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#rockbox log for 2013-08-02

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10:32:32copperlol, after USB Low Speed, Full Speed, High Speed and SuperSpeed, welcome to USB SuperSpeed+!
10:33:07copper(10 Gbps)
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11:11:42lebelliumHang on the "Building database... XXX found" message. Is it a known issue on RaaA (Android)?
11:13:11pixelmaare there music files present?
11:13:55lebelliumSure. For me (galaxy s2) it's stuck on 0 found
11:16:00pixelmajust asking because there's a general rockbox bug with creating the database and no audio files present
11:19:37lebelliumwell... I don't know where it looks for files though. Android structure may be complex (2 internal memory partitions + microSD on my GS2)
11:35:53lebelliumlooks like when I select the folders manually for the database, it works
11:36:08lebelliumso there is probably an issue with the default folder(s) to analyse
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13:29:54lorenzo92bluebrother: did you have time to work on the cramfs hack for rbutil? I didn't unfortunately...
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16:48:13JordiGHHuh, you guys check in the generated configure?
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16:49:45JordiGHOh, I have to bootstrap my own gcc?
16:50:15JordiGHLooks like Debian only packages cross compilers for Windows...
16:51:09pamauryJordiGH: configure is not generated, yes we have a script to compile our own version of gcc
16:52:26JordiGHOh, configure is handcrafted.
16:52:28JordiGHHow cute.
16:52:55pamauryour configure script has mostly nothing to do with a classical configure script
16:53:27JordiGHIt doesn't? It's not trying to figure out what my host environment is like?
16:53:59JordiGHBecause that's what the real classical configure scripts were like. A real work of art.
16:54:46JordiGHIt does seem to be like a real pre-autotools configure script.
16:54:50pamauryexcept that you don't compile for your hardware, you compile for one of the 30+ different architectures with very different characteristics we support
16:55:02JordiGHYeah, but you have to know what's on the host too.
16:56:06JordiGHEr, on the source.
16:56:12JordiGHI always confuse host with source.
16:56:36JordiGHHost with build.
16:56:53JordiGHI meant you have to know what's on the build, which in this case is the same as the host.
16:58:31JordiGHHm, can I use the automatic build but give a different prefix?
16:58:40pamauryfor the cross-compiler ?
17:04:02pamauryNot without editing the script I think, we not recommend using another cross compiler because it might generated faulty code and some of our target require a specific gcc. That's out of memory, I would need to check the code to see.
17:04:04gevaertsYes. You need to set an environment variable
17:04:33gevaertsexport RBDEV_PREFIX as wherever you want it
17:04:39JordiGHOkay, the thing is, I don't like stuff going in /usr/local if I can't track it. I'd rather build gcc and use checkinstall for the make install step.
17:04:45JordiGHAnd put stuff in /usr.
17:05:00*gevaerts 's toolchain is somewhere in his home directory
17:05:09JordiGHOr just put the built gcc in the same build directory as rockbox.
17:05:48gevaertsRBDEV_PREFIX should be documented a bit better
17:06:08JordiGHOkay, so just editing the script seems pretty easy, there's only one mention of /usr/local
17:06:11pamauryah, /me misunderstood the question, you mean when building our toolchain, my mistake
17:07:18pamauryIf you mean build our toolchain elsewhere than /usr/local, yeah use RBDEV_PREFIX and then in the configure script either make sure the cross compiler is in the path, that's the best option
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20:33:16bluebrotherlorenzo92: I started giving it a look but didn't come far. Too little time ...
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20:34:15bluebrotherI'm still interested in doing something about it though. Just need to find the time :)
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21:34:17JordiGHWee, building rockbox.
21:35:57JordiGHHa, so cute, this was converted from CVS.
21:36:55JordiGHIt doesn't look like much of anyone has been working on the chessbox plugin...
21:36:58gevaertsNot directly. There's an svn era in between
21:37:22JordiGHIs its code somewhere other apps/plugins/chessbox* ?
21:37:27JordiGHother than?
21:40:06gevaertsIt might use some bits from apps/plugins/lib, and apparently it uses lib/fixedpoint/. Images are in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native
21:40:08JordiGHNeat, that finished building. If I just want to update chessbox, can I just copy chessbox.rock, or do I have to do install the whole rockbox OS? What is a rock file, anyways?
21:40:40JordiGHIs it a so lib for arm?
21:40:42 Join GodEater [0] (~whoknows@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
21:40:47JordiGHAnd that's why file(1) can't figure out what it is?
21:40:48gevaertsWe use an array of function pointers to "link" plugins
21:41:24gevaertsSo it's basically mostly pure code, with a minimal header
21:41:37JordiGHObject code, right?
21:41:52JordiGHI guess you had to reimplement dlopen?
21:42:12gevaertsIt's much simpler than that :)
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21:43:01JordiGHSo, about the rockbox I have installed already, and is working, so I don't want to mess with it... do I get ABI compatibility? Can I just copy chessbox.rock over?
21:43:22JordiGHIf I just want to hack on chessbox, I mean.
21:43:25gevaertsIf you have a look at apps/plugin.h, you'll see a big struct. A copy of that is placed near the start of the rock file, and filled in after loading
21:43:28TorneJordiGH: we sorta kinda have an ABI, but if the binary you have installed is not reasonably similar in time to the source you built it may not work
21:43:28gevaertsIn general, yes
21:43:50Tornewe don't always remember to bump the plugin interface version number when something changes either :)
21:43:55Torneso sometimes it will load but then work wrong
21:44:01Tornebut we're *fairly* good about it :)
21:44:06JordiGHHm, now this is making me a bit more antsy. I don't want to break my rockbox installl.
21:44:09gevaertsWell, it's not always trivial to know when it changes :)
21:44:20Torneyou can't relly break anything
21:45:02Tornealso, if you want to be certain it is compatible, just install the entire rockbox build you built
21:45:11Torneonce, the first time
21:45:14gevaertsJordiGH: make a backup of .rockbox first, and nothing can go wrong :)
21:45:28Torneyou can just copy the plugin over after that as long as you're still using the same verison of the rest of the code
21:45:47JordiGHWell, I don't want to be running a dev build either.
21:45:53JordiGHI just want to hack on this one thing.
21:46:09JordiGHHm, maybe I can just branch out from the last tagged release instead.
21:46:52gevaertsYou can do that. For a plugin that nobody's touched in years, that shouldn't complicate later merges
21:48:55JordiGHSo, there's a bunch of tags here. And a bunch of branches. I'm running 3.13, but the 3.13 branch doesn't correspond to the 3.13-final tag. It actually seems to be ahead of the tag? So you guys kept advancing that branch after release?
21:49:13gevaertsYes, in case we want to release 3.13.1
21:49:29JordiGHOh, is 3.13 is the latest?
21:50:07gevaertsWe basically collect minor fixes (for a few weeks anyway, after which we tend to lose interest), and in case something major comes up, we do a point release, which will then also have those minor fixes
21:51:14gevaerts3.13-final is the latest release, 3.13 has some changes over that, but shouldn't be vastly different, master is what will one day be split off to 3.14
21:51:54gevaertsWell, which should have been branched to 3.14 by now. We forgot, apparently :)
21:51:59gevaertsWe're not good at releases
21:53:00JordiGHhg log -r 'tag("v3.13-final")::bookmark("v3.13")'
21:53:08JordiGHOnly 5 commits.
21:53:12JordiGHYeah, not a whole lot of changes.
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21:57:56JordiGHWhat does FS mean? What's your bugtracker?
21:58:47JordiGHHm, development isn't super active anymore. I guess because everyone has moved on to smartphones and tablets.
22:00:04*gevaerts nods
22:00:14gevaertsYes, we're slowly falling asleep
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22:16:40AlexPI don't think I even managed to put 3.14 in the schedule, let alone remembered to announce/branch etc
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23:49:07pamauryYes, that's unfortunate but mp3 players are slowly dying, it's a shame because with phones, it seems no one is interested in how the hardware works, just throw some code which will be outdated in 2 months. I guess with get what we hoped for: cheap crappy phones to change every year with a battery life tending to 0.
23:49:25pamauryAt least I know I won't work on this if I don't work on rockbox
23:54:01 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)

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