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#rockbox log for 2013-05-28

00:01:54pamaurydiginet: we did a few measurement tests, I think the outcome was that the sound quality is good but not exceptional
00:02:24diginetI've been thinking how awesome it would be to have a truly open source player designed from the ground up to work with rockbox
00:02:42pamauryit's hardware related though, some other players have excellent audio quality
00:03:18pamauryalso the touchpad is quite controversial, some like it, some not
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00:39:49Nate][Any chance there will be an mkamsboot 1.7 soon?
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00:40:55Nate][(To support CLPP 01.02.18A)
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01:07:25saratogaNate][: probably not now that rockbox utility is the official installer
01:07:37saratogait works with all firmware versions
01:08:46saratogapamaury: the tests I saw on HA suggested that the amp on the fuze+ was very good FWIW
01:12:01[Saint]saratoga: why would that matter?
01:12:13[Saint]We still offer manual install as an option, basically always have.
01:12:58saratogawell someone would have to care enough to tag new mkamsboot releases and then compile and upload them
01:13:24[Saint]...which usually happens, yes.
01:15:32pamaurysaratoga: frequency response is far from perfect and we still have some background noise
01:16:51saratogaoh you mean in rockbox?
01:17:02saratogai thought you meant that the player hardware was bad
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01:17:19[Saint]Nah, the OF is actually disturbingly good.
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01:17:29saratogai misunderstood then
01:17:41pamauryreally, is the OF *that* good on the fuze+ ?
01:17:57[Saint]The Fuze+ is almost on par with the iPod Classic iirc.
01:18:09saratogaIIRC the output impedance is the lowest of any DAP you can buy
01:18:13pamaurydo you links to tests ?
01:18:16saratogaso the amp is quite good at least
01:18:21pamaury*have links
01:18:58[Saint]pamaury: errr, copper did a while ago. Should be in the logs, but apparently I don't have logs back that far.
01:19:26[Saint]There we go.
01:19:54saratogathats rockbox, although the fact that adding a load changes almost nothing means the amp is good
01:20:05saratogaeven if the DAC is perpahs not run optimally
01:20:08[Saint]Oh. Hmmm. Not the link I thought. Apologies.
01:20:41saratogai'm sure there are other tests too
01:20:41[Saint]I seem to recall copper looking deeper into OF vs. Rb about a week or so back. ANd I was quite surprised at the Fuze+ performance.
01:21:33pamauryI think how problem is with the DAC
01:21:37Nate][I see that in the source on this github page, there's support for 01.02.18
01:21:43[Saint]I can probably dig up the logs from home unless someone beats me to it.
01:22:20saratogaNate][: yes rockbox utility uses mkamsboot as a library, so it works fine with newer firmwares if you compile your own
01:22:20pamaurythere is a clearly hearable noise/hiss when silent
01:22:25Nate][Is 01.02.18 and 01.02.18A the same thing?
01:22:38saratogathe letter is the region code
01:23:54Nate][So 01.02.18 and 01.02.18A will have different checksums?
01:24:15saratogano they're identical
01:24:16gevaertsNo, sandisk uses the filename to decide the region
01:25:40gevaertsAnyway, you can easily check this. The mkamsboot source has the expected md5sum
01:26:04Nate][Ok, so now I need to d/l mkamsboot.h & mkamsboot.c and run make mkamsboot in terminal?
01:26:31gevaertsI don't think you can compile with *just* those files
01:26:35[Saint]Or wait for Mr. Someone to add a link to a new binary to the manual.
01:27:01saratogawhy don't you just use rockbox utility?
01:27:21[Saint]...granted, that is a good question.
01:27:46Nate][[Saint] - as much as I can see, it have been more than 10 month since the updated source was u/l to github...
01:28:10[Saint]Nate][: and how many times has the firmware updated since then?
01:28:21[Saint]No reason to push new binaries for non-existant FW.
01:28:21Nate][Will it run on my ubuntu?
01:29:20Nate][Why not just do it manually and finish?
01:29:51Nate][(And feel that I have some controll over my stuff)
01:30:00gevaertsFeel free to get the source and build mkamsboot if you want
01:30:12[Saint]How does using mkamsboot over Rockbox give you any more control?
01:30:22saratogayeah you can do whatever you want, i'm just suggesting the easiest way, feel free to choose the hard way if you want
01:30:24[Saint]It gives you the exact same level of control, with less features.
01:30:29Nate][What else except the .h and .c do I need?
01:30:35gevaertsWhatever we do, we're *not* going to release new binaries today
01:30:51gevaertsAt least the ucl directory
01:31:12gevaertsWell, the entire mkamsboot directory, obviously
01:31:20[Saint]If you checkout with −−depth 1 the entire source is actually very small.
01:31:51Nate][What extra features (vs less features) you get from the utility?
01:32:21[Saint]theme/font/additional resource installation...and a UI.
01:32:32gevaertsWe don't support building from partial source trees, so if you decide not to checkout the entire tree, you're on your own
01:32:32[Saint]Howabout you try and see? :)
01:33:20Nate][[Saint] you can be a good car salesman.
01:33:46[Saint]RockboxUtility also allows backup/restore of previous installations.
01:33:50[Saint]Which can be handy.
01:34:33[Saint]granted, that doint that manaually is just "backup ./rockbox", but, hey.
01:34:50Nate][Won't cp .rockbox ~/backup/.rockbox2011 do the same trick?
01:35:19gevaertsWell, no. cp doesn't copy directories if you don't tell it to
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01:35:39Nate][*Won't cp -r .rockbox ~/backup/.rockbox2011 do the same trick?
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01:37:57saratogayes that would work
01:41:33Nate][Ok, D/L the whole GH folder
01:42:45Nate][do I need the DualBoot folder (Clipv2: fix button reading on some models) as well?
01:43:08[Saint][11:32:34] <gevaerts> We don't support building from partial source trees, so if you decide not to checkout the entire tree, you're on your own
01:43:32Nate][Ok, I''ll d/l it too
01:46:22diginetgenerally speaking, how is audio handled internally with the players rockbox supports? is it I2S?
01:46:26 Join Strife89 [0] (
01:48:31saratogayeah thats one of the most common buses
01:49:37diginetI see
01:50:02diginetI've decided to work on my DIY DAP project designed to run Rockbox again
01:50:10diginet(I know many have tried and failed here)
01:50:33diginetdoes Rockbox have the, at least theoretical, ability to control an external DSP, for things like spatialization and whatever?
01:52:10saratogayou can add any settings you want tot he menus, so i don't see why not
01:52:24diginetwhat about multichannel output?
01:52:49diginetI guess you could write a module to load various binaries to the DSP chip
01:52:49saratogastereo only
01:53:13diginetI take it that would be a very hard limitation to overcome?
01:53:28saratogaif you want to actually develop software on a DSP chip thats fairly complex since usually compilers aren't very easy to find for DSPs
01:53:49saratoganot sure why you would do this though, no one uses DSPs anymore for audio since we have CPUs
01:53:59saratogaARM killed that a long time ago
01:54:52diginethmm, would a 400mhz ARM9 be beefy enough to do audio spatialization and other DSP kind of stuff?
01:55:31diginetI wasn't thinking of using a real DSP, rather, one of those XMOS chips
01:55:45saratogadepends on what you want to do with it
01:56:00diginethead related transfer functions I guess would be the main one
01:56:12diginet"convert" 5.1 multichannel to stereo, but with spatialization
01:57:40saratogawhat kind of processing does that actually entail?
01:57:47gevaertsdiginet: a lot depends on what else you want to do on the CPU
01:58:14diginetgevaerts: what do you mean?
01:58:37gevaertsWell, what codecs do you want to support?
01:58:43digineterr, I mean, could a 400mhz ARM9 simultaneously run rockbox/decode MP3s or whatever, and do spatialization
01:58:53gevaertsIf you e.g. want to play high compression APE, a 400mhz ARM9 is too slow even before adding in fancy DSP stuff
01:59:14diginetreally? what do you need for APE?
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01:59:42saratogaon high compression probably about 1 GHz on ARM9
01:59:52saratogano one uses ape though
02:00:03gevaertsWell, mad people do
02:00:56diginetgevaerts: that says that a 524mhz ARM can do "insane" though?
02:01:26diginetoh, right
02:01:30saratogaand thats not ARM9
02:02:15gevaertsBut indeed, worrying about APE is not very productive :)
02:02:16diginetmaybe it would be better to just forgo spatilization, and instead just downmix/spatialize it on the computer
02:02:56diginetprobably easier that way
02:03:08saratogai think we already downmix a lot of formats
02:03:26saratogaalthough its obviously very inefficient to do this on a device if you care about battery life
02:04:01gevaertsIf I read right, all other codecs (except AAC-HE) seem to be under 100MHz
02:04:02diginetsaratoga: yeah, it would probably be better to just convert my 5.1 rips to stereo on my computer instead
02:05:14diginetdoes rockbox support DTS?
02:05:32*gevaerts smiles at the estimated 7401.26MHz needed to support APE -c5000 on the nano2g
02:07:26diginetit's probably not worth bothering with DSP stuff on a portable player anyway
02:07:39digineteasier to just do that stuff in audacity anyway
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02:09:58saratogawe don't do DTS, although we could as there is no an open source decoder available
02:10:21saratogaits a simple enough format, but not widely used outside of videos
02:10:52diginetdoesn't ffmpeg have a DTS decoder?
02:11:00saratogawe do AC3 though
02:11:31saratogasorry i typed that above wrong
02:11:44saratoga"although we could as there is an open source decoder available"
02:12:56diginethhaha, right, I was a little confused lol
02:13:32saratogai believe ffmpeg uses libdca for dts, although they may have changed at some point
02:14:13diginethmm, this XMOS stuff is actually pretty nice
02:14:46diginetactually seems pretty easy, you just stream I2S to the XMOS chip, load some modules to do filter or whatever, and you're good to go
02:15:47saratogawhat is the actual CPU?
02:16:30diginetit's a custom one, but it has gcc available for it
02:17:38saratogai would not recommend using something that is not ARM or x86
02:17:49saratogayou will find yourself rewriting a very large amount of assembly code
02:18:46diginethmm, I suppose I could use some sort of slave ARM chip to do "dsp" stuff
02:20:26saratogaI suspect you may not grasp just how much more complex you will make this project if you choose to use something other than ARM, x86 or perhaps MIPS/Coldfire
02:21:41diginetwell, what I am talking about is taking the decoded PCM stream, sending it through the I2S bus, the "dsp" chip (not actually a dsp obviously) applies filters to it, and then spits out the modified PCM stream
02:22:10saratogai don't see why you would do any of that
02:22:27saratogajust do all the processing on the main CPU
02:23:26[Saint]FWIW, I don't see why you'd build a DIY DAP when you can buy a barebones board that will do what you want easily for dramatically less.
02:23:47diginet[Saint]: do you have any examples?
02:24:16diginetsaratoga: but does the main CPU have the processing power to do that at the same time as decoding MP3, OGG, or whatever else?
02:24:16saratogatheres dozens of boards you can pick from depending on what you want
02:24:26diginetthat can run rockbox?
02:24:29saratogadiginet: you can pick any CPU you want
02:24:33diginetand that have I2S output?
02:24:36saratogathis is your project
02:24:53diginetthe main problem is that I haven't been able to find any with I2S out
02:25:36saratogathe raspberry pi has I2S
02:25:46saratogaalthough I don't fully understand why you want it
02:26:23saratogai think you are not going about this correctly, first you should implement your software in rockbox/linux/android/whatever and than once its working and you know how much CPU it requires go buy a device for it
02:26:31[Saint]raspi has i2s, up[ to 1GHz CPU, a *kickass* GPU, $25USD
02:26:35diginetthat's a good point
02:26:44diginetraspi has I2S? 24-bit output?
02:27:26diginethmm, perhaps you're right, maybe I should just use raspi plus mpd
02:27:33diginetbut no rockbox then :/
02:27:35diginetoh well
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02:27:59saratogayou're designing the hardware and software, you can pick any DAC, any interface and than port any software you want
02:28:05saratogathe hardware is probably the least important part of this project, the fact that you are focusing on it suggests that you have not fully considered what it is you will need to do
02:28:21[Saint]you could also combine the raspi with something like:
02:28:25[Saint]...if you were really keen.
02:28:57diginetwell, the DAC is actually the easy part, there are several open designs for DACs, I was planning on using the WM8741
02:29:07[Saint]And it would *still* cost less than building your own I imagine.
02:29:13diginetjust feed in I2S and it spits out analog
02:29:26diginetyeah you're right, I think I'll just go with the raspi
02:29:29digineteasier that way
02:29:45diginetcan the GPU be used as GPGPU like on a PC?
02:29:57[Saint]Lyre was a great vision....before cheap ARM boards flooded the market.
02:33:17diginetyeah I think this will work well actually
02:33:42diginetI just hope the I2S on the raspi has 24/192 capabilities
02:33:51[Saint]Now, calculate what you *would* have spent, and...give the balance to us ;)
02:34:45diginet[Saint]: I'm too scared to! lol
02:34:58diginetand I can do insane level APE audio now! hahaahah
02:35:00[Saint](note: in case it wasn't obvious - kidding :))
02:35:08diginetit was :P
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03:31:25diginetno one answered my questions there :(
03:31:43diginet[Saint]: from my research, it seems that the RPi's audio support is rather subpar
03:31:44[Saint]Maybe try the forums.
03:32:01diginetI did, the only kernel they have is extremely jittery and basically doesn't work at all
03:32:07diginetnow I'm really dissappointed :/
03:32:20[Saint]"the only kernel"?
03:32:24[Saint]There's several...
03:32:53digineterr I mean, the only driver
03:33:05diginetI2S basically sucsk, and its limited to 16/44.1
03:33:12[Saint]I'm running 3.8.8 on one of mine, 3.9.something on another, and a very experimental self-compiled 3.10 on another.
03:33:52[Saint]You could always use a secondary board, such as the linked example earlier.
03:34:28diginetyeah, but using USB audio has its own set of problems
03:34:48diginetI'm thinking the RPi might not be so well suited after all
03:35:10[Saint]Well, that is just one of many ARM dev boards out there.
03:35:32diginetI don't know of any other non-MCU arm boards out there that aren't insanely over priced
03:39:48saratogaI2S is just a bus, you can clock your DAC at whatever you want
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05:51:11diginetdoes the clip zip work with rockbox?
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05:55:32saratogawhats the front page say ;)
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07:31:28diginetis opus better than vorbis?
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07:42:13saratogaits designed to be a low latency codec, whereas vorbis is not, but it does work quite well as a general purpose format
07:46:09diginetis it mature enough to use yet?
07:46:22diginetalso, can it handle VBR?
07:49:09[Saint]Yes and yes.
07:49:30[Saint](the latter isn't a firm yes, but, I'm _fairly_ confident of it)
07:49:42diginetI keep seeing it being used at really low bitrates though, like 64kbps, why is that?
07:49:53diginetI mean, is it competitive at 320kbps?
07:50:16[Saint]320Kbps is *ridiculous* for opus.
07:51:06[Saint]96kb/s in opus is roughly equivalent to 320kb/s mp3
07:51:22diginetwoah, are you serious?
07:51:29diginetthat's *insane*
07:51:36diginetand I thought vorbis was good!
07:51:42diginetholy #$%#
07:53:25[Saint]I have never bothered encoding anything in opus higher than 128kb/s
07:53:57[Saint]The whole deal around opus is that is is an extremely low latency codec.
07:54:03 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
07:54:09diginetdo you use opus as your general codec?
07:54:19diginetand is 128kbps basically transparent?
07:55:11[Saint]I use opus for a few things, but, not really on my DAPs because there's a lot of room for optimization still.
07:55:27 Join Provel_ [0] (
07:55:38diginetso would you recommend sticking with vorbis for now?
07:55:42diginet(on a DAP)
07:55:56[Saint]For now, yes.
07:56:10[Saint]Only due to battery life, though.
07:56:18 Quit Provel (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
07:57:06diginetwhat is the best vorbis encoder? I assume vorbis can do VBR right? does the best vorbis encoder compete with MP3?
07:58:26 Join melmothX [0] (~melmoth@unaffiliated/melmothx)
07:59:28digineterr more specifically, does it compete with LAME?
08:07:51saratogafor lower bitrates vorbis is better, once you get much above 128k theres not much difference between most codecs
08:08:13 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
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08:17:09saratogajhMikeS: personally i think 88/96k is pretty useless given that 96->48k is likely to be transparent and more power efficient, and introducing it runs that risk that people choose dumb settings because they assume bigger is better, but i don't really mind either way
08:18:06saratogadoes the EQ actually work at 96k by the way?
08:22:15 Quit kiwicam (Remote host closed the connection)
08:24:43 Join ender` [0] (
08:40:20jhMikeSsaratoga: haven't tested that. it should calculate at 96k but maybe not real time. :)
08:40:44saratogayeah i imagine its slower
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08:41:03jhMikeSOn ams, the only two accurate samplerates are 44 and 48, the others are so off as to be sort of pointless
08:41:56jhMikeSIf it's possible to hear a pitch difference under direct comparison, it's way too far off.
08:43:58saratogathats probably fixable
08:45:00jhMikeSI looked into it a bit, probably not without adjusting the overall clocking slightly, if it's possible to adjust finely enough
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10:35:30lebellium[Saint]: I tried to use AA font from Greg T (,43098.0.html ) for my 160*128 theme (iRiver H10) but there is like a grey border around the letters which is invisible on dark background but doesn't really look nice on my white background. I compared his and yours Ubuntu fonts, there are quite different and yours don't have this grey border. Do you know why?
10:35:50lebelliumthey are*
10:36:33[Saint]He used a different hinting algorithm to create his.
10:37:09 Quit kaputnik__ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
10:37:39lebelliumhum ok, so grey border is not like a "setting" you choose when converting?
10:40:40[Saint]He used g#412
10:40:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #412 at : Option to use the lighter hinting algorithm (FT_LOAD_TARGET_LIGHT). by Nick Peskett (changes/12/412/1)
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10:42:02 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:42:13[Saint]I also noticed with his fonts that he didn't adjust the ascent/descent to center the fonts properly.
10:42:20[Saint]Not a huge deal, but, ...yeah.
10:42:26[Saint]Obviously I'm biased :)
10:43:26lebelliumActually I wanted to use his Ubuntu bold font size 13 because you only provide size 10 or 14, which is either too small or a bit too big. I already asked you some time ago if you could provide some intermediate sizes, I'm still interested :P
10:44:05[Saint]Hmmm....did I not provide a 12pt?
10:44:38[Saint]Well, bugger. I'll look into it. Thanks for pointing that out (again).
10:44:44[Saint]...and, sorry I forgot.
10:44:57lebelliumno problem :)
10:45:07lebelliumiRiver H10 is an old device, it can still wait
10:46:51lebelliumis there any specific reason why your Ubuntu fonts are all even number sizes?
10:49:15[Saint]Primarily so that you can fit an even number of lines into the screen with relative ease.
10:49:26funmanjhMikeS: there's a table of clock frequencies for desired output audio frequencies on page 113 of as3525 datasheet
10:49:30[Saint]LCDs are usually divisable by 2.
10:50:30[Saint]dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge
10:50:35[Saint]whoops, shit.
10:51:47*[Saint] apologizes for dumping mind-bending regex into the channel
10:52:02ukleinek$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/") seems to be strange, results in 3.8-trunk64 for me
10:52:44[Saint]That's my "get rid of old kernels and headers" line. :)
10:55:14[Saint]Apparently I hadn't run that in a while...I just got rid of 6 kernels
10:56:06ukleinek[Saint]: for me it would remove the running kernel and linux-libc-dev
11:54:14 Quit SuperBrainAK (Quit: pbly gone to sleep (-.-)Zzz...)
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14:56:01amayerso im working on the themesite linking login with the forums and I realized that the users real name is nowhere on the forums unless they use it as their display name. Would it be ok if the themesite displayed their forum handle or are we really commited to showing their real name?
14:57:15 Join kaitsu1 [0] (
14:57:20 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
15:03:59 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:06:03 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
15:08:21gevaertsamayer: could we do something like maintain a forum id <-> real name mapping in the theme server database, and ask the users for their real name if none is present when they upload their first theme?
15:08:46gevaertsIf that's the direction you're going in, anyway :)
15:09:33amayergevaerts: that is one solution i was considering.
15:26:50 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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16:14:48pamauryyeah, screen working on Creative ZEN Mozaic !
16:14:59 Join Scr0mple [0] (~Simon@
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16:18:08 Join rasher [0] (~rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
16:18:08lebelliumis it something like 128x160?
16:18:08 Join Barahir [0] (
16:18:21 Join froggyman [0] (~me@
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16:22:58pamauryI found a datasheet which seems close too
16:31:39lebelliumCool, with the YP-Z5 and Gogear SA9200 that's 3 x 128x160 devices which need themes :D
16:33:00pamaurythat's interesting: I determine the lcd datasheet by reading the product ID of the lcd using some commands (value = 0x6812) and the only datasheet I found magtches all registers except it misses three of them, and at least one seems very strange
16:34:02 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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17:02:33 Part LinusN
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17:54:23ukleinekpamaury: I don't get sound out of the hp-jack and stare at the register values for a while now. Do you have an idea?
17:59:12 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
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18:40:16bertrikjhMikeS: AMS is actually quite flexible w.r.t. support for various sample rates, because it has a PLL dedicated completely to audio clocks
18:40:49bertrikat least, that's how we configured it now IIRC
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21:41:22pamaury_ukleinek: speaker works but not hp ?
21:41:24 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:42:37ukleinekpamaury: correct
21:46:11 Join kadoban [0] (
21:51:14kadobanis the YP-R0 supposed to be listed under both Unstable and Unusable ports on the main page, or is that a mistake? just noticed it and it seemed odd
21:55:30ukleinekpamaury: with the rockbox code does the speaker work? I assume most targets (only?) use hp?
21:56:52 Join kiwicam [0] (~quassel@
22:03:39 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
22:04:20 Quit melmothX (Quit: #)
22:11:19pamauryukleinek: I've not yet written the code for speaker
22:11:31pamaurymaybe the device has a hp gate using gpio ?
22:11:57pamauryI can't see how hp cannot work otherwise: you have to select correct capless vs non-capless, unmute, maybe power up something in PWRDN register
22:12:47pamaurykadoban: seems odd
22:12:58ukleinekpamaury: I don't know what capless means, just took the values I found in several (among others your) drivers.
22:13:01pamaurymaybe one of them is YP-R1 in unusable
22:13:13*ukleinek checks the schematic
22:15:44ukleinekunfortunately I currently miss the sdcard with the of
22:30:39 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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