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#rockbox log for 2013-06-30

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00:40:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a9ea1a4, 217 builds, 21 clients.
00:41:01saratogacan someone with git handy add the xfi 1-3 and zen mosiak to the front page under unusable targets?
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00:45:42lebellium... and at the same time remove YP-R0 from unusable targets
00:45:44lebelliumthanks :)
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00:47:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 468 seconds.
00:48:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a9ea1a4 result: All green
00:48:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4888131, 217 builds, 21 clients.
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00:51:15pamaurywe don't have a port for the mozaic on the trunk yet
00:51:47pamauryand we only have zen x-fi 2 and 3 yet ;)
00:53:58saratogaah the wiki page for the xfi 1 sounds like theres a port in progress
00:54:12pamauryyes but it is not in the trunk
00:54:27pamaurylet's not add confusion yet
00:54:39pamaurysame for the mozaic
00:54:50pamauryI will commit it soon though
00:55:44saratogaupdating the main page would be nice though
00:55:52bertrikwow, long build
00:57:25lebelliumYes, would be great to update the front page. The YP-R0 is under both unstable and unsuable targets. that has already been reported several times here.
00:57:58bertriklebellium: on the same wiki page?
00:58:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 622 seconds.
00:58:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4888131 result: All green
00:58:25lebelliumsomeone added it to unsusable targets for no reason
00:59:06jhMikeSA build with warnings is all green? :)
01:00:04jhMikeScool, nothing to bother with then
01:01:29lebelliumunfortunately it seems we can't see who modifies the front page unlike the other wiki pages, so I don't know who did that and why.
01:01:37gevaertslebellium: you can
01:01:40gevaertsIt's in git
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01:02:37*jhMikeS doesn't remember getting that warning about strlcpy when sim building :\
01:07:37lebelliumgevaerts: ok I found the mistake:;a=commit;h=f95333677cfa316d2dc77de51239e08dc91a01d3
01:07:52lebelliumhe probably did not see the R0 was already in unstable ports
01:10:02pamauryjhMikeS: that's quite a rewrite !
01:10:50jhMikeSoh, just a little
01:11:29[Saint] /somebody/ likes commit messages... ;)
01:12:45jhMikeSjust want to be thorough
01:13:27[Saint]makes a refreshing change from "fix foo".
01:13:45*jhMikeS wonders just how strlcpy doesn't implicitly end up in sim
01:13:53jhMikeSthe declaration
01:15:12gevaertsjhMikeS: including string-extra.h makes it go away for me
01:15:46jhMikeSof course, but why does it get there in a native build but not the sim?
01:16:22*gevaerts doesn't know, and he isn't sure he *wants* to know :)
01:16:44*jhMikeS will probably just end up caving-in and including that
01:18:23pamauryapparently the strlcpy went away from string.h to string-extra.h some time ago, I already stumbled on this issue
01:19:58gevaertsZagor: can you pull www one of these days to fix the duplicate YP-R0 issue?
01:21:55saratogasomeone add the xfi players first
01:22:15gevaertsPreferrably someone who knows exactly what should be added
01:22:19*gevaerts looks at pamaury
01:22:58saratogacreative zen xfi 2 and 3
01:23:18jhMikeSdo we use a different string.h between sim and native?
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01:23:46gevaertsjhMikeS: sim probably gets the system one
01:23:58jhMikeSprobably what's messing with it then
01:24:23jhMikeSlibc/include/string.h has it
01:28:08gevaertssaratoga: ok, done (I hope)
01:30:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 59abdb5, 217 builds, 19 clients.
01:39:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 557 seconds.
01:39:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 59abdb5 result: All green
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01:48:14gevaertsamiconn: I fixed my "command not found" issue. Turns out I didn't have a jdk any more on that machine. The server reports those when finding "not found" somewhere in the build output, so the easiest way is to try the build you had when the server said that and look
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01:57:12[Saint]gevaerts: is that apk-builder shenanigans?
01:57:27gevaertsJust needing javac
01:57:50gevaertsNot *that* unexpected, but I'd overlooked that when I cleaned up that machine
01:57:54[Saint]Does anyone know what the intended course of action for the lack of apk-builder existing is?
01:58:05[Saint]I know what *I* did, but its a bit hacky.
02:01:14[Saint]AT the present Android building is limited to those that either didn't upgrade their SDK, or did a similar hack to work around it.
02:01:41[Saint]I was wondering if anyone had discussed the 'right' thing to do.
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04:59:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9b990bd, 217 builds, 19 clients.
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05:07:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 465 seconds.
05:07:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 9b990bd result: All green
05:43:06[Saint] there a particular reason fs-bluebot doesn't do the completion and result in a single announcement?
05:43:52jhMikeSbluebrother: ping (see prior message from [Saint]) :)
05:45:17[Saint]I mean, it doesn't /bother/ me, I'm just genuinely curious if there's a reason for it.
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05:56:54jhMikeSthe error report doesn't seem to be quite right because only warnings said "all green" earlier
05:57:10[Saint]Its done that since, forever.
05:57:20[Saint]Well...since this incarnation of the bot.
05:58:03[Saint]Assuming committers are halfway competant, its at least right as many times as it is wrong ;)
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07:53:07amiconngevaerts: Hmm. For me it says this when trying to build "androidmips". Of course this won't work, since I don't have the android mips ndk installed (and neither x86 - only arm).
07:53:30amiconnBut why does the server hand out such a build to my client??
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08:22:27[Saint]amiconn: I'm assuming you don't advertise the Android 16 SDK?
08:22:56amiconnI do advertise that, since my box can build normal android (i.e. arm) just fine
08:23:27[Saint]As far as I was aware, there wasn't a seperate advertisement for android mips.
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08:23:44[Saint]So it may just assume you can do so.
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08:24:11amiconnI would expect android mips and x86 to be separate advertisements. If not, the mail stating that we need to upgrade to android sdk v16 should have said to install the mips and x86 ndk as well
08:24:37amiconnAfair it didn't
08:24:45[Saint]No, it didn't.
08:26:04[Saint]I may be wrong, but, afaik there's no separation between Android/Android MIPs/Android X86...but, I'm willing to be proven wrong.
08:26:26[Saint]If there *is* one, I don't know what to advertise for them, and I'm "Doing It Wrong (TM)".
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08:29:07[Saint]Assuming they're not, I would say that would explain the error, but not why more people don't hit it more often.
08:29:59[Saint]Perhaps it is just luck that the clients that do support it are (usually) getting the Android builds.
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09:33:45bluebrother^[Saint], jhMikeS: yes. That's how the build server announced it. fs-bluebot just forwards this.
09:34:08bluebrother^so that question needs to get forwarded to the build server script :)
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11:09:30[Saint]bluebrother^: is it just my imagination that the old system used to do this in two lines as opposed to three?
11:09:44[Saint]I thought it did, but, it has been a while since then.
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11:50:06bluebrother^[Saint]: possible. But "the old" was working quite differentle :)
11:51:30[Saint]It was, yes. Indeed.
11:51:32bluebrother^I'd rather see the build server not always announce "all green" if there are errors / warnings instead of bothering if the IRC announcement is 2 or 3 lines :)
11:52:02[Saint]Hey...lets not get in the way of good fault picking!
11:52:44bluebrother^announcing all green even with errors is worse than not announcing the build state at all. IMO :)
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12:28:56utrackIs it neccessary to run tools/ for every build folder?
12:29:11utracks/build folder/branch folder to compile/
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12:30:40n1sutrack: you just use it to build the toolchains
12:30:44[Saint]Only once, ever, for the intended architecture(s) you're building for.
12:31:13[Saint]you can then pick up the toolchain and carry it around, if you want.
12:31:23utrackWow. Aye, thank you
12:31:28[Saint]No need to rebuild across the same arch.
12:31:48[Saint](if you have several machines, for instance)
12:32:24[Saint]To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why there isn't a deb package for the toolchains.
12:32:31[Saint]Effort, I suspect.
12:33:37n1sthe script works very well and on any semi recent machine a build completes in less than half an hour (faster if you tweak the make command with a -jX switch
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12:36:21[Saint]n1s: some people try this on some *ancient* HW...
12:37:02[Saint]I have heard of 26h+ for building arm-eabi alone.
12:37:31[Saint]Granted, that's insane.
12:37:36n1sthen it will take a while, i have tested building in cygwin on an atom netbook, that took several hours but 26h sounds unreasonable
12:38:19n1sbut i'm sure noone will complain if you make .deb packages :)
12:39:02[Saint]On the same note, though, you can compile a great number of tools used in a trivial amount of time, but people very often don't if it is readily available as a precompiled package.
12:39:51n1ssure, but these are especially configured and in some cases patched to suit rockbox
12:40:17bluebrother^[Saint]: because nobody made one :)
12:40:44[Saint]Well...I guess I've gone and put my foot in it now, huh? :)
12:40:45bluebrother^I've created bluebrother/rockbox-toolchain-rpm"> a while back, but that's not deb :)
12:42:02bluebrother^on DevCon 2 years ago (IIRC) pretty much everyone agreed that having packages would be a good thing ...
12:42:32[Saint]Well, I guess I kinda nominated myself didn't I...heh.
12:42:37*[Saint] adds to ToDo
12:42:49bluebrother^seems :)
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13:55:35lebelliumhum I wonder why I have no sound with the Win 32 Ondio FM sim
13:58:26lebelliumI don't remember facing this issue before
13:58:49lebelliumand I also wonder why it takes screenshot with backlight while there is no backlight by defaut
13:58:55lebelliumbut that's not new :)
14:00:52lebelliumthe codecs folder is empty, could that explain the lack of sound?
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14:15:09cereal_killerI installed rockbox on an android device, but I can't find the .rockbox folder to put some fonts in it.
14:15:14cereal_killerit is a Medion Lifetab E7310 (MD 98318)
14:15:36cereal_killerit is running android 4.1.1
14:15:46cereal_killerwhere do I find the .rockbox folder?
14:16:45 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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14:41:51bluebrother^lebellium: HWCODEC doesn't have sound in the sim.
14:42:12bluebrother^there are no codecs because there are no codecs :) HWCODEC does this in hardware (as the name suggests :)
14:42:47lebelliumbluebrother^: oh ok good to know. I knew this target uses hw for audio decoding but I thought a trick was used to get sound in the UIsim :)
14:43:31bluebrother^I'm not aware that someone did actually do the work and implement it.
14:43:38bluebrother^though it should be possible
14:43:44bluebrother^but well, it's work :)
14:43:49 Join cereal_killer [0] (
14:44:01bluebrother^cereal_killer: /sdcard/rockbox
14:44:16lebelliumNot worth it probably. I assume not many people still use these old Archos :)
14:46:24cereal_killerthanks bluebrother, I'll have a look
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19:26:35kugelamiconn: there is no "arm NDK" or "mips NDK"
19:27:14kugelbut perhaps you need to update your NDK to get the new toolchains
19:46:33Torneyeah. x86 was added in ndk r6, mips in ndk r8
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20:00:57amiconnSo why did the mail requesting sdk update not request ndk update as well?
20:04:31amiconnHmm, and how do I update the ndk? The sdk's tools/android doesn't offer that
20:04:48 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
20:04:49Tornethe ndk doesn't have an automated installer/updater, it's just a tarball
20:05:00Torneit's not part of the sdk at all
20:07:48amiconnHmm. It seems there are now 32 and 64 bit linux versions of the ndk
20:08:15amiconnI do have a 64 bit linux box, but the currently installed ndk looks like it is 32 bit?
20:08:31kugelit was 32 bit only before r8e
20:08:34amiconnIs it easy to change this? And what about the sdk?
20:08:40kugeli guess either one works
20:08:52amiconnDo they need to match? Is there even a 64 bit sdk?
20:09:46kugelyou don't need to update the sdk if it's at 16
20:09:55kugeli think
20:10:02Torneamiconn: the ndk is nothing to do with the sdk, nothing needs to match
20:10:27sakaxhello - how is progress regarding usb issue ipod nano 2g?
20:10:31Tornethere's a 64-bit NDK now primarily because of chrome for android :)
20:10:40Torne(we can't link our binaries with a 32-bit linker) :)
20:28:59 Quit belak (Quit: belak)
20:29:48amiconnHmm. Now the NDK does not seem to work at all :\
20:34:23*amiconn wonders what he might have overlooked
20:34:59amiconnCalling the compiler binaries from the command line works, but "configure" seems to ignore ANDROID_?DK_PATH
20:41:28 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
20:46:07 Join z180 [0] (
20:47:44amiconnAh, 'configure' doesn't work with the 64 bit ndk :\
20:47:50amiconn^ Torne
20:49:36amiconn$buildhost-x86 but the trailing string would need to be -x86_64 for the 64 bit ndk
21:10:21 Join jhMikeS [0] (
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21:33:36saratogahow hard would it be to have tje AMS bootloaders try to load the main binary off of the sd card of a button is held?
21:34:18saratogamight help people to unbrick players if the main storage is too screwed up to boot rb or tje of
21:34:49michaelnisaratoga, The MIPS devels did some benchmarks & comparission between their FFT and rockboxs:
21:35:04michaelniif you want to comment (which would be very welcome)
21:38:38 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:41:02 Join saratoga [0] (d8507479@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:41:13saratogamichaelni: thanks
21:42:06saratogawhat are the units on those accuracy tests?
21:42:59saratogaerror signal in 32 bit ints?
21:43:03michaelnihonestly i dont know
21:43:56saratogaam i right in thinking that all of those ffts are good to 24 bit?
21:45:06michaelniiam not one of the mips devels, so i dont know ...
21:45:22michaelnimaybe easiest if you reply in the thread and ask?
21:46:40saratogai am on my phone traveling will email as soon as i get a real pc
21:46:57michaelnisure, no hurry
21:47:02saratogathanks again
21:47:14 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
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