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#rockbox log for 2013-06-28

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00:01:17swiftkickthe irony is, my refurb fuze is doing better than my fuze purchased new
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02:18:47yitzhaqsorry if this is obvious to everyone but me, but i'm stuck trying to redefine the behavior of the select button in the database section
02:19:12yitzhaqspecifically, i want to remap it to Queue Next
02:19:56yitzhaqany clues would be greatly appreciated, and i'd be happy to elaborate at any level what i'm trying to accomplish
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03:13:25JdGordonyitzhaq: its really not trivial
03:14:11JdGordonyou need to hack the action loop in tree.c, make sure you're in the db browser, then call the onplay_queue_*() something function
03:20:52yitzhaqi was worried it would be something like that :\
03:21:12yitzhaqJdGordon: let me explain what i'm trying to do any why, maybe there's a better/different way
03:22:14yitzhaqi have a dynamic playlist for a party, filled with a bunch of tracks that are shuffled
03:23:05yitzhaqwhen someone picks a track and hits select, that track should go into the queue as the next tune, after which it will go back to playing the existing shuffled playlist
03:24:50yitzhaqso, essentially, there's always a backdrop of selected music playing, but if anyone has a special request, it can easily be added, without requiring lots of explanation to each partygoer how to go about doing so without ruining the existing dynamic playlist, without having to confirm whether to overwrite/empty the existing playlist, and without instead accidentally queueing the directory the
03:24:50yitzhaqtrack in question is from
03:25:10yitzhaqall of which seem like more likely outcomes than actually getting it right :)
03:25:39yitzhaqi know there's a party mode which may come close to what i want, but that has disadvantages like not allowing skipping of tracks
03:26:29yitzhaqis there any way to accomplish what i want without altering code and recompiling?
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04:22:04JdGordonyitzhaq: well, there is the party mode setting
04:22:09JdGordonwhich mnight do exactly what you want
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04:38:12SuperBrainAKthats what he said but you cant skip tracks if that song gets boring :)
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05:31:40revarclinehi all, just installed rockbox on an ipod mini 1st gen for the first time ever, after I successfully installed it, I could mount the USB drive. Now, it does not seem to mount. Is it because I deactivated the USB HID and re-activated it? My computer is using ubuntu 13.04, I'll take my answer off the air :)
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05:35:36revarclineit looks like sdb2 is there, gparted is reading it, but I can't mount it for some reason :/
05:35:57revarcline(sdb2 is the FAT partition)
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08:28:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 662f757, 217 builds, 20 clients.
08:35:29Ceninant500mb in 3 that slow for USB 2.0?
08:38:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 584 seconds.
08:38:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 662f757 result: All green
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08:40:48SuperBrainAKi dont think so
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09:30:59copperCeninant: didn't you ask that before already?
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09:31:55copperThat's about 2.9 MB/s, which is completely normal for DAPs and slow(ish) microsdhc cards
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09:48:44SuperBrainAKis there anything else that is bad with the clip zip besides the screen size mismatch? i am having some bad misfunctions with it, like currently it is stuck updating the database, it rarely gets the artist and title, and usb doesnt work
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10:09:34gevaertsCeninant: also, (just to repeat the *entire* previous discussion) "USB 2.0" isn't a speed indication
10:10:30copperCeninant: if you want a fast device, get an iPod Classic
10:10:38copperthat writes at about 20MB/s
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12:53:57yitzhaqJdGordon: i guess there's no way to control party mode, say, to reallow track skipping? :)
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13:25:44gevaertsyitzhaq: maybe put party mode on the quickscreen or a hotkey, so you can quickly enable and disable it?
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13:33:25yitzhaqgevaerts: thanks for the suggestion, but i suspect track skipping will be more frequent than track queueing, so i think actually it may be less effort to just make a permanent playlist, and queue that into the dynamic playlist anytime things get messed up
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17:25:51revarclineHey all, can anyone help me with a problem I've experienced? I have a 1gen ipod Mini
17:26:21revarclineIt was originally HFS formatted, I followed the instructions on the rockbox site to change it over to fat (I am using Ubuntu 13.04), and I successfully installed rockbox
17:26:57revarclineI got it to mount a few times, but now it won't mount on my machine; like, I see sdb2 (the device's FAT partition) in gparted, but it will not mount
17:27:15revarclineI could get the FAT partition to mount on my friend's mac, but for some reason it won't mount on my computer
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17:27:51gevaertsrevarcline: is the partition type correct? i.e. did you properly overwrite the MBR?
17:28:01revarclineI followed the instructions on the site to do so
17:28:05gevaertsIf it worked a few times, that's probably not the issue
17:28:20gevaertsCan you mount it manually?
17:28:22revarclinemaybe it's a ubuntu issue? but it's a weird one
17:28:32revarclineI haven't added it to fstab yet, I am about to give that a shot
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17:29:01gevaertsJust "sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/something" should do that
17:29:20gevaertsNo need for fstab to check that
17:30:07revarclineyeah no dice
17:30:14revarclinesdb2 isn't in /dev
17:30:22gevaertsDoes dmesg say anything useful?
17:30:32revarclinein fact
17:30:35revarclineit does
17:30:58revarclinehold on lemme pastebin
17:31:37revarclineso is that an mbr issue?
17:31:41revarclinethat it can't find the fsinfo sig
17:31:57revarclinealso mac os x doesn't seem to choke on this
17:32:45revarclinebut the mac is not mine, so I'd like it to work on this computer if I can get it to :_
17:32:45gevaerts"[41408.912391] sdb: sdb1 sdb2" seems to show that if does find the partitions
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17:33:30*gevaerts looks around a bit
17:34:02revarclineactually here's a more complete dmesg including the usb plugin stuff
17:34:32gevaertsThe FSINFO bit is probably key. Let me try to remember about that...
17:35:36revarclinei popped into ddg and came up
17:36:07revarclineFSI_LeadSig04Value 0x41615252. This lead signature is used to validate that this is in fact an FSInfo Sector
17:36:26*gevaerts nods
17:36:39gevaertsCan you try running fsck.vfat on it to see if that complains?
17:37:49revarclinehm it might fix it, gave me the option to crrect it
17:38:12revarclinenow it wants to know if I should truncate clusters and this has me scratching my head because I don't completely understand and don't wanna screw it up
17:39:01revarclinethe rick james was just a sample my friend put on there from her mac
17:39:05revarclineso I could test
17:39:18gevaertsThat's some interesting filesystem corruption at first sight
17:39:37revarclineyeah, maybe I goofed when I did the hfs-fat conversion?
17:39:47revarclineso should I pick door number one or door number two
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17:40:12gevaertsCan you check on the mac if .rockbox/config.cfg is indeed 0 bytes there too?
17:40:25revarclineI don't have it with me, I did that last night
17:40:33revarclineunfortunately all the machines in this building are ubuntu
17:40:49revarclineor fortunately otherwise, just not right now
17:41:13gevaertsI'd make a full backup of the disk first, using "dd if=/dev/sdb of=somewhere.img bs=64k"
17:41:30gevaertsThen, if you keep somewhere.img safe you can always go back
17:42:27revarclinealright good call, that's chuggin' along
17:42:59gevaertsI have no idea what exactly could have caused this. Normally I'd blame unplugging without unmounting, but I'm not convinced that could have messed with the FSINFO magic numbers
17:43:36revarclineso once the backup finishes, should I try door number one or two vis. the cluser truncation
17:43:48revarcline1) Truncate first to 1101824 bytes
17:43:48revarcline2) Truncate second to 131072 bytes
17:44:16gevaertsI don't think there are correct options there...
17:44:27gevaertsShared clusters are *bad*
17:44:43gevaertsIf it was my device, I'd just reformat that filesystem
17:45:02gevaertsBut I don't know if you have proper copies of everything elsewhere
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17:47:43revarclineI mean I did it last night
17:48:22revarclinemaybe it's because I breifly had hid mode on or something?
17:48:32revarclineI don't remember if it was on or off, though I turned it off
17:48:45revarclinemy main problem is, I can't reformat it if I can't mount it
17:49:07gevaertsHuh? Why not?
17:49:12gevaertsmkfs.vfat /dev/sdb2
17:49:41gevaertsYou can't reformat it while it's mounted, but that's not the issue here
17:53:24revarclineoh true
17:53:30revarclinesorry I am a derpsauce
17:55:27revarclineah that seems to take care of it
17:55:52revarclineyou know I think the problem was that my machine was trying to treat it like an actual ipod
17:55:59revarclinethrough rhythmbox
17:56:20gevaertsThat still shouldn't have damaged the filesystem itself
17:57:06revarclineyeah I dunno
17:57:18revarclinewell I have it mounted now and I'm copying some files over
17:57:24revarclinelet's see what happens
17:57:52revarclinerockbox is installed in what would in my case be sdb1 right (the 30 meg-or-so partition at the start), right?
17:58:10revarclineor do I need to reinstall it
17:58:15gevaertsNo, only the bootloader is there
17:58:28gevaertsSo you need to reinstall rockbox itself
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18:02:18revarclineright on, ok doing that now
18:08:07revarclinealright copying stuff over then I am going to unmount and reboot
18:08:26revarclinefortunately I have it booted up in the original firmware
18:09:09revarclinethanks a ton btw
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18:20:51revarclineman wtf I am still having sector issues
18:21:35revarcline*PANIC* Dir entry 15 in sector 0 is not free! 54 41 47 4E pc 000556E4 sp:4000AEB8 bt end
18:21:43 Join fling [0] (~fling@fsf/member/fling)
18:21:49revarclinewhen I tried to play something on a brand new fresh install
18:22:05revarclineI copied 2.5 gb of music over, and when I went to play something I got that error
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18:38:35gevaertsSounds like you could have hardware issues...
18:55:22revarclineyeah this damn thing is almost 10 years old anyway, I was just hoping to revive it so I could keep it in my car
18:55:27revarclineoh well, worth a shot
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20:16:13madcat1990wouldn't that be a storage issue?
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21:04:30lebelliumpamaury: just a reminder to commit the FMS lock patch :)
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21:32:06amayeron touch screen targets is playback position decided by slider position or proress bar %?
21:32:54amayeror does theme engine drawing not effect the playback position?
21:34:03 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:36:51amayernvm i figured out a better way to handle it. thanks tho :)
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