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#rockbox log for 2013-06-10

00:07:09Torne"the normal git guidelines"
00:07:29Torne <- do this
00:07:33gevaertsYou can't use normal and git in the same sentence! ;)
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00:33:39kugelsaratoga (logs): printf() in the sim is still better :)
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01:55:33ikeboycopper: I saw in two days ago log that you have a 64gb sandisk card class 10 and a Fuze+ can you test this bug out for me
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04:25:08*[Saint] doesn't think he can fix this.
04:25:55[Saint]I guess it isn't *so* bad to apply settings, and not have them *actually* apply to the theme until you leave the current screen and the theme is re-parsed.
04:26:05[Saint]A little confusing, perhaps, but not /too/ bad.
04:26:54[Saint]Anyways. Huzzah! The theme respects scrollbar placement now.
04:27:08[Saint]Now...for the statusbar.
04:29:00[Saint]I really need to figure out the directory detection stuffs based on icon usage - as ugly as it is to do so.
04:30:53[Saint]Oh. Battery and volume graphic/numeric selection is working with it now too. But that seems to apply immediately, possibly because it is updated far more frequently.
04:38:43[Saint]RTL text *really* confuses the crap out of this. Heh. WHoops.
04:39:10[Saint]Another day. ..another day.
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04:53:05[Saint]How safe is it to expect that a user already has thier chosen lang applied before selecting a theme?
04:53:14[Saint]"reasonably", I'm guessing?
04:54:27[Saint]It seems this theme can get into a very confused state if you change the draw direction of the text when there are other elements on the screen that depend on it.
04:55:02[Saint]This would only persist until the user left the current screen, though. But it may be quite non-obvious what is happening.
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05:23:08[Saint]Are there any RTL speakers in here familiar with iPod OS?
05:23:21[Saint]I would like to pick your brains, as it were.
05:25:57penthDoes anyone have an iPod Color (4th gen wheel, 60gb) hooked up to their car audio system using rockbox? It's not listed in the wiki, and there's mixed success in the forums
05:30:00[Saint]I do, and, it depends entirely on the car audio system.
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05:31:01[Saint]If the audio system detects an iPod, you /could/ be out of luck (without some slight patching), if it sees generic removable storage (as Rockbox technically is), and can make use of it, it will "just work".
05:31:12[Saint]Gah...all that typinf for nowt.
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05:31:32[Saint]If the audio system detects an iPod, you /could/ be out of luck (without some slight patching), if it sees generic removable storage (as Rockbox technically is), and can make use of it, it will "just work".
05:32:23penthIt's a 2012 Honda Fit (stock radio): When I hooked up the ipod with the original firmware, it said "Unsupported Version."
05:32:37[Saint]If it does detect it as an iPod, it may or may not work depending on what aspects of the IAP (iPod Accesory Protocol) it is trying to make use of.
05:32:58penthSo this is the perfect excuse for me to finally put rb on it :)
05:33:10[Saint]We can patch out the UID so it stops thinking the device is an iPod, but, the audio system may not be able to handle generic removable storage.
05:33:27[Saint]It is *very* hit and miss.
05:34:03[Saint]The "unsupported version" error doesn't bode well for it "just working" with Rockbox.
05:34:25penthIt can handle a USB stick, but it seems to scan no more than one folder deep. My Android phone was only detected as mass storage and considered empty
05:35:00[Saint]If it can handle a USB stick, then you will be able to patch out the UID and make it believe the device isn't an iPod.
05:35:19[Saint]But, we can cross that bridge when/if we check to see how it behaves.
05:36:16penthOk, thanks. I'm rsyncing the pod to my desktop in preparation for the rb install. I'll check in with a progress report tomorrow night.
05:36:52[Saint] Not a problem. Patching out the UID is trivial, but there is a reasonable amount of setup to achieve this.
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05:37:21[Saint]You will need to compile your own build from source, which isn't as daunting as it may sound.
05:38:34penthI've built from source before, was planning to rather than use the ELF binary. One thing I haven't looked at was recommended choice of player/aggregator on the linux desktop to work with it. Right now I'm using Rhythmbox
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05:40:04[Saint]There's no "recommended player" for Rockbox. There needn't be. It is just dumb, generic, removable storage.
05:40:21[Saint]So, anything that can access a disc can play/sync to Rockboxed devices.
05:41:01penthok, cool. Sounds like I'll finally make use of this thing again :)
05:41:48[Saint]My iPod COlor is one of my favorite targets.
05:42:17[Saint]But, mine has bluetooth and microUSB charging/disc access, and a 64GB CF card. :)
05:42:43penth?! Nice hardware hacking
05:42:51[Saint]They are great for modification after you remove that bulky original disc. Lots of room in the case if you have the 60GB model.
05:43:06[Saint]If you have the 30GB model, a 60GB backplate only costs a few bucks.
05:43:38penthI got the 60gb as soon as they were remaindered back in... 207 was it?
05:43:42[Saint]The bluetooth factor is only one-way, as we don't have a bluetooth stack, but it works well paired with my headphones.
05:44:15[Saint]Its just a "dumb" dongle that pairs with the first thing that tries to connect to it.
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05:44:33[Saint]You can pick them up for a few bucks. wire 'em to the audio jack.
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05:45:51[Saint]So, anyway, yeah - you may have to use a sub-optimal directory layout, but, if your files are tagged correctly you can make use of the Database for browsing.
05:46:21[Saint]The filebrowser will be essentially useless, I'm guessing, if you have several thousand tracks in a single directory.
05:46:50[Saint]Album art could be a slight issue if you use file-based album art, but, you could just as easily use embedded art.
05:47:16[Saint]File based album art will still work, but it will be quite a mission to keep track of the files.
05:48:19[Saint]Oh, derp, I guess you could just have a bunch of single directories for each album littering the root of the disc, indeed. Forgot that.
05:48:57penthCool. I'm going to do dome more playing with the stick that wasn't properly recognized, try putting an album or two into the root and see whether those are recognized or there's a deeper problem
05:49:21penth(A kia Soul failed to recognized the same stick, so I may have a formatting issue)
05:51:18[Saint]Yeah. There's several ways to approach this. If you run into issues, we'll cross those bridges as we come to them.
05:51:35penthok, good advice. See you tomorrow night!
05:51:37[Saint]Instead of me rambling on about possible solutions to issues you might not even see ;)
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08:07:53wodzforum spam here,34626.msg219444/topicseen.html#msg219444 and here,43169.msg219443/topicseen.html#msg219443
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09:42:21*[Saint] needs to write a real muddyfunster of a conditional statement for a theme and it is driving him insane
09:43:37[Saint]I need to display a ">" symbol in the lists for everything in the list that isn't a file or plugin, based solely on the icons
09:43:56[Saint]EVen doing that isn't exactly what I want, but, its close.
09:44:13[Saint]I might cheat and do it solely for directories.
09:44:26[Saint]...but then menu items would look weird.
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09:45:45[Saint]AT some point, between the Video and the Classic, they switched the behaviour and only started using the ">" symbol on the currently selected item IFF it would open to another tree.
09:46:54[Saint]Getting a conditional statement to replicate the older style iPod OS behavior will be a nightmare, I'm not even sure it'll be completely possible.
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09:53:12[Saint]AT some point, I recall discovering in image in some form of documentation, with a table explaining which icon was supposed to correspond with which icon, doe snayone else recall this and its location?
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11:02:52pilsahi ... i've been using rockbox on my sansa clip + for about two years now. since the recent upgrade to v 3.13 the player is not mounted to the file system (ubuntu 12.04) anymore and also not listed as a usb device (lsusb). battery charging works, but not file transfer. any idea?
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13:39:58pilsahi ... my sansa clip+ is not mounted anymore (rb 3.13, ubuntu 12.04). even invisible as usb device (lsusb). this was never an issue before. what happened?
13:41:13funmanpilsa: probably a bug. try unplug / replug or try a current build
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13:46:44pilsafunman ... ok, thx, i will try a newer build
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15:19:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3f4eeb8, 217 builds, 20 clients.
15:25:28lebelliumpamaury: in the end is radio screen soft key lock supposed to work on YP-R0? To know if it's worth trying the new build
15:25:53pamauryyou need to fix the keymap
15:26:26fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 397 seconds.
15:26:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3f4eeb8 result: All green
15:27:55lebelliumah indeed, a short press on power stops radio playback contrary to WPS
15:27:59lebelliumI didn't remember that
15:29:13pamauryyou have to assign some key combination to keylock in radio context, probably by getting rid of this behaviour
15:30:46lebelliumwe just need it to work like for WPS: short press on power key= hold and long press = stop playback
15:31:32lebelliumbut I can't change that, lorenzo will do it later this month when he has some free time
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15:48:04pixelmaI still have doubts about this on the OndioFM where the keymap in the radio screen is already very crammed. In contrast to the swcodec radio targets you control radio recording in the radio screen on the hwcodec targets, the OndioFM doesn't have many buttons so a lot of keys and key combos are already used
15:50:45lebelliumbut does FM radio work on OndioFM?
15:50:54lebelliumLast time I checked I didn't work IIRC
15:51:53 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:53:08lebelliumI guess we already discussed that some time ago
15:53:12lebelliumI have to check again
15:53:33pixelmawell, I admit that I haven't updated the build on this one but radio had been working for a long time. Now I remember, you were a "lucky" one to have an OndioFM with a samsung tuner where the possibility that a change broke something was a bit higher than with the more standard Philipps tuner
15:55:38pixelmaand even if it's not working then the radio should be fixed, that doesn't have to do with the keymap problem
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15:59:55copperHas anyone been able to determine with reasonable certainty that certain themes are causing the USB problems?
16:00:35copperAlso, is there any reason that themes that specify viewports from the bottom up (instead of from top to bottom) could be at fault?
16:01:09copperI did that with my theme, because my model (rayboradio) did it
16:01:22copperI just fixed it, I'll see if I get USB problems
16:01:55copperthing is though, the viewports
16:02:29copperrayboradio being one of the themes suspected of causing USB problems
16:05:17copperthat's the only thing out of the ordinary that I found in my theme, anyway
16:09:15 Part LinusN
16:15:37lebelliummy themes are infamous for causiung USB problems
16:15:48pamaurypixelma: as far as I checked, the ondio either doesn't define a keylock action (so there is no problem), or the keylock action is only in the wps context, so it cannot interfere with the radio screen
16:16:29pamauryI don't have it myself, I simply cannot check for sure
16:20:23lebelliumpixelma: sure, but I thought at first that the FM issue was on any OndioFM and therefore the keylock mapping was not an urgent matter
16:26:32 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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16:41:40pixelmaok, I had a look and it only defines a keylock action in the WPS and yes, I need to update the build on mine one of these days
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21:55:30Buscheljust checking the rockbox stats on commits and contributor dropped dramatically ~Jul 2010 and +Apr 2012 (each time by about 30-50%). right now activity is comparable to 2004...
21:57:28dewlapmany people probably just using their phones
21:57:42dewlapthan a standalone mediaplayer
21:58:56BuschelI especially wonder about those significant drops in Jul '10 and Apr '12.
21:59:15 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:59:36Buschelmaybe coincidence, maybe not...
22:02:35Buschelat least the migration to git did not result in a larger numberat least of active devs. One could say it had the opposite effect
22:03:55[Saint]Oh, definitely.
22:03:59[Saint]Sad, really.
22:04:13[Saint]Grumpy old men resistant to change ;)
22:04:26BuschelI am one of those ;)
22:04:57[Saint]'git off 'ma lawn!
22:05:12Buschelbut now I have more free time and reactivated an old hobby :)
22:08:10[Saint]sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base texlive-binaries texlive-latex-extra tex4ht texlive-fonts-recommended lmodern latex-xcolor
22:09:18 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:09:37[Saint]holy nuts! That's slightly over 1GB of archives, binaries and documentation.
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