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#rockbox log for 2013-08-01

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03:07:24[7]final UMSboot v0.2 package:!0MwAGSCZ!XKSwMwJWS4wvbRk_nTms5h5JVkJajHEtAQ1338HAx-o
03:07:35[7]works on ipod nano 2g, ipod nano 4g and ipod classic
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05:00:55telliottAnyone have experiance with emcore? It's hard to find info on their wiki that isn't out dated
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07:48:49cbinvbanyone home?
07:49:40cbinvbquick question, does anyone know if the ipod 5.5 has fm radio?
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07:50:05cbinvbdoes anyone know if the ipod 5.5 has fm radio?
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08:06:33saratogacbinvb: i don't believe it has one built in, but i think it has accessories that do
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09:14:40copperdoes Rockbox support exFAT?
09:21:25coppercan't find any mention of it in the logs, since saratoga's question about it
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09:44:31 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2a01:d0:ffff:34a::8:3) devcon this year? :(
09:50:36kugelhotel rooms in gent are not available anymore and petur lost interest in hosting :(
09:50:54kugelcopper: no
09:53:26[Saint]The Default EQ preset was removed.
09:53:33[Saint]ANd that one is actually useful.
09:55:41copperI see
09:57:47[Saint]kugel: I could host it here - we've got plenty of room. You guys would all "just" need to fly to Christchurch ;)
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10:34:33[Saint]Why does |<< / >>| repeat press if held down with a mouse click in the sim but left/right clickwheel scroll doesn't?
10:35:12[Saint]works with keyboard, but not mouse.
10:35:54*[Saint] does realize that trying to use the clickwheel in a sim with a mouse is a terrible idea so no one needs to point that out ;-P
10:51:48peturkugel: just the 'cheaper' rooms nearby are lost, so either price goes up (if they still have other rooms left), or I need to look for another place. What troubles me most is that I wrote direct emails to all who expressed interest, and got little to no response
10:52:03peturso if nobody's really interested, why should I bother
10:52:21peturNot like I have tons of spare time anyway
10:54:18kugelpetur: I understand that
10:54:49peturif enough rooms are available (this is a small hotel), rate would be 42 euro/pp/night (based on room-sharing in double rooms I think)
10:55:58peturthey kinda pissed me off not warning me in advance that another group wanted them, shortly after the deadline I got they just said they were now gone
10:58:20peturquestion remains, is anybody interested enough to make it happen this year?
10:59:23peturhalf of the usual visitors are not that active anymore anyway
11:07:06[Saint]copper: oh, here, I forgot -
11:07:18[Saint](that's the iLike Video theme)
11:07:24[Saint]Have a play around.
11:07:44kugelpetur: obviousl I cant speak for the others but I'm still interested
11:08:15*petur figured that out already ;)
11:08:24kugelbut I acknowledge that currently there's not enough traction to make it happen
11:09:12peturonly 8 people, to start with
11:10:37[Saint]copper: If you find a bug, let me know. Icons, scollbar, and the additional numeric information in the status bar are all off by default. You can turn on the additional numeric info from the Settings -> Theme Settings -> Status/Scrollbar -> Battery/Volume Display -> Numeric. You can display one or both, and they will justify right.
11:11:41[Saint]Its as close to "stock" Apple OF as I can get whilst still respecting Rockbox's display settings.
11:12:09[Saint](and not making it a nightmarishly complicated skinned-list mess)
11:13:08copperCan I make a few remarks?
11:14:40copperyou made the progress bar very wide, with time indicators below it instead of on its side, but the width of the bar is kinda odd
11:15:02copperit's so close to the left border of the artwork that I wonder why it's not aligned with it
11:15:32copperalso, the volume bar has a completely different width, with volume indicators on its side, which is inconsistent
11:16:26copperThe blue bar from iClassic Square is more regular, prettier IMO
11:17:38copperthe font size in the menus is huge
11:17:53copperI don't much like the font itself, either
11:17:57copperlooks like Comic Sans
11:18:08copperI know it can be changed by the user
11:19:09copperalso, didn't you add some code to change colors for the volume and battery? I don't see it here.
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11:23:20copperah shit
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11:26:38[Saint]I did initially have it change colors, but I didn't add it back in after I switched to a single viewport - I'll add it back this evening.
11:26:58copperthere's a problem
11:27:07copperWith Rockbox, not your theme
11:28:27[Saint]In regard to positioning/placement, its all Apple. Apart from the additional numeric info in the status bar, its ~98% pixel identical to the iPod Video OF.
11:28:47[Saint]so, that's why its N wide, or placed blah - they did it. :)
11:31:04[Saint]with the font, its damn near impossible to find a myriad sans clone with decent glyph coverage and a permissive license - so that's just Ubuntu for now.
11:31:20[Saint]I do have a myriad sans font, but can't distribute it.
11:31:32copper%it doesn't return "Title" in .mpc files with the current build
11:32:04copperactually current build shows no metadata at all
11:33:08[Saint]I was playing with this just a few minutes ago with mp3 and it was working as I expected it to.
11:33:22[Saint]in a sim, though. with git head.
11:33:38copperrunning current git sim too
11:35:50coppercurrent build shows APEv2 tags fine on my Classic, but not in the sim
11:36:21[Saint]can't trest that (easily).
11:36:35[Saint]I don't have any APEv2 files.
11:36:38coppermake them
11:36:57copperhold on
11:45:34[Saint]iLike displays : silence/MPCv8 ?kbps/44.1KHz, cabbiev2 diaplays: silence/root/Music
11:45:49[Saint], yeah - if there is any metadata there, its skipping all of it.
11:45:55[Saint]those are all fallback cases.
11:46:06copperwait, it works with cabbiev2 o_O
11:46:25copperhmm no
11:46:29copperwtf is going on
11:46:54[Saint]No idea. Did it used to work?
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11:54:02copperworks fine on my Fuze+ but not on the sim
11:55:16copperpamaury: "first buttonpress enables backlight" doesn't seem to be working on the Fuze+
11:58:07copper[Saint]: yes it used to work
11:58:19copperalso, why does it work on the actual device, but not in the sim?
11:58:29[Saint]no idea.
11:59:22[Saint]I'll be back in a bit - server needs a restart.
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12:01:27coppersame deal with the Classic
12:04:16copperit also core dumps
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12:24:21copperthis rockbox "default setting" thing is annoying
12:24:47copperif a theme specifies an icon set, and then you switch to a theme that doesn't, you're stuff with the icon set of the previous theme, and there's no way to change it
12:25:15copperthough it made me realize that the default icon set wasn't appropriate for my Classic theme
12:30:03pamaurycopper: you mean first press is ignored and enables backlight ?
12:31:35pamauryif yes this has been broken on device since the beginning
12:31:51pamauryactually that's called "ignore first press on backlight" I think
12:37:46copperpamaury: nope, it's named exactly like I quoted it
12:38:07copper"first buttonpress enables backlight only"
12:38:45copperbbl, I'll try to bisect the APEv2 sim oddity when I get back
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13:19:11pamaurycopper: this has been broken on the device for a long time
13:33:50n1scould someone with an idea about make take a look at g#496?
13:33:53fs-bluebotbluebrother: I just crashed
13:34:22pixelmapoor fs-bluebot
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14:25:32copper[Saint]: ok it's a Linux problem, apparently
14:25:50copperthe latest win32 sim builds from rasher don't have the APEv2 problem
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15:51:59TheSeven[Saint], pamaury, gevaerts: fyi, the new USB code base has been committed to freemyipod SVN
15:51:59TheSevenif anyone turns up here complaining that the UMSboot drive doesn't mount on windows, tell them to try the beta bootstrapper:!4Ao2nKTQ!Ct21yFwgxN-kWQL0zsQmjFDvyMsvKipt8TvrSvYUMs8
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22:03:27BelzebubMarshall headphones 42 ohm on clip+ it's not too quiet in rockboxed clip+?
22:10:12 Join kilroy [0] (~dewlap@2001:5c0:1000:a::97b)
22:10:19copperwhat's the sensitivity
22:10:28copperof the headphones
22:10:53copperin dB/mW or dB/V
22:13:18 Quit dewlap (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:18:36Belzebub100mV@1kHz=99dB SPL
22:18:56 Quit y4n (Quit: Do you like hurting other people?)
22:19:35copperit's about 105 dB/mW so it'll be loud enough
22:20:23Belzebubin Poland cost ~150 EUR
22:20:57copperthat means probably 120 Euros for the Marshal branf
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22:21:26Belzebubfor professional headphones?
22:22:19 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (
22:22:24copperwhat does "professional" mean
22:24:25Belzebubi just for everyday use not for stolen on public transport
22:33:24Belzebubin poland @Warsaw everyday a lot of electronics are stolen by homeless people
22:35:21 Join JordiGH [0] (~jordi@octave/developer/JordiGH)
22:35:31JordiGHHow do I hack on this?
22:35:34JordiGHI want moar options.
22:35:43JordiGHPlaying chess on my thing is great fun.
22:41:23gevaertsIf you haven't built rockbox before, have a look at
22:41:45JordiGHAh, do I need to build all of rockbox to hack on a plugin?
22:41:49gevaertsThe chessbox source is in apps/plugins/chessbox
22:42:11*JordiGH hg clones...
22:42:20gevaertsYes. While in theory you should be able to build just one plugin, in practice it doesn't really work reliably
22:43:41gevaertsOur makefiles work well enough to only rebuild the plugin you're working on though
22:45:27JordiGHThat's cool.
22:45:41JordiGHHm, biggish git repo
22:45:46JordiGHThis is gonna take a while...
22:46:17Tornenaw, it's only like 140mb :)
22:46:27Tornetry checking out Android :p
22:47:05JordiGHLot of history, though.
22:47:11JordiGHTakes a while to create the hg repo from it.
22:47:22*JordiGH should look into speeding up hg-git.
22:47:37JordiGHMaybe I should just make it use libgit instead of Dulwich.
22:47:38Torneat this point i would suggest using git
22:47:45Tornegross though it is, it's won
22:47:46JordiGHNo, git is a piece of shit, I avoid it like the plague.
22:47:54Torneand you're just making yourself suffer :)
22:48:22JordiGHI'd rather wait than touch that piece of shit. Once it's done, the whole thing is much more pleasant.
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