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#rockbox log for 2013-05-29

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00:17:30pamaurylebellium: you have a yp r1 ?
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01:14:08amayerso im not super proficient in C and im reading checkwps.c and cant figure out what it actually does besides make sure the files have the correct extensions. can someone help me out?
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03:03:30JdGordonamayer: checkwps.c? it runs the parser on the skin file and if it loads assues it is valid and works
03:24:35amayerhmm... ok
03:25:51amayeroh so it just makes sure the file you pass it doesnt throw any errors in the skin engine?
03:26:02amayertheme engine*
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04:28:23JdGordonamayer: yes
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07:33:41ukleinekpamaury: it works in the of, so I think I can work it out.
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09:22:17unduhello everybody
09:23:50undurockbox has been crashing lately on my sansa clip+ when playing the last song of a folder
09:24:04unduhave there been any reports that look similar to my issue?
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10:03:52ukleinekpamaury: I have it
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10:47:55pamauryukleinek: what was the problem ?
10:48:03lebelliumpamaury: Yes sure I have a YP-R1, even 2: a prototype/sample and a mass production version :)
10:49:31pamaurywhat is the battery life of the OF and RB ?
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10:53:52lebelliumBattery life in OF is an hot topic. I spent so much time harassing the R&D to improve battery life, especially with DNSe enabled. With the latest firmware it is something like 21hrs with DNSe off and 12hrs with DNSe on. But the issue is that the R1 is infamous for losing much battery in standby mode. I asked the R&D to remove this standby mode but they disagreed.
10:54:24lebelliumNobody benchmarked battery life in RB yet I guess, it's not usable enough yet
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10:56:03ukleinekpamaury: the hp-volume register uses inverted values and I tested with maximal values
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11:19:25pixelmaundu: do you have "autochange directory" enabled or something similar?
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11:22:06unduno, I don't
11:22:57lebelliumwhat's the risk of using a patch like FS #9305 without resync?
11:22:58fs-bluebot Context sensitive backlight on key press (patches, unconfirmed)
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11:23:33unduplayback stops around the 5-minute mark, the time counter stop and the rest of the UI thinks music is still being played, I don't know how it's implemented, but I suspect the playback thread crashes
11:24:34unduit happens with aac, vorbis and mp3. I haven't checked other file formats, but aside from the play time, the crashes are very consistent
11:25:18pixelmathere goes that idea then
11:28:25unduit doesn't hurt to check :)
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11:46:37Tornelebellium: when patches need resyncing this means the patch either doesn't apply to the latest code, or that it doesn't build afterward
11:46:44Tornei.e. there is no risk, it just *won't even work* :)
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11:47:35lebelliumTorne: so no need to do it "by prevention"?
11:48:04Torneprevention of what?
11:48:25lebelliumof the risk it won't work
11:48:30Torneif the patch applies and the code builds then you cna try it. if not you can't.
11:48:46Torneit doens't mean it will work
11:49:49Torne"resync" has traditionally meant "apply the patch, fix the rejected hunks, upload a new diff
11:49:53Tornetaht doesn't mean it still works :)
11:49:56Torneor that it worked *before*
11:50:03Tornejust that it's possible to apply it to the latest version of the code
11:50:15Torneother things may have changed that mean it doesn't work any more
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11:50:58lebelliumpatches only add some lines to the files, right? So if the files have been modified by other builds since then, how problematic can't it be?
11:51:07lebelliumcan it be*
11:51:57Torneif the patch doesn't apply then you have to figure out why and make the right changes manually
11:52:19Tornethat might be a matter of seconds, or you might have to write the entire patch again from scratch because the underlying code has changed too much
11:53:17lebelliumand if a patch modifies a line in the file, and that line has been modified by other builds since then, how does it handle it? Won't it build?
11:53:45Torneif the part of the code that hte patch changes has been changed alredy then the patch won't apply
11:54:04lebelliumok that's what I wanted to know, thanks :)
11:56:02lebelliumat the beginning I thought a patch replaces the entire file, that's why I thought regular resync is very important
11:59:02Torneif you read the patch you should be able to see what it does quite clearly :)
11:59:12Tornethey are pretty understandable
12:03:54lebelliumYes I saw the "-" and "+" for removed and added lines
12:08:54lebelliumbut how do people resync patches? they edit the *.patch file directly or is the *.patch file the result of other work?
12:09:23Tornenormally you try to apply the patch, and then the parts of it that don't apply get left behind in *.rej files
12:09:35Tornethen you manually make the right changes that correspond to the rejected hunks
12:10:02gevaertsMost people don't edit patch files directly, but it has been done :)
12:10:13Tornebut, now people use git a lot, so their change is actually a git commit in some local branch and the pach is just a dump of the difference; so they may use git rebase to do it instead
12:10:27Tornewhich lets you use a 3-way merge tool or other handy things to fix it instead
12:18:32lebelliumokay it seems to work
12:18:36lebellium"Hunk #1 succeeded at xxx"
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12:24:45Belzebubhello world ;)
12:25:09BelzebubPort Cowon D2/D2+ die?
12:26:59pamauryBelzebub: there is no active developper for it as far as I know
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17:31:29walkmanI am just wondering if anyone is going to port Rockbox on walkman device. :]
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