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#rockbox log for 2013-06-11

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00:44:37lahwrananyone heard of the bot stree?
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00:46:09lahwranit's in another channel
00:46:16lahwranwe're trying to get rid of it and can't figure out how
00:46:36MangaKaDenzaYeah... does anyone know the owner of stree?
00:46:39lahwranunfortunately, said channel has no ops, and is not registered, and has a lot of people in it - which is kinda unusual for freenode, and makes it very hard to get rid of users
00:46:47lahwranwe're hoping to find the owner and talk to them
00:47:51lahwranwe found out that it was here because googling its ip address showed that it's been here before
00:50:38lahwranthis appears to be the only lead on it
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08:48:11mirogDoes anybody know of a plugin which is capable of redirecting digital audio stream to USB port of mp3 player (Iriver H10)?
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08:56:52[Saint_]mirog: no such plugin exists.
08:57:07[Saint_]If you were to want such a thing, you would need to create it yourself.
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09:46:04mirogSaint: so I thought :( unfortunately it is far beyond my knowledge
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10:05:46gevaertsmirog: pamaury has a tree with a proof of concept implementation somewhere. It wasn't ever fully finished though, and it's probably quite outdated now
10:06:11gevaertsThat was for e200 iirc, but that's the same SoC as the H10
10:17:17miroggevaerts: thanks for background but I don’t think I’m the right person to conclude the task ;)
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10:27:36mirogBTW - my H10 w/240GB works fine! Only one concern I have is the lag which occurs 5-10 secs after turning on: the Rockbox stops responding for some seconds - probably because some internal dbase tasks – and any keypress is queued. Then – after completing whatever it was doing – everything is back and OK. Can you shed some light? Maybe I shoud change some settings?
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10:56:38snepperhi I want to ask about the player Sansa Clip+ somebody help!
10:57:08copperask your question, don't ask to ask
10:57:37copperthis channel is logged, so people might see your question later (and others might also read the answers)
10:57:55snepperI need dump the image from the player formatted in repair mode
10:58:10snepperFAT is corrupted Please connected device to Pc
10:59:01snepperI'm in ubuntu, deleted all of the parttion and recorded with OF-image 0 sector, he now writes a bad disc ,go to format
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11:03:00lebelliumpamaury: could you add the hold keymap for FMS on Clip Zip?
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11:05:00pamaurylebellium: ok, i'll do it
11:05:12lebelliumthanks :)
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11:15:36jutleyhi does anyone know if its possible to make rockbox for the iriver D5
11:16:09jutleyit was only released to the korean and the us market
11:19:28lebelliumIf you do the job, maybe. Don't expect a dev to buy a D5 and port Rockbox to it for you
11:19:59jutleyi just want to know if it is possible
11:20:14jutleyi didnt ask anyone to make it
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11:21:02jutleyi am willing to donate my d5 if need be
11:21:43lebelliumI guess the answer depends on the hardware and the existing documentation
11:22:07jutleyi have been on the rockbox website but could not find any info on the D5
11:22:27jutleybeing korean i guess its not good
11:23:11jutleyits the best made mp3 player i have ever seen just seems a waste not having rockbox on it
11:23:58lebelliuma good start is disassemble it and identify the components. Then make a new page on the wiki
11:24:16jutleywill do that
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11:25:04copperjutley: a web search seems to reveal that the D5 is an electronic dictionary??
11:25:26jutleyyes but its a mp3 player aswell
11:25:42jutleya very good one as it has a very extensive eq
11:25:43copperand that's the "best MP3 player" you've ever seen??
11:26:24lebelliumit has a real keyboard! Would be awesome to create RB playlists on device :D
11:26:53gevaertsjutley: has a summary of what's involved
11:26:54jutleyit has a proper mp3 player built in as calender functions and translaters cal etc
11:27:28jutleyits all metal and feels like a very premium device
11:27:48copperdoesn't sound too convenient as an MP3 player
11:29:00jutleyit is as its very small
11:29:18jutleythe sound quality is awesome and i get 12hrs playtime
11:29:36jutleyonly 4gb memory
11:29:51lebelliumsome people already tried to port Rockbox to navigation devices IIRC so why not after all
11:30:40jutleythe thing is thease d5 devices are so rare and expensive devices
11:30:59copper12 hours and 4GB are very very low figures
11:31:27kugelcopper: whether you like it as a dap or not doesnt really matter at this point
11:31:47jutleyi know but i use compreshion wma and i get 12gb music into 4gb
11:32:23kugeland whether its a dap or not doesnt matter for a rockbox port, the point is what people want to do with their toys
11:32:50jutleyi love rockbox i think its the best thing since slicebread haha
11:33:27jutleyi have some sandisk clip plus player and have rockbox on them great device
11:33:43kugeljutley: I can agree with that but you're mostly on your own when doing a new port. we can assist you with information about the code but figuring out the device and how to run custom code on it is up to you
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11:34:44jutleyi dont think i am that knolegable to do that thanks for offering to help though
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11:39:42jutleythe worse thing is the device does not have a english language selection only korean but can find my way round
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12:18:26snepperwho can help in the firmware to Sansa Clip+
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13:20:55pamaurydamned, can't make the ZEN screen work, it's the same wiring, same model as ZEN X-Fi and yet something doesn't work
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14:11:21[Saint]snepper: if there is any hope for the player at all you can simply write a rockbox modified original firmware to the recovery partition. Rockbox doesn't rely on the internal magic that you accidentally/intentionally formatted. You might lose the ability to boot the original firmware, but that is significantly better than a player that won't boot at all.
14:12:06[Saint]However, if you do not have a ~980MB partition exposed - don't do anything until you do.
14:12:19[Saint]If you cannot expose this partition, there is no point continuing.
14:13:44[Saint]Asking someone to disassemble their device and provide you with a dump of the recovery partition is fairly highly unrealistic.
14:23:48*[Saint] wonders why there is a weird mix of some settings being...settings, And others being presented as questions to the user.
14:25:11[Saint]In a seemingly arbitrary fashion. It would probably make a few strings easier to translate, and a fair bit smaller, as well. But its only three or four oddly worded strings.
14:31:35snepperI did as written here
14:34:55snepperto the point Hacking
14:36:20[Saint]The device exposes a ~980MB drive?
14:37:50[Saint]There is no point writing anything, anywhere, if it isn't in a ~980MB partition.
14:38:04[Saint](979MB iirc)
14:38:50[Saint]That, and that alone, is the "recovery" (actually, we have no idea what its for, but it can somethines be useful to us in recovery...) partition.
14:40:35[Saint]Every time I have recovered a device, or assisted someone in doing so, exposing a partition of exactly that size has been a requirement for success. Where "success" in at least one instance meant only Rockbox was able to boot)
14:41:46[Saint]I have only personally ever seen 5 devices recovered in this fashion - and two of them were mine.
14:43:26snepperWhat volume of the memory they had a 1 GB or more
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14:47:46snepperwhen the player flashing ,hi was ON but writes an error fop memory FAT
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20:34:03workflowhey all, i have a 2nd gen nano 8g... i tried putting rockbox on it a long time ago and forgot about it when i couldnt manage, now i tried again. but im not having much success. it boots into an iLoader screen no matter what i try, and iTunes (recent version on os x) cannot restore it. im looking for help and guidance!
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21:00:56saratogaworkflow: iloader is apparently a facebook app?
21:01:36[7]hm, might get a bit difficult
21:01:56[7]iloader can't self-uninstall
21:02:04[7]itunes can't uninstall through DFU
21:02:28[7]there is an uninstaller "update" file for iloader somewhere, but I'll have to dig that up
21:03:00saratogais iloader like emcore?
21:03:11[7]it's its predecessor
21:03:37workflowsaratoga: yes, when i quit iloader from that screen it says its emBIOS v0.1.4 r250
21:04:16saratogaah ok, i didn't realize the project used to be called something different
21:04:20[7]ok, so it's a fairly recent iloader already
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21:57:18bluebrotherhmm, there doesn't seem to be too much interest in DevCon this year?
22:02:17gevaertsMaybe there needs to be a clearer email
22:02:37gevaertsWasn't the bit about the wiki page now existing in a reply to a thread somewhere?
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