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#rockbox log for 2013-06-25

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00:22:07dunpealHow do I set the color of the menu title (the top line that says e.g. "Recent Bookmarks")?
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01:35:10[Saint]dunpeal: you would need to do that by creating your own theme, is this what you are doing?
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01:37:28dunpeal[Saint]: I'd runner modify a theme that's already pretty close to my needs, actually. Specifically, runner_96x96
01:41:14[Saint]In that case, you could create a separate viewport for the list title that is N pixels high (where N is the height of the set userfont) above the UI viewport and subtract N pixels from the height of the set UI viewport.
01:42:05[Saint]Ideally, you would use a %?Lt conditional so it didn't waste space in non-list screens.
01:43:12[Saint]The reason to split the list title out into a separate viewport is so you can set its foreground color.
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01:45:34[Saint]something like "%?Lt<%Vd(list_title_viewport)%Vd(UI_viewport_with_list_title)|%Vd(UI_viewport_without_list_title)>"
01:46:07[Saint]this would also mean defining two separate UI viewports, which requires a little additional magic.
01:46:16[Saint]The manual covers this.
01:47:20[Saint]But by all means feel free to speak up if you get stuck, the skin engine syntax can seem a little overwhelming at first, I know.
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02:36:04dunpeal[Saint]: thanks a lot, I'll take a first stab, then ask here if I get stuck.
02:36:34[Saint]dunpeal: Not a problem.
02:37:13[Saint]I hope I have at least given you the basic idea of what you would need to do.
02:37:25dunpealyeah, definitely.
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12:08:21wodzpamaury: any progress with rk27xx unbricking?
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12:51:57*[Saint] has an interesting, completely repeatable bug on iPod Color/Photo:
12:54:13[Saint]If I apply 14-Adobe-Helvetica-Bold, the font will corrupt, and it will take 3~4 loads to display the font with no visible corruption (or, a reboot), and if I then init the Database, I get a panic regarding dircache and almost everything gets wiped out from the .rockbox folder.
12:55:20[Saint]I thought it was disc corruption, but, if it is, it is disc corruption that doesn't display any apparent disc corruption and can survive being formatted.
13:00:22copper those bugs are the best!
13:02:05[Saint]I need to get home so I can rule out A: Self-compiled binary/bootloader, and B: non-standard OSOS install method
13:02:46[Saint]Directories repeatably vanishing from /.rockbox is a bit weird...though.
13:03:21[Saint]If I didn't keep the build .zip in the root of the device, and didn't have my phone and an iPod cable in the car, I'd be screwed.
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13:03:52[Saint]Well...s/screwed/slightly annoyed for a few hours until I got home/
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13:31:21copperDoes the GPL2 license of Rockbox prevent it from being used in a commercial product (like a DAP)?
13:32:40copperBut it would require the company to distribute the modified source, which might reveal hardware secrets? Is that what would be holding back a company from shipping Rockbox?
13:32:58copperI mean, is that what a company executive would think
13:33:36funmana company executive doesn't know about rockbox and isn't targetting über-geeks
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13:33:52copperfunman: FiiO kinda is
13:34:38coppermeh, FiiO wouldn't like the 16/44.1 resampling thing, since they target audiophiles
13:35:34coppernot sure what "hardware secrets" a company would want to keep though
13:35:37copperexcept maybe Apple
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13:57:39pixelmaI somehow think that companies aren't too interested as Rockbox would mean easily updateable OS, they'd rather want to sell new products instead of seeing the customer being satisfied with the already purchased player by keeping it up-to-date in a different way. Maybe an example gets it across better... with Rockbox your old Sansa e200v1 is able to use microSDHCs, I guess SanDisk had rather you buy their newer players
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14:10:08wodzpixelma: honestly thats not the point - see Tivolization problem. If you have control over bootloader you can prevent the update still conforming to GPLv2
14:14:00copperI guess it would also prevent them from using proprietary plugins?
14:14:08lebelliumpamaury: I tested the patch on both Clip Zip and Clip+ and it works fine :)
14:14:18copperplugins, formats, DRM…
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15:56:55kugel[Saint]: I know you're secretly thinking this buflib is shit when seeing those bugs :)
16:00:24[Saint]kugel: to be honest, I have *no* idea what is going on here.
16:00:49[Saint]I haven't tried with another build yet, just playing with the *really* odd, repeatable, behavior.
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16:01:52[Saint]It seems to be a specific recipe: Apply a new font, init the database, dircache panic, reboot, almost everything in ./rockbox (and no other folder) is missing.
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16:03:59[Saint], the font corruption I'm seeing, that might very well be buflib being weird, yes. :)
16:04:46kugeldo you have radioart?
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16:50:11TheLemonManis anyone working on relocatable plugins ?
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16:52:21gevaertsTheLemonMan: wodz has been working on that, but I don't think anyone is actively looking at it now
16:57:48TheLemonManoh, nice. Summer has come and a lot of spare time with it. I've already worked with elf files and such so might have a look at it
16:58:59gevaerts|See g#326
16:59:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #326 at : ELF loader for plugins/codecs by Marcin Bukat (changes/26/326/19)
16:59:09*dcheartly patiently refreshes rockbox build page
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19:24:59amayer[Saint]: is displaying album art or a default pic any quicker when you use %vl(#handle, ...) or is it just as quick like %?C<%Cd|%xd(E)>
19:25:05belakIs it only the newest iPod Classic that doesn't work with Rockbox officially?
19:25:35amayeris it handled better if you use %vl ? or doesnt it make a difference?
19:26:28amayerbelak: the 6g and 7g work... i think 7g has issues with usb but fallback mode works AFAIK
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19:50:19belakamayer: thanks
19:50:37belakI have a 6th gen and I'm looking at grabbing a 5th gen for relatively cheap
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19:55:51amayerbelak: I use a 6th gen every day. I very rarely have problems with it.
19:56:31 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:57:39belakI've been using it on my 6th gen and I love it… kinda glitchy every once in a while though
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19:58:58amayerhmm... ive never noticed any glitchy behavior on it.
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20:14:35madcat1990I have
20:16:02madcat1990Though, again, fallback works great
20:16:23madcat1990If you have it plugged into USB before rockbox is started, my PC won't actually detect anything.
20:16:24amayermadcat1990, do you use the newest build? or the one that comes with emCore?
20:16:35amayermadcat1990, MS Windows?
20:16:45madcat1990amayer, I have a 2nd gen Mini, and I'm always using bleeding edge. MS Windows and OSX 10.6.8
20:17:06madcat1990Speed is also an issue in Rockbox
20:18:33madcat1990But I always thought that to already beknown
20:19:35amayerthe OF uses a database so some things will be faster. the only place i notice it is slow is the file browser.
20:20:06madcat1990The File Browser is actually OK. Though, I do cache my structure :C
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22:15:13 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
22:18:21belakI've been using it on my 6th gen and I love it… kinda glitchy every once in a while though
22:18:34belakignore that, wrong window
22:46:33SrRavenso dumb question of the day, how do you make a playlist for rockbox on a clip ? I atm use it as my main mp3 player,annoying thing is, that during a run, I only want a selected part of my music during the ?
22:49:20 Quit Bagder (Quit: connection reset by beer)
22:50:27SrRavenso no method to do so from the PC end
22:50:42SrRavencause adding 200~ songs to a playlist...can imagine things that are more fun :P
22:54:19 Join tuckin [0] (
22:56:05bluebrotherSrRaven: use any program that can create m3u playlists
22:56:29tuckindoes anyone how can get to recovery mode on sensa clip +
22:57:06bluebrotherfor sure someone knows
22:57:11funmantuckin: what happens with your clip + ?
22:57:30bluebrotherwell, except that there's unlikely for someone to be familiar with a sense. Never heard of that :D
22:57:46madcat1990what if the m3u making program uses absolute paths like C:\Music\etc\etc\etc.mp3
22:57:58bluebrotherthe more important question is: why do you want to use the recovery mode?
22:58:12bluebrothermadcat1990: then :)
22:58:23bluebrotherRockbox strips the first part of the path in playlists
22:59:13madcat1990bluebrother, you just keep giving me reasons to love this thing
22:59:35bluebrotheryou're welcome
22:59:41tuckinmy player can't start. It's only black screen. When i connect to computer, player recognized as unknown device.
23:00:20*madcat1990 hugs bluebrother
23:00:29 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:00:30bluebrotherthere have been cases of the player being crashed badly, in which case you can simply wait for the battery to drain completely (a couple of days) and then recharge
23:00:46funmantuckin: if it is recognized it is bot bricked
23:01:54tuckinin linux recognized as M200Plus (30MB), but it's cleanly.
23:03:03tuckini try write original firmware over linux utility "DD" but it doesnt work
23:04:01tuckini have sensa clip + 4GB... i can't see flash. I only see NAND flash (M200Plus as unknown device)
23:04:34funmanhmm it indeed looks bad
23:06:11tuckinyes... can i use jtag to programmer flash... but i don't have software and schematic JTAG cable to connect to device
23:06:23funmanjtag socket is not soldered in on the clips
23:06:43funmani don't even know is pinout is currently known
23:07:06funmangoogle for sansaamsunbrick
23:08:13tuckinclip+ doesnt have jtag?
23:08:45Tornebasically none of our devices have actual jtag connectors; some of them have pins for it but it's often not wired to anything sensible you can plug into, and we may not know the pinout at all
23:09:56tuckinit's really bad
23:10:25Tornesome devices may not even have jtag pinned out at all, or fused off
23:10:40Tornethere's only a few wqhere we actually know how to connect it and it works ;)
23:14:06tuckinand how it work recovery pins on clip+?
23:15:08Tornethat's just some on-chip boot code that detects some condition and makes the chip boot into a different state
23:15:25tuckina million guides on how to recovert but none the clip +
23:15:59Tornewe also don't ahve any way to know hot to enter recovery mode on those devices until someone guesses/figures it out either
23:17:05tuckinso it's not repair
23:17:36funmantuckin: sansaamsunbrick on the wiki
23:20:06tuckinyes these are the pins but I do not know how it should work
23:20:08*funman notices the Zip is missing, but doesn't remember seeing many help requests for bricked clip zip
23:20:16funmantuckin: the wiki page says it all ?
23:25:35tuckinyes it is possible, but i cant find any step by step manual that would work
23:28:35 Quit melmothX (Quit: #)
23:32:10funmantuckin: seriously? the steps are on the wiki
23:34:30tuckinprocedure that works? Where?
23:35:57tuckinI do not know whether it can detect unknown device, which has only 30MB
23:36:44tuckinoriginal firmware has 15MB.
23:37:45funman. Execute "sudo fdisk -l". It should report a drive without partitions, with a size of 979.75MB (approximately, there is some 1000/1024 Bytes rounding). If it reports 4MB, your flash is broken.
23:37:46tuckinbut doesnt work when i upload firmware over dd
23:37:59 Join z180 [0] (
23:38:02funmanneed 979.75MB
23:38:14tuckinfor clip+?
23:40:59 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:41:10tuckinit's broken :-(
23:41:14funmanjust read the page!
23:44:05tuckini read already
23:45:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:51:42 Join Raptors [0] (
23:52:01 Quit Raptors_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:53:08 Quit tuckin (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
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