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#rockbox log for 2013-07-27

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03:38:23rdnis there a way to have rockbox install to a raw disk device?
03:38:43rdnthe bootloader seems to be corrupting any formatted disk
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10:00:20JdGordon[Saint]: yes
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10:02:30[Saint]now I have to remember what I asked...
10:02:45JdGordonscrollbar skining without sknned lists
10:05:12[Saint]Oh? It can be done?
10:08:25[Saint]Or is that, "yes, its a shame it can't be done"?
10:10:18copper[Saint]: Yes.
10:10:37[Saint]shush you! :P
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10:29:00[Saint]Its a rather annoying tradeoff.
10:30:39[Saint]go for a 100% OF clone, and theme the scrollbar, but make the theme an absolute nightmare if I want to be able to hand control of icon/scrollbar elements, or draw the lists with the built-in system and have everything "Just Work" but lack the themed scrollbar.
10:31:17[Saint]s/elements/elements off to the user/
10:34:51[Saint]and also lack the little ">" thing the OF does for directories and menu structures.
10:39:54JdGordon[Saint]: yes, thats a no it cant be done
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11:47:22pixelmaUnifont probably can't be used in the small sizes needed for the very small display cabbiev2s
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11:51:39[Saint]I think the smallest it can usably go is 10px
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12:32:19jlbiasinipamaury: ping
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13:59:24pamauryjlbiasini: pong
13:59:43jlbiasinipamaury: I have a few questions/remarks
14:00:29pamauryyes ? I have not been very active this week sorry
14:00:50jlbiasinifirst I just finished my test on F+ with touchpad disable. It runs 43.5 hours wich is 10% better than last time I runned a test
14:01:22jlbiasiniI was at the black sea and didn't do a single thing since we last talked...
14:01:47jlbiasiniEXCEPT I tried to look at the power at the lcd
14:02:15jlbiasinithere is indeed a standby mode and it is the same register and code for bother lcd kinds
14:02:27pamaurygreat :) The lcd is already set in standby mode iirc
14:03:29jlbiasiniI have problem usind the function write register because it doesn't seems to work
14:03:46jlbiasiniSo I wanted to know if there is anything special about it
14:04:44jlbiasinialso the register in lcd have this strange notation 0x10h, what does the h stand for? big-endian or something?
14:05:03pamauryprobably a typo
14:05:26pamauryI think the lcd_enable functions already power down the lcd when disabled
14:05:39jlbiasinino all the register descibe in the documentation are refered to with a h at the end
14:06:10pamauryjust a weird notation then
14:07:05jlbiasiniI don't know because I noticed that a lot of other target lcd drivers were implementing a lcd power off/on function but not f+ so I wanted to ask if this is on purpose...
14:07:22pamauryit has lcd_enable, that's sufficient
14:07:59jlbiasiniok I will check that code then
14:09:14pamauryI don't think the lcd can be optimise much further, the backlight is really what consumes a lot of power. On the other hand it's great that the touchpad can save so much
14:11:05pamauryDoes your f+ sometimes freezes during playback ? Apparently some guy on the forum keeps reporting this issue
14:11:12jlbiasiniyes I was also considering this: check the activity and turn to very low every time no activity occurs since 5 minute or so...
14:12:31pamauryyes, I thought about this too
14:13:02jlbiasiniwell I have a issue while playing that could be mistaken for a freeze: FS #12874
14:13:18pamaurydid you check consumption of the different sleep modes ?
14:13:22jlbiasinithat would be fixed once we disable touchpad
14:13:41jlbiasinididn't have time only with disable for now
14:14:03jlbiasinisee on the battery benchmark wiki's page I just post it
14:15:24pamaurywe should update the runtimes to reflect the current HEAD runtime
14:15:25jlbiasiniregarding lowering power while no activity is spotted, should this be in the rmi part or in the fuze+ touchpad driver?
14:16:03jlbiasiniyeah the last report says 17 hours, quite outdated...
14:16:51pamauryfuze+ touchpad code, in the thread
14:17:57jlbiasiniI have a planning for the afternoon then ;)
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14:18:27pamaurythe issue of wrong touchpad key when screen is off still exists, very hard to track
14:21:48pamauryDo you want me to write some prototype code for this auto-sleep when there is no activity ?
14:34:25 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
14:38:10jlbiasinipamaury: yes please!
14:38:48 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:44:52jlbiasinipamaury: ok so it seems that the lcd is already in stb mode, as you said. For the prototype, yes if you have time that would help! :D
14:45:27jlbiasinianyway first I have to move my code to the rmi
14:45:42jlbiasiniI mean the general power setting code
14:48:10pamauryI can do this if you want, except if you already have some rmi code
14:49:11jlbiasinino I don't have anything, I was thinking to transfers the code from my patches end try to inspire myself from what is already there
14:50:04jlbiasinibut that's ok I would like to give it a try you will tell me if some thing is not done the right way...
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15:34:59pamauryjlbiasini: pamaury/6094887">
15:35:20pamaurybasically you have to implement a function call rmi_set_sleep_mode(int mode) and a few defines for the sleep modes
15:35:43pamaurythis function should cache the current mode to avoid doing a write when the requested mode is already the one set
15:55:38jlbiasinipamaury ok
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16:24:37lorenzo92how is it possible that a system() call crashes the application? to say, I'm in rockbox hosted...
16:25:46lorenzo92well also the screendump via usb crashes pff
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17:03:02micahhm. I'm surprised nobody has added podcast support to rockbox
17:09:13coppera podcast is just an MP3 file
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17:11:50micahcopper: the problem I have is that I have maybe 5 podcasts I listen to, and I sync'd over about 20 of them. then if I listen to three of one particular podcast, then I go and listen to another podcast...I quickly lose track of which ones I've already listened to
17:12:35micahif I could have the file deleted after I'm done listening to it, or somehow move it to a Listened directory or something, or grey it out so I know I've listened, that would do wonders
17:13:40micahthey get genre tagged as Podcast in the database, but it doesn't help me remember which ones I've listened to
17:15:01micahWhat I am looking for is basically a playlist for each podcast sorted by newest first, also mark podcasts as listened to when you are done, and keep track of where you are in the podcast if you stop listening and come back later.
17:15:15micahi can get the last part by turning on the resume playback options globally
17:17:12lorenzo92is someone good at usb code? there is some concurrency issue or so when using screendump on my hosted target and I cannot figure out what's the problem
17:19:39micahthis might work for me, if I could figure out how to add it to my rockbox:
17:23:07coppermicah: you can easily delete files
17:23:12copperlong press select on the file
17:27:04micahcopper: thanks! I didn't know about that context menu
17:27:20micahI'm thinking one of these custom tagnavi's would work too:
17:27:26copperyah, was gonna say
17:28:41micahcopper: once I put a tagnavi_custom.config into .rockbox, do I need to do something? like update the database or?
17:29:14copperreboot, I think
17:32:37 Quit lorenzo92 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:35:23micahcopper: how do I reboot? :o
17:35:39copperturn off, turn on :D
17:35:50micahi have no off. i just have lock
17:36:09micahi mean my hardware, an ipod classic, only has a lock button
17:36:16micahto keep you from pressing buttons
17:36:17copperlong press play
17:36:33micahaha, thanks
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17:39:32coppermicah: too hard reboot, long press Menu + Select
17:39:44coppere.g. when rockbox crashes
17:41:16gevaertsBut don't do that unless it's needed...
17:42:06[Saint]When I consider it, its not unsurprising that most Classic users know nothing of the inner workings of Rockbox.
17:42:39 Join amdgoon [0] (~amdgoon@
17:42:56copperwhat's different about Classic users?
17:44:03[Saint]Many of them come from half-baked tutorials scattered about the place, there's no manual for the Rockbox port, a large percentage of them don't even realize they can and should update the build immediately after installation - or where to get that build from.
17:45:51copperI don't think the classic build is even linked anywhere
17:45:57copperI got it from here
17:55:59[Saint]There seems to be a reasonably high bar for installation, it seems.
17:57:16[Saint]I try to help those I can, but often people drop in to one of the freemyipod channels, say something vague, wait 15 seconds, then leave.
18:03:28 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
18:04:21 Join liar [0] (
18:09:15copperdid anyone even ask the freemyipod guys to link to the dev build?
18:10:39 Quit amdgoon (Quit: leaving)
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18:21:48jlbiasinipamaury: for the rmi part would g#529 be ok?
18:23:30jlbiasini [RMI Driver] Implement power saving support
18:30:33pamauryjlbiasini: not really, you do a read on each call, that's not very good
18:31:02jlbiasinijep I was askink me how to do otherwise
18:31:46jlbiasinibecause the compiler don't like if I inialize current_control_register...
18:31:59pamauryand I think there is no need to set the report rate when disabling the touchpad since no report will be sent. Wait a second, i'll write a little patch to show you the idea
18:32:19jlbiasiniok thks
18:33:42jlbiasiniabout the report rate I don't know, first I make a function that wad cutting down the report rate on disable but then I realize I would have to reset it on wakeup and that would add useless complexity
18:33:44pamauryI suggest we introduce a rmi_init() function
18:34:18pamauryerr, we use the rmi_init() function
18:34:41jlbiasinipamaury I don't know because different device might use different values
18:35:01pamaurythe rmi code only handles one device
18:35:12jlbiasiniso it might be good to still define all power in the device driver
18:35:44jlbiasinifor now but aren't we suppose to write it as general as possible?
18:37:50pamauryyes but honestly what is the probability that a device gets two rmi devices ? And in such a device, it suffices to add an index to all functions and use arrays to handle several devices
18:40:31pamauryby the way, it's "fully awake" and not "fully aware" ;)
18:42:08jlbiasiniyeah I probably red too much indian philosophy... :D
18:43:05copperI green too much too
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19:06:14 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
19:06:39jlbiasinipamaury: I just uploaded a new version
19:08:00pamauryi'm not sure it is necessary to check the value of sleep_mode, the caller should always use the define
19:08:14pamaurysame for report_rate
19:08:45pamauryseems fine, except for the name: why rmi_set_report_rate*_mode* ?
19:09:06pamauryit's a detail but I don't like this _mode at the end :p
19:10:30pamauryah 0xf0 is wrong, it should be 0xc0, only the two msb bits are used
19:14:30jlbiasiniah right I forgot that because the other bytes were unuse anyway, I'll correct that
19:21:49 Join lorenzo92 [0] (~chatzilla@
19:21:55lorenzo92pamaury: you perhaps have some i wrote before, i'm having a strage issue...once doing something on usb connection, to say, a screendump or something in usb_enable, makes the rockbox app crash. i know you worked on usb code, so...
19:23:04pamauryseems like stack is too small, on which target ?
19:23:07lorenzo92it's like a concurrency issue, but I have no clue what's the cause. the only thing i know is that even inserting some logf/printf in the right places makes it work
19:23:12lorenzo92ypr0, so hosted
19:23:54pamauryah sorry, not necessarily screendump
19:24:17jlbiasinipamaury: ok I updated again that should be ready now
19:24:47lorenzo92pamaury: indeed, i need for example a system() call but everything i put, it simply crashes
19:25:03lorenzo92pamaury: btw, interesting is that the screendump is saved!!
19:25:20pamauryseems like a memory problem then, not really related to usb
19:25:52pamauryjlbiasini: seems good, did you test
19:26:30pamauryby the way, if you feel like doing so, you could enhance the fuze+ button debug screen to display the report rate and sleep mode
19:26:30 Quit ungali (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:26:35jlbiasiniit compiles
19:26:55jlbiasinibut for testing i'll write the fuze+ part
19:27:55 Join rdn [0] (
19:30:38jlbiasinipamaury: yeah I already did something so, I was also thiking to use vol key to change them now that sensitivity has its own setting...
19:30:57jlbiasiniI mean about debug screen
19:32:24pamauryas you wish
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19:58:10 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:05:12lorenzo92pamaury: hum it might be after all, I also think that long time ago i actually got a segmentation fault
20:05:50lorenzo92i think i'm going to use gdb ;)
20:08:40 Join akaWolf1 [0] (~akaWolf@
20:08:43 Quit akaWolf1 (Client Quit)
20:09:29lorenzo92i'll prepare the "uart equipment" via usb ^^
20:09:50 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
20:09:56 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 22.0/20130712032019])
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20:26:17micah[Saint]: i think I have an updated version of rockbox, but I agree, I feel a bit detatched :)
20:48:29 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:50:52 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:50:59saratogaare any of the swedes back from vacation yet?
22:01:30saratogadoes anyone with a fuze+ feel like running test_codec and putting the results on the wiki?
22:04:19 Quit Guest11127 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:05:22 Join jlbiasini [0] (~metaphysi@
22:15:10 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Vamoose!)
22:15:50coppersaratoga: what kind of test is that?
22:15:57coppercodec performance?
22:16:18saratogabenchmarks each codec
22:16:24copperI can do it tomorrow morning if you tell me what to do
22:16:38saratogastandard test files are here:
22:16:56saratogaconfigure a build, choose advanced and then "test_codecs"
22:17:14saratogathen you can "open with" any audio file and choose test_codec
22:17:34saratogait can test individual files, or that entire directory, and it will generate a log with the decode speed
22:18:08saratogasorry, above the configure option is called "Advanced > Test Plugins" I believe (there are many different ones besides test_codec)
22:18:29copper"(W)arble codec tool"
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22:20:06coppersaratoga: make && make zip?
22:20:33saratogano thats something else
22:20:42saratogathat lets you run the codecs from the command line on a PC
22:21:53saratogatest_codec runs them on device for benchmarking
22:22:25copperI don't understand, what do I do after ../tools/configure?
22:23:18saratogaenable the test test plugins
22:24:36copperthen what?
22:25:16saratogathats all you need to do to enable them
22:25:28copperyes :) But then what?
22:25:32saratogaif you install that build, you can open any audio file with test_codec
22:25:41copperso, what I said
22:25:43saratogait'll be under the list of available viewer plugins
22:25:43coppermake && make zip
22:26:15copperto make the build and install it on the Fuze+, right?
22:26:23saratogayes if I understand you correctly
22:26:30saratogai thought above you were asking what warble did
22:26:38coppernever mind that
22:26:43 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (
22:27:24copperugh, files are downloading slowly
22:27:30copperalso, a single zip file would be nice
22:27:34copperI had to script wget
22:27:55copperwhich took all of ten seconds, which is totally unacceptable ;)
22:28:43gevaertsYou had to *script* wget?
22:28:49coppersaratoga: can you link me to the proper wiki page when I should post the log?
22:28:59*gevaerts just runs wget -r -np
22:29:31copperI did NOT know that
22:29:49saratogacopper: there is a script in the tools folder (IIRC) that converts it to wiki formatted text, or you can just pastebin it here and i'll format it for you if you like that better
22:29:55copperI suspected wget had a leeching parameter
22:31:00coppersaratoga: we're on different time zones
22:31:24copperor I pastebin it while highlighting you, and you'll check the logs?
22:32:21saratogayeah i'll check the logs
22:32:27saratogaor you can ping me
22:32:33saratogait'll probably take a while to run
22:32:48saratogaand i'd skip the higher APE compression levels
22:33:01saratogano one expects you to wait about 3 hours to test APE insane :)
22:33:40copperactually I plan on letting it run overnight
22:34:00copperthe Fuze+ won't shut down until it's done testing, right?
22:34:15copperI'll just charge it to 100% and launch the tests
22:35:13copperalso, about USB problems: looks like the main culprit is my ODAC
22:35:32copperthese I get zero problems, and it just so happens that I always disconnect my ODAC
22:35:43copperbefore connecting my Fuze+ or my iPod Classic
22:36:09saratoga99% sure it won't shut down while running, but i forget
22:37:12copperwhat test_codec option should I select?
22:37:36copper"speed test folder"?
22:39:40copperI ran "speed test" on a single file, it completed, but I don't see a log file
22:40:53saratogayeah single files don't generate a log
22:40:58saratogai think only the folder option does
22:41:23saratogathe log is just what you see on the screen except concatenated into a text file
22:42:43 Join Guest11127 [0] (
22:43:08copperI still don't see it
22:43:14copperwith "speed test folder"
22:43:37copperwhere is it supposed to be, and what's its name?
22:46:36coppersaratoga: ok, I'll post the log about 12 hours from now, if it has completed by then
22:49:36copperare you trying to determine what codec could use some optimizations?
22:49:51copperor you just want to compare with another target
22:55:29copper(I don't mean to pry, I'm just curious)
23:06:56saratogai'm mostly just curious how fast the processor is
23:07:12saratogabut its also interesting to see which codecs might need more optimization on a given device
23:07:43copperis it supposed to be slower than, say, the iPod Classic?
23:07:53saratogai think it'll be a lot faster
23:08:03saratogawhats the clock speed?
23:08:17saratogaIIRC Its something like 400MHz ARM9E
23:08:24copperdunno, can't check now
23:09:00copperthis will be interesting for me too
23:09:04saratogaalthough you never know, some of these devices have much faster or slower memory which can make a big difference
23:09:28saratogaAMSv1 devices for instance have very slow main memory, while AMSv2 are faster but still fairly slow
23:09:44saratogaPP have slow CPUs but faster main memory and lots of IRAM
23:09:56coppersaratoga: I'm skamp on HA/ABI/HF, btw, in case you didn't knwo
23:10:16saratogayeah i remember
23:14:22 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:14:46 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:20:24copperright now I'm using Ogg Vorbis because it's convenient
23:23:39 Join theunleet [0] (
23:24:45theunleetQuestion, I have a 7th Gen 160GB iPod classic. How do I install rockbox? Via EmCORE?
23:33:02saratogafollow the directions on the wiki
23:34:19coppertheunleet: when it's over, update rockbox:
23:34:25theunleetAwesome was already looking at that, just wanted to confirm.
23:34:44copperthe build linked to by emCORE is 18 months old
23:35:24theunleeti figured i would have to update it after i was finished anyways
23:37:21theunleetIs this going to delete all data from the ipod?
23:37:32copperI can't swear that it won't
23:37:44copperit did for me the first time around, not any of the other times
23:37:57copperbut your files from iTunes have shit filenames
23:38:14copperyou're better off formatting the drive with emcore and copying your files over again
23:38:37copperwith proper filenames and a decent directory structure
23:38:57copperthe reason is that the Original Firmware uses a database that doesn't care about filenames
23:39:12copperRockbox has a database too, but you might want to have the ability to browse by file
23:39:38copperkeep in mind that you can dual boot
23:39:43copperemcore removes the original firmware
23:40:00copperyou can recover the OF with iTunes, but you can't have both the OF and Rockbox on it at the same time
23:40:17copper21:39:39 UTC <copper> keep in mind that you can dual boot
23:40:21copperI meant CAN'T
23:40:29theunleetI don't care about the OF.
23:40:35theunleetI just want Rockbox.
23:40:50copperyou know what to do :)
23:41:32theunleetgoing to do it now xD
23:49:25 Quit Guest11127 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:50:27 Join CaptainKewl [0] (
23:51:11theunleetso far so good
23:54:01theunleetworked first time

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