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#rockbox log for 2013-05-24

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00:36:18ikeboyOn the sansa fuze plus there are 80 levels for brightness but every three are the same e.g. 1=2=3 and 4=5=6
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00:40:24ikeboyDo others that have the fuze plus have diiferent settings?
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00:47:01saratoga_^^^ thats probably just a copy and paste error from a port with more brightness levels
00:47:27saratoga_although 80 sounds excessive regardless
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01:09:55dreamlayersOn ARM, if you write a value to PC, that's where execution continues, right? It shouldn't ever continue at some other address, like PC-8?
01:13:39saratoga_During execution, PC does not contain the address of the currently executing instruction. The address of the currently executing instruction is typically PC-8 for ARM, or PC-4 for Thumb.
01:14:41saratoga_hmm but i guess that doesn't apply on write
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01:19:08jhMikeSnope, just read
01:19:39jhMikeSon coldfire it's pc+2 for read
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01:21:19dreamlayers says that writing to PC directly isn't recommended but does say MOV PC, R0 will branch to the location pointed by R0. I'm asking because of the "subs pc, lr, #-4" near the end of lib/unwarminder/safe_read.S. It seems wrong and changing #-4 to #4 makes it work on both PP502x and TCC760.
01:23:07saratoga_return from subroutine is usually mov pc, lr IIRC
01:23:29jhMikeShow would that work. subs pc, lr, #4 is correct for IRQ/FIQ return (it also restores CPSR from SPSR )
01:24:02jhMikeSwriting PC directly is best left to the professionals :)
01:28:07jhMikeSdifferent exceptions have different offsets though (but I don't remember what's what exactly)
01:28:43dreamlayers seems like a good summary
01:29:03pamaurysaratoga_: the brightness levels are reverse engineered from OF, we don't have any information on how it works
01:29:16saratoga_are there really 80 though?
01:29:28saratoga_sounds like theres only 1/3 as many (from the description anyway)
01:30:17jhMikeSdreamlayers: I think subs pc, lr, #4 would be correct for the isntruction following the aborted one
01:30:22pamauryI don't remember actually
01:31:48jhMikeS#-4 seems in error
01:32:18pamauryjhMikeS: I think I wrote the code for safe_read.S, maybe there is an error, i'm no arm expert, or maybe it's a typo
01:35:01dreamlayersOkay, I'll commit the change of #-4 to #4, and then
01:35:21jhMikeSseems the chart agrees, sub 8 if you want to reexecute, 4 if you want to skip
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01:42:30jhMikeSshould all that just be removed from all crt0*.S?
01:43:58jhMikeSthose handlers and stack allocations really just seem a holdover from porting the ipod
01:45:19jhMikeSmuch copypasta in those files :)
01:45:45dreamlayersAs far as I can tell, I am removing data_abort_handler from all ARM crt0 files with that patch. All ARM builds include unwarminder with its own data_abort_handler. The only handler that remains is in system-arm.c, which is declared as weak, and not used.
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01:51:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4077eac, 217 builds, 20 clients.
01:56:13xaiosHi, dropped by to say thanks for the work on Porting Rockbox to the Sansa Clip Zip. I’d like to report that I was able to successfully install Rockbox using the Original Firmware 1.01.20 (As opposed to 1.01.18 as mentioned in the guide). I did need to force a restart of my device for the firmware to pick up.
01:58:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 422 seconds.
02:02:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f6e179b, 217 builds, 20 clients.
02:09:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 422 seconds.
02:12:24saratoga_which guide mentions that?
02:12:54xaiosMentions what? to use 1.01.18?
02:31:51xaiosThe links provided in the Wikipage for the SansaAMS, the automatic installer requested I provide a zip or bin of the original firmware for patching, I can link you if it is allowed in this channel, I did not see a specific mention in the IrcGuidelines
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02:47:10saratoga_ah i see, the link points to the old firmware
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05:46:30michaelaare all sansa c200 series supported
05:48:50michaelabecause i saw a video on youtube that says that there not
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06:37:39bassgeishaheyyy audio gods im having a miniature er, micro crisis.
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06:39:30bassgeishamy micro sdhc card 32gb with alll my music for my sandisk clip zip .. win explorer just hates it. it doesnt want to read it, says insert a disk when it recognizes it. the clip zip ooomg now it just got worse.
06:39:33bassgeishafriggin great.
06:40:05bassgeishait was plugged into my pc and now is blinking white screen saying undefined instru
06:40:27bassgeishait was friggin fine until like 2 seconds ago
06:41:38bassgeishalol omfg srsly it says *PANIC* stkov tagcache pc:004E4EC sp:3 (then goes off screen)
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07:44:08michaelabassgeisha did you get you question answered
07:44:51bassgeishaneg but um
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07:45:10bassgeishait panic'd for a while i somehow rebooted it and its fine
07:45:20bassgeishaso i reinstalled/updated the firmware just in case
07:45:48bassgeishabut im back to my micro sd not wanting to be read/writeable
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07:46:07bassgeishai put it in my android and it tried to boot off of it ;X
07:47:01michaelaim sorry i dont know how to fix it i too need help but i thing we are the only ones in this room
07:48:36bassgeishaokay idk wtf is going on but um
07:48:54bassgeishaim going to literally shut down the pc and then unplug the cable
07:49:02bassgeishain hopes it doesnt panic again
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07:50:48michaelai think your problem is more important than mine i just need a yes or no answer
07:51:12michaelabut i dont think anyone is listening to us
07:53:36bassgeishafor the clip zip i have to hold left to force shut it down
07:53:44bassgeishawhen it is plugged into a pc
07:53:58bassgeishaits reading and sees the mp3 files just fine
07:54:18bassgeishaill have to put it on a charger to test and see whats up
07:54:52bassgeishabut it just stayed on the USB screen even after unplugging, so I hard reset it by holding previous or the back button and it booted up fine
07:55:06bassgeishahowever the micro sd card is completely uneditable..
07:55:18bassgeishaso ... idk maybe ill find a way to backup the mp3s
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07:56:53michaelamelmothx r u a dev
07:57:40melmothXmichaela: nope
07:58:10michaelamelmothx: ok sorry
07:59:13michaelabassgeisha has a question
08:00:31bassgeishaits okay i think it will make it through tomorrow at work
08:00:41bassgeishaill check back in at a normal hour heh!
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08:01:29bassgeishadid not plan on being up so late dealing with an mp3 player having a panic attack but to be honest it just ... suits today like perfectly. ridiculously perfectly
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08:48:34wodzZagor: Once you fixed commit mails maybe you could look at reporting build status to the clients :-)
08:48:51GodEatermichaela: that's an incredibly old video - I'm pretty sure we support *all* C200s these days
08:56:58Zagorooh, someone clicked the Flattr button. seems like it works then.
08:57:30Zagorwodz: yes, that's high on my todo list
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09:35:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 00b8563, 217 builds, 19 clients.
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09:45:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 554 seconds.
09:55:52michaelaGodEate: thanks and i love ur name
09:56:59michaelaGodEater: thanks and i love your name
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10:01:35michaelai just have one more question does all sansa's i saw a sdxc card that has 1TB capacity will that work on it
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10:05:17GodEateris it a microSDXC card?
10:05:21GodEateror a regular one?
10:05:43GodEater(not that I think we did an work to support SDXC anyway - but I'm curious)
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10:21:19michaelaGodEater:its a micro sdxc card
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10:23:38Zagormichaela: that sounds like a fake. do you have a link?
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10:29:46 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
10:32:01Zagormichaela: right, that describes the new sdxc standard "with a top end capacity up to 2TB"
10:32:10Zagorno such large cards are available yet
10:33:26michaelaoh, i feel dumb
10:34:34michaelabut there is 256GB ones right
10:34:37Zagoras a general answer though: yes sdxc cards do work
10:35:15michaelacool thanks
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15:53:09Zagoruh, how do I save my comment "drafts" in gerrit?
15:53:44 Join zz_TheSphinX^ [0] (
15:53:57Tornedo you mean send?
15:54:18ZagorI don't know. there is neither a save or send button on the page.
15:54:19Tornehit review
15:54:35Zagorah, ok
15:54:43Tornethey're saved already
15:55:24Zagoryeah, as "drafts". it wasn't obvious "review" was the way to get them from "drafts" to "comments". :-)
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17:45:12lebelliumI see normal, mips and x86 versions for rasher's RB builds for Android
17:45:18lebelliumthere wasn't that last time I checked
17:45:25lebelliumwhich version should I install on my Galaxy S2?
17:47:03gevaertsi.e. normal
17:47:24gevaertsYou could try all of them, only the correct one will actually install as far as I know :)
17:47:25lebelliumfor which devices are mips and x86 meant?
17:47:46gevaertsmips is for mips-based devices, x86 is for x86-based devices ;)
17:47:54gevaertsThose do exist
17:47:59lebelliumokay, I'll google that :)
17:48:43gevaertsmips e.g. some of the ainol tablets (I have one, and I've heard of at least one user who has one). I don't know any x86 ones off-hand, but I know they exist
17:51:36lebelliumOh I see now! We have the "Orange with Intel Inside" smartphone in France
17:52:26gevaertsThose, yes :)
17:52:48gevaertsFor some strange reason they forgot to say "Runs Rockbox!!!" in the advertising
17:53:33lebelliummaybe they are waiting for more compatible themes \o/
18:03:25lebelliumMost Android apps support multiple resolutions contrary to Rockbox. But how do they achieve that? Do they code the interface/theme for every possible resolution?
18:03:50gevaertsNo. Dynamic layouts
18:04:01gevaertsThe same way desktop apps support resizing windows, basically
18:04:30lebelliumdoes that mean it is incompatible with the "theme" system?
18:04:33Torneyes, completely
18:04:41Torneandroid layouts are relative, generally
18:04:56Torne"put these four elements above each other, with each at whatever height it needs to be to fit its contents"
18:05:09Tornei.e. it's more like HTML box model layout
18:05:14Tornenot like pixels at all :)
18:05:30lebelliumis it possible to do the same for the Rockbox app and still support user themes at the same time?
18:05:42Tornewe'd probably need an entirely new theme language
18:05:53Torneor just let people write themes as actual android layout xml :)
18:06:57Tornewell, i guess it'd be more complicated than that
18:07:07Tornereplacing the layout would only let you move things around
18:07:20Torneto have your own graphics/etc you'd need to also be able to provide Drawable resources
18:07:23Torneand so on
18:07:37 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
18:08:02Tornebut, yeah, it would likely mean that even if we supported loading user-installed themes, the theme author would be more likely to be doing the theme development in an android IDE than by writing it themselves :)
18:09:06gevaertsWe can get some resolution-independence with the current theme system, but it's always going to be very limited
18:10:27Torneyeah. there's a major difference between "stuff gets scaled according to screen size" and actual dynamic layouts
18:10:33lebelliumIs there currently a chosen direction? I mean will you try to get only one apk that supports any resolution but with limited theming. Or will you keep the separated builds to support the current theme engine?
18:10:43Tornelebellium: right now nobody is doing anything about this at all
18:10:54Tornewe don't have a direction :)
18:11:14gevaertsI think everyone agrees we don't want an apk per resolution
18:11:28Torneone thing that's been suggested is that rockbox lose its UI entirely for android :)
18:11:34Tornethat we just make the playback engine a library
18:11:44Torneand let *someone else* write as many different android apps with their own UI as they want
18:11:48Tornewhich may support theming or not :)
18:12:14gevaertsWell, I'm mostly in that camp, except I think we need to provide a new UI too
18:12:22TorneWell, sure, we could also provide a new ui
18:12:26Tornebut it wouldn't have to be the only one
18:12:35gevaertsWell, I want the library, I don't care that much about running it on android :)
18:12:38Torneand it wouldn't likely have much/anything to do with current code in rockbox
18:12:45Torneit would effectively be developed from scratch
18:12:49Tornein Java.
18:12:52*gevaerts wants a UI-less librockbox
18:13:49gevaertsThen I'd add some streaming code (similar to what I put on gerrit a while ago) and a REST API, and I have a streaming radio server :)
18:14:47Tornelebellium: but, anyway. yeah we don't really want separate apks per resolution, but nobody is working on an alternative to that
18:14:57Torneso that's what you get.
18:15:12lebelliumokay got it :)
18:16:50gevaertsIdeally we'd also get one apk that supports multiple CPU architectures, but that might become a bit big
18:17:24 Join Wardo [0] (
18:18:14TorneWell, if we drop all the useless plugins (i.e. all of them) and compile all the codecs into the same library
18:18:18Torneand drop all the app code
18:18:23Tornethen the .so probably won't be that big. ;)
18:18:27Tornewe could probably put all three in
18:27:27 Quit kaitsu1 (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.22 :: ))
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