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#rockbox log for 2013-06-23

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03:41:34SrRavenlegit question here, any advantages of me getting a fuze+ as main mp3 player and not just use my clip as main ? (except for it being tiny and my full sized headphones looking weird next to it)
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04:37:53[Saint]SrRaven: No.
04:38:21[Saint]Oh....well, actually, the Fuze+ has some #D effect that sounds like ass, you might want that :)
04:38:31[Saint]*3D, even
04:39:20[Saint]If you have a clip, and it works, and you like it...I see no reason to get the Fuze+ unless there is something about it that truly stands out to you.
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07:29:07copperSrRaven: like I said, the Fuze+ is more convenient for browsing large collections, IMO.
07:29:54copperThat's the main difference with a Clip+, for me.
07:29:57copperAnd, battery life.
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17:36:23RockBoxerHello All
17:36:59RockBoxerWho can I talk to about donations ?
17:39:35RockBoxerI was also looking for the dependencys in the wiki - cant find the howto... I am missing arm-elf-eabi-gcc...
17:40:20Torneyou need to build it using our script, which should be explained in the compiling instructions
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17:43:48RockBoxerThx looks good so far
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17:50:50RockBoxerWhat is the procces to get a plugin into the the sansaPlus trunk ?
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17:53:56lukeyHi all - RB3.13 on Toshiba Gigabeat F60 - Battery wont c
17:54:12lukeyharge and info screen says "battery n/a"
17:54:30lukeyIs my battery just dead?
17:55:07lukeyIt will only work when plugged into the mains
17:55:22gevaertsRockBoxer: see
17:55:55gevaertslukey: maybe, or maybe a wire broke or something like that. Did it use to work?
17:56:13lukeyit used to work yes, a while ago
17:57:08lukeyI've had some troubles in the past where the LCD screen will slowly get really bright and then stop working - requiring a hard reset
17:57:31lukeyI had to take it apart once before to unplug/replug the IDE cable and I lost the screws
17:57:43lukeyso the unit is held together with tape :)
17:57:55lukeySo wonder if it is short curcuiting
17:58:37gevaertsI'd open it up and have a look
17:58:43lukeyAt one stage I was getting IDE errors when plugged in via USB - so I though the Hard-drive might be on the way out
17:59:08lukeybut as long as I stay away from certain sectors, it's ok.
17:59:30gevaertsHmmm, actually, I think I'd start looking for another player :)
17:59:30lukeyIt has served me so well all these years thanks to RockBox :)
18:00:09lukeyit's still going strong apart from those couple of things... Portability isn't that important to me...
18:00:16gevaertsA bad battery can be replaced, and a bad disk can be replaced, but if the disk is bad, the battery is bad, and the case falls apart, maybe the player should be considered dead :)
18:00:41lukeySaves me memory on the laptop opening up audacious...
18:00:58lukeygevaerts: :)
18:01:37lukeygevaerts: I daren't open it up again...
18:02:25lukeyI don't know if these can still be picked up. There's so many fake sellers on ebay.
18:03:24gevaertsI'd gamble on the scammers concentrating on more popular devices
18:04:19*gevaerts won't sell his own F60 of course :)
18:05:02lukeynah gevaerts you'd be surprised, chinese scammers have a whole industry based around any imaginable keyword
18:05:34lukeyVery sophisticated frauds... Each has their own image and legion of "satisfied" buyers
18:06:54lukey"Power sellers", "Business sellers" etc. only on close inspection can you see the feedback is all generic and other "screwy" signals.
18:08:14lukeyOh and when you look at the negative feedbacks all you'll ever see is a poorly written pigeon english rebuttal saying how it is the buyers fault :)
18:09:06lukeyI laugh at it but feel bad for the people who get caught out. Ebay are almost complicit in this as they don't really do anything to stop it.
18:09:18lukeyThat's it, rant over - thanks for letting me vent...
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18:35:13lebellium[Saint]: how do you compile a Win32 UIsim for RaaA?
18:36:05kugellebellium: you don't. there's no sim for RaaA
18:36:38lebelliumhow did he make cabbiev2 themes for Android targets then?
18:36:55kugelusing the sdl app
18:37:30lebelliumwhat's that?
18:37:46kugeljust not for android
18:37:48kugelbut for the PC
18:38:33kugelbut it doesnt work on windows
18:38:45kugelhowever, you could use the android emulator on windows
18:39:17lebelliumI know dfkt made his themes based on a Cowon D2 UIsim with adapted resolution
18:39:22lebelliumbut I don't know how to do that
18:40:42kugelyou can pick any touchscreen target emulator and change its lcd size in config/<target>.h
18:42:37lebelliumI'll try that
18:43:37kugelyou might need to run it with the −−nobackground option so it doesnt display the target frame
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18:53:06RockBoxeris rockbox system clock aware of timezones ?
18:58:45RockBoxerI need to set my time to GMT because of a plugin. But I want to get displayed GMT+2. What is the approche ?
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19:04:38lebelliumkugel: where is this config folder?
19:05:00fanmanRockBoxer: no it is not
19:05:41kugellebellium: firmware/export/
19:10:16lebelliumshould I change the #define LCD_DPI line too? is it important?
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19:19:44 Quit RockBoxer (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
19:21:37dfktlebellium, in /tools/configure you have to change plugins="yes" to plugins="" as well, otherwise it probably won't work
19:21:50dfktno need to change the DPI
19:25:54kugellebellium: you can leave LCD_DPI as-is, it currenetly only affects the size of the list items but not themes
19:26:20kugelbut it wouldnt hurt if you insert the DPI for your monitor either :)
19:26:45lebelliumFor the moment I got like a normal build although I selected (S)imulator and (W)in32. No rockboxui.exe. Is that due to plugins="yes"
19:27:16fanmunlebellium: what about make $PWD/ ?
19:32:04lebelliumit seems to create a rockboxui.exe file in the directory but when I type "make fullzip" I only get the build
19:39:31kugelwhy do you do that?
19:39:36kugeljust run rockboxui.exe
19:39:42lebelliumWin32 :)
19:39:43kugelafter make install
19:40:02kugelmake (full)zip isn't really supported for the sims
19:40:04lebelliumI want a .zip to export from Ubuntu to Win 7
19:40:22kugelwhy dont you just run it on linux?
19:40:29lebelliumbecause I don't use linux
19:40:45lebelliumI don't want to use Photoshop in Windows and the UI sim in linux
19:41:16fanmunuse photoshop in linux then ^_^
19:41:39kugel(or gimp :P )
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19:44:23lebelliumokay, I created a simdisk folder, manually put .rockbox inside. Added rockboxui.exe and SDL.dll and it seems to work now. More or less. because when I want to play a mp3 file in the sim it tells me "failed to load /.rockbox/codec/mpa.codec" :(
19:45:50lebelliumI'll steal the codecs folder from another Sim^^
19:46:30lebelliumerf doesn't work. "codec api version error"
19:48:20lebelliumah! it works now :)
19:49:10lebelliumpfiou it wouldn't have believed it would be so difficult. I think there are some missing steps here in "Building Windows sim in Linux"
19:51:49lebelliumoh no! It just crashes when loading a theme like the UI sim for clip zip :(
19:54:54lebelliumThat's quite annoying that the (at least) Cowon C2 and Clip Zip UIsim crash. They are unusable.
19:56:29 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:58:23lebelliumWho is "responsible" for Windows UIsim?
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20:54:57kugellebellium: wait a second
20:56:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision be5fadf, 217 builds, 22 clients.
20:56:06kugellebellium: try again with latest source
20:57:25kugellebellium: for transfering the sim to the windows machine run make install and copy rockboxui.exe and the simdisk folder (and SDL.dll if necessary) to
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20:57:37dgquintasabout a year ago there was no support for timezones. Looking around the forums again , I see the feature is still only a request. Does anybody know if there are any plans to support timezones natively?
20:58:06dgquintasIt's not a big deal to implement in-app, but it's always more elegant if there's a system-level setup for it
21:01:23kugeldgquintas: it was never needed before, I doubt we would reject patches that implement it
21:02:27dgquintaskugel: oh, good to know :)
21:02:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 405 seconds.
21:02:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision be5fadf result: All green
21:04:44lebelliumkugel: I should run "make install" instead or after "make -j" ?
21:20:59lebelliumkugel: fixed. Thank you :)
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