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#rockbox log for 2013-06-07

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04:34:34*[Saint] starts piecing together a patch to allow battery and volume display to be turned off
04:38:06[Saint](so that there is - graphical|numeric|off - as choices for display, themers could then get their themes to respect these settings, which is the mission I am on now with my iLike themes. Getting them to respect as much of the theme and status/scroll bar settings as possible.
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08:45:53michaelahow do i install rockbox bootloader im usinb ubuntu and i dont understand the instructions on the manual
08:46:04michaelaubuntu 12.04
08:54:59michaelacan u guy see my tex
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08:55:27michaelaim sorry is this thing working
08:55:34melmothXmichaela: use
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08:59:30michaelaim sorry it was easy i feel dumb thank you guys i mean it
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09:21:29michaelarockbox rocks much props thanks for this software all you guys should pat yourself in the back i love it
09:22:15michaelakeep up the good work im a big fan
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10:58:27wodzpetur: ping
10:59:12wodzpetur: You didn't answer on ML - do I assume correctly that DevCon is gonna happen in Gent?
10:59:58petursorry, I'm at work and no access to home mails
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11:00:19peturif nobody else steps up, it will be Gent I guess
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14:07:28wodzkugel: ping
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14:13:39kugelwodz: pong
14:14:44wodzkugel: pamaury answered Your question on ML already :-)
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14:58:35MichaelaHow do I add music to my c200
14:59:06MichaelaIs it in the music file
14:59:51amayerMichaela: if you plug it into your computer it should show up as a disk drive. just put your music in there
14:59:58amayer(you can make folders if you like)
15:00:32amayerim not sure where the c200 original firmware reads music from but if you want it to show up there you should put music in that folder(if there is one)
15:00:38MichaelaSo I cold poot them any ware
15:01:46amayeri dont think it will work if you put it in the .rockbox folder but anywhere else should be ok
15:02:51amayeri would recomend making a music or audio folder and putting it in there instead of just throwing all your music in the root folder
15:03:14MichaelaThat's awesome so I could make new files like / podcasts and it will show up in the file browser in rockbox
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15:03:47amayeri have an Audio folder and in there i have Podcasts, Seminars, and Music
15:04:36MichaelaCool thanks I love rockbox
15:04:50amayerYour Welcome :) Glad to hear it
15:06:11MichaelaOh I'm sorry I have one more question if I add a micro sd card how would that work
15:10:37amayerMichaela, I dont have any experience with that. I only use the Ipod Classic so someone else will need to field this question.
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17:06:08kugelgevaerts: ping
17:06:51kugelgevaerts: I'm looking at the audio_get_buffer() call in usb_storage.c
17:07:11kugelignoring the obviously apps<->firmware violation, why does it _not_ grab the voice buffer?
17:07:24kugelin usb_storage_init_connection()
17:07:47gevaertsDoes the voice buffer always exist?
17:08:34kugelno, either there is no voicefile available or it has been grabbed (thus destroyed) by a previous call to audio_get_buffer()
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17:11:37kugelfor UMS operation voice isn't needed (because the UI is blocked) and can actually be harmful since it can lead to disk access (although I think it does open() before which denies access?) on TALK_PARTIAL_LOAD targets
17:12:16*gevaerts nods
17:12:31gevaertsBut if it's not always there, how can we use it?
17:12:36kugelanyway, I'm asking if it's on purpose or not because I'm looking into replacing this call with a core_alloc* function that has no equivalent of "give me voice buffer as well"
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17:13:21kugelgevaerts: the function gives either the audio buffer or both audio+voice buffer
17:13:51kugelmy question should have been why does it not grab the voice buffer /in addition to the audio buffer/ ;)
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17:14:20gevaertsIt needs about 64K IIRC
17:14:34gevaertsAre there targets that need the voice buffer to reach that?
17:14:48gevaertsIf not, that's your answer :)
17:14:53kugeli dont think so
17:14:55ST4RLI have a question : Can I use myh Rockboxed iPod Video as a USB DAC
17:15:01kugelthat would mean the audio buffer is less than 64k
17:15:25gevaertsST4RL: not without a lot of coding and debugging
17:16:31ST4RLok thank you
17:16:41kugelso it's not grabbing it as well more because of "the audio buffer should be sufficiently large" and not "I want voice to continue to work"?
17:17:11kugelwould having voice to continue make sense?
17:17:38kugelsuch as for HID-only usb connections?
17:18:28gevaertsYes, but HID doesn't grab any buffers IIRC
17:18:50kugeli havent checked the callsites of usb_storage_init_connection()
17:19:05gevaertsThat's pure MSC
17:19:29kugelyea, the fact that it's in usb_storage.c suggests that, in hindsight :)
17:20:03 Quit ST4RL (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
17:21:01gevaertsAnyway, It looks like we use 2*MAX(READ_BUFFER_SIZE,WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE)+MAX_CBW_SIZE bytes (all of those are known in usb_storage.c), which looks like it's up to 129K
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17:26:08kugelgevaerts: what's the coutnerpart of that function where I would free() an allocated buffer?
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18:22:36*kugel has successfully removed the completely unsafe audio_get_buffer() \o/
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18:41:07kugelnow access to the large audio buffer is transfered via core_alloc_maximum()
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19:19:35kugelJdGordon_: fixed the radioart bug for real now
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