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#rockbox log for 2013-04-18

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09:17:20CLUFormokay ima try this again in the right channel
09:17:48*GodEater waits patiently
09:17:57CLUFormi got my sandisk clip zip today and downloaded the windows installer etc. it asked for the bin so i got that. then gave an error that it couldnt write to the bin file which was not read only
09:18:20funmanwhat's the exact error?
09:18:21CLUFormi was all over that site faq instructions etc. like wtf.
09:18:31[Saint]It's a bit of a leap - but from the brief description in *-community, it seems as though you don't have the right privileges.
09:18:56[Saint]ie. not Administrator/root
09:19:00CLUFormi didnt save the log i didnt know this chat existed.. new to freenode but not irc. anyway it litereally was bitchin about the bin not being able to be written or edited
09:19:20CLUFormwell it asked me to find the bin on the harddrive
09:19:28CLUFormim assuming ...
09:19:31CLUFormthats the wrong bin?
09:19:37funmandid you unzip the file first?
09:19:55CLUFormand dropped it into a folder on my hdd
09:20:02CLUFormand pointed the installer to that bin
09:20:05CLUFormthen the error
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09:21:24funmanwell try again and give the exact error
09:21:46CLUFormi have two dumb questions tho. #1 does rock box allow me to organize by FOLDER or do i srsly have to do that id3 tags on ever single friggin mp3 i have? ummm #2 the eq, its got more levels options?
09:21:49CLUFormokay i will
09:22:08CLUFormquestion tho
09:22:09funmanthe manual should answer both questions
09:22:11GodEater1) Yes, rockbox lets you organise by folder ;)
09:22:16CLUFormTHANK YOU
09:22:21GodEater2) Yes, read the manual though, it's quite complex
09:22:30CLUFormi bow to thee.
09:22:34copperwhats "levels options"?
09:22:46CLUFormthe eq on the sandisk has like 5
09:22:52CLUFormi want moars >.>
09:23:06[Saint]1 - Yes. 2 - more than what? It has a10 band parametric EQ.
09:23:14coppernewer releases come with a 10 band EQ but I don't know if they're active on the Clip+
09:23:21copperand Clip Zip
09:23:33[Saint]copper: it is active for all players.
09:23:52CLUFormit has 10 bands
09:23:54copper[Saint]: uh? I thought it was too much for some hardware to handle?
09:24:08[Saint]copper: it is.
09:24:14CLUFormokay problem. i already loaded like 32 gb of mp3s on that card
09:24:22funmanCLUForm: please use better english as asked in the guidelines
09:24:25[Saint]hence why it is disabled. the eq always has been.
09:24:33[Saint]copper: ^
09:24:34copperand saratoga talked about activating it conditionally
09:24:51CLUFormi have maybe a bit more on the internal. am i gonna have to erase that microsdhc card -.-
09:24:58CLUFormabout my uh english
09:25:05[Saint]copper: yeah - the issue isn't that it exists, the issue is users. basically.
09:25:10CLUFormless acros less cursing what do u mean
09:25:18[Saint]copper: and the presets kinda suck
09:25:26[Saint]but I'll nuke those soon.
09:25:32copperthe 10 band EQ works fine on my Fuze+
09:25:41[Saint]it will, yes.
09:26:03CLUFormalrighty sorry
09:26:11CLUFormim new to freenode but not irc.
09:26:21CLUFormive spent the last 15 years on efnet.
09:26:40 Nick CLUForm is now known as bassgeisha (
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09:30:07monkoosbob0Wow, the 10 band EQ must have been a fairly recent change.
09:30:16[Saint]copper: the problem with the eq isn't that it exists, so much as the way it is used. In part encouraged by awful presets that I'm partly responsible for. It is possible to recreate the current presets I have sitting in gerrit using a lot less bands, meaning a lot less CPU usage (opening it back up for the underpowered targets), but its kinda tricky for me - learning as I go.
09:30:45monkoosbob0I'm just now noticing it on the UISim, but the build I have on my Clip+ doesn't have it.
09:30:49bassgeishaif i already have mp3s on the internal .. can rock box install or do i need to write those off
09:30:51[Saint]That won't, however, prevent users from just setting their own insane settings (as we've seen), but it should help.
09:31:37[Saint]I did test this quite a bit, even on similar hardware (iPod Color/Nano 1G), but I never actually saw this choppy scrolling issue.
09:31:39bassgeishao.O I'm afraid to ask about insane settings
09:32:04monkoosbob0Nearly every setting is explained online.
09:34:38monkoosbob0[Saint]: Just wondering, but what kind of work needs to be done for the EQ, just performance tweaks?
09:36:37bassgeishahow is there not a manual for the clip zip :(
09:38:30bassgeishaWOW its because i was reading up top instead of below -.- sleep deprivation..
09:42:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 62cb84a, 214 builds, 37 clients.
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09:44:08bassgeishaooh weird question. if i install this on my mac mini can i update rock box or whatnot on my rig downstairs?
09:44:56monkoosbob0Yes, updating is as simple as copying the newer version of the .rockbox directory onto the Clip
09:45:26bassgeishayou people are geniuses.
09:46:01bassgeishayou make me happy to be alive. need more awesomeness like this in life. period.
09:46:15bassgeishaim going to try this again and see if i get that error
09:47:17 Join mt` [0] (~quassel@
09:50:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 453 seconds.
09:52:16[Saint]monkoosbob0: no work needs to be done for the EQ itself - the bundled presets need to be optimized or removed, and I'll need to think a bit harder about the manual entry.
09:52:26[Saint]The main issue is user education.
09:52:43monkoosbob0Haha, I could see that. Thanks
09:54:57[Saint]I have recently been taken to school on the subject of parametric EQs myself - I'm learning too. I did test the 10 band EQ before I submitted it, but it must've turned out that all my test cases came in /just/ within the scope of the hardware.
09:55:11bassgeishai bet i am going to wish i got a yellow one instead of a purple one.
09:56:10[Saint]...others haven't been so lucky. I have since found out that it is possible to achieve a similar result using half as many EQ bands or less - so I'm playing around there, learning as I go.
09:56:57[Saint]I still suspect it will spend a while in review while the more knowledgeable sound type guys fine tune the presets if I don't get them right.
09:59:27monkoosbob0By learning, are you just adjusting by ear?
09:59:38 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
09:59:42monkoosbob0Or is there literature you are using?
09:59:43[Saint]Oh, no - no no.
10:02:35monkoosbob0Wow, audio is such a difficult field. Reading up on my EQs.
10:02:38bassgeishaholy cow
10:02:41bassgeishayou even gave me an alarm
10:02:50bassgeishai like am in love
10:04:41[Saint]Hmmmmm, my timing was off somewhat there. Yes, but, nothing in particular. I have just been reading up on EQs in general, graphical/semi-parametic/parametric, the circuitry behind the aforementioned EQs, the math behind Q.
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10:04:55[Saint]Its quite overwhelming initially.
10:06:53monkoosbob0Yes, definitey. Head just exploded "The techie explanation is that Q is the energy stored divided by the energy dissipated per cycle in a network."
10:08:05bassgeishayou guys have seriously kicked mega uh
10:08:08bassgeishawith this
10:08:28bassgeishafades? crossfades?!!!
10:08:50[Saint]crossfade - we gots it, yo.
10:09:26Triffid_Hunter[Saint]: and may be interesting to you if you're getting into that stuff :)
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10:09:42 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
10:10:11[Saint]...wait until she finds out it plays DooM
10:10:50monkoosbob0[Saint] Hahaha
10:12:07bassgeishaur lying
10:12:16bassgeishai fake hate you for lying.
10:12:24[Saint]check the link above. No lies.
10:12:51bassgeishai believe you i dont care about seeing it i want to download it or access it :P
10:12:55bassgeishagot quake yet?!
10:13:12bassgeishamario bros
10:13:15bassgeishapac man tetris
10:13:19bassgeishaooh tron
10:13:29Triffid_Hunterheh my player has a low refresh oled screen with software pwm for brightness, totally unsuitable for any sort of graphics
10:13:34Triffid_Hunterplays music just great though :P
10:13:56[Saint]we have pPac Man:
10:14:30[Saint]...though, it doesn;t ship with the ROM files for obvious licensing reasons.
10:15:14*bassgeisha falls over
10:15:23[Saint]google up the md5 hashes from that page, and you'll find 'em.
10:15:37 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
10:15:42*bassgeisha takes #rockbox and sticks it in a heart shaped rockbox
10:16:04[Saint]errrr - bum. what I mean is, "dump the ROMs from your own copy of the Pac Man game board, as that would be the only legal way".
10:16:17monkoosbob0Does it do any sort of check on the WAD? Make sure it's Doom?
10:16:51[Saint]monkoosbob0: the general rule of thumb is it will work with any WAD that the freedoom project runs.
10:17:03[Saint]but large maps will make some players fall over.
10:17:38gevaerts[Saint]: we do *not* provide help with obtaining that sort of files...
10:18:11[Saint]hence why I corrected myself.
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10:22:03*bassgeisha does happy dance
10:22:08bassgeishasettin up that eq now
10:23:08bassgeishaholy crap
10:24:20bassgeishayou guys are like super audio geniuses. wtf. im gonna have to ask my dj roommate wtf these terms are
10:25:29bassgeishajust wish i could edit the eq while its playing
10:25:59bassgeishao wait
10:27:04[Saint]you can - thought it may take sevral seconds or more for it to catch up.
10:27:34[Saint]but yes, you can adjust the eq live during playback.
10:27:47bassgeishaim a rock box groupie.
10:27:54bassgeishaget used to this fact <3
10:28:00 Quit DexterLB (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
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11:04:42mirogAbout MENU: there is menu path DATABASE->GENRE->ARTIST. Is it possible to self-modify menu to DATABASE->GENRE->ALBUM ARTIST?
11:15:56mirogSaint: thx
11:28:11 Join wodz [0] (
11:30:01[Saint]mirog: the tagnavi_custom config format is a little overwhelming at first, but, it gives you all the tools you require to either generate a custom field/order, or a whole custom replacement database menu structure built from scratch.
11:31:27[Saint]sing out if you get stuck.
11:31:38 Join Kohlio [0] (
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11:32:33mirogLooks like a nice piece of config :) seems it's easy to do what I want
11:34:44mortaliswodz: " we also don't have RK27xx NAND Flash Controller.pdf, we only have the RK27xx full datasheet."
11:35:57wodzmortalis: as always :-(
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11:52:44mirogtagnavi_custom: IIUC after short reading: custom file should contain all sections of default file? or only sections which I want to have changed?
11:54:52[Saint]you'll need to duplicate all the other entries as well if you're replacing the menu rather than using the custom entry
11:55:54Tornemirog: you can define new menus with new names, but they can refer to the existing ones as well without copying them
11:56:18Torneso, you only need to copy things you want to actually change
11:56:49 Join mt`_ [0] (~quassel@
11:57:08[Saint]Torne: won't that only show up under the "custom" entry though?
11:57:17 Quit gelraen (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
11:57:45Torneno, you can change the id of the root menu
11:57:50Torneto point to a menu you've defined
11:58:04[Saint]AH - yes, you can too.
11:58:10[Saint]nevermind me.
11:59:17 Quit mt` (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
12:00:37mirogTorne: IIUC - say I want to change only section %menu_start "main" "Database" - tagnavi_custom would then contain only that section and the one from default tagnavi will be overriten?
12:01:42Tornenormally you define a new menu with a new name
12:01:49Tornei'm not sure they override old ones
12:02:15 Quit mt`_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:02:26Tornehm, atially they probably do
12:02:28Tornejust try it :)
12:02:49 Join Viperfang [0] (
12:03:29 Join mt` [0] (~quassel@
12:04:53mirogOK, thx.
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15:04:37bassgeishamy zncs are all backerds
15:05:06 Quit bassgeisha (Quit: stardust)
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15:38:42ikeboyThere's a bug in the mpegplayer , when you change the volume while watching a movie , then reboot, the volume reverts to the old value
15:39:16ikeboyThis seems to be caused by the mpegplayer not writing to .rockbox/config.cfg
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17:39:01saratogaUnhelpful: feel like looking at a file that foobar2000 will read teh album art from but Rockbox will not?
17:39:16saratogastripping all the metadata and then readding it fixes the file
17:39:24saratogabut foobar's "rewrite file tags" option does not
17:39:52 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@
17:39:52 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
17:39:52 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
17:45:10 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250d:f4d9:225:d3ff:fed6:15a)
17:47:38amayerI also have an mp3 file that album art shows up in EasyTag but not on the player. its a jpg image i saved with GIMP
17:48:07 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:48:08gevaertsProgressive jpeg, maybe?
17:48:30amayeris that an option when saving? *opens image*
17:48:43saratogadump it from the mp3 and try opening in rockbox directly
17:54:34amayeri tried opening it with image viewer plugin and it said dumping error. where is the error output?
17:55:13amayerlet me try again and get the exact verbage
17:56:03gevaertsamayer: I just tried, and apparenrly the gimp saves as progressive by default
17:56:19amayeri saw "unsupported -4" "no supported files" "plugin returned error"
17:57:03amayerthats weird... ive never had a problem before. i always scale my images and compress them.
17:58:00gevaertsWell, it did for me anyway, this time :)
17:58:53saratogawe should really use the logging system to report errors in parsing tags
17:58:59amayergavaerts: your right. i just resaved it and made sure progressive was not checked and it opened
17:59:54 Join [Saint_] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
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18:18:42 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 21.0/20130408165307])
18:36:43bassgeishadoes rock box shorten battery life ?
18:36:52bassgeishaim down to 9% after 6 hours
18:38:39gevaertsThat's going to depend on hardware and settings
18:38:42bassgeishamay not have had a full charge to beginwith
18:38:48bassgeishai had it cranked up
18:38:51bassgeishaso im sur that did it
18:39:07bassgeishaanything other than volume in settings that could shorten it?
18:39:19bassgeishabtw I love the crossfade mega props
18:39:28gevaertsWell, EQ will have an effect
18:41:06bassgeishai dont completely understand all the eq settings. i have it enabled and am using um the graphic eq
18:41:15saratogawhat player?
18:41:19bassgeishaits set to an okay level
18:41:24bassgeishaclip zip
18:41:57saratogahaven't tested in a while, but it should be a lot better in rockbox
18:42:04bassgeishatbh tho, i dont have a clue if bass is super cranked. i know it isnt maxxed out that was ridiculous and very distorted even bumping it up a bit
18:42:07bassgeishawhichi s awesome
18:42:52gevaertsbassgeisha: there's an svg logo in the source. You can get at it at;a=blob;f=docs/logo/rockbox-logo.svg
18:43:06saratogaare you boosting bass with the EQ? if so don't, use the tone controls which automatically calculate precut
18:43:08gevaertsYou should be able to scale that to any size you like
18:43:52bassgeishai found a great one png like 3k px wide
18:44:09bassgeishagonna use it as a header gfx and spam my social media outlets about this
18:45:16bassgeishadone controls
18:45:19bassgeishaer tone*
18:45:41bassgeishayes i just used the eq settings in the graphic one the three settings to get it where i want it
18:45:47bassgeishaas best i could
18:54:30 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:56:10 Quit swilde (Remote host closed the connection)
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18:57:42 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
18:58:45 Quit [Saint_] (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
19:06:24saratogause the tone controls instead of the EQ
19:06:32saratogai just testsed at +24 dB of bass
19:06:38saratogatheres no distortion, just a lot of bass
19:06:44saratogaits more power efficient as well
19:07:10saratogathe tone controls use a custom filter for bass and treble control
19:11:43 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Vamoose!)
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20:19:43bassgeishasorry was afk due to work but someone was saying to not use equalizer but something else to possibly help battery life?
20:20:29bertrikyes, to use bass and treble controls instead
20:20:40bassgeishaya i tried that
20:20:48bassgeishai bumped the mids up in the eq mostly
20:33:03bassgeishai listen to a lot of dnb, dubstep, breakbeat and trap
20:33:32bassgeishasome mashup etc. and thanks to our mp3 culture and or producers not leveling their stuff right i gotta eq it
20:38:24 Join froggyman [0] (
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