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#rockbox log for 2013-05-20

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04:46:45icyhotanywone here able to help with ipod color not rebooting after running rockbox utility?
04:48:56amayericyhot, when you say it wont boot do you mean it doesnt turn on at all?
04:49:09icyhotit just gets to the apple logo scren and nothing
04:52:49[Saint]force a reboot with select+menu, and see what happens.
04:53:25icyhotdid that about 10 mins ago
04:53:33icyhotstill on apple logo
04:53:43[Saint]restore with iTunes.
04:54:05[Saint]If the Apple OF won't boot, it is a bit much to assume that Rockbox will.
04:54:11[Saint]Lets get the OF sorted out first.
04:54:28[Saint](before anyone asks Original Firmware)
04:55:21icyhotcrap... i'vve avoided itunes for 10 years let me download it
04:55:33[Saint]No, no...I was just going to say:
04:55:45[Saint]You can do this manually, from a *nix based system.
04:56:13icyhoton windows
04:56:15[Saint]But iTunes is guaranteed to set up the device correctly, if it is possible. So I always prefer to suggest this method.
04:56:47[Saint]Ah, well, if you're on WIndows, that complicates things. It is still possible, but the time it would take to do so means you may as well just use iTunes.
04:57:32[Saint]Oh, actually. All you'd need is a windows dd binary.
04:57:53[Saint] for example.
04:58:28[Saint]I thought that the manual restore process was a bit more in-depth than that. My mistake.
05:01:13[Saint]NOTE: dd can SERIOUSLY mess your sh*t right up with a simple typo. Check, check, and re-check every command before committing to hitting Enter.
05:01:42icyhotyea i was about to ask for some baby steps through this part... downloaded the mbr and the dd for windows
05:02:05icyhotopened the dd cmd window and now how do i transfer to the device when it doesn't register on my computer
05:02:43[Saint]Can you force disk mode? Menu+Select to reboot and then *immediately* hold Select+Play
05:03:49[Saint]If we can't get into disk mode we have some rather serious problems.
05:05:15icyhotdoesn't seem to want to go
05:06:29[Saint]Hmmmmm. Toggle hold on and off, and then re-try.
05:06:46icyhotit just went
05:06:53icyhotat least on the ipod screen
05:07:00icyhotand now it registered
05:07:37[Saint]Right, now, there's two things we need for the dd command /path/to/iPod/firmware and /path/to/iPod
05:07:59icyhoti see the new .rockbox folder on the ipod
05:08:11icyhotipod is setup as E:
05:08:43icyhotthat mbr is the firmware right
05:09:21icyhotthink from here the rockbox utility would work
05:09:56[Saint]It could, yes. Right, we'll give up on the restore for now, but I would advise running a disk check.
05:10:22icyhotdisk check with what
05:10:40[Saint]Which OS is this?
05:10:47[Saint]I know WIndows, but, which?
05:11:31[Saint]Right click on the volume E:, select the "Tools" tab, in the Error Checking section, select Check Now.
05:12:45icyhotno problems found
05:13:15icyhotit is already a FAT32
05:13:24[Saint]Damn. That's good. But not kinda point to the disk being on its way out.
05:13:37[Saint]Y'know, as, obviously it shouldn't behave this way.
05:13:49[Saint]I was rather hoping for the filesystem to be corrupt.
05:14:18icyhothaha yea, when the symtoms check out but there is still a problem
05:14:30[Saint]Well, at this stage, you can certainly fire up RbUtil and see what happens.
05:15:12icyhotassume it's a problem with a bootloader so i should reinstall it right?
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05:16:34[Saint]There's no harm in doing so.
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05:19:19icyhotutility wont let me eject and windows wont let me eject the drive without closing rockbox so i wonder if something there is hanging it up
05:20:25icyhotwhat is the best way to wipe the ipod to a clean/fresh install
05:21:16[Saint]iTunes restore.
05:21:23icyhotlol without itunes?
05:21:38[Saint]the above manual restore link.
05:21:52icyhotwhat if you reformat disk drive and run rockbox utility
05:22:36[Saint]Well, that would only clear any erros which may be present in the storage partition.
05:22:48[Saint]If the actual firmware is corrupt, that won't help.
05:23:21icyhotmind educating me in the ways of using DD?
05:24:25icyhotyou could say you don't have time i'd get it
05:24:34[Saint]One sec. Back in a min.
05:34:14[Saint]Hmmmmm, I'm having some trouble understanding the correct syntax for writing to a specific partition using this Windows dd.
05:34:30[Saint]Can you pastebin the output of "dd −−list" for me please?
05:36:34icyhotreturns itself
05:37:04[Saint]...come again?
05:37:47icyhotIN: dd −−list
05:37:53icyhotOUT: dd −−-list
05:39:54[Saint]Well, that's odd. Something is misbehaving. At this point, with the time spent here plus the additional time spent figuring out why dd is being a retard, I'm just going to go ahead and suggest iTunes.
05:40:18[Saint]I'm not a huge fan of iTunes either, but, for this instance it is the "Just Works" method.
05:40:38icyhotwait til i get to a friend that is already fooled by them
05:40:50icyhotthanks for the help at least i know how to get it recognized
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08:55:15mortalisZagor: upload bootloader please.
08:56:29Zagormortalis: where should I put it? bootloader/hifiet/ma9/ ?
08:59:05wodzZagor: Have you been notified about gerrit patch for server side buildsystem script?
09:07:04Zagorwodz: yes I have. I haven't had time to look at it yet though.
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09:12:29Zagormortalis: uploaded
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11:43:35subthalamusArchos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio ; Cowon: iAudio X5, X5V, X5L, M5, M5L, M3 and M3L ; iriver: iHP100 series, H100 series, H300 series and H10 series ;MPIO: HD300 ;Packard Bell: Vibe 500 ; SanDisk: Sansa c200, e200 and e200R series, Fuze, Clip, Clip+ and Clip Zip ; Toshiba: Gigabeat X and F series
11:43:53subthalamusok, of those, which ones are the newest and have a capacity greater than 20GB?
11:44:13subthalamus(all rockbox stable support minux apple)
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11:46:36[Saint]subthalamus: No offense, dude, but are you just asking someone else to do your Googling for you? :)
11:47:19subthalamus[Saint]: google doesn't often give you the best answers, surely you're aware of that
11:47:29subthalamusdoesn't matter how good your google fu is
11:48:00[Saint]I disagree, but, OK.
11:48:01subthalamusadditionally, saying what you just said doesn't help anybody
11:48:29[Saint]Each and every one of those devices has a corresponding wiki page that describes it.
11:48:30subthalamus2 wasted lines, since u didn't intend to help me anyway, why bother?
11:48:32[Saint]Have fun.
11:50:49[Saint]Since you decided I didn't intend to help you, I guess I can just...not. What I was looking for was something along the lines of "I have looked, but I couldn't find the information I was looking for"
11:51:07[Saint]As opposed to "Hey, can someone do this for me"
11:53:28wodz[Saint]: why bother :P
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12:45:44coppersubthalamus: it's really annoying when someone doesn't bother to read documentation that you've spent hours writing
12:46:24copperif you want to enjoy the fruits of their work, the least you could do is use their documentation
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18:58:30z180is the maemo/meego target working?
18:58:51telliottIndiana is all DST now
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19:12:43copperthose still exist?
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21:47:03bertrikanyone interested in a lightly broken sansa clip zip for development purposes?
21:47:27bertrikthe headphones socket is a bit dodgy
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