audio guy so I can't tell you for sure. Maybe saratoga knows but he is not there at the moment. I suggest you come back later or post a bug report with the file
17:07:19 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
17:08:24smwpamaury, I am pretty sure rockbox knows aac
17:08:43smwpamaury, and I know it knows mp4 (m4b is mp4)
17:09:00smwpamaury, hm... I will wait around. Thanks for the response :-)\
17:09:19pamaurymaybe the decoder cannot handle the parameters of the aac, honestly I don't know :)
17:09:42pamauryif it's an audiobook it's probably very long
17:10:17smwI am thinking the issue was the mp4 decoder...
17:10:42 Join mt [0] (~quassel@
17:10:45smwI guess I will stuff it in an mkv. Does rockbox support mkv?
17:11:14smwpamaury, (btw, I just installed rockbox yesterday. I am very new to it)
17:13:20pamauryhum, I don't know (that's a shame since i'm a developer ! but of the low-level part mostly), please have a look at the manual or the wiki
17:13:53pamauryi'm not sure we handle mkv
17:14:05lebelliumcan someone close FS #12838 & FS #12848 please ?
17:14:07fs-bluebot data abort in radio debug screen (bugs, unconfirmed)
17:14:07fs-bluebot Signal strength tag %tr doesn't divide equally when using conditionnals (bugs, unconfirmed)
17:14:43pamaurylebellium: reason ?
17:15:48lebelliumsee the comments
17:16:33smwpamaury, oh, and if I can't get this to work, I am going to try to figure out how to install the stock software again. The interface is much better for audiobooks :-\
17:17:18pamaurylebellium: done
17:17:41lebelliumthank you pamaury
17:18:15pamaurysmw: which device ? that's an interesting comment actually, if you think our interface is not good for audiobooks it means we should improve on than. Can you develop ?
17:18:36smwpamaury, I am not very good with C, I know other languages though.
17:18:52pamaurysorry, develop = explain why :)
17:19:01smwpamaury, absolutely :-)
17:20:59smwpamaury, the most important thing is that a tap of the left arrow should never reset the book/podcast
17:21:20smwpamaury, that is the most important problem.
17:21:36smwpamaury, it is far too easy to lose your place
17:21:53pamauryah, make sense for audiobooks, if you touch it by accident that's not good
17:22:47smwpamaury, the way sansa does it: left click does nothing. Holding left goes backwards. paused and hold left goes back by chapter
17:23:04smwbut that last part is not even necessary
17:23:23smwit is so rare you need to go back a chapter that you should need to go into the file list
17:23:39smwgoing back a small amount to relisten is common of course
17:24:36smwpamaury, the other thing sansa does for audiobooks is when you select an audiobook, it remember which track in the album you were listening to last
17:25:02smwin other words, it remembers what chapter you are up to so you can just click "next" and then "resume".
17:25:23pamauryI think that's a common request, i've see bug reports about this iirc
17:25:39smwcool, not just me :-)
17:26:32smwpamaury, as long as I am asking for the world, I would like some genre specific playback options with sane defaults
17:26:40smwdon't fade out on pause... stuff like that
17:27:22smwI also set "rewind 5 seconds on resume", but you can argue whether people would want that :-)
17:27:53pamauryisn't there a setting about fade out on pause ?
17:28:22smwpamaury, yeah, I turned it off. It was on by default and a bit annoying for audiobooks
17:29:27smwI am saying I would want it to notice it is an audiobook/podcast and use different playback options.
17:29:36smwbut as I said, that is asking for the world ;-)
17:30:00pamaurymaybe we should have a audiobook mode but someone has to program it and unfortunately none of ours devs listen to audiobooks it seems ^^
17:30:40smwpamaury, if any of the devs want design specs, I may be able to help out.
17:31:54pamaurywodz (logs): I just discovered by chance that the rockchip device you sent me has a fm tuner (spt sp3676) that we don't handle, apparently it is not uncommon on rockhip devices, do you have the datasheet or any code to reverse engineer ?
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17:43:17smwpamaury, also, out of curiosity, do you know how to parse chapter data in an m4b? I managed to extract the .text track with the chapter info... but I haven't figured out how to get the timestamps into something I can use to break up the file into chapters
17:43:49smwpamaury, I am trying to make a small program to make m4bs into something nicer for rockbox and sansa stock firmware :-)
17:44:11pamauryno, but as I told you I know nearly nothing about audio files and formats and tags. I'm sure there are people on the channel who know such things
17:44:31smwthanks anyways :-)
17:52:52 Quit Krosis_ (Quit: There's no place like
17:55:59smwpamaury, damn it, I just saw
17:56:16smwpamaury, "MPEG-4 AAC(-LC/HE/HEv2 profiles) (in MP4 or RM containers)"
17:56:41smwand no mkv anywhere
17:56:47*smw shrugs
17:58:44smwpamaury, looks like the easiest thing to do is what I did for the sansa stock firmware. Reecode as FLAC and call it a day. But as long as I am doing that... I don't need rockbox :-\
17:59:40*smw goes back to trying to figure out how to break up an m4b into chapters
18:00:18 Join saratoga [0] (123e0cdf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:00:38saratogawe don't support MKV
18:01:31saratogaif an mp4 file dosen't play, the usual questions are: 1) what codec was it? and 2) is it encrypted?
18:02:08smwsaratoga, 1. aac. 2. no
18:02:14 Join Krosis_ [0] (
18:02:29smwsaratoga, it is a very long m4b file
18:02:42smwsaratoga, MP4Box has no problem extracting the AAC audio from it
18:05:38smwsaratoga, I read somewhere that mp4s over 2hours don't work or something like that
18:05:47smwsaratoga, any info I can give you?
18:08:45 Join Rower [0] (
18:11:09 Join CXIV [0] (d5f142f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:11:41CXIVIs rockbox compatible with foobar replaygain tags?
18:17:30godzirraWhat's a foobar replaygain tag?
18:17:35 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:18:00marazhe means files with replaygain info in the id3 tags
18:18:15godzirraWhat is replaygain?
18:18:26*godzirra shrugs.
18:18:31godzirraI don't care that much. Was random curiousity.
18:19:07marazwell, in short, it's a way to normalize volume levels between tracks/within albums without altering the dynamics.
18:19:28godzirraAh. Thanks.
18:20:53smwpamaury, I am getting closer. I extracted the text track (with chapter info) and have figured out the pattern. First two bytes for chapter name length, then the chapter name, then 4 bytes of representing the start (haven't figured out what unit of measurement is being used), then "encd" then 4 bytes for end, then repeat :-)
18:21:01CXIVGreat thing if you got player on shuffle with ambient and trash metal music in library
18:21:15smwgod only knows why I haven't been able to find a spec to just tell me what this damn binary data means
18:21:31godzirraCXIV: Makes sense. I'll look into that. I've got a very random library.
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19:13:41CXIVDoes have replaygain anything in common with noise level of device?
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19:16:28 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
19:20:14pamauryCXIV: probably not, but i'm not an expert
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20:41:36smwpamaury, yes! I figured out how to separate the m4b by track. Now I just need to encode each track as something other than aac :-)
20:43:50saratogathere isn't a 2 hour limit, but depending on the amount of memory in your player and the layout of the MP4 file, very long files will eventually become too big to parse
20:44:38smwsaratoga, ok, perhaps I should retool and try using MP4Box to split on chapter boundaries. Continue using mp4/aac... just make each file smaller
20:45:10smwsaratoga, I made a small program that allows me to split on chapter boundaries using sox right now
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22:09:55smwsaratoga, still here?
22:10:36megal0maniacpamaury: Hey. I see you fixed that annoying loud noise on startup for the fuze+. What was it?
22:10:51smwsaratoga, I used MP4Box to split it by chapter and the smaller files are not working either. If I gave you one of the splits, do you think you could figure out the problem?
22:10:53megal0maniac(Or someone did, anyway. It's fixed)
22:11:18saratogasmw: no, i'm too busy right now to look into this
22:11:30smwsaratoga, ah, thanks anyways :-)
22:11:36saratogaare you sure they're actually AAC?
22:11:45saratogahow did you check?
22:11:55smwwhen I extract it, MP4Box saved it as .aac
22:12:06saratogaand then?
22:12:20megal0maniacYou could rename it audiofile.jpg, but that wouldn't make it a picture ;)
22:12:25smwI also turned it into a wav using faad
22:12:33smwsaratoga, other than that, I didn't do anything
22:12:41smwsaratoga, does faad accept anything that is not aac?
22:12:55saratogano, but it accepts an enormous variety of AAC files that few other things decode
22:13:18smwsaratoga, this file was made for ipods if that helps...
22:13:22saratogaactually we use libfaad in rockbox too, although we don't enable all features
22:14:16saratogai guess you can file a bug report with a link to the file in case someone else has time to look at it
22:14:27saratogabut before you do that i would at least figure out what type of AAC file it is
22:14:36smwsaratoga, how?
22:14:49saratogai use foobar2000
22:14:53saratogabut all sorts of tools exist
22:15:26smwsaratoga, at this point, I am getting bored of trying to figure this out. I am going to see if I can install stock firmware and just reencode to flac like I was doing before.
22:15:33smwsaratoga, thanks for your help :-)
22:18:46 Quit melmothX (Quit: #)
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22:57:44 Nick megal0maniac is now known as megal0maniac_afk (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
23:04:50pamaurymegal0maniac_afk: capacitor charge, there is a commit to fix this with the explaination
23:07:23 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:14:08 Quit pedro_angelo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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23:40:15pamaurymegal0maniac_afk: commit 5ead8f3f441221f19830af2866a33a7f3f03423e, basically the fix was to keep hp muted but send a few zero samples to the dac so that everything stabilise and then unmute after half a second
23:44:17 Join Xerion [0] (
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