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#rockbox log for 2013-05-27

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00:23:17lebelliumIs it normal that the link to "patches" on left side is different from the home page and from the forums?
00:24:05[Saint]No. An oversite, I would guess.
00:24:08gevaertsIt means someone forgot to change something at some point
00:24:16*[Saint] blames gevaerts
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00:25:20lebelliumIt's also different from the themes page
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00:26:31lebelliumthere are still recent (2013) patches in the old tracker so I don't really understand
00:26:45lebelliumcan it still be used?
00:26:56gevaertsYes. It's still the expected place for translations
00:27:00[Saint]Technically, yes. Should it be? No.
00:27:10gevaerts(because we don't expect a local git checkout for those)
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00:27:33[Saint]gevaerts: I thought translations were to be handled via the ml now?
00:28:09gevaerts[Saint]: maybe there's been one on the ml
00:28:14gevaertsMost are still on flyspray
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00:28:30gevaertsAnd I don't see anything wrong with that, to be honest :)
00:30:11lebelliumso for translations, from the home page we should click first on "bugs" and then on "patches"? That's a bit confusing.
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00:32:25[Saint]That was why I thought the ML was the preferred method now.
00:32:55[Saint]I thought that flyspray wasn't supposed to be accepting patches anymore, but, it seems there's some disagreement there.
00:33:00oldsound setting hight frequency her can do max in 12 dB
00:33:13oldTell plz about this setting
00:33:32oldask because if i lidten music in foobar in pc
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00:33:51oldmy hight frequency not that hight how in rockbox
00:34:25oldin foobar higt frequency that
00:34:46*[Saint] parse fails
00:34:50oldhow if in rockbox in setting hight frequency do 5-6 dB
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01:57:46[Saint]JdGordon: IS there any way you can think of to be able to discern what type of item a list item is in skinned lists?
01:58:00[Saint]Be it a list item, a directory, a file...etc.
01:58:05JdGordononly by the icon
01:58:37[Saint]Hmmm. Well, that won't do. Bums.
01:59:56JdGordoni could possily add some helpers
02:01:57[Saint]It isn't important. I was just wondering if there was something obvious I was missing.
02:02:27[Saint]I didn't want to rely on the icon numbers, as they are weirdly used.
02:02:48JdGordonin the file browser you're safe going off the icon
02:02:58JdGordonfolder == directory, anything else == file
02:04:25[Saint]I would also like some other slight magic...but, then...I always do.
02:04:50[Saint]Ideally I would like to be able to tell if a directory has subdirs or not, but that is very, very, very low on the list.
02:06:15JdGordonthat would be difficult
02:06:19[Saint]The whole thing is basically irrelevant. I was just wondering if there was something obvious I was missing.
02:07:13[Saint]To do what I want to be able to do with the icon numbers alone not only would provide some false positives due to icons being used inconsistently, but the conditional statement would be fucking insane.
02:07:36[Saint]..and, that is *me* saying it would be insane, so Average Joe would probably die if they looked at it.
02:08:49[Saint]So, by no means rush off and start whipping anything up. I can do what I want to do already, I was just wondering if there was a better way or something I was missing.
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04:20:33ikeboyDoes anyone know what still needs to be done for the wikipedia plugin to make it into base?
04:21:51[Saint]ikeboy: at this stage, it needs to be completely re-written.
04:21:57[Saint]As-is, it'll never make it in.
04:22:08[Saint]Authorship, and thus licensing, is in question.
04:22:20[Saint] is, it'll never make it in.
04:23:25[Saint]It almost certainly needs quite a lot of work to even get it to compile against git HEAD.
04:23:40[Saint]That patch is *ancient*.
04:24:11ikeboyThat's not correct I've using it on a fuze+ with almost no edits
04:24:51ikeboyI just added the usual viewers.config and CATEGORIES
04:25:47ikeboyShould I make an updated patch against git HEAD
04:33:50[Saint]If you want to...but I'm not sure how much point there is in updating patches that have no chance of being accepted.
04:34:34ikeboyCan you be more specific about why it won't be excepted? I'll put some work into it.
04:38:22saratoga__the 01 April 2012 patch looks pretty good, although not all of the headers have the author's listed
04:38:40[Saint]ikeboy: authorship, as I said.
04:38:46[Saint]No real name(s), no commit.
04:39:07[Saint]It is unclear how many authors contributed, and what the real names are.
04:39:55[Saint]If we ever wanted to change the license, we...well, we basically couldn't. Contacting the authors we *do* know the real names of would already be a nightmare.
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04:40:40[Saint]I doubt the license will ever change, but that is just one issue. The primary one is that there is a real name policy.
04:40:48saratoga__freqmod is one of the opus developers and has committed a lot of patches, so that shouldn't be a problem
04:40:56saratoga__were there any other issues?
04:41:08[Saint]I seem to recall it being unclear if he was the sole author.
04:41:27[Saint]I'd need to go digging through the ML.
04:42:26[Saint]I have a vague memory of bits and pieces of it being taken from other projects and that author information not being retained.
04:44:54saratoga__ah ok
04:45:22saratoga__i didn't read the whole thing
04:45:54saratoga__does it work on most targets (e.g. has button mappings)? also i guess a manual entry might be nice with a couple sentences explaining how it works
04:51:49ikeboyLooking at , the authers are freqmod, Adam Gashlin, Matthias Larisch, some "Fed", almargo, Frank Gevaerts, Thomas Schott, Robert Kukla, Maurus Cuelenaere, someone "G.P." ,Jerry Chapman, Robin Bertram ,Looking at , the authers are freqmod, Adam Gashlin, Matthias Larisch, some "Fed", almargo, Frank Gevaerts, Thomas Schott, Robert Kukla, Maurus Cuelenaere, someone "G.P." ,Jerry Ch
04:52:29ikeboysorry for the triple list it took a long time to type and it must have pasted over
04:53:22ikeboyThis was the original: Looking at , the authers are freqmod, Adam Gashlin, Matthias Larisch, some "Fed", almargo, Frank Gevaerts, Thomas Schott, Robert Kukla, Maurus Cuelenaere, someone "G.P." ,Jerry Chapman, Robin Bertram, Rosso Maltese, and some "Christoph".
04:54:25[Saint]Yeah - see the obvious partial or alias names there?
04:54:35[Saint]Simply isn't acceptable.
04:54:40saratoga__do all of those people actually have code in the final patch?
04:55:01ikeboyDoes anyone know how many are in the rockbox project ?
04:55:20[Saint]ikeboy: the credits do.
04:55:33ikeboyOh boy!
04:55:51[Saint]roughly 300 or so individual authors and several projects comprising of <some_amount> of people greater than 1.
04:56:41ikeboyI meant out of the list I posted
04:57:10ikeboySo the others are all I/we have to contact
04:57:15[Saint]I can see at least four.
04:58:12[Saint]The alternative is to re-write the section(s) where authorship is in contention.
04:59:51saratoga__fed looks like the main developer who is unknown
04:59:57saratoga__i guess email him and ask for his name
05:03:10ikeboyHis email address is and if you visit name Federico Sanchez is on the front page. I'll bet we have a name.
05:12:32[Saint]That isn't him giving permission, though.
05:12:53[Saint]Finding the name isn't really as important as getting the permission to include ther work under that name.
05:13:03[Saint]If he says no, then...its a no.
05:14:17ikeboyIf they post their work to a public forum, isn't that a implied permission?
05:14:41[Saint]Not as far as I am aware.
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06:41:35saratoga__if he posted there under the GPL than we don't exactly need his position
06:42:27[Saint]But are patches submitted to flyspray automagically under GPL?
06:43:27[Saint]I would assume not.
06:52:41saratoga__they're just modifications of GPL'ed files, so they still have the headers
06:52:57saratoga__unless someone puts a different license on them or makes new files without licenses
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10:19:46gevaertsFor the record, while I have commented on the wikipedia plugin, I did *not* write any code
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15:35:44Zagorwon't someone please take pity on the recorder and disable some little feature for it. it's only 702 bytes too big!
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15:41:57gevaertsZagor: I seem to remember a report on the mailing list claiming it doesn't work at all for 3.13, where I had done just that
15:42:05gevaertsSo more work (at least testing) is needed
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23:54:19diginetis rockbox for the Fuze+ usable?
23:54:38pamaurydiginet: yes
23:55:22diginetI mean, is it a viable alternative to the OF? Should I buy one with the explicit intent of running rockbox on it, or would I be better served with something else?
23:57:02pamauryi my opinion rockbox is far better than the OF on the fuze+ but i'm biased since i'm writing the port :)
23:57:20pamauryactually battery life is much better
23:57:32diginetdoes the Fuze+ have good sound quality?
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