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#rockbox log for 2013-04-16

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02:07:09saratogaignoring that the guy in the forums is kind of an idiot, we should probably try to do something about the EQ settings
02:07:53saratogalike I originally said I wanted before accepting the 10 band patch, we should change the number of bands based on CPU
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02:09:15saratogaI think most users do not realize that the Q settings exist and instead assume it works like a simple non-parametric EQ
02:09:18saratogamost professional equipment uses 3 or 5 bands, so we should probably limit it to 5 bands except on devices where there really is no hit from needlessly enabling extra bands
02:09:45[Saint]I've tried to replicate this on a Nano1G - which is basically the same hardware, and I put this patch through a reasonable amount of punishment before I submitted it, and I never saw this.
02:09:56[Saint]I guess the difference is the disk - dunno.
02:09:58saratogathis will coerce users into thinking about what they are doing and maybe even looking at the manual rather then ruining playback by overloading the system
02:10:26saratogalow resolution display
02:10:34saratogai bet if you battery benched it you'd see a huge difference on the nano 1G
02:10:36[Saint]AH - hum.
02:10:37jhMikeS10 bands is for people who like adjust their EQ rather than enjoying things
02:11:18saratogathere is basically no reason to ever use 10 bands though
02:11:43saratoga8 basically gets you one band per octave over the range of frequencies you'd care about on a portable
02:11:54scorche|sh5 bands ought to be enough for anybody!
02:12:16saratogawell looking online, a lot of albums are apparently mastered with 5 bands
02:12:36saratogaso . . .
02:12:52jhMikeSc'mon, those guys know nothing about this stuff :-)
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02:14:29saratogai assume for that much money they can afford to add as many knobs as they want and there is just no sense i having more
02:14:51[Saint]What we *could* do, is use 5-band presets with 5 zeroed bands, or have both 5 and 10 band presets.
02:15:23saratogado the presets actually use more then 2 or 3 bands??
02:15:38[Saint]than, and yes.
02:16:38saratogathis is fucking stupid
02:16:40[Saint]they've used all 5 bands like...forever. The ones in there at the moment are trash, I have a nicer set sitting in gerrit.
02:20:21saratogaso when I said I was ok with this i assumed we were not going to be stupid and try to build a low pass filter out of 10 (!!!!!!!) band pass filters
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02:23:07[Saint]no idea what happened there...
02:24:22[Saint]but - yeah, I quite dislike the state of the presets at the moment, and I've been waiting for someone to push fire on g#401
02:24:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #401 at : EQ Presets by Hayden Pearce (changes/01/401/4)
02:26:37saratogais there a plot of what the low shelf filter actually does?
02:28:10[Saint]That's a flat copy of a certain company that makes things starting with i's presets, nothing more, a lot nicer than what is in HEAD presently - but I guess the failing of mine was not testing it on a large display, disk-based PP target.
02:28:12saratogaunless i'm missing something, why can't we just use the shelf filter to implement bass boost with a single filter?
02:28:27[Saint]I have an iPod 4G - and *that* is fine too...
02:28:38saratogagrayscale though
02:28:39[Saint]I guess the display isn't /quite/ large enough to tip it.
02:28:46[Saint]Color. Its a Photo
02:28:46saratogaApple doesn't have parametric EQs though so what use is it to copy them?
02:31:31[Saint]I know little to nothing of Q values, I just copied their frequency stepping, and gain values. I was told not to piss around with Q.
02:31:34saratogathats the bass boost, which uses just one band
02:31:56saratogaour current preset does something similar using 10x the CPU load
02:32:10saratogafor literally no reason
02:32:41[Saint]It was doing so with 5X the CPU load before now. Since...forever.
02:32:43saratoga[Saint]: Q is the width of the filter, if you can't control the width of the filter you need a lot of bands, if you can control the width of the filter you hardly need any bands
02:32:49[Saint]Importance of review I guess.
02:33:46saratogayou can implement bass boost for instance with a lot of narrow bands to fake one wide band (what we do now in the EQ) or equivalently with one very wide band directly (what we more sensibly do now with the bass boost feature)
02:33:56[Saint]If you want to re-do the presets - by all means, go nuts.
02:34:09saratogai'll probably just delete them until someone comes up with sane ones
02:34:53saratogaat very least the bass and treble ones should use the bass and treble feature in rockbox
02:35:21[Saint]I don't think an EQ preset can do that.
02:35:28saratogaaren't they just config files?
02:35:46[Saint]They used to be. The formatting has changed.
02:35:53saratogahmm thats annoying
02:35:58[Saint]I'm not sure it is still a 'kosher' config file.
02:36:14[Saint]I could be entirely wrong, though.
02:36:22saratogathe layout looks like the regular settings file though
02:36:53[Saint]Ohhhh - that's right, its backwards compatible.
02:37:07[Saint]the ones in head weren't edited since saving them will save them in the new format.
02:37:39[Saint]right, yes - so that should work. I forgot it still read the 'old' style too.
02:38:09[Saint]it may not save the bass/treble values in the new format though...humm.
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02:41:46*jhMikeS wonders how to make sure libfirmware doesn't get purged of things codeclib needs
02:42:20jhMikeS...before codeclib is linked
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02:45:28saratogacan i edit a gerrit comment
02:45:39saratogai just realized i left out a "not"
02:45:52[Saint]nup - its annoying.
02:46:07saratogaeverything about git is terrible
02:47:18derfWords to live by.
02:47:48[Saint]could be worse - cvs.
02:49:37[Saint]saratoga: it seems like you're the man to do the presets, so by all means, if you find the time, I would appreciate it.
02:50:18[Saint]go nuts and nuke the current ones, but it only affects new users I guess.
02:50:40jhMikeSit was "worse" (CVS) at one time :)
02:50:51[Saint]we don;t have a way of deleting depricated files from /.rockbox, this annoys me.
02:51:03[Saint](especially as I think it would be trivial to implement)
02:51:53saratogai don't even have the development tools installed these days, so ideally someone else would nuke them
02:51:57saratogaplus i can't figure out how to use git
02:52:17jhMikeS[Saint]: we're all busy implementing things that are trivial to implement so don't have time for other trivial things, so feel free
02:52:58[Saint]jhMikeS: Oh, I know I could do it - but I was pretty much told not to bother as it wouldn't get submitted, so, yeah :)
02:53:14[Saint]that wasn't a Mr. Someone request. I'm quite capable. ;)
02:54:28[Saint]saratoga: I could do it - but ideally someone with direct access should, otherwise it'd need to be approved from review anyway.
02:54:44[Saint]probably just easier for someone with direct access to do it initially.
02:54:44*jhMikeS was just being a Mr. Bastard
02:54:45saratogayou don't have git access?
02:56:03[Saint]I usually just poke at skin stuff, which is fine sitting in its own branch in my tree and being sent to review. Never really needed direct access.
02:56:42saratogayou should probably have access at this point
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03:05:41telliottI finally got Rockbox on my iPod Classic. I installed MediaMonkey portable mode to the rpod so I could directly edit tags.
03:06:21telliottBecaose of sorting issues, I need to remove all "the" prefixes
03:07:15JdGordonwhere do you expect "the the" to show up?
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03:07:31JdGordonremoving parts of artist names is dump
03:07:39telliottI don't have any of their mjusic
03:08:28telliottSo is having all artists starting with "the" sorted under T
03:10:49telliottI picked the lesser of 2evils
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03:23:40soapyou could always, you know, remove "the" from file names but not tags.
03:24:18soapoh, gone.
03:33:42*[Saint] does "Cure, The"
03:33:46[Saint]for example.
03:34:02[Saint]Verve, The etc.
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03:36:45jhMikeSThe, The
03:37:44[Saint]I also have The The, The
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07:48:32kugelare we going to do a devcon this year? I'm surprised this topic didnt come up yet (or at least I didnt see it)
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08:36:48bertrikwe don't have USB time sync on the sansa clip zip, or do we?
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08:51:55JdGordonkugel: well its usually june so now is about the time to start discussing
08:52:02*JdGordon votes for sydney :p
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08:56:49wodzkugel: :-)
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09:11:09mortalis|2wodz: one weird thing I noticed about pca9555 - according to DS i2c address should be in 0x20-0x27 range.
09:11:48mortalis|2why they use 0x40 and how it's possible?
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09:19:59wodzthe 8th bit sets RW (transfer direction)
09:20:14wodzmortalis: ^
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09:48:32*[Saint] votes for DevCon Christchurch 2013
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10:05:52pamaurywodz: should I send bootloader.bin or bootloader.rkw with rk27load ?
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10:12:58pamauryany advise on which pins to short ? i'm trying to get CE but no luck so far
10:13:44mortalissamsung flash?
10:14:32pamauryit work \o/ wodz make a great work
10:14:42pamauryI have working screen an ATA -4 error
10:14:51pamaurystandard flash, from hynix
10:15:05mortaliscool :)
10:18:19pamaurythat's just painful to short pins each time I need to try
10:25:57pamauryI identified the power button (PC1) but no luck for hold and sd detect
10:26:23pamaurydo the GPIO_PxDR read raw value on pin or only if set to input ?
10:39:41pamauryah forgot the famous E and F ports, which are not in the datasheet
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10:52:15mortalispamaury: you may need to configure gpio pullup/pulldown. SCU_GPIOUPCON register
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12:05:46wodzpamaury: great!
12:06:03wodzpamaury: shorting together bus lines is the most reliable
12:06:31pamauryI didn't manage to find hold and sd detect, I printed all GPIO_PxDR but only power button changes something
12:06:47pamauryand no luck with gpio pull up/down
12:07:01mirogH10 w/240GB in one partition - first conclusions: DAP is now less responsive - that means there is significant lag in certain situations (mainly when forwarding, reverse-ing, or when moving to nad fro in database (from album artist -> albums -> songs and bacward).
12:07:10pamauryalso there is a weird bug with the screen: the leftmost columns are garbage
12:08:08mirogNow I have 2 H10 - one w/80GB and one w/240GB. The first has no alg at all or the lag is nonobstructive. Database is the same on both.
12:09:53mirogWhat do you think - can it be something with large HDD access? Wouldn't it be better to have 2 partitions (both < 128GB, i.e. within LDA28 address space)?
12:11:00wodzpamaury: what about xpt?
12:11:09pamaurydidn't try it yet
12:12:08 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:13:33wodzpamaury: About the screen, is it with lcd_update_rect() or lcd_update()? try to fake lcd_update_rect() by simply calling lcd_update()
12:16:36wodzpamaury: try adding at the end of lcd_display_init()
12:17:10pamaurywodz: wrong pastie address
12:17:13 Join DexterLB [0] (~dex@
12:18:09pixelmamirog: are all the settings the same, mainly dircache and maybe database in RAM?
12:20:49wodzpamaury: btw. which stage1 bin do you use?
12:20:57pamaurythe one you send me
12:21:13pamauryok i'll try this after lunch
12:21:29wodzCould you try the one from current HEAD?
12:21:53mirogpixelma: 99,9% yes, but can't check now 'cause only one is by the hand - bigger of the two.
12:22:16pamauryno problem, i'll tell you when I try
12:22:43mirogpixelma: And how can I eventually change mentioned settings? And what influence would it have on performance?
12:23:56 Quit mortalis (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:24:24 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
12:24:38 Quit Guest37651 (Quit: Blarglarg)
12:27:13mirogpixelma: Oooops, my fault - dbasein RAM was off, don't know why, I have copied config from 80GB to 240GB device. I turned it on.
12:27:44mirogNow it is as responsive in database browsing as 80GB one.
12:28:59mirogBut the lag when forwarding to next song or when rewinding to previous one is still considerable (sometimes none, sometimes 1-2 sec.)
12:30:46wodzsounds like spinnup time
12:36:11mirogwodz: rockbox reports 1520ms spinnup time and it should onlyinfluence the first keypress (spindown is 5s)
12:37:47wodz1520ms is ~1.5s so if the file to be played is not buffered you will be hit by such lag.
12:39:25mirogbut if I advance to the next file one by one - there should be no lag
12:39:45soapscorche, the dirty secret there is that if you survey with old-school techniques earth curvature is "calculated" automatically.
12:41:06[Saint]soap: channel?
12:41:08wodzmirog: why?
12:41:12soapSince the spirit bubble levels you use to plump up your equipment are always pointing you towards the center of mass, assuming consistent Earth density (we'll ignore that) you always look tangent to the curve.
12:41:40[Saint]np - just letting you know.
12:42:47wodzmirog: you start playback, so buffering system grabs as much as it can from current playlist (be it actual playlist, dynamic playlist or something), then you skip. The lag should not happen as long as you jump to the already cached file.
12:51:22mirogBuffer is 26MB so if I start - say 15MB file system should buffer this file and the next one (or part of) - am I right?
12:52:11wodzI guess we buffer whole files but I am not an expert
12:53:52soappartial files must get buffered. I have plenty of tracks larger than the buffer.
12:54:28wodzFor the test disable spindown at all. If that 'fix' your problem then there is nothing you can do actually.
12:54:32wodzsoap: right
12:59:16mirogI can't disable spindown - can make it 3s or max 254s
13:00:01mirognow it's 10s and it is quite long time imho
13:00:52wodzI am not saying to disable it for regular use but just for test.
13:01:36mirogstrange - i noticed lag in files from one album (15 - 30MB each) bou files from another w/same size (in average) advance w/o lag.
13:01:54mirogmust make more testing
13:02:29mirogwodz: i understand what you mean - but how to disable spindown?
13:05:21wodzset it to 254 and test skipping while disk is still spinning
13:10:09 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
13:10:27wodzmirog: do the problematic files have embedded album art?
13:12:12 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:12:54mirogall files have
13:14:05wodzWhich size? We had lots of reports about lags which turns to be caused by massive embedded art
13:14:59mirogI just checked - this album has laaarge size embedded arts!!! Bingo!!!
13:15:40wodzproblem solved :P
13:16:22*wodz can't understand the manner of embedding huge art in tiny files
13:17:19 Join DexterLB [0] (~dex@
13:17:44mirogiwodz: it was my fault - i simply took wrong picture :)
13:18:10mirogmust fix it and shoul be OK
13:24:53 Join Wardo [0] (
13:29:19mirogwodz: much better now :) it was a coincidence in this issue: big embedded art and large files itself - several of them exceeds buffer significantly. So it seems the problem was complex.
13:30:45 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
13:35:03wodzI am glad I could help
13:42:52 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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18:37:20mortaliswodz: seems your i2c fix wasn't correct. MA9 doesn't work with this fix (frequent freezes, wrong charging state). The same code with not "fixed" i2c driver works (with pops in sound but it at least it usable).
18:37:29 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250d:f4d9:225:d3ff:fed6:15a)
18:40:39 Join dhrasmus [0] (~dhrasmus@
18:41:04 Join wodz [0] (
18:43:01wodzmortalis: AFAIK pca9555 i2c transfers are made in key reading routine. This is in tick taks which in turn is called in irq. This is asking for troubles.
18:43:16wodzwe had similar issue on ipod classic
18:47:16 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:49:47 Join DexterLB [0] (
18:54:59mortaliswodz: what makes you think so. I don't see anything like that in pca9555 ds.
18:56:10wodzits not in pca9555 ds its where i2c transfers are made in our code
18:57:04bertrikone thing that would be nice, would be to have a unified i2c interface
18:57:10bertrik(just thinking out loud)
18:58:25wodzbertrik: I (almost) did it once upon a time but I was unable to test it on all flavors of targets and lost interest
18:59:11wodzmortalis: button_read_device() is called from tick task which is called in irq context
18:59:41 Quit zoktar (Quit: -)
18:59:53bertrikpity, IIRC, we now have things like #ifdef TARGET_X #define I2C_ADDR 0x10 #else #define I2C_ADDR 0x20 #endif, just because the i2c drivers have a different idea about the 7-bit i2c address format
19:00:41wodzmortalis: if you make (slow) i2c transfers there, chances are that weird things will happen since the transfers can overlap
19:01:13mortalisok, now i get it
19:02:40mortalisi misunderstood meaning of word 'key' in your very first sentence
19:05:22 Quit DexterLB (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:11:27mortaliswodz: so how it was solved on ipod?
19:19:57 Join DexterLB [0] (
19:22:19 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
19:29:12mortalisseems it was g194
19:29:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #194 at : Classic/6G: hold switch detection using GPIO by Cástor Muñoz (changes/94/194/2)
19:48:30 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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20:38:48wodzmortalis: yes gpio was found and i2c way was dropped
20:39:27 Join lebellium_ [0] (
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20:48:17mortaliswodz: pca9555 have INT pin which activated when one of the port pins changes. This pin connected to GPIO. So create gpio interrupt handler could be created which will read pca9555 ports to some variable. button_read_device will just read this variable.
20:48:50mortalis*So gpio interrupt handler could be created
20:49:37bertrikit's generally not nice to do stuff that busy-waits for something in an interrupt handler
20:50:24mortalisbusy waits don't needed here
20:50:54mortalisjust i2c read
20:51:39 Quit kiwicam (Remote host closed the connection)
20:52:24wodzmortalis: it will work if transfer is sufficiently short
20:54:19bertrikbe careful that you can only call a few kernel functions from interrupt context
20:54:57 Join kiwicam [0] (~quassel@
20:55:29wodzmortalis: charging_state() also reads pca9555
20:57:24wodzi2c driver uses mutex, don't know if it is irq safe
21:00:39wodzmortalis: This pretty much summarizes what options you have
21:03:37 Join ur725 [0] (
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