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#rockbox log for 2013-06-22

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00:24:03SrRavenHey Ho people, so, my Cowon S9 that pos is broken the fourth time now. already own a little Sansa Clip but thats nto a proper solution long term imho (look hilarious used with my full sized headphones). Im considering a fuze. Any reasons why I shouldnt get it ?
00:24:58SrRavenAdded to that, I could get a "broken" Fuze, screen only says please plug in usb cable, can rockbox or something else fix this?
00:29:47gevaertsI wouldn't rely on that necessarily being fixable
00:30:22SrRavenagreed yeh
00:31:47gevaertsIt could be something trivial of course, but it's hard to tell
00:32:03SrRavenagreed again, only getting it for basicaly shipping only
00:32:08SrRavenif it really is broken,well fuck :/
00:32:13SrRavenotherwise,saved...15 bucks or so
00:32:16SrRavenFuzes are shit cheap nowadays
00:34:36SrRavenSo, I know this may sound dumb as fuck, but why if I get Fuze (new or refurb) should I also get rockbox, if sansa already does flac ?
00:35:00gevaertsHave a look at
00:35:22gevaertsI think that's a bit outdated, but it still gives a good idea
00:35:40SrRavenjust curious, I like rockbox on my clip
00:35:55SrRavenbut Fuze+ cant do it, but the Fuze+ is im a bit undecided
00:36:13gevaertsYou can run rockbox on a fuze+
00:36:23SrRavensite says its unstable
00:37:15gevaerts"unstable" in that classification doesn't say much about usability or crashing
00:37:54gevaertsI'd say the fuze+ is fairly close to being promoted to stable
00:38:14SrRavenalright,you dotn by chance own both or have tried both ?
00:38:31gevaertsIt's up to you though. Many people dislike the fuze+ because of the touchpad
00:38:43SrRavenYeah that was my point
00:38:48gevaertsI have a fuze, but no fuze+. I haven't ever really used it though
00:38:55SrRavenI dont want anything touch again for my mp3 player ever
00:38:55*gevaerts is still a gigabeat F person :)
00:39:05gevaertsRight. Avoid the fuze+ then
00:40:35SrRavenah shit, getting an old fuze is harder than I expected
00:40:44gevaertsIt has to be noted though that the dislike for the fuze+'s touchpad isn't universal. Some people do like it
00:41:15SrRavenI dont want to have to get my mp3 player out to do anything
00:41:33gevaertsIf you like the clip but just think it's too small, maybe you should just build a bigger case for it :)
00:41:57SrRavenits not in that way, I have sennheiser hd-25-IIs as headphones
00:42:14SrRaventhe clip basically fits into the earpad thingy
00:42:17SrRaven...thats just weird :p
00:43:14gevaertsMount it on an antenna. That will still look weird, but in a more deliberate way :)
00:45:22SrRavenmaybe ill try and check it out at the store tomorrow
00:45:33SrRavencause the Fuze seems hard to get sadly,even Ebay doesnt have a single auction
00:48:08SrRavenYeah, looks like that really is the case and on head-fi,no one is happy about the fuze+
00:52:30SrRavenI will add a 32 gb micro sd to it, so I need good performance
00:52:40SrRavenAnd the colour blue is cheaper than black...thats not fair
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01:03:52SrRavenso...64 gb micro well does it work with rockbox ? (clip (and maybe Fuze(+))
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01:52:56SrRavenNo one here to talk ? its late wanna go to bed lol
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03:53:25pishachaHello, everyone!
03:54:58pishachaIt is my first time in this chatroom and on IRC in general. Sorry if I break the guidelines or rules inadvertently...
03:57:50pishachaI have an urgent problem with my Sansa Cilp Zip and Rockbox. The player has been rendered practically useless. Before I start soldering wires or suchlike, I'd like to talk to someone, as you said on the Rockbox Unbrick page...
03:58:21pishachaAnyone would like to talk to me re this&
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05:05:12DarakianHoy hoy
05:05:40DarakianNot sure if this has been noted yet or not, but I have a clip zip with rockbox on it
05:05:51Darakianplugging into windows 8 the device fails to come up
05:06:04Darakianif I boot into the sandisk firmware it works fine
05:07:23Darakianoddly the device shows up as a single disk in windows explorer with two sub disks (in sandisk firmware). I think that win 8 might be trying to talk to the firmware of the device, but I'm not sure
05:07:35Darakianjust wanted to share that
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09:56:24wodzWhat subset of wide char support do we have?
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10:25:54copperwodz: I don't have the answer, but I'm curious: does it depend on anything other than the availability of such characters in the provided fonts?
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12:29:12SrRavenanother day another try,anyone here have a Fuze+ ?
12:30:42SrRavenneed a new mp3 player as my Cowon S9 is being a little bitch and broke the fifth time
12:31:57lebelliumI hate it
12:32:11lebelliumif you want a positive opinion about the Fuze+ you should ask copper or pamaury
12:32:15lebelliumI'm a DAP collector :)
12:32:26copperSrRaven: I love it
12:32:47copperwith Rockbox installed though; the original firmware is completely unusable
12:32:55SrRavenyeah thats what I heard
12:33:08SrRavenhow "touchy" are the weird touch buttons
12:33:11copperthe touchpad works well with Rockbox installed, and I like the page-up page-down mappings, they're very useful
12:33:15SrRavenI want to get away from touch as far as possible
12:33:16copperbut some people don't like it
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12:33:23copperthen don't get a Fuze+
12:33:35SrRavengrr :/
12:33:46lebelliumIf you are a touchpad hater like me, don't buy the Fuze+, that would be the biggest mistake
12:34:20SrRavennot really touchpad, but touch in general, if it doesnt do anything retarded while in the pocket like my S9 im happy
12:34:42SrRavensomehow my S9 thinks my leg is awesome and therefore always switches to a different playlist while in my pants
12:34:54lebelliumthe Fuze+ doesn't even have a good old mechanical hold button.
12:35:09lebelliumI still wonder what is good in this DAP
12:35:34SrRavenhow is the micro sd performance with it copper ?
12:35:47copperit's fine
12:36:01copperdepends on the card, really
12:36:18coppermy advice for the microsd card, is to buy a good quality one
12:36:30copperbuying cheap would be a mistake
12:36:42SrRavenwatching video reviews of the fuze+,everyone hates on the touchpad
12:36:49SrRavenbut was that a software issue that rocbox fixed?
12:36:50copperbuy a good Class 10 SanDisk card, or something
12:37:03copperSrRaven: the touchpad is very responsive with Rockbox
12:37:08lebelliumthe class doesn't matter for the on-device performance
12:37:17copperbut dude, if you hate touch buttons to begin with, really, don't buy a Fuze+
12:37:38SrRavenlike I said, hate was maybe wrong, I just dont the mp3 player to do anything which I dont want it to
12:37:48SrRavenbut its pretty cheap compared to most other mp3 players :S
12:38:06lebelliumSrRaven: touchpad + no hold button = it does what you don't want it to do
12:38:20SrRavenI already own a clip, but using a clip with full sized headphones is weird as hell
12:39:06lebelliumI'm not sure the Fuze+ has a more powerful amp, has it?
12:39:18SrRaventhats no worry, already own an AMP
12:39:34SrRavenissue..not worry
12:39:37copperlebellium: well Rockbox has a soft lock feature though
12:40:15SrRavenid generally like a minimalistic mp3 player,im happy with the screensize of the clip, I dont look at my mp3 player while listening to music
12:40:41melmothXSrRaven: why is "weird"?
12:40:43SrRavenjust more battery life, better performance,yada yada
12:40:54SrRavenbecause the clip is basically so small it fits into the earpads itself
12:41:03SrRavenjust...weird :p
12:41:15melmothXI do use it with full size headphones, it's just funny
12:41:15lebelliumto use full size headphones a Fuze v1/v2 with line out and external amp would be better I guess
12:41:36melmothXbut dunno, I'm pretty satisfied
12:41:57SrRavencant find any fuze+ rockbox videos
12:42:01SrRavenid like some comparisons
12:42:34copperthe Fuze+ is awesome for browsing large libraries
12:42:44coppergood battery life too, about 30 hours
12:42:53SrRavengood...ill need at least 32 gb's
12:43:11copperI don't mean that the Fuze+ has lots of internal memory
12:43:19SrRavenI know,micro sd etc
12:43:26copperyou can put a 64 GB card in a Fuze+ or a Clip+, just the same
12:43:44SrRavenwhats the boot up time with a full micro sd ?
12:43:45copperI meant that the Fuze+ display is able to print many lines
12:43:51melmothXbtw, how long is the life of these micro sd cards?
12:44:10copperSrRaven: none
12:44:29copperunless the database needs to be updated, but it's the same with the Clip+
12:44:32SrRavenso...18 euros ok for a fuze+ ?
12:45:37copperthat sounds really cheap
12:45:54copperprobably a refurb, or second hand
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12:46:40lebelliumthat's the normal price for a refurb. I bought the 8GB version which is a bit more expensive (30€ IIRC)
12:48:09SrRavenill get a 4 gb and a 32 or maybe even 64 gb micro sd
12:48:41SrRavenbiggest problem is that blue is cheaper than black, but I like my black electronics :S
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13:04:23[Saint]Doesn't the touchpad gleefully ignore the software hold on the Fuze+?
13:05:57[Saint]The things I seem to hear about it are: "Its a really nice DAP, if only one of the main control aspects of it wasn't a giant, steaming, massive pile of crap..."
13:06:24[Saint]So, if you can look past that, and tiny storage...its great, I guess. :)
13:06:29SrRavencopper defend yourself!
13:07:00[Saint]I really don't see copper defending the touchpad on the Fuze+
13:07:16SrRavenwell at least the hold function would be good
13:07:28SrRavenbecause if it doesnt have a soft hold its no use to me sadly
13:07:38[Saint]If I recall correctly, the Fuze+ software hold ignores the touchpad.
13:07:44[Saint]At least in some instances.
13:08:08[Saint](this isn't intentional)
13:12:54[Saint]AH - the code says the soft-lock is enabled in the FM screen now.
13:13:14[Saint]...but there's still an outstanding bug with it shutting down if helkd for longer than 6 seconds.
13:13:25SrRaventhats kinda hilarious
13:13:47[Saint]This is a very young port.
13:13:56[Saint]If you're looking for bug free, this isn't it.
13:14:15SrRavennah, its ok,as long as it plays music on shuffle with all available tracks im fine
13:14:30[Saint]Well, it can do that. :)
13:14:35SrRavenand not the cowon s9 shuffle, which is the same songs it always does
13:15:07[Saint]We have a psuedo-random shuffle.
13:15:24[Saint]All tracks in a playlist will play exactly once, and then reshuffle.
13:15:56[Saint]I just mentioned it, as, believe it or not a lack of "true random"is a dealbreaker for some people.
13:16:10[Saint]I, for one, hate it. :)
13:17:47lebelliumwhat is true random? I never understood what is the correct implementation for random playback. For example I don't like on some players when it plays a random songs when pressing both "prev" and "next". "Prev" should play the previous song and not a random one I guess
13:19:13[Saint]"true random" as I know it, essentially means that every track has an exactly equal chance of being played, regardless if it has already been played, or how many times it has been played.
13:19:48lebelliumaah! ok
13:19:51SrRavenyeah and not like a randomly generated playlist
13:20:07[Saint]we do pseudo-random, where each track is played exactly once, in a random order.
13:20:14lebelliumon a big library there shouldn't be visible difference
13:20:51[Saint]No matter what, you'll always get someone saying "Its not random enough! I heard the same song three times!"
13:20:54[Saint]....argh! :)
13:21:01[Saint]So, I like pseudo-random :)
13:21:11lebelliummakes sense :)
13:24:03[Saint]If I want to make a "weighted" playlist, which is random, but I want to increase the odds of hearing certain tracks, or a certain artist, I will simply insert that track/artist/album into the playlist 2 or more times.
13:25:06[Saint](playlist weighting is another oft demanded thing)
13:25:29copper[Saint]: the soft lock works during playback
13:26:04copperand tiny storage, what? Some Fuze+ models actually have more storage than, say, the Clip+
13:26:05[Saint]copper: yes, it was the FM screen I was thinking about, and that was recently fixed too it seems.
13:26:18coppermy Fuze+ has 16GB of internal flash
13:26:31[Saint]Just the whole "player spazzes out if you touch the touchpad while locked for 6+s" thing left.
13:27:03[Saint]and, yes, tiny storage. I'm used to 160~240GB :)
13:27:08lebellium[Saint]: soft lock for FM screen has been recently for all targets by pamaurt
13:27:14copperthe trick is to put the Fuze+ with the display facing the exterior, and not your leh
13:28:06*[Saint] would probably "fix" the touchpad with some packing tape.
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13:32:29the_testGreetings to everyone! First time here. I was wondering if there is a way to wipe/rewrite/access a hidden partition on cowon pmps like s9 and d20
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13:42:26pamaurySrRaven: what is the bug you are talking about ? You mean that if you hold power in soft-lock mode it will shutdown ?
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13:44:53SrRavenI didnt talk about it
13:45:02SrRaventhat was [Saint]
13:45:55[Saint]pamaury: sorry, I misremembered the details. Playback stops and the UI locks up, apparently.
13:46:18[Saint]I had seen it reported here a few times anecdotally, but there is a bug report about it now on flyspray.
13:46:34pamaurybecause I think this is the "normal" behaviour of rockbox ;)
13:46:53 Quit tertu (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:46:55pamaury(to shutdown, not to lock up !)
13:47:05pamaury(because power button and soft-lock are the same)
13:48:02 Join TeruFSX [0] (
13:48:09[Saint]Apparently it is observable on other touch targets too, but I cannot say I have ever seen this.
13:48:25[Saint]Perhaps my available targets have too much CPU overhead.
13:49:59pamauryah touchpad, that's strange
13:50:15the_testThe reason im asking is (it seems to me) after I accedentially unsafly unpluged my cowon from mac to system became corrupted. I can hear slight distortion in both low and high ends. The same thing appeared on my cowon x7 and i fixed it by installing corean firmware instead of that on but there is no korea firmware for d20. Can anyone help ? Ive been told i can contribute to this irc channel as there are a lot of developers here...
13:50:16pamauryindeed looks like a bug
13:51:40[Saint]the_test: as far as I am aware, Rockbox runs on exactly zero of those targets.
13:53:08[Saint]This channel if for the discussion and general bike-shedding of Rockbox and Rockbox-supported targets.
13:53:13[Saint]*is for
13:54:34the_testYes, I understand this. Thought maybe someone had similar problem... There is no solution for this, i googled a lot... Im losr completely, dont know wjat to do
13:54:38lebelliumthe_test: you should rather ask on
13:55:06[Saint]If <insert_your_device_here> has a support forum, use it, I guess.
13:55:35the_testI wrote a post there. Have 100 views and 0 replies. Sorry guys for bothering
13:55:40[Saint]I understand your dilemma, but sadly, this isn't the right place.
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