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#rockbox log for 2013-05-22

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07:17:38pamauryukleinek: here ?
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08:27:57mortalisZagor: Have you heard about flattr It could increase donations.
08:28:05mortalisI think it worth to try
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10:04:11Zagormortalis: possibly. flattr is a lot more expensive than paypal though. they take 10% of everything.
10:04:54[Saint]90% of free money is still 100% free money...
10:04:59funmantime to open the rockbox bank?
10:05:41Zagor[Saint]: for us, yes. but not for the donors.
10:05:53funman[Saint]: honestly i prefer that donors money go to us and not banks/flattr/paypal
10:06:07mortalisZagor: I know, I'm suggesting to use paypal and flattr at the same time.
10:06:13[Saint]Right, but, its not what we prefer.
10:07:14[Saint]I can't see a way using Flattr could *hurt*. ANd if it opens a chennel for donation, its only a good thing.
10:07:21[Saint]*channel too.
10:07:37funmantrue, it can be an alternative
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10:32:49Zagoradded now
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11:06:08copperthat was quick!
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11:07:10funmanZagor: so how much millions of $ have been donated already? :)
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11:07:42funmanhopefully we'll be able to buy SanDisk and get access to AMSv1 documents so we can solve the battery life problem..
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11:48:30cereal_killerwhen renaming the folder, where the file browser is supposed to start selecting files does nothing and even reseting startfolder for the filebrowser does nothing
11:48:55cereal_killeronly plugging it into a pc and revert the renaming helps
11:49:11cereal_killerwhy does reseting the startfolder for the filebrowser not help?
11:49:38funmando you mean after renaming through rockbox you still see the old filename?
11:51:44cereal_killerno, I renamed the folder called "Music" which is in the same level with "Audiobooks" etc. with rockbox itself and then selecting "Files" in the main menu wont let me enter the folders there (of course because the start folder is now renamed
11:52:14cereal_killerbut reseting the "start file browser " or smething like that did not help
11:52:44cereal_killerso I see no filename...
11:54:33[Saint]The "Music" dir has nothing to do with Rockbox, and I believe you're thinking of "Start Browser at /"
11:55:01[Saint](or, however it is named - which, unsurprisingly, but perhaps not obviously, sets the start location to the root)
11:55:42[Saint]The only function that entry performs is resetting the start location to /
11:55:59[Saint]If you want to *set* the start location for the file browser, use the context menu.
11:56:00cereal_killeryes the folder "Music" which is the "Start Browser at /" folder was created by me, but renaming it wont let me access any files
11:56:31cereal_killersorry cunfused "set" with "start"... I dont use english language
11:58:29[Saint]English isn't a very forgiving language, indeed. :)
11:58:40cereal_killerI can only use the context menu on "Files" in the main menu and selecting "Start browser at /" gives me a splash sying "reset" but I can not access any folders then
11:59:47[Saint]Bring up the context menu on /Music, and then select "Start filebrowser here" (<−− may not be exact wording)
12:00:21cereal_killerI can not access /Music because selecting "Files" in the main menu does nothing
12:00:58cereal_killerwhat helps is plugging my clip onto a pc and rename the folder back to its original name
12:00:59[Saint]Sounds like it is time for a filesystem scan.
12:02:42cereal_killerno file system is ok. as I said it is just the renaming that makes problems (of course because the start folder is now named differently) but why does resetting the "start browser at /" not help
12:03:04[Saint]I am trying on the target(s) I have in front of me, and I can't reproduce the issue. Obviously the file browser can't take me to a directory that isn't present (after renaming the directory set as the start location), but in my situation it is handling it by dropping me in /, instead of doing nothing.
12:03:37[Saint]Well, I can't reproduce it. Not saying there's not an issue, but, I can't reporduce it.
12:04:14cereal_killerI can do this again and again....renaming the folder with rockbox makes selecting the "Files" menu doing nothing, naming it back using a pc helps (of course)
12:04:39[Saint]When you say the filesystem is that just an assumption, or, have you actually checked?
12:04:53[Saint]random weirdness like this screams fs corruption.
12:05:07cereal_killeralright I check again...
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12:05:46cereal_killerand of course thank you for your efforts to help me
12:06:34[Saint]Resetting the file browser start location to / also seems to work as expected here.
12:06:43[Saint]I'm not sure what to suggest.
12:08:38pixelmamaybe some file view settings were also changed accidentally?
12:08:55pixelmahmm, or not
12:12:20[Saint]I thought that for a while, but selecting "Files" would at the very least drop out of the main menu into an (almost) blank screen.
12:12:29[Saint] opposed to "does nothing".
12:12:42[Saint]But, yes, that was my first (quickly dismissed) guess.
12:14:20cereal_killerthank you for your suggestion pixelma, but file view setting is set to "supported"
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13:05:56cereal_killerhmm, windows could not finish checking the volume (sansa clip with rockbox 3.13)
13:07:11cereal_killerbut there are no other issues, so i think I will take things as they are and will not rename the file browser start location
13:07:26cereal_killerthanks everybody for your kind help
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21:27:41kugelJdGordon_: ping
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21:46:48saratogais the default font on the clip zip as small as it looks in the sim?
21:46:58saratogaperhaps a slightly larger one would be better even if it meant more scrolling
21:51:37bertrikthe font is quite small indeed
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22:01:11saratogai guess the size was chosen so that the main menu doesn't need to scroll any text
22:01:19saratogabut IMO moving to 10 point might still be worth it
22:01:56saratogaalthough someone with the player should make that decision since the Sim is misleading
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22:46:54kugelyea, dont judge from the sim please
22:49:07lebelliumit uses 08-Rockfont but I don't see it in bigger size in my clip Zip
22:49:38 Quit melmothX (Quit: #.#)
22:50:37lebelliumI don't see 10-Rockfont or similar in the font pack
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23:00:06funman08-Rockfont is quite ok for me
23:00:35funmansaratoga: is 08-Atadore better?
23:00:49saratogai was thinking maybe 10 point but IDK
23:01:24lebellium08-Atadore is too big, bold effect
23:01:57funman10 points would cut the 96px display in a odd number of lines though
23:02:14funmanstill bigger than the other Clips though
23:03:03lebelliumwell I never saw someone on ABI complaining about the default font size so maybe 08-Rockfont is just fine :)
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23:11:44funmanlet me try the sim
23:12:25 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
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23:15:43funmansaratoga: it feels a bit better on the real device
23:17:16funmannot sure why the sim has a 'rockbox' gradient wallpaper, the device has a black background and that makes it easier to read
23:17:40funmanwait... it was my theme. the default background indeed hurts readability
23:20:20 Quit ender` (Quit: Punch a psychic today: ask them if they saw it coming.)
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23:24:34kugelfunman: the gradient is the cabbie default backdrop :)
23:25:04funmanyes, i had switched to another theme without knowing it :P
23:25:29funmanhonestly i wonder if we should ditch gradients considering the pretty bad screen quality of the zip
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