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#rockbox log for 2013-06-12

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09:25:57mikebombI would like to try to get a developer interested in taking a look at FS #12864. This bug was introduced between 3.12 and 3.13 and affects the Resume Playback feature. Thanks for your attention.
09:25:58fs-bluebot Automatic Resume behavior inconsistent on 3.13 (bugs, unconfirmed)
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09:33:36wodzhmm this 12864 looks serious
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10:14:14kugelwodz: sounds like the .playlist_control file isn't written (properly). should be reproducable in the sim
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10:18:40wodzkugel: I updated g#190. The blocker is that I can't test most of the targets
10:18:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #190 at : Move load_firmware() to separate file to share it between bootloaders and rolo(). by Marcin Bukat (changes/90/190/2)
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10:53:06snepperhi I need dump the image from the player Sansa Clip+
10:53:50wodzsnepper: ask funman
10:53:53snepper did what is written here
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11:23:37[Saint]I spoke to you last night about this.
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11:24:10[Saint]If you cannoy expose a ~980MB partition, you don't need anything, because there is no point in continuing.
11:28:42snepperwhat it means to expose
11:30:07snepperIt should report a drive without partitions, with a size of 979.75MB
11:31:20snepperI have asked you what was the volume of the memory in your player?
11:31:51snepper1 gb or more
11:32:05[Saint]That's irrelevant.
11:34:12snepperWhere is gone then the rest of the memory
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11:37:56funmansnepper: sorry I can't help you
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11:46:44lebelliumhum did anyone experience a crash issue with UI simulator for Windows when loading a theme?
11:47:54copperdoes wine count?
11:48:19lebelliumI tried on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Release Preview in VM
11:48:55lebelliumClip Zip
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11:49:44lebelliumdownloaded on rasher website
11:49:47copperon Linux with Wine, I can load your Fuze+ theme, and then load back another theme, without any issues
11:51:34lebelliumbut is it the latest build?
11:52:05lebelliumOkay I try the Fuze+ simulator to know if it's Clip Zip specific or not
11:52:14copperI'll get the latest build
11:52:19lebelliumhum now
11:52:42lebelliumthe Fuze+ UI simulator has not been correctly updated here">
11:53:09lebelliummaybe it's still on the way
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11:54:33copperwell I got the latest build there
11:55:26lebelliumIt's still unknown build from April for Fuze+
11:55:30lebelliumnot updated yet
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11:57:02lebelliumit doesn't crash with the latest Clip+ UI simulator
11:57:09lebelliumso it's probably Clip Zip specific
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12:04:00gevaertscopper: a theme, or any theme?
12:04:57coppergevaerts: I tried lebellium Samsung Like, cabbiev2 and grayfog
12:05:30lebelliumgevaerts: with latest Clip Zip UI simulator, loading any theme makes the simulator crash
12:05:47lebelliumincluding reloading Cabbiev2
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14:44:37sneppersomebody can help with firmware player Sansa Clip+
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18:36:15DarthFrogHi folks. I've not found a satisfactory answer to my concern. I've just bought my first iPod, a 160 GB iPod Classic current generation. Is installing Rockbox on it a one-way operation? Down the road, can Rockbox be removed and my 160 GB iPod classic be restored to the factory OS? I'm not concerned about losing any installed music files in either operation.
18:36:49copperDarthFrog: yes
18:36:54DarthFrogMost of my music is in Ogg Vorbis format and I'd like to use my Linux machine to control the iPod.
18:37:20DarthFrogcopper: Thanks. I was fairly sure that was the case but was wanting confirmation.
18:37:30copperI have done it many times
18:37:39 Quit Guest62405 (Quit: All for nothing)
18:37:39DarthFrogThat's even better info! :-)
18:38:40DarthFrogOnce I install RockBox, can I control the iPod in Linux, i.e. without needing to boot into Windows?
18:39:18amayerDarthFrog: it appears as an external drive. so its just drag and drop files
18:39:34amayerno special software needed
18:42:07DarthFrogamayer: Thanks, that's exactly what I was hoping for. When I discovered that RockBox supported Ogg Vorbis and could work directly with files & directories, I was very happy. :-)
18:42:39dewlapwith my ipod classic DarthFrog i have usb issues
18:42:51dewlapand have to boot into fallback image in order to move files to it
18:43:06dewlapi have the slimmer 6th gen
18:43:23amayerI have the 120Gb classic and ive never had problems (only 1 or 2 crashes)
18:44:36 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:44:49DarthFrogdewlap: the slim 6th gen, is that the current model?
18:47:54dewlapso sry it seems the slimmer moidel may be 7th gen
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18:49:31amayerwanst someone running rockbox on a 7th gen?
18:49:45DarthFrogdewlap: My iPod is identical to the ones pictured there as 7th gen.
18:49:57dewlapi am amayer
18:50:12dewlapbut in order to put music on it, I have to beoot to rollback image
18:50:32amayeroh ok. i thought you were saying you cant run rockbox on ipod 7g
18:50:34DarthFrogdewlap: what is "rollback image"?
18:54:38dewlaphah fallback image
18:56:32dewlapidk how to explain it
18:56:47dewlapbut it is only way i can see device and add music
18:57:26DarthFrogWhat do you have to do to boot the fallback image?
18:58:44dewlapReboot (menu+select) - EMcore - Settings - Boot Rockbox fallback image
18:59:04DarthFrogThanks. OK, it's a fairly trivial procedure. :-)
18:59:28dewlapi almost gave up on rockbox on it though
18:59:36dewlapuntil i discovered that in a thread
18:59:47DarthFrogThat's no problem. I was concerned that I might have to boot into Windows and re-install something everytime I wanted to add tunes.
19:01:08DarthFrogdewlap: I'm glad you discovered that. I think you just saved me a lot of frustration. :-) Perhaps that nugget should go in a FAQ, if it's not already there?
19:01:42DarthFrogYou folks are a great help! I appreciate your aid, many thanks.
19:01:57dewlapi reformatted the device a half dozen times first :P
19:02:04dewlapgl DarthFrog
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19:36:01AndyP_A question regarding playlists and tracks. If I know the name of the playlist and the track number within it, how can I select them using 'c' code?
19:36:03AndyP_I'm playing around with IAP on iPods and struggling to get this to work.
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20:09:24amayerAndyP_, do you have this code on github anywhere? i would love to try and help (not that i will be much help but i would like to try)
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20:21:59AndyP_amayer: I don't, its the code that was uploaded to gerrit by Ralf Ertzinger in Feb 2012 but was never merged. I've made a few changes but haven't uploaded it yet as I wanted to get the playlist bit working first. I do have a patch file ( that should still merge with current git with only a couple of fuzzes.
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20:22:56gevaertsI'd say the best way would be to merge the code as close as possible to what it is now, and then to build on it
20:23:14disharmonicSince rockbox is using speex files to voice menus, the quality of the output of TTS engine used should have only a small impact on performance, correct?
20:25:32gevaertsdisharmonic: I'd assume that too, yes
20:34:38 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 241 seconds)
20:34:49amayerAndyP_, thanks :) ill take a look at it and try and get caught up
20:35:24amayertheoretically couldnt we implement this on any target with usb?
20:36:44disharmonicgevaerts, thanks for the reply and confirmation.
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20:47:21AndyP_The patch applies cleanly to git with only 1 fuzz. With it, my iPod talks to an Alpine Head Unit using IAP over UART. Works with the following iPods, Mini2G, 4G Grayscale, 4G ColorPhoto, 5.5G Video. Don't have a Nano1G to try.
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20:57:29DarthFrogOK, colour my a happy camper. I've just successfully installed Rockbox on my iPod Classic. No problems loading music onto it via Linux. :-)
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