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#rockbox log for 2013-04-26

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00:18:08gevaertsjhMikeS: it's not every time the linkerer error tells you *exactly* what to do :)
00:19:10jhMikeSgevaerts: I must be the only one that doesn't get it :)
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00:19:28jhMikeSNot like I didn't make sims with that patch
00:19:43jhMikeSunless I broke it later
00:19:55*gevaerts looks
00:20:25gevaertsI suspect you want to add $(SHARED_CFLAGS) to FIXEDPOINTLIB_FLAGS
00:21:16gevaertsAre you on x86 or amd64?
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00:21:37gevaertsThese PIC-related issues tend to be arch-dependent
00:22:18jhMikeSI'll try to compile a sim again here but I doubt I'll get an error
00:22:36gevaertsand all failures look like amd64
00:22:47*gevaerts will test
00:23:21jhMikeSIf it's what you say, I can't check it
00:23:54gevaertsOK, I can reproduce the error at least
00:25:49gevaertsjhMikeS: fixes it
00:27:18jhMikeSthank you, sir
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09:07:44mirogtagnavi.config: format def. like this works fine: %format "fmt_lastplayed" "%06d%s - %1d|%s" lastplayed album rating title %sort = "inverse" %limit = "99" %strip = "6"
09:07:55mirogbut if I only try to add track number .... "%06d%s - %1d|%02d.%s" lastplayed album rating tracknum title %sort = "inverse" %limit = "99" %strip = "6"
09:08:05mirogthen %sort and %strip modifiers stop working and I see on display first 6 digits from lastplay tag and sorting is not inversed.
09:08:13mirogWhat am I doing wrong?
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10:36:27kugelrockbox has serious sound quality issues on x86_64
10:37:15copperwhat target runs on x86_64?
10:39:53ZagorI assume sdl simulator
10:45:11kugelsdlapp too
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10:53:15wodzkugel: is it related to current pcm changes?
10:53:38GodEatergah - my android build environment is fucked
10:53:53GodEaterkugel: is ANDROID_SDK_PATH and ANDROID_NDK_PATH still all that's required?
10:57:08wodzpamaury: ping
10:57:35wodzpamaury: any progress with archos28vision?
10:58:07pamauryno, I didn't have time to work with it again, I was working on imx233, maybe tonigh
10:59:43wodzpamaury: another question - I know you did some 'framework' to get zsp500 assembler. Could you share this so I could try to add actual opcodes description and maybe conduct some tests?
11:00:59pamaurywodz: I didn't go too far, but ok i'll send you the code (hoping llvm didn't break the MC API once again)
11:01:54wodzpamaury: with a28v the most important thing is to test if loading OF with rolo or from our bootloader works.
11:05:19wodzpamaury: what about linker?
11:05:43pamaurywhat do you mean ?
11:06:25wodzpamaury: final goal is to have at least assembler + linker for ZSP target
11:06:50pamauryah llvm linker ^^ I have no idea how that works in llvm honestly
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11:10:07kugelGodEater: yea
11:10:16kugelwodz: no
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11:34:06GodEaterkugel: any ideas why I'm getting this : ?
11:34:31GodEaterSDK and NDK are installed, and the environment variables are set
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11:37:01gevaertsGodEater: what's ANDROID_NDK_PATH set to?
11:40:04*gevaerts nods
11:40:46gevaertsProbably a stupid question, but ANDROID_NDK_PATH and ANDROID_SDK_PATH are exported and not just set, right?
11:40:59GodEateryeah - configure complains if they're not exported
11:42:11GodEaterthere seem to be multiple compilers in the ndk now
11:42:18*gevaerts remembers talk about 32 vs 64 bit ndks
11:42:33GodEaterthis is the 64bit one
11:43:01gevaertsRight. I think configure doesn't handle that right. See tools/configure line 714
11:43:14gevaertsI suspect tweaking that line will make it work
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11:48:55GodEaterah ha
11:48:57GodEateryes - it does
11:49:55GodEaterI suspect some sort of patch might fix that
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11:58:44mirogWhat's wrong with this syntax: %format "fmt_lastplayed" "%06d%s - %1d|%02d.%s" lastplayed album rating tracknum title %sort = "inverse" %limit = "99" %strip = "6"
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12:21:41mirogIt seems that %sort and %string modifiers don't work as they should :( but only if tracknum w/corresponding format %02d is in)
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13:44:58GodEaterhmm - some jarsigner error after 'make apk'
13:45:02GodEaterbut we have progress!
13:48:49GodEaterjarsigner error: private key algorithm is not compatible with signature algorithm
13:48:57GodEaterif anyone has ideas, please shout :)
13:54:04GodEaterah - out of day keystore
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15:34:08lorenzo92question: until nand support in my z5, I had to enable ram disk as storage option. why is it full when starting rockbox? shouldn't it contain a mock fat32/16 to contain test stuff? :)
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15:53:13 Join itoikenza [0] (42575385@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:53:47itoikenza anyone know the model # of this sansa?
15:55:01lebelliumthis is a Clipv1 or v2
15:56:35itoikenzathanks, is it rockbox stable?
15:57:32dv_hello. how is the opus ARM optimization going?
15:57:45dv_(ARM neon)
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16:11:33itoikenzacan the clip zip
16:12:09itoikenzarockbox for clip zip, can it read the micro sd too?
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20:41:51bluebrotherthis unsync description of id3v2 give me headaches :/
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21:12:13GodEatergevaerts: is it worth me attempting to patch configure to take care of that NDK issue?
21:12:27gevaertsGodEater: I'd say so, yes
21:12:48 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:13:10bluebrotherNDK issue?
21:13:54gevaertsbluebrother: configure expects to find an x86-hosted android ndk, but these days you can also get an amd64 one
21:14:12GodEaterand it complains if you have the x64 one
21:14:17bluebrothermaybe I should get an amd64 one then :)
21:14:36*GodEater will attempt to blow the dust of his shell scripting then and make configure work
21:16:18bluebrotherhmm. Is there a way to compile that standalone thing in mp3tags.c anymore?
21:16:57bluebrotherdoesn't work out of the box :/
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21:28:30GodEatergevaerts: please take a look - it's a quick and dirty fix, but I think it should work
21:28:30 Quit kaitsu1 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:28:43GodEaterwell - it works here with a 64 bit NDK :)
21:29:11gevaertsGodEater: you need -d, not -f
21:29:31gevaertsApart from that, that's how I'd probably do it as well :)
21:29:47GodEatergevaerts: weird - worked fine with -f here =/
21:29:52gevaertsOf course!
21:29:58GodEaterbut I'll change it
21:30:06gevaertsIs $ANDROID_NDK_PATH/toolchains/$gcccdir/prebuilt/$buildhost-x86 a regular file on your system? :)
21:30:13*gevaerts bets it's not!
21:31:09*GodEater shuffles his feet and looks sheepish
21:31:25GodEaterI'm going to have to review how to change a gerrit commit now ;)
21:31:34bluebrotherwow, this unsync thing in id3v2 is really annoying
21:32:09gevaertsGodEater: fix it locally, git commit −−amend -a, check if the gerrit id is in the commit message, and push to gerrit again
21:33:07GodEaterthat appears to have worked :)
21:33:25 Quit DexterLB (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:34:11GodEatergevaerts: you can do the honours with approving it now ;)
21:34:23*gevaerts will test it first :)
21:35:08GodEaterI presumed you would
21:36:45gevaertsGodEater: one more *slight* issue
21:36:52GodEaterdo tell
21:37:11gevaertsIt's "gccdir", not "gcccdir" :)
21:37:20GodEaterstupid fat fingers
21:38:56*GodEater hopes this his last attempt at this.
21:38:59GodEatertry now? :)
21:39:04gevaertsit works :)
21:39:50gevaertsGodEater: you should be able to click the submit button yourself, aren't you? :)
21:39:55GodEaterhmm - chrome's view of that patch still has too many 'c' in it
21:40:10GodEaterbut if you say it's working now ;)
21:40:23gevaertsAre you looking at the right one?
21:40:56gevaertsYou need patch set 3
21:41:07GodEaterI am now ;)
21:41:27GodEateryou can tell how often I use gerrit ;)
21:41:42gevaertsDaily, clearly :)
21:42:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1489fa3, 214 builds, 39 clients.
21:42:53GodEaterright, now lets see what the buildmaster makes of my new PC this time :D
21:48:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 357 seconds.
21:49:22GodEaterstill 0 builds
21:49:56*GodEater stares hard at Zagor
21:50:12GodEaterwhere did I leave my rusty chainsaw?
21:54:53 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:09:30bluebrotherGodEater: we simply need a DevCon for things getting worked on :)
22:09:50*bluebrother has hopes to found what's causing FS #12849
22:09:51fs-bluebot very long parsing time of some mp3 files (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:13:18bluebrotheryay! Seems to work fine on the Ipod as well :)
22:19:58 Quit XavierGr (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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22:20:33kugelgevaerts: so 64bit ndk compilers work? nice
22:20:48 Quit XavierGr (Changing host)
22:20:48 Join XavierGr [0] (~XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
22:20:54gevaertskugel: I assume so. I don't know if GodEater tested the build he did :)
22:21:03kugeloh i see :)
22:21:42kugelI don't know if it's actually doable, but perhaps the logic should prefer the amd64 compilers if both dirs exist
22:22:18gevaertsWouldn't that mean you've installed two ndks to the same place, one overwriting parts of the other?
22:22:30kugelI meant I don't know if it's possible to install both into the same ANDROID_NDK_PATH
22:22:58kugelperhaps they are the same except for the prebuilt toolchain which is in different folders?
22:23:09*kugel hasn't checked but would assume so
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23:01:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 370ed6d, 214 builds, 39 clients.
23:05:10 Part LinusN
23:06:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 330 seconds.
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23:24:19bluebrotherwtf? I'm getting data aborts on my mini during startup :o
23:27:19bluebrotherseems to happen in disk_unmount? During startup?
23:29:12bluebrotherhmm, 3.13 runs
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23:34:31bluebrother g#455 was merged? I would have expected at least to ask the author to use a proper name format :/
23:34:34fs-bluebotGerrit review #455 at : Add Serial Port 1 support for iPod Photo/Color/4G/Mini2G by andypotter (changes/55/455/5)
23:37:10 Quit y4n (Quit: coob ov vood?)
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