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#rockbox log for 2013-05-18

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00:48:43ikeboyThought it would be cool to play one song in one ear and a different one in the other. Does that sound doable?
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01:42:08soapsounds awfully niche.
01:42:16soapoh. He left.
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17:00:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fc0cf8d, 217 builds, 22 clients.
17:02:29lebelliumwould be great to add a link to AA fonts here,43098.0.html on this page
17:06:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 410 seconds.
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17:45:28n1slebellium: it's a wiki ;)
17:51:03lebelliumsure, but I have no account and I don't plan to register. I don't like the real name policy of Rockbox. I just accepted it to publish themes, I don't need more of that :)
17:51:51gevaertsThen you'll have to wait for someone else to care enough
17:53:14lebelliumit was just a suggestion, I won't die if nobody does it, I already downloaded the fonts for me :)
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18:10:02lebelliumLooks like this policy isn't explained anywhere. The reason is not even given on this page
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18:10:47bluebrotherwhat kind of users do we have these days?
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18:11:01*bluebrother shakes heads at this bukmania guy in the forums
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18:11:35n1slebellium: afair the reason is that the founders of the project want it this way
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18:15:21lebelliumthen I should rather ask why they wanted that. "The real name policy was originally a reason for lots of heated debates, as we only accept contributions from people who provide real names – no nick names" Is there a trace of these debates anywhere?
18:18:37n1si'd guess the ml archives are a good place to search or old irc logs, it's all available on the website
18:18:39funmani don't want to point you to it without the protection of anonymity
18:19:26n1syay, the opus codec has the same bug with album art as tremor
18:26:21n1shmm, it's using the really dumb codec_*alloc functions too
18:26:31n1swhich tremor at least doesnt'
18:27:42n1sso fixing the crash on big AA is easy but making such files play will need the same sort of hackery
18:29:28n1sa realloc that just mallocs a larger buffer and memcpy's from the old one and then "frees" it (where free doesn't actually do anything) is not nice
18:32:31lebelliumOkay I guess I found out. It all comes from that I think .
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18:38:50lebelliumand indeed there was heated debates. I feel reassured, I'm not the single one to hate that policy :)
18:39:56Bagderbut you're equally wrong! B)
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19:09:42funmanIMO the restriction should be lifted
19:10:07funmanwe allow fake identities, we might as well allow anonymous contributors
19:10:48gevaertsDo we?
19:11:20funmanwe don't do any kind of check so yes we do
19:11:31gevaertsThat's not the same thing at all
19:13:50funman're not making sure the source of a work is legitimate, that is
19:19:08n1si think this way has a certain amount of deniability
19:19:56funmanin any way we didn't check who this person was
19:20:14funmanit's always an anoymous internet person who claims to be 'X'
19:20:23funmanwether 'X' sounds like a name someone would have or not
19:21:05gelraen"please, send us your photo ID and credit card number before we can accept your patch"
19:21:20funmanalso lawyers will not come at rockbox anymore..
19:21:35gevaertsfunman: when you order a beer somewhere, do you run tests to see if what you get is beer, or do you assume it is unless it tastes funny?
19:22:00gevaertsIf the latter, would you say you didn't actually order beer anyway, since you don't check?
19:22:02funmangevaerts: no but the owner will pay fines wether i told him i was 18 or not
19:23:17funmanif real identity was really a concern we'd do some checks
19:26:22 Quit fragilematter (Quit: fragilematter)
19:28:53lebelliumyes, no checks sounds like you trust what people say. And if you trust people, you don't need their real name, a nickname is enough
19:29:21funmansince the real name 'protection' is easily gamed it should be lifted i think
19:30:59*gevaerts disagrees with both of those points
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20:14:00williamtdrAbandoning this project:
20:14:12williamtdrIt's a minecraft-like game written in LUA for rockbox.
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23:38:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c7124b5, 217 builds, 22 clients.
23:44:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 360 seconds.
23:49:58ukleinekpaumaury: if you privmsg me your email address I send you two patches improving the frequency selection on i.mx23.
23:50:19 Quit mrtux (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:50:33bertrikyou can put them on gerrit too
23:51:18 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
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23:51:38bertrikthat way the patches can be publicly reviewed and easily pushed
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