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#rockbox log for 2013-04-01

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01:06:26lebelliumthis theme with remote makes me crazy.... how can I check if the theme and font is too big, except with this boring "unable to load font X" message?
01:10:20lebelliumand now the volume button on the remote both adjust the volume and skip to the next track at the same time Oo
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05:11:49Ferris-hey! :D
05:16:37[Saint]p: ¡ʎǝɥ
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05:18:48Ferris-i'm looking to get a creative zen xfi 2 screen repaired
05:19:00Ferris-it seems the rockbox site pdfs with it taken apart
05:19:07Ferris-think there'd be part numbers or something somewhere?
05:19:39[Saint]Your best bet is to buy a second-hand unit and replace the screen yourself.
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11:14:15pamauryFerris-: we don't know the part number of the zen xfi2 screen, we only know that it is compatible with some controller which is not very helpful in your case
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12:22:05pamaurydoes someone has an idea about why loading a playback codec would work but loading a encoder would crash ? That's what happen on imx233...
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12:56:17kugellebellium: how can a font be too big?
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13:25:21ptrkmjgreetings everyone. i was testing the new 3.13 animated gif viewer feature to realize that most files take a very long time to load. is it possible to somehow optimize files for faster loading before viewing in rockbox? would things like rescaling to native player display size (320x240 ipod video), recompressing with faster decodoble method (if there is any) help?
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16:03:38lebelliumkugel: I don't know but loading big AA fonts like Ubuntu or DroidSans looks like a challenge for the theme engine
16:05:00lebelliumor there is a limited number of fonts the theme engine can load?
16:05:27lebelliumI may have many fonts in fms/sbs/wps and rfms/rsbs/rwps
16:06:39lebelliumto make it able to load 32-DroidSans-Bold.fnt I had to remove 16-DroidSans-Bold.fnt for example
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16:07:50gevaertslebellium: check available buffer space
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16:09:01lebelliumBuffer: 27,8MB
16:09:41gevaertsI believe there is a maximum number of fonts
16:09:43lebellium27,2MB once loading FMS with 32-DroidSans-Bold.fnt
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16:10:02gevaertsOn a 32MB player, there should *not* be a memory space issue though
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16:11:12lebelliumI added a font for the remote rwps/rsbs/rfms in this new version 1.10 I'm working on. On my previous theme version 1.01 there is one less font
16:11:18lebelliumMaybe that's why
16:11:39lebellium8 is the max number of fonts?
16:12:25lebelliumok let me check how many I have
16:16:07lebelliumI have 6 different fonts loaded and it works. If I add a 7th font it doensn't work. But some same fonts have different label depending on the file (main unit or remote) . Does that count as different fonts?
16:17:27lebelliumah and I have another font in the cfg file
16:17:59lebelliumso I have 7 different fonts and want to load 8
16:18:27gevaertsI don't know if different labels count as different fonts
16:19:31lebelliumok so I'll try to unify the labels first
16:33:39pamauryI finally found my bug: see rockbox-dev ! Building rockbox in debug build breaks encoder codecs !
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17:11:00lebelliumgevaerts: I unified the labels and confirm I have 7 fonts loaded. If I want to load a 8th font, it fails.
17:11:01lebellium- Shouldn't it be 8 fonts max with the 8th font *included* ?
17:11:03lebellium- Why only 8 fonts max? Maybe that's enough for a normal theme but that doesn't take into account that some theme have remote files
17:11:54gevaertsI suspect the "8" includes sysfont
17:12:04gevaertsWhich would indeed mean 7 loadable fonts
17:12:20gevaertsThere's a non-zero overhead per possible font
17:13:02gevaertsAlso, the fact that nobody else has ever had a problem with that might suggest that what wasn't taken into account isn't remotes, but you :)
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17:20:49lebelliumoh yes the sysfont...
17:21:52lebelliumdo you think the max number of fonts can easily be changed by someone here or should I update my theme with 7 fonts only?
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17:25:02gevaertsIt's a trivial change. The issue is the non-zero cost
17:25:36gevaertsSo it's really a question of how badly you need more than seven
17:26:11gevaertsAnd, if the number is changed, how many?
17:26:13AlexPWhat is the cost?
17:26:23lebelliumI'm not sure I understood what is the non-zero cost
17:26:31AlexPlebellium: I'd imagine RAM
17:26:32lebelliumI need 1 or 2 more
17:26:38AlexPBut I'm wondering how much per font
17:26:44gevaerts128 bytes for 8 extra fonts on clip, 160 bytes on fuze
17:26:53gevaertsso something like 16 to 20 bytes per extra font
17:26:56gevaertsNot huge...
17:27:01AlexPWe could probably live with a few more then
17:27:12lebellium2 more fonts and I would be very happy
17:27:22gevaertsWhich is why my answer was not "no", but "how badly do you need them?" :)
17:27:31*gevaerts nods
17:27:36AlexPI'll plump for 12 :)
17:27:43gevaertsSounds reasonable :)
17:27:51AlexPexcellent :)
17:31:26lebelliumwell I probably can do with 7 fonts, it just wouldn't look exactly as I wanted to but would be still usable. 1 or 2 more fonts would be less frustrating as it wouldn't limit my "creativity" (lol)
17:32:43lebelliumyou're my hero :)
17:33:41lebelliumI'll try that in a few minutes
17:34:08lebelliumoh I forgot to say that putting "10" as label makes the UIsim crash
17:34:34AlexPlebellium: It'd be handy to try that again with the new build
17:34:57AlexPIt might just be that that was invalid, or there might be some single character assumptions
17:35:11lebelliumyes, if I manage to compile the UIsim for windows. My current skills level is compiling builds :D
17:35:27AlexPtry it on target then :)
17:35:47gevaertsOr try tomorrow. rasher's builds are going again after all
17:35:55AlexPoh, that's good
17:36:04AlexPDid someone step in?
17:36:10gevaertsYes, TheSeven
17:43:01lebelliumthanks gevaerts, it works well on H320 with 8 fonts and label til 9. I'll try with label 10 and more now :)
17:45:41TheSevenlebellium: i can also build you a sim manually if you need, just tell me which one
17:46:41lebelliumTheSeven: That's nice! I would need it for H300 with remote
17:47:44lebelliumWin32 or Win64
17:54:25*TheSeven just updates all the sims on rasher's page
17:54:31TheSevenmight take a few minutes
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17:58:30lebelliumyou're updating them to Build 9add11d or is the build version not updated yet?
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18:06:14TheSeveni'm updating them to current git master
18:10:48lebelliumah found a bug :) when the remote control is plugged in, the scrolling tag %s only works on main screen and remote screen until the screen turns off. When turning on the screen back, scrolling won't work
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18:51:36TheSevenlebellium: uploading
18:52:46 Join bertrik_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:55:46TheSevendone, all uploaded
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19:02:51lebelliumdownloaded, thank you TheSeven
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19:29:50funmanlebellium: i doubt there are win64 sim binaries made by rasher
19:30:47 Join fragilematter [0] (~fragilema@
19:30:57lebelliumI just said that like that, the win32 version works fine on my Win64 computer
19:31:10 Nick bertrik_ is now known as bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
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19:59:33lebelliumgevaerts: do you have any idea for my random value tag issue or should I ask JdGordon?
20:00:04gevaertsTo be honest, I have no idea what your random value tag issue even is...
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20:01:58lebelliumoh I thought you read it yesterday
20:03:16gevaertsOh, I probably did :)
20:03:29gevaertsThat doesn't mean I paid much attention to it
20:03:32*gevaerts has a look
20:04:37lebelliumI don't see any difference on target between dynamic and static
20:07:20gevaertsHow are you using it?
20:08:56lebelliumlike that %?xx<%xd(Aa)|%xd(Ab)|%xd(Ac)|%xd(Ad)|%xd(Ae)>
20:09:43gevaertsAnd when you say "it still doesn't work as I want", what exactly does that mean?
20:10:11 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
20:10:54lebelliumthat means that it changes the album art every millisecond while I just want it to change once when loading the track
20:11:05lebelliumwell not album art but picture
20:11:25gevaertsAh, right
20:12:08gevaertsI'd say you need JdGordon :)
20:13:32lebelliumok :)
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21:27:58amayerdid we ever figure out what the bug was that some themes break USB?
21:29:46 Join dhrasmus [0] (~dhrasmus@
21:33:12amayerI cant seem to find anything in the tracker
21:34:25lebelliumbug report you mean?
21:35:00amayeryeah a bug report
21:35:34lebelliumFS #12639
21:35:36fs-bluebot Certain themes cause the WPS to not load properly and USB to not work (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:36:19amayeri was told that my theme breaks usb also so i would like to look into it/know when it is resolved
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23:37:28 Quit ender` (Quit: Marriage is not a word, it's a sentence. A life sentence...)
23:42:39lebelliumHere is the 1st theme with more than 8 fonts loaded :)
23:42:59lebelliumand the USB connection worked at first try Oo
23:43:28lebelliumoops, looks like I uploaded the wrong screenshot
23:43:35[Saint]And the theme is what...6~8+MB on disk? :)
23:45:17[Saint]...huh. I guess its a tiny screen.
23:45:45 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:47:13lebelliumI used your ubuntu font in size 16, 18 and 34. The other fonts are smaller.
23:48:15[Saint]Its Canonical's, really, but thanks.
23:48:21[Saint]I just converted them :P
23:50:08lebelliumI know, for an other theme I did know how to say in the description: "Ubuntu fonts by [Saint]" ? "Ubuntu fonts from [Saint]"? I was fed up with thinking about correct linguistic so I just skipped giving you credits in this theme :P
23:50:21lebelliumI did not know*
23:52:06 Quit Jack87 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:52:30 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:54:22*[Saint] is being modest really
23:54:41[Saint] took about 10 hours solid work to produce that set.
23:55:29[Saint]I didn't "just convert" them. I has to adjust the ascent, descent, and kerning for each font height and make sure the spacing was right.
23:55:36[Saint]it was rather gruelling.
23:56:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:30lebelliumheh... I'll need to update the theme to give you credits then :)
23:56:52[Saint]Hah. No worries. :)
23:57:37 Join Jack87 [0] (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)

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