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#rockbox log for 2013-04-22

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03:54:22ikeboyIs there any way to use a usb-otg cable with the sansa fuze plus to connect flash drives
03:55:35[Saint]Even if the software could support this - I doubt the hardware does.
03:56:58[Saint]I think we *do* have some targets with OSB-OTG, so there's almost certainly some code in there to do so - but, the hardware needs to be able to support this as well I believe.
03:58:59[Saint]Your best bet is getting a DAP capable of supporting an aftermarket storage drive, or getting a 64GB sdcard and formatting it as FAT.
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03:59:44[Saint]iPod Classic/Video/Color can fit an SSD in easily. Probably others too.
04:00:08[Saint]with a spinning platter, you can get up to 240GBish.
04:03:19fordcarsHow is the development for rk27xx?
04:03:59fordcarsHah good
04:04:59fordcars... but I totally bricked my rk27 (formatting it doesn't change anything). I will see what I can do with it
04:05:29[Saint]Hmmmmm...from my understanding, it isn't possible to truly brick these devices.
04:05:44[Saint]unless the hardware is actually damaged.
04:06:04[Saint]I could be quite wrong, but I thought the recovery system for these devices was well known.
04:06:10[Saint]check out the wiki
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04:07:00fordcarsheh, well Input mine in "developer mode" and after meddling around with a bunch of firmware a (well 2), it's bricked. when I format it (windows or Mac or Linux), it doesn't change anything
04:08:23fordcarsbut my rockchip doesn't recognize my windows computer for some reason. I will have to borrow a computer again
04:08:34fordcarsor I could use a hammer ;)
04:09:23[Saint]I think there's a tool in our sources that will pull the recovery out of a firmware file and allow you to push it to the device and jump to that address.
04:09:50[Saint]rkboottool or something similar iirc
04:10:10[Saint]you really want to talk to wodz or the other guy who's name escapes me.
04:10:18[Saint]neither of whom are present currently.
04:10:28fordcarsyeah I think I read about that util
04:10:36[Saint]Posting on our forums couldn't hurt - you're likely to get a response there.
04:11:01fordcarsyou have a forum? neat.
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04:13:25*scorche hands [Saint] an "s"
04:13:52[Saint]ah, is it forum/s/?
04:13:59[Saint]...I'm sure he'll figure it out.
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08:38:33wodzOh, archos 28 vision firmware has routine which jumps into different rom addresses based on SoC ID! Just like I figured out by myself :-)
08:41:32[Saint]wodz: there was a guy in here earlier asking about the rockchip players - was I right in telling him I believed them to be largely unbrickable?
08:42:12wodztechnically you are right
08:42:13[Saint]I seem to recall you had some tool that could extract and push a recovery image and jump to that location.
08:42:33wodzBUT restoring OF functionality is a bit complicated
08:43:15[Saint]Aha - is it like some of the Sansas, where you can restore - but dual-boot may not work due to erasing some needed magic on the disc?
08:43:18wodzIf he entered rockchip DFU mode windows will not see the device without special drivers
08:44:24wodz[Saint]: Its worse. We relay on original nand bootloader and chainload ours. If FTL is screwed up for whatever reason you have problems
08:44:37[Saint]I told him to wait around for you or <other_rockchip_guy> morta-something? Or post on the forum, so you may hear from him/her at some point.
08:44:43wodz[Saint]: But without more info from the guy I can't really help
08:45:09[Saint]Aha, thanks. That was bugging me.
08:45:36wodzIt can be something as simple as turning device into rockchip DFU (which is possible with our bootloader) without proper drivers on windows
08:46:51[Saint]S/He was one of the "Its broken - so I formatted it - and now its still broken" type, so I'm unsure as to the extent of the damage or the initial cause.
08:47:58wodzme too
08:48:44wodzthe term 'formatted' is also ambiguous
08:48:50*[Saint] nods
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10:18:38wodzpamaury: (log) I suspect that this unknown register is used as a memory shared between main binary, rom and maybe nand loader. I have a feeling that bits in this reg represent internal action to be taken.
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10:18:59wodzpamaury: (log) I need to digg deep in rom dump to check this theory.
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10:28:52pamaurywodz: yes I thought about this
10:33:05wodzpamaury: Most of writes to this register are located in functions which finally jump to rom address
10:33:41pamaurymaybe something about usb state
10:33:57pamaurylike when switching from usb to dfu-like mode
10:34:49wodzthis will also explain how rom can actually enter rock usb from ISystem_something() function which simply turns off remap, discards cache and jumps to 0x0
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11:13:02mortaliswodz: pamaury: i recall there was something in sdk about thi register.
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11:28:59pamaurywodz: do you have a copy of this "new" sdk ? the one I have doesn't this RKLDWriteBDRegister function
11:29:43wodzpamaury: look at the link to IRC discussion mortalis provided
11:29:51pamauryit doesn't work
11:30:16wodzok, I'll send you the file
11:30:51wodzits huge so it'll take a while
11:43:30wodzpamaury: grep for RKLDWriteBdRegister (not RKLDWriteBDRegister)
11:44:17pamaurygot it ! nice catch
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11:51:47WyattI have Rockbox on a 30GB iPod Gen 5 and it's served me faithfully for a couple years now, but as of last Thursday, it seems to no longer boot. It appears to be going through the ordinary boot sequence, but after the "Scanning disk..." message on the splash screen disappears, nothing. I even let it sit for a couple hours just in case.
11:52:56WyattI really didn't change anything to prompt this, though since then, I've tried updating from 2.12 to 2.13 to see if that has some effect. It will go to the bootloader options, and will boot to the original firmware.
11:54:49WyattI haven't managed to find any mentions of behaviour like this via Google, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to just drop by and ask if this is something with known probable cause.
11:55:06wodzpamaury: There is comment about this reg in SDK!
11:57:53wodzpamaury: It doesn't specify the meaning of 0x20 though
11:59:50[Saint]Wyatt: are you sure about the version numbers there?
11:59:56[Saint]both of those are *ancient*
12:00:22WyattOh yes, and I can use the device via USB if I put it in USB mode before hand from the bootloader.
12:00:33Wyatt[Saint]: Oh my bad. 3.12 and 3.13
12:00:34[Saint]Additionally - regardless of the evrsion number - do a disk check.
12:00:59[Saint]The OF has frequently shown it is more tolerant to error than Rockbox is.
12:01:46[Saint]If you have your data backed up - the foolproof method of disc recovery is to simply restore it with iTunes.
12:01:48WyattI ran fsck on it on Friday, but that didn't change the outcome.
12:02:10WyattDoes itunes run in WIne?
12:02:32[Saint]Nup. But you can restore with *nix - it is just more involved. One sec.
12:03:33[Saint]It involves the use of dd, though, so be VERY SURE you know what disc you are working with.
12:03:54[Saint]dd can be a very dangerous tool with even a tiny typo.
12:04:45WyattOh, thanks. It's cool, I'm a professional. The warning is appreciated, though. :)
12:05:12[Saint]Whenever something uses dd - I add such a dire warning by default now.
12:05:13WyattNow I just need to find my home cable...
12:05:24[Saint]Then I don't get blamed for "you nuked my data" later on :)
12:06:31pixelmawhat bootloader options were meant by the way?
12:06:52[Saint]pixelma: I'm assuming bootloader USB
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12:07:46WyattThe bootloader menu with the microscopic text that lets me get to USB mode. That works.
12:08:07[Saint]Yay - assumption verified. :)
12:15:30WyattFound it. All right, now to back up everything I want to keep.
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12:18:27WyattNow that I've a bit more stable income, I may be in the market for a new DAP sooner or later. Any recommendations on newer high-capacity units that run Rockbox well? Possibly ones that support more useful filesystems?
12:19:49Tornerockbox only supports one filesystem
12:19:54Torneso, the player is not really relevant there
12:20:13WyattAh. Now that's unfortunate.
12:20:38Tornethe benefits of another FS would be pretty minor at best
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12:22:06TorneFAT is as good as part of the USB MSC spec at this point; it's a communications protocol :)
12:24:02[Saint]if pamaury gets his way (and is correct) we /may/ support another soon - but, this doesn't fare well for the NoDo.
12:24:22[Saint]CFS (see discussion from earlier today - my time)
12:25:21gevaertsThat's really a special case though
12:25:38[Saint]this is true.
12:25:54Torneindeed, and that target is already going out of its way to have a FAT loopback image that stores the actual files by the sound of it, for USB MSC :)
12:26:12gevaertsAnd it basically requires MTP too, if you want that to be user-accessible
12:26:17Torneso while we might need to parse the container FS to make it work, i doubt we would care much about exporting/writing to it
12:26:52Torneso that's more similar to a flash FTL than a filesystem from our pov
12:27:41WyattHmm, don't think I've encountered a CFS that isn't a process scheduler.
12:28:01[Saint]It isn't exactly common.
12:28:29[Saint]well - there's surely more obscure formats.
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12:50:18WyattBah, no time; will have to finish after work. Thanks for the advice!
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19:41:54lorenzo92pamaury: ping
19:42:06lorenzo92hi ;)
19:42:17pamauryhow are you ? you've beel away for some imte
19:42:53lorenzo92yeah, unfortunately I've been busy (and still I am) but I hope doing something again :D
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19:49:36slowdowHi, Has there been any further news / improvement on the USB mounting issues for Ipod Classic. (windows 7, fails to mount correctly, recovery image mounts) Is it worth me upgrading?
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19:56:54pamauryvendors are amazing, take the ZEN X-Fi: they implemented lcd spi by bit-banging even though the chip can do it and has two blocks for it, but they decided not to use the lcdif system mode (which would have spared spi) and use the vsync mode instead which is useless for a mp3 because the screen hardly changes !
19:58:22bertrikpamaury: like some sansas which use the display data bus lines for reading buttons
19:58:37pamauryyeah, another form of craziness
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20:18:59 Part LinusN
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20:25:04pamauryah yeah, forgot that: they use uart for backlight control, I guess it's "simpler" than pwm
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20:27:47amayerpamaury: when we port devices over and we find weird uses of chips/protocals like that do we use them the right way? or mimic what the vendor does?
20:28:53pamauryon my side, if I can, I prefer to implement it the right way, but sometimes, or at the beginning, you just mimic
20:29:33wodzIn many situations it is not possible to do things right and you have to mimic OF.
20:30:11wodzNot speaking about rev eng. without or incomplete documentation
20:30:25pamaurythe most common situation is to have a classic protocol (i2c/spi) on unusual pins, then we use our bit-bang version and do not reimplement it if possible
20:31:02wodzwe don't have generic spi driver AFAIK
20:31:40pamauryreally ? not even a kind-of-player-specific-but-generic-but-not-really ?
20:32:20wodzdunno about THAT kind of generic :P
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20:45:28bertrikamayer: on the sansas we figured out how to read/write the buttons without also reading/writing the lcd at the same time
20:45:53bertrikthe OF just wrote a red pixel to some invisible location just before reading the buttons
20:46:04bertrikso, in that case, we do it slightly better than the OF
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20:50:09pamauryhow to we handle iram use in plugins ? opus overflows on stmp3600 in my custom branch
20:50:31pamaurysid also
20:50:56pamauryhum wait sorry, that's not iram, that's plugin_ram, sorry
20:51:15 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:51:52 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:52:04 Quit kaputnik__ (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:53:58wodzpamaury: it should be set in config file AFAIK
20:54:07 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
20:54:15pamauryyeah yeah,I forgot I had put it to 0 ^^
20:54:45wodz#define PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE
20:56:20bertrikand probably, in some case, we drive the display faster/smarter than the OF
20:56:56bertrikamayer: like the dynamically dithering grayscale modes
20:57:19pamauryyeah, on zenxfi2 I don't use the same lcd settings as the OF
20:58:29 Join lebellium_ [0] (
20:59:53 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
20:59:54 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
21:00:15 Join bertrik_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:03:38wodzIs 36kB 300x300 embedded album art a problem for us? I am referring to FS #12849
21:03:39fs-bluebot very long parsing time of some mp3 files (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:04:22 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
21:04:38 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:05:30 Join DexterLB [0] (
21:05:32mortalisprogressive jpeg maybe?
21:13:00 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250a:5b59:225:d3ff:fed6:15a)
21:15:25 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
21:16:16 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
21:35:16 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:35:57pamaurythis is frightening: the reset button of my zenv was disabled when runnign rockbox, I don't know how I did this but this is not good
21:36:37 Quit slowdow (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:41:01bluebrotherwodz (logs): this really seems to be an album art related problem. I've added a comment to FS #12849.
21:41:01fs-bluebot very long parsing time of some mp3 files (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:42:43 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
21:43:45 Join katirzinja [0] (
21:45:16*bluebrother just saw a font corruption after running a lua script :o
21:51:25 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:57:49pamaurywtf, reset doesn't work in main binary on zenv, I don't know how it's possible but something managed to disable it
21:59:00 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
22:07:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:10 Join mars [0] (~marspeopl@
22:14:34 Nick mars is now known as Guest83058 (~marspeopl@
22:14:43 Nick Guest83058 is now known as marspeople (~marspeopl@
22:33:45 Quit melmothX (Quit: #)
22:38:15bluebrotherhmm. Can I profile Rockbox in the sim?
22:39:34*bluebrother finds SourceProfiling
22:42:36 Quit ungali_mobile (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:48:48 Quit B4gder (Quit: connection reset by beer)
22:49:45pamauryyeah ! bootloader working on zen xfi !! I don't have the screen working but usb works :)
22:52:47 Join B4gder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
22:56:18pamauryhum, it's unreliable, but code is definitely running
22:58:19lorenzo92...and thankfully to pamaury we also will have the samsung yp z5 :)
22:58:51lorenzo92currently I'm working on keymappings (you know the situation)...btw I cannot get a button work, just select...
22:59:40lorenzo92i don't understand hum
23:01:29pamaurydo you accumulate samples to smooth adc ?
23:02:18 Quit Wardo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:02:37lorenzo92yeah sure, adc is working fine (and also button keycodes)
23:02:45lorenzo92at least in bootloader...
23:05:55 Quit amayer (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:08:27*[Saint] feels slightly guilty now.
23:08:51[Saint]Between bluebrother and I, we really piled on playlist frustration guy being a dick...
23:13:02 Quit marspeople (Remote host closed the connection)
23:13:24 Join mars [0] (~marspeopl@
23:13:47 Nick mars is now known as Guest35783 (~marspeopl@
23:27:48 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:28:25 Quit lorenzo92 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:34:14 Nick bertrik_ is now known as bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:38:31 Join webguest99 [0] (
23:39:27 Quit webguest99 (Client Quit)
23:42:39 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:43:58 Quit froggyman (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:45:28 Join Guest53302 [0] (
23:48:54 Join lebellium [0] (
23:52:33 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
23:52:47 Join saratoga [0] (123e1cf8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:53:15saratogabluebrother: if the problem occurs in the tag parsers (and not in buffering), it likely very easy to profile the codeclib warble program
23:54:01saratogaalthough i suspect that is not the case
23:54:43saratogathe fact that people keep reporting the problem on relatively fast targets like AMSv2 that happen to have relatively little memory leads me to suspect buffering

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