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#rockbox log for 2013-05-07

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07:56:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fce81a8, 214 builds, 39 clients.
08:02:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 360 seconds.
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08:49:42wodzmortalis: See g#466
08:49:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #466 at : rk27xx: Use DMA for lcd_update_rect() by Marcin Bukat (changes/66/466/1)
08:54:41mortaliswodz: I'll test tonight
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09:05:28wodzmortalis: If you could please measure the speedup with test_fps plugin. I accidentally deleted my measurements file and compiling plugins for rk27generic is cumbersome.
09:14:36wodzmortalis: btw, there are MA9 defines introduces with your MA commit. Is it intentional? I understood you would like to generalize MA target to support both ma8 and ma9
09:16:48mortalisma8 will be a separate target, the only difference will be another codec driver and config header.
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13:13:44wodzmortalis: for hm60x v2 lcd lcd_v2_set_gram_area() could be something like this:
13:15:05wodzvalues may need to be tweaked as I am not quite sure about orientation
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14:27:45pamaurykugel: ping
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20:26:37saratogadid that company actually submit code for rockbox, or just hack up a build on their own?
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20:41:13mortalissaratoga: they just hacked up hm60x build. And code didn't look good, so I had to rewrite everything.
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20:45:40lemmakat the moment no single download from rockbox site is working for me.... anybody else experience problems too?
20:46:47Zagorlemmak: works from here
20:48:12saratogayeah works here too
20:50:24n1sZagor: while you're here, could you delete ?
20:50:42n1sit's an old version since the name changed and could be confusing
20:51:02Zagoris it linked anywhere?
20:51:43n1snot sure, but the real one isn't exactly easy to find either so this is usually my first guess :)
20:51:55Zagorremoved now
20:53:02lemmakdownload works with firefox now, but doesnt work in the installation tool
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21:11:40wodzmortalis: I agree that ifdefing iomux_lcd() should be in separate commit. I just dumped my local branch. Will clean this up before committing.
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21:14:42wodzmortalis: Also for hifimans lcd-hifiman.c needs small tweaks. Especially lcd_v1_set_gram_area() since the addresses are calculated in update function the values just need to be passed to appropriate registers.
21:15:10 Join semitones [0] (~patrick@unaffiliated/semitones)
21:16:18semitonesAre there any music library programs that work particularly well with rockbox? Specifically "syncing" playlists and music?
21:17:06mortaliswodz: yes, i noticed.
21:21:40shamuswhat is this syncing? I like to manage my files on my own and have good old thumbdrive mode to acess them vs using somthing like itoons etc to manage them fore me
21:23:53shamussome of my least favorite devices forced you to use syncing type softweare like the old iriver irock and the neuros dac2 although their is a open source java based dac2 syncing client that is ,much nicer then the stock dac2 crap manager
21:28:50mortaliswodz: I gave build with lcd v2 partial update to that guy for testing.
21:29:25wodzmortalis: can you upload to gerrit fixes for hifiman v1 lcd?
21:30:19 Quit lemmak (Quit: CGI:IRC)
21:30:51wodzmortalis: btw. Doesn't v2 exhibit 'shift by one line' error? GRAM pointer setting looks weird in init sequence.
21:32:31 Join |akaWolf| [0] (~akaWolf@
21:33:03mortalisiirc it has some problem like that. Init looks weird for me too.
21:33:55mortalisand speackin of v2 i think you mixed up x and y in your pastie
21:34:16 Quit akaWolf (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:34:22wodzmortalis: Could be.
21:36:17semitonesshamus, I like to make playlists on my computer without duplicating files
21:36:35semitonesand then drag the playlists to the player, and have it intelligently know which files to copy over
21:36:54semitonesso far I haven't been able to do that
21:37:07 Join SuperBrainAK [0] (
21:37:18shamusthe issue is most playlist types are not that inteligent
21:37:34shamuslots of playlist hard code the full file path
21:37:47shamusand thugh would be useless on a mobile device with difrent layout
21:38:21shamusim sure you might find a tool to do what you want it to do but ill be damed if i know what tools can do that
21:38:36 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
21:38:42gevaertsfind . -name \*.m38 -xargs cat | sort| uniq|cpio -pmd /media/player
21:38:46gevaertsThat should do it :)
21:41:10semitones:D doesn't sound that hard!
21:41:54semitonesWhat I want to know is of all the music players, like rhythmbox and banshee and stuff, have any been developed by rockbox people for use with rockbox?
21:42:33semitones(I know the typical rockbox dev prefers using file browsers and lite players)
21:42:52 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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21:48:57webguest87just use foobar on your PC for ROCKbox playlists
21:49:21 Quit webguest87 (Client Quit)
21:51:06gevaertsZagor: any reason why logbot is disguised as a guest nowadays?
21:53:17 Quit |akaWolf| (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:54:13Zagorgevaerts: I added nick protection to him, but haven't add auto-login... so when he is temporarily disconnected he is force-renamed until I can bother to auth him :)
21:54:42gevaertsAh, right :)
21:54:53semitonesAre there any playlist-utilities that make a playlist starting from a relative path?
21:55:05gevaertsSo the method to ensure he's always logbot ensures that he often isn't :)
21:55:52semitoneslike if my music is in ~/Music/, and I transfer playlists and folders to /media/rockboxSD −− the playlist would still work
21:55:58Zagorgevaerts: exactly!
21:56:03semitonesdoes that exist?
21:56:57wodzZagor: any plans to pass build summary back to clients so bluebot could announce round results?
21:57:29gevaertssemitones: a playlist is really just a list of files, so any tool that can handle those should be usable for basic stuff
21:57:43Zagorwodz: plans, yes. code, no... :-)
21:58:24GodEaterwodz: patches welcome ;)
21:58:39semitonesgevaerts, I know there are many tools that exist −− I was just hoping to run in to someone here who used them and could recommend one.
21:59:03GodEatersemitones: we're mostly all commandline geeks here, so we'd use a combination of ls and redirecting it's output to a playlist file
21:59:12gevaertssemitones: it all depends on what you want. To make a playlist with all files in a directory I'd just use find
21:59:20semitonesLike: what type of playlist hardcodes the full path, and what type uses a relative path?
21:59:21GodEaterso no special tool at all, just the ones we use all day for file navigation
21:59:29gevaertsBut then I'm not entirely sure why I'd need such a playlist :)
21:59:40 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
21:59:47wodzGodEater: sure, the problem is I am not familiar with build system so I guess I will spend my tiny spare time more efficiently hacking areas I know better.
22:00:25GodEaterwodz: I guess though there's a point were your unfamiliarity versus the amount of spare time Zagor has cross on the graph ;)
22:00:50 Quit ml| ()
22:01:10wodzGodEater: basically we are waiting for DevCon then :-)
22:01:13semitonesI have so much music, and my dap is pretty basic (sansa clip+) so I'd like to create playlists on my pc, and move the playlists, and the necessary files, to my dap. If there was a program that could parse the playlist, copy it to rockbox, and then copy over the necessary files −− that is what I'm looking for :)
22:01:53GodEaterwodz: could be ;)
22:02:05gevaertswodz: in more ways than one!
22:05:23semitoneshmm I finally found the correct google search to use: "linux playlist sync" −− it gave me this:
22:06:08 Join ml| [0] (~ml@unaffiliated/ml/x-3958674)
22:08:14semitonesnow to install the current version of rhythmbox (the ubuntu version is buuuugy)
22:08:29 Quit ml| (Client Quit)
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22:26:09semitonesis that a frequenly asked question −− how to sync playlists?
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